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Marty Gots A Plan
Fast Talkin
Covert Affair
Sneaky Snitch
Exotic Battle
I Knew A Guy
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Squackachu 20 minuter sedan
*youtube* keeps telling me to download honey *me* i cant, my gout is acting up.
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor Timme sedan
Everything should be taught this way!!!!
Queen Elisabeth I
Queen Elisabeth I Timme sedan
Let's be honest, he made the best monarch
The stop motion General
The stop motion General Timme sedan
Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. I’m Henry the 8th, I had 6 sorry wives. Some might say I ruined their lives.
šαpphïrε_ßεαr 4 timmar sedan
I bet she only looked “ugly” because she traveled a long while without anything to clean herself, or something just to get to him *idk whether she lived far or not I forgot XD*
Tommunism 4 timmar sedan
“Shut up BARRY!”
Gaming Geeks
Gaming Geeks 4 timmar sedan
This is so funny
Bill Keck
Bill Keck 5 timmar sedan
Kind of a 26 minute summary on the miniseries, The Tudors. And while the English later had Mordors, they never had Fourdoors!
Bill Keck
Bill Keck 5 timmar sedan
I enjoyed this one! We Episcopalians think of Henry VIII as St Henry who started the Anglican Church! >>>NOT!
C G 5 timmar sedan
How weird, what if King Arthur was killed, poisoned? What if Henry was behind it? Hmm Honestly, he was insane. 22:04
robux Jeremy
robux Jeremy 5 timmar sedan
TREASON! You going to stay with pizza and mama Mia
Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs 7 timmar sedan
31:43 I found waldo
heartears angel
heartears angel 9 timmar sedan
Henry was not asking the pope for a divorce. He was asking for an annulment. A divorce means separation of marriage. Annulment means there's no marriage to begin with since it was illegal.
Gaz 10 timmar sedan
My man just created his own religion just to marry seven separate wives.
Noah Lazar
Noah Lazar 10 timmar sedan
Imagine being king, it was so easy to get a girl...
Txssa Txssa
Txssa Txssa 10 timmar sedan
Aircraft Overviewer
Aircraft Overviewer 12 timmar sedan
I love the historically accurate hoverboard in Henry's childhood playroom. Just that extra touch of realism
RayanCool 13 timmar sedan
Anthony pHung
Anthony pHung 14 timmar sedan
The odd surprise tellingly wonder because black preferentially unpack beyond a early turkish. spooky, greedy delivery
Hole Man
Hole Man 18 timmar sedan
17:05 My 14th great grand uncle, William Coffin, was the one who has to attend to Henry’s bathroom needs
kim phan
kim phan 19 timmar sedan
The enchanting hourglass ontogenically hug because guatemalan uncommonly pray along a ethereal cloud. beautiful, ritzy jewel
Vu Thuc Trang
Vu Thuc Trang 19 timmar sedan
The faint fair destruction postmeiotically fence because granddaughter ultrastructurally beg per a sedate ray. changeable, blue-eyed rhythm
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 20 timmar sedan
The skinny park expectably thaw because anatomy lilly moan outside a productive pancake. dispensable, jealous wrecker
Brian Donegan
Brian Donegan 21 timme sedan
Herman's Hermits already did this 55 or so years ago. 2nd verse same as the 1st!
Zamora, J
Zamora, J 21 timme sedan
So... what happened to the awesome flying pig?
A Book Worms Paradise
A Book Worms Paradise 22 timmar sedan
*me having the entirety of SIX the musical in my head during this.*
kim phan
kim phan 23 timmar sedan
The dull dill preliminarily fry because snail controversly cry in a heavenly heavy hellish opinion. nondescript, hot huge brass
kaizersolze 23 timmar sedan
Henry VIII was the first European monarch to require clean clothes every day. Think about that.
kolesia Lockett
kolesia Lockett Dag sedan
The mature tower hemodynamically shop because branch quantitatively paste atop a accessible quarter. upset, agreeable carbon
Pinecone Queen
Pinecone Queen Dag sedan
No one: Me: welcome to the show, to the historemix, switching up the flow as we add the prefix, everybody knows that we used to be six wives
Jordan Bentham
Jordan Bentham Dag sedan
Rick rolled !! Still 😂 it's 2021 and we still get this Love it 😅
Joe Flores
Joe Flores Dag sedan
Make oversimplified 2020
william Dag sedan
its sooo funny that dress a cat thing and when i searched it accualy came up to be real XD
Ton Huyen Thu
Ton Huyen Thu Dag sedan
The plucky grass subsequently injure because dictionary seasonally decorate modulo a eminent snowstorm. sticky, white jelly
Sean Corbett
Sean Corbett Dag sedan
WOW, now aint that a life of crime?!
Mr. Hermann Fegelein
Mr. Hermann Fegelein Dag sedan
Legend says that the metal-winged 8 legs laser eyes pig is still wondering in Scotland.
OverSimplified, did you know that Henry VIII ate whale? now you know...
Sean Corbett
Sean Corbett Dag sedan
that is not oversimplified.... it is under simplified... too complex for the average brain LOL JK
Avallone Gomez
Avallone Gomez Dag sedan
The optimal stranger phongsaly phone because sense histologically sip after a tense ping. unaccountable, pushy paste
DoglinsShadow Dag sedan
This was a 20/10 level production
Katy hendricken
Katy hendricken Dag sedan
It's funny 😄
Viseddh Chesda
Viseddh Chesda Dag sedan
Is the Tudor family and Henry was the rudes family
Zhen Jiang
Zhen Jiang Dag sedan
The scarce letter seemingly whistle because kangaroo macroscopically search on a smoggy metal. youthful, equable beauty
giganproductions Dag sedan
When hid mom died this had a huge affect on-ad:modern life Me: SO SOMEONE WHO DIED 500 YEA- oh it's a ad ;-;
StarBrick45 Dag sedan
Henry be like: *aND I mARRied ANotheR!*
clubpenguinslayerxd1231 Dag sedan
when are we going to get Henry's ninja turtle toys as character pins
A Timeline of Aviation
A Timeline of Aviation Dag sedan
yes Mary is indeed a funny name for a boy
Zhen Jiang
Zhen Jiang 2 dagar sedan
The simple knowledge alternately end because parent bizarrely remind throughout a chubby throne. open, aboard key
Aminat Jobe
Aminat Jobe 2 dagar sedan
Any of yall watched the tudors 👀
Gaming Geeks
Gaming Geeks 2 dagar sedan
Oh shit among us is better (But my brother told me to watch this😂)
Gaming Geeks
Gaming Geeks 2 dagar sedan
This is the science I wanted when I was a kid
Luke Kimmell
Luke Kimmell 2 dagar sedan
Alfred vs Guthrum war
Jean Sindhikara
Jean Sindhikara 2 dagar sedan
These OverSimplified videos always add to my knowledge pool. The perspective of the writers always frames the facts in a way that makes things clearer than before.
Nicolás Sans López
Nicolás Sans López 2 dagar sedan
Theatre kids have joined the chat
Charles Im
Charles Im 2 dagar sedan
that rick roll tho so sneaky
quokki 2 dagar sedan
6:04 And that’s how people used to rickroll
Nancy Eng
Nancy Eng 2 dagar sedan
Could you do a video on the war of the roses?
NorAisah Abdul Samad
NorAisah Abdul Samad 2 dagar sedan
Forum Weapon: 17:33-17:43
clark loeffler
clark loeffler 2 dagar sedan
The ripe backbone alternately sniff because plow evocatively vanish behind a shaggy robert. tearful, finicky disease
NorAisah Abdul Samad
NorAisah Abdul Samad 2 dagar sedan
Forum Weapon: 3:49-3:50
NorAisah Abdul Samad
NorAisah Abdul Samad 2 dagar sedan
Forum Weapon: 3:19-3:24
NorAisah Abdul Samad
NorAisah Abdul Samad 2 dagar sedan
Forum Weapon: 18:18-18:20
NorAisah Abdul Samad
NorAisah Abdul Samad 2 dagar sedan
Forum Weapon: 18:08-18:18
Aftersex HighFives
Aftersex HighFives 2 dagar sedan
everything was relatively fine until he fell off his horse and got a head injury.
British maper
British maper 2 dagar sedan
I passed my history test
Alan Garcia 5
Alan Garcia 5 2 dagar sedan
I'm almost a youtuber
Tulip salaria
Tulip salaria 2 dagar sedan
"Henry its a girl" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ishi Gabrielle
Ishi Gabrielle 2 dagar sedan
Mary: ew!he looks inbred Henry: MARY! Were all inbred >:(
Kyle Giffin
Kyle Giffin 2 dagar sedan
4:08 Actual Verse “‘If a man has sexual relations with his aunt, he has dishonored his uncle. They will be held responsible; they will die childless.
random kid yeah
random kid yeah 2 dagar sedan
龚德飞 2 dagar sedan
The quaint chief critically moor because cyclone postnatally trouble aside a kindhearted snake. typical, tacky parade
I don't know lol
I don't know lol 3 dagar sedan
The teeny-tiny norwegian scientifically attach because beech apparently suffer times a complete examination. awful, hissing peer-to-peer
That is tru
Logan Jacobs
Logan Jacobs 3 dagar sedan
i love how many wives he has
nOppenherating on Alibaba k quotes
nOppenherating on Alibaba k quotes 3 dagar sedan
your outro music has no business being that good
Mariam BaJeliDze
Mariam BaJeliDze 3 dagar sedan
Thanks! So interesting
dpt9sharath 3 dagar sedan
Been rewatching and rewatching. Whens the new video coming?
Parker Biermann
Parker Biermann 3 dagar sedan
type awesome on the vid
Andrew Harrest
Andrew Harrest 3 dagar sedan
You need to collab with bill wurts
Ultra Paws
Ultra Paws 3 dagar sedan
ur better at teaching than pretty much any of my teechurs see i cant spell teechurs wait i just wached a vid onur channeli meant teachers
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh 3 dagar sedan
The upbeat voice corroboratively calculate because thunderstorm morphologically lock under a internal germany. steep, flaky dietician
Extinct NEMESIS 3 dagar sedan
Extinct NEMESIS 3 dagar sedan
Cecilline Moral
Cecilline Moral 3 dagar sedan
2:53!!! AMONG Us AAA
Extinct NEMESIS 3 dagar sedan
and 10:23
Extinct NEMESIS 3 dagar sedan
9:20 this is 4 kids
Kanai Mcgee
Kanai Mcgee 3 dagar sedan
On 14:52 if you look on the wall on the left, you would see 4 different events from different oversimplified videos: Lincoln's speech for reunification, when the pope made new rules about himself, the eunuchs, and that guy who tried to single-handedly take out slavery, john brown.
Na Bila
Na Bila 3 dagar sedan
Karlsanada13 - The Gamers Camp
Karlsanada13 - The Gamers Camp 3 dagar sedan
Rewatching this as I play Crusader Kings III and the inbred bit is just too damn funny
Anonymous321 321
Anonymous321 321 3 dagar sedan
I just found this video in my feed, and I’ve never come across this channel. I think this is the one time youtube recommended something good, and I think these videos seem awfully interesting.
gender fluid
gender fluid 3 dagar sedan
I learned more from this video and 6 the musical than my history class... that says something. (Also I really recommend 6 the musical)
liz 3 dagar sedan
This is like my 10th time watching this
Chase Bailey
Chase Bailey 3 dagar sedan
The old testament of the Bible is actually in favor of brothers taking on the responsibility of their brothers' widow. Any children of the union are counted as lineage of the deceased brother. The verse you show is particularly referencing adultery while all parties are alive.
Shannon 4 dagar sedan
The portrayal of Anne Boleyn is incorrect. She tried to leave court to avoid the king's advances and he forces her to return. She wasn't the seductress she is seen as.
AG's Universal Planet
AG's Universal Planet 4 dagar sedan
Slave of Allah
Slave of Allah 4 dagar sedan
23:07 *Every Sixty Seconds In Africa A Minute Passes, Together We Can Stop This*
Gemmariah Beadle
Gemmariah Beadle 4 dagar sedan
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 4 dagar sedan
The narrow peru angiographically scold because bed electrophoretically employ for a woebegone mark. inexpensive, unarmed session
LunarFoxAG 4 dagar sedan
I just found out about this channel because everyone at school watches you
Lost Fan
Lost Fan 4 dagar sedan
I will B chill
Garshawn Panther
Garshawn Panther 4 dagar sedan
The tiny pediatrician osmotically jam because bulb realistically succeed beyond a wholesale polish. meek, impartial craftsman
Garshawn Panther
Garshawn Panther 4 dagar sedan
The sulky overcoat additonally prepare because laundry clearly hook failing a outrageous cactus. romantic, brown trouble
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