Gordon Has A MASSIVE Meltdown At Fiesta Sunrise | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon visits Fiesta Sunrise, where things go from bad to worse.
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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Aarti Patel
Aarti Patel Timme sedan
great work
Upbeat Ivy
Upbeat Ivy Timme sedan
14:20 I have that feeling Gordon wanted to legit throw that in his face
Vinoth Balendran
Vinoth Balendran 2 timmar sedan
Gordon : " When did you catch the fish?" Wick : "Yesterday"
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson 4 timmar sedan
I still cant get over vic managing a restaurant he doesn't even own?
Random 4 timmar sedan
Patricia's husband wanted to curse so bad but thought it wouldn't be monitized to instead he says Jerkoff and Douchebag lmao
Miaikon Teras
Miaikon Teras 6 timmar sedan
"A hungry cat would walk away from that" I think a hungry cat would try to bury it to get rid of the smell. At least all cats I know to that.
L x w H v R m
L x w H v R m 7 timmar sedan
Gordon has clearly never been to New York before..
The Clockwork Cadaver
The Clockwork Cadaver 8 timmar sedan
Vic is an absolute pathetic man-child. Can't take criticism, won't listen to people tell him his problems because it makes him feel bad. His failure is being paid for by another man. His bills are paid for by another man. He takes money from his own daughter's credit line to bankroll his failure and yet still refuses to change to make it a success. He's selfish, childish, and generally just a pathetic excuse for a man.
Gary Bee
Gary Bee 10 timmar sedan
Vic has no business being a manager,,
Pradyumna Madan
Pradyumna Madan 13 timmar sedan
gordon to vic's mom: when was ur son born vic's mom: YERSTERDAY
solum mea
solum mea 15 timmar sedan
“I love my new decorations” “I love my chairs” “I love my new place” Bruhh you don’t own any of it
Luke Cornwell
Luke Cornwell 17 timmar sedan
Ahhhh , now I know where the Beatles found there inspiration for ‘yesterday’
jukechuu 19 timmar sedan
vic: "What would you like to drink?" Customers: Chicken fajitas, one beef echiladas vic: "Thank you"
Disgusting Handsome
Disgusting Handsome 20 timmar sedan
Gordon: you're a walking disaster Vic: yesterday
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 20 timmar sedan
33:39 - Me When i'm the only one laughing at my own joke with my friends
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 21 timme sedan
Gordon: " How long have you owned a restaurant?" Vic: "Yesterday"
RoBoLoGy 23 timmar sedan
Gordon: " When were you born ?" Vic : "Yesterday"
Cthulu Hoops
Cthulu Hoops 23 timmar sedan
"they speak english they're just being clever by ignoring me"
andrew fitzgerald
andrew fitzgerald Dag sedan
Gordon has a MASSIVE meltdown ! try that if the tv cameras are not there then see what happens, like all the others confrontational tv and you buy into it, and no it is not entertainment
Kakaxil Dag sedan
Tristram Shandy
Tristram Shandy Dag sedan
Why isn't there any inspection by the Food Safety Officers in such places!?
Dorotea Vukanović
Dorotea Vukanović Dag sedan
plazo Dag sedan
14:26 lmao,
Raