Half the universe was missing... until now

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Half of the ordinary baryonic matter has been tough to find but Fast Radio Bursts made it possible to detect the WHIM. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video! For 20% off go to kiwico.com/veritasium or use code VERITASIUM at checkout.
Special thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis ve42.co/gfl
Nature paper: A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts
Research and Writing by Max Levy, Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Animations, Audio Mix & Mastering by Jonny Hyman
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
Music from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com

smuckle schmuckler
smuckle schmuckler 13 minuter sedan
That hand to camera transition halfway through the video was the perfect spot for an ad apparently lmao. I was surprised
Ace wavilind
Ace wavilind Dag sedan
Why, did I felt like our solar system was just another micro organism crawling in a milky way of universe? Are we just some cells that living in another living being?
Aynur Jumageldiyeva
Aynur Jumageldiyeva 2 dagar sedan
Veritasium: The Element of TRUTH
Aynur Jumageldiyeva
Aynur Jumageldiyeva 2 dagar sedan
Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment Cause no one will do!
David H Braun
David H Braun 2 dagar sedan
Surprise discoveries never cease to surprise: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
Shane H
Shane H 2 dagar sedan
I've wondered what percentage of planetary systems in any given galaxy, or just rogue systems outside galaxies, are lacking a star for them to be a detectable solar system.. Sounds like roughly 50% from this explanation, if I conclude that everything is distributed equally.
wasim shaikh
wasim shaikh 3 dagar sedan
It's like finding your lost specs on your forehead.
Threw The Looking Glass
Threw The Looking Glass 4 dagar sedan
did ... BOOTES. VOID reappear
Stu M
Stu M 5 dagar sedan
We couldn't find the 5% we expected so we kept looking. Now that it's been found, we stopped looking. Is it possible there is more that we'll never find because we stopped looking because we found what we were looking for? Maybe we're not right after all. "Whenever you find something you lost, it's always in the last place you look, because once you've found it, you stop looking for it."
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle 5 dagar sedan
It was down the back of the couch
Serafina Liccardi
Serafina Liccardi 5 dagar sedan
Here is a MIND widening Theory. What if the THEORY of Evolution is incorrect. What if we did NOT grow bigger, but we started as GIANTS and shrunk. That is how the movement of HEAVY STONES was possible?
pccasio 6 dagar sedan
content with being right :,D
galib rabat
galib rabat 8 dagar sedan
10:27 how do they pinpoint which galaxy/how far away the source is? As stated it's from deep space and we don't know how it even occured, can't it be shifted to show an apparent source as well? If someone can, please do clear me. Thanks in advance 💓
unspeakable Flame 2
unspeakable Flame 2 8 dagar sedan
Jean Paul
Jean Paul 9 dagar sedan
What color of light travels the fastest? I think red
HENIBAL LECTOR 9 dagar sedan
if it all started from a single point ,then there was big bang and then only the matter spread in all the space which formed earth sun and also us and also the 'cosmic microwave background radiation' so how did the matter which formed us overtook the radiation or light and went into trillions of billions of years to be in present state and be in a place such that the light or radiation from the same bigbang was able to reach us at this time possibilities which i can think of are 1 the radiation or the light during the bang is still able to reach us inspite of getting created almost at the same time is because the light is getting bent and also reflected for such a long time in which case tracing it back can not leed us to exact spot of bang at all 2 if the light is direct from the spot of bang and still reaching us after trillions and trillions of years is because big bang wasnt instantaneous rather it continued for trillions of years forgive my little knowledge and please "enlighten"
Francesco Pesce
Francesco Pesce 10 dagar sedan
How do you research those videos?
Bijesh Shrestha
Bijesh Shrestha 10 dagar sedan
Title sounds like a pickup line
XE DB 12 dagar sedan
Thanos snapped
funjoyp 12 dagar sedan
Go within n find there...we are tiny universe
ThatsStraight UpBullshit
ThatsStraight UpBullshit 12 dagar sedan
easy question... is the "Big Bang" logical?
gezginorman 12 dagar sedan
that hesitation to drink tap water
PAM2/3 R.A.N.D
PAM2/3 R.A.N.D 12 dagar sedan
Hi ! Big Bang ? Missing mater ? Dark energy ? Black Matter ? All big BS. Check the electric universe theories, (SuspiciousObserver on YT, as example) and stop spending $millions in empty researches. Welcome to the real world ! ;-)
Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner 13 dagar sedan
"Impossible perhabs the archives are incomplete"
SteamPunkPhysics 15 dagar sedan
11:50 "The difference between scientists and non-scientists" DOESN'T EXIST. This utterly absurd and irrational conceit, plus the lack of training in neuroscience makes modern science full of gargantuan biases where you just swallow whole the very first confirmation biased story you run into. Physics and cosmology in particular has become so ultra religious it's disgusting. You don't have to believe in the supernatural to be completely bought into social and cultural norms that generate long-standing structures of beliefs and the social reward/punishment that goes into conformity/disagreement. Look at the huge sums of money you make reporting STRAIGHT down the party-line of the most perfectly pure center consensus ideals. Go ahead point to one place you strongly and publicly disagree with consensus/authority and are willing to fight for it. ONE SINGLE PLACE you deviate from scientific normality. That's religion, not science. I'll be waiting for you here for you in the uber-punishment zone of the heretics when you finally realize you're an acolyte, not the idealized "scientist" you want believe you are.
Maruf Hossain
Maruf Hossain 16 dagar sedan
Cant wait to learn in detail about this space/galaxy/black hole etc when i go to heaven by the grace of the Almighty Creator if he wills it.
ılılıᴅᴇᴄɪʙᴇʟılılı 16 dagar sedan
Haha watching this video now, when we finally confirmed the source of FRBs! Finally spotted a magnetar sprouting one up.
E EE 16 dagar sedan
That's a nice kitchen!
Giannis Nikolinakos
Giannis Nikolinakos 16 dagar sedan
I guess in order to accept these findings we first have to make sure that matter is dispersed evenly across the universe given that the visible universe that we can observe is a small portion of the actual universe. CMB data suggest that this is the case but who knows?
michael tubman
michael tubman 17 dagar sedan
"first we need to talk about lightning. I promise this is related" Ah, that second sentence tells me I'm not on Vsauce.
2,3k flat-earthers were here... 😏
Sunny Tahelyani
Sunny Tahelyani 18 dagar sedan
How much matter is in unobservable universe?
Phil Reese
Phil Reese 18 dagar sedan
This video has a ton of assumptions. It would be great to have a video that delves into our scientific assumptions much like the assumption that the speed of light is constant. Understanding assumptions helps us to determine and fill in the holes of our understanding.
stresser 123
stresser 123 18 dagar sedan
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Jack Strider
Jack Strider 19 dagar sedan
Confirmation bias anyone? Scientists: "We've got more validation of the big bang, because after 30 years we finally found something that fits the preposterous predictions of our model! Along the way, we likely threw out thousands of theories that didn't fit the model." I'm not necessarily a big bang doubter, but it's always suspicious when you start with the assumed result, and then spend decades of accepting only the theories that confirm your assumptions.
plan pitz
plan pitz 19 dagar sedan
Recently a German scientists calculated that the so called hidden dark matter is actually contained in billions of smaller black holes all over the universe that have escaped detection .Some may even be living in our solar system ! The amount of matter calculated matches exactly the amount of predicted dark matter. Problem solved!
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 20 dagar sedan
Me: "Ma! I can't find the other half of the known universe!" Ma: "Did you check in the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium?!" Me: "Yes ma! 🙄" Ma: "If I go down there and find the rest of the baryonic matter, I swear! 😡" Me: 😰😱😭
ClassicMist360 8 dagar sedan
Why are you blatantly copying and pasting another comment? Thumbsd down for being an asshole
אריאל עדן
אריאל עדן 20 dagar sedan
Scientists want everybody to think they and only they are always right, and that means that they will play with the numbers until it fits their predictions, and then they say: "You see Science is always right". Don't believe them, most of the time if they find some truth it is thru trial and error, with a lot of error.
Lünkel 19 dagar sedan
Yea that's the scientific method. You make up hypothesis in an attempt to make predictions and if they don't work, you try again. And then the ones that work best are accepted and used as the best current models. As you correctly pointed out they adjust their views when new data comes along. What is your issue with this?
Levi and his Bae
Levi and his Bae 20 dagar sedan
This confirms it, we live in a cat's collar, if only 10% are enough to make up all our good matter stuff we love to live on so much.
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler 20 dagar sedan
2:57 this man casually just made drinking tap water infinitely more interesting.. and almost worth the diarrhea
ryuhjn yguh
ryuhjn yguh 21 dag sedan
Imagine being that 80% matter floating around doing nothing in the universe.
Betsy Malone
Betsy Malone 21 dag sedan
Imagine being that 80% matter floating around doing nothing in the universe.
Maxwell Clement
Maxwell Clement 21 dag sedan
Where there's a whim there's a way.
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz 21 dag sedan
😂moving😂moving😂moving.. every one is moving 😀in universe ..
Joel Devlin
Joel Devlin 22 dagar sedan
how do 2300 odd people come here and dislike this video?
David Michael
David Michael 22 dagar sedan
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar 22 dagar sedan
Who is watching this in 2025? Saving for those who will see this in recommended after 5 years....
Zaubermaus 22 dagar sedan
hmm it is valid until it is not ^^
Tsolaris 22 dagar sedan
That's 95% for all other periodic elements.
Trent 88
Trent 88 22 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that's tripping out that everytime I have a glass of water Part of it is like untouched since the Big Bang
BenM 23 dagar sedan
because you have to go out on a whim
AHyperion 23 dagar sedan
Is he an aethesies
John Holsen
John Holsen 23 dagar sedan
He said 50 percent if the missing baryons were found just after he said that the correlation indicated only five percent. How verified are facts on Veritasium or is this just a thing there?
Dracorientalis 23 dagar sedan
STEAM???? you mean STEM right? Art is not factual it's interpretive and objective. You can't test art and have a conclusive outcome it's just one humans creativity and expression without constraint to be admired by others or not admired by others. There is no STEAM. There is only STEM.
Doc Parker
Doc Parker 23 dagar sedan
Guess you don't consider the plasma universe theory...
vikash gupta
vikash gupta 23 dagar sedan
Ivana Huang
Ivana Huang 24 dagar sedan
you know what, I'm an astronomy student, but I hate this kind of video, because it reminds me with my unfinished assignments and some of my subjects 😭😭
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 24 dagar sedan
the flash ate all the baryons cus he's the fastest man alive
Sérgio Silva
Sérgio Silva 24 dagar sedan
Hey, just wanted to share that I've loved most of your videos for a few years now. I also ordered one of Kiwi packs as they seem pretty cool - let's see if I can get the kid interested on them!
Proton 24 dagar sedan
So every time Thor waves his hammer, someone gets shot by a Force member on the other side of the earth?
Jordan Love
Jordan Love 25 dagar sedan
I may only understand .1% of the concepts in this video, but that sure as hell ain't gonna stop me from liking it.
Jordan Love
Jordan Love 25 dagar sedan
The universe really did just go PSYCHE, HEY FELLAS GOOD TA SEE YA
Dilip Das
Dilip Das 26 dagar sedan
Great you tube channel
Calvin Hobbes
Calvin Hobbes 26 dagar sedan
Watching all these videos makes me think of a scene from Battle Star Galactica. Search youtube for - I don't want to be human - watch the 1:50 clip.
Freddie Readie
Freddie Readie 26 dagar sedan
If they can find the missing baryons, how come they can't find all the other aliens in the Universe?
Kumar Ashish
Kumar Ashish 27 dagar sedan
12:03 Truth Spoken.
Mehmet Sabri
Mehmet Sabri 27 dagar sedan
Again another interesting subject and a perfect presentation. Thank you.
Thornton Tarr
Thornton Tarr 27 dagar sedan
You stated that long wavelengths are "slowed" (retarded) more by the electrons in the earth's magnetosphere but at 9:16 the graphics shows an inner pathway where the "red" (longer wavelengths) precede the "blue" (shorter = higher energy) with NO electrons in that path while the outer path with lots of electrons shows the stated long wavelength slowing. Would this be expected? Or from an optical perspecdtive: Is the index of refraction being altered so much?
AmoCultumAlo 28 dagar sedan
Awesome video, and very well explained! I'm definitely using the lightning analogy in future talks! (Ahhh, you know you've made it as a scientist when Veritasium covers a paper you're on. Life goals.....)
Dan Wipper
Dan Wipper 28 dagar sedan
Up, sorry, your wife ripped it in half to give me her phone number we didn't know it was important.
DUSA anna
DUSA anna 28 dagar sedan
I agree that scientists (I am one of those) theories and mathematic language is like Chinese language for most of the people. However here the research made on electro-magnetic waves (including the main usefull for everybody: LIGHT) coming from the Universe is used to support the BIG BANG theory which has been inspired by religious beliefs (everything around man has been created from day one) and proved somewhat by shifts in the frequency of those E-M waves (redshifts...)This light and E-M waves are emitted by MENDELEEV matter made of particles (baryons) when such matter is heated up.The Einstein theory is also used one of its main BELIEF beeing that light speed is a CONSTANT. these theories also resulted in BELIEVING in DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY(POSTULATES).The postulate that light speed is a constant is not true following lab experiments able to slow down light (photons) down to a fraction of light speed.So of course these shift are observed but are they really dues to matter (galaxies) moving away from us? The matter from all parts of our own galaxy is moving towards us as this galaxy contract itself towards the central black holes that is why a blue shift must be observed.Is the reason for these shifts well understood given that light speed is not a constant, time is indeed constant, the universe is probably infinite in dimensions and has always existed.That last postulates change everything on the explanations of what we observe for sure including the nature of the black holes which recycle matter into electro-magnetic field s (observables) which in turn seed new matter using Universe plasma dust (protons or huydrogen plasma)?
DUSA anna
DUSA anna 20 dagar sedan
Sorry, the name of the Irish PHD reviewing MAXWELL, BERNOUILLY and other works on the basis of an Eather made of electrons and positrons in order to explain inertial and gravity forces as" in this new aether" magnetic and centrifugal forces is Frederic TOMBE found at researchgate as an example.
Χαραλαμπος Στρογγυλος
Χαραλαμπος Στρογγυλος 29 dagar sedan
1:31 The universe was cooler and cooler and expand. In this scenario, the distance between baryons is so large that practically isn't possible any kind of reaction between them to create H. I can tell you how the creation works in the Universe of Heraclitus in detail but you not going to believe me, with pressure and fire pressure and fire on neutrinos my boy the smallest piece of material. And this happens continuously in galaxies clusters, in spots that gravitation force increases pressure and temperature in levels that can make neutrons to react, to produce electrons, baryons, and positrons, and to create H gas .....That is the wim
Yours Truely
Yours Truely Månad sedan
We measure earth time years by rotating around a sun. So how can you say 300.000 years after the big bang when there, was no sun or earth. And what time?
Yours Truely
Yours Truely Månad sedan
I love it how we fit the universe on a cellphone. And talk about it as if its our backyard. We visit all the time. In reality we only receive some old light emissions while moving and spinning through a universe inside a galaxy and inside a solar system in which we are not even sure about how many planets it has. And like 99.99999999 is pure guess work. Funding for new toys we can not even prevent the Flue from happening.
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan Månad sedan
We DON'T live on a planet moving through space in an expanding universe. It only appears as though we do. The truth is so obvs 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ We are all living inside a holodeck complex super-structure probably no bigger than the planet Jupiter 😲 Leonard Susskind et al are on the right track but they're blinded by their desire to be living in an organic big bang universe 🌌 Everything IS a hologram alright 👍 They got that much right but if you ask them where the projectors are though, they say they're outside of the universe 🤔👎 This doesn't make sense 🙄 The projectors have to be much closer.. Don't think holographic UNIVERSE! Take the next logical step 🧩🧩🧩 Instead, think HOLODECK, like Star Trek except each holodeck is around seven miles high and thousands of square miles in footprint area.. The walls, floors and ceilings are covered with a hexagonal mosaic style projector array.. They are not OF our dimensions yet they project all the matter of our dimensions (String theory) 😇 Actually, we are 3 in 1, holographic, organic and simulation 🤓 We are living in an organic reality that has been recreated inside a holodeck complex and this reality is based on a concurrently running simulation 🎯 This explains so much.. like why our reality only manifests itself as we explore it. You obviously couldn't recreate the entire Universe or Milky Way galaxy in this type of structure, just the tiny fraction that our consciousnesses have interacted with so far.. This gives the illusion that we are living in a vast universe.. It's nothing to fear. We are all living in the best possible scenario. This 'program' has been running for billions of years. Evolution happened. We evolved. We are real.. NOT a simulation. We have evolved to be intelligent enough to realise all this.. and appreciate it.. and discuss it.. It's all so obvs 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
Andrew Obmasca
Andrew Obmasca Månad sedan
Big Bang Theory again.. smh
Coffee Månad sedan
*Ah yes ofc...*
Goldfinger Månad sedan
1:08 Flashbang is out! 4:48 Throwing Flashbang!
Alpha Blondi
Alpha Blondi Månad sedan
Thank you for your good reporting. I know you didn't make all these up, but some other people did. All these assumes or presupposes that we have access to the entire universe to know that half of its matter is missing. Absolutely madness and human arrogance of the first order.
Phil Hibbs
Phil Hibbs Månad sedan
Remember Jurassic Park - the dinosaur count program stopped looking when it found the expected number. So we should keep looking, the 5% could be wrong.
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman Månad sedan
IT WAS THE GRINCH! ..... Merry Christmas. - Dr. Zeus
All2 Know
All2 Know Månad sedan
*One day we will talk about the missing baryons* ...................That line passed through my soul!!❤️
Darcy Whyte
Darcy Whyte Månad sedan
he casually drank the big bang 3:00
AdamChess1au Månad sedan
yay science!
Saurav Dubey
Saurav Dubey Månad sedan
What software are you using? Mr derek
TheArchivist Månad sedan
Once the lightning came up, I remembered learning about non-linear reverb and convolution reverb in audio class. It'd be cool if someone sent a wideband radio impulse out, received it on the other side of the earth, and used it like an audio impulse to create a reverb based on the earth's magnetic field...............
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard Månad sedan
So, what started the big bang? Where did the energy/matter/physics come from to facilitate a universe-creating 'bang'? I'm all for unlocking the truth, but every time people talk about the 'beginning' of things, there's always this big missing factor of what started these processes that are supposed to be the beginning. Did these energies just materialize from nothing?
S B Månad sedan
I truly can't wrap my head around the big bang... As I understand it, something cannot be created from nothing. Everything currently in the galaxy has already existed in one form or another, and will always exist. Matter cannot appear out of nowhere, and matter cannot just disappear into nothing. So where the heck did the big bang come from!? Where did all of the matter come from? And what started the initial reaction? Was matter just magically created from nothing!? I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!
Maria Theresa P
Maria Theresa P Månad sedan
Very interesting!
SuperDukka Månad sedan
The 2,500 years Buddhist suttas also talk about the cosmos being an endless cycle of eons of cosmic expansion and eons of cosmic contraction. It calculated an eon as the time taken for soft cloth to erode one mile cube of mountain by wiping once in 100 years. It said this in relation to our cycles of birth and rebirth. Check out Ian Stevenson work on reincarnation, Raymond Moody on Near Death Experience and Brian Weiss on past live regression which all independently show human consciousness survive death and we live many lives. Suttas also talk about cosmic spaces being so dark that no light could penetrate (black holes?). It said this in relation to human ignorance that is so dark that no light could penetrate. It described the end of earth when the sun becomes so strong it burns up the oceans and earth. Interestingly the sutta also said it is not possible to travel to the end of the cosmos in one's lifetime even if we travel at a speed that flash from one shore to the other shore of the ocean. It also talk about many world systems (other solar systems?) with living beings each having many realms of existence (dimensions?). It talk about many living beings in a cup of water though we could not see them with our eyes. Taken together all these seem to make sense in today's world. Cheers.
Anay Gupta
Anay Gupta Månad sedan
does anyone hear soft music on left side of ur earphone??
Ivanka Leonie Fuchs
Ivanka Leonie Fuchs Månad sedan
I understand your intention in this video, but to state your video title as fact... "Half the universe was missing... until now"...? Ist quite ridiculous. :-) We haven't any knowledge of how big the universe truly ist, much less make ridiculous guessing what half of it ist. We have never added up "all" of anything existing in the universe, but only what we can observe. There ist NO possible means to determine how large the entire universe truly ist. Neither our observations, nor can our math determine the whole size of the universe. :-)
Jayakrishnan Nair
Jayakrishnan Nair Månad sedan
12:04 wow that is a bit cocky to say, dont you think so Derek? Science has only explained about 4% of the total mass-energy content of the universe. 96% is simply known as dark matter and dark energy as we are clueless what it is about. We dont know how quantum physics work, or whether time is even real. We dont know what consciousness is, what which makes us internally aware. So to say Scientists are "disappointed" when they get right results because they want new things to search for, is the height of arrogance. I wish you would continue to make good videos but also be a bit more humble about Science.
TheDenix8 Månad sedan
Anyone else at 0:32 immeadeately thought of Baryon sweep in Star Trek TNG? :D
Rqmxzz Månad sedan
Nikhil Aradhya
Nikhil Aradhya Månad sedan
3:00 This guy is so much into the science that he forgets and drinks tap water😂😂
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 7 dagar sedan
@Nikhil Aradhya - LOL. So true.
Nikhil Aradhya
Nikhil Aradhya 9 dagar sedan
@Oscar Medina haha you're welcome bro. May be it's society v/s scientific taughts from thousands of years. Sometimes I feel like mis-born a thousand years earlier. Definitely humans are not intelligent species yet. Relegion is a personal psychological phenomenon. But it's like a social protocol now.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 9 dagar sedan
@Nikhil Aradhya - Thanks for the interesting chat. I suspect that when you visit the U.S., you'll discover that Americans are just as superstitious as the people in your part of the world. 9 percent of Americans believe the Earth is flat. 50 percent of Americans believe at least one hoax or urban myth is real. Religion dominates our political system and plays a significant role in many aspects of society. 15% of U.S. scientists are religious.
Nikhil Aradhya
Nikhil Aradhya 11 dagar sedan
@Oscar Medina India is a country which is hard to educate or change. Even scientists here are superstitious. Need not talk specially about politicians. I think developed countries are some what less idiotic. I do want to come to USA that's y I did my engineering haha.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 11 dagar sedan
@Nikhil Aradhya - Wow. Good to know. Here in the U.S. we have chlorinated water so tap water is generally safe to drink. Of course we also have a lot of idiots in this country. That is why the pandemic is such a big thing in the U.S.
Kitsune Månad sedan
Dark matter makes up like 75% of your brain :P
Heinz Kanein
Heinz Kanein Månad sedan
Great video,really enjoyed it. I can't believe how intricate these processes in nature are. It is absolutely mind-blowing how some scientists figure these things out. Please show more.
Adish Kaushal
Adish Kaushal Månad sedan
The voyger probes tell that there are not 1-10 particals per cubic cm but there are 0.055 (according to voyger 1) and 0.039( according to the voyger 2) if that's the case then the calculation of the total matter is still wrong. I want here about your views about this.
Alex Goslar
Alex Goslar Månad sedan
Thank you.
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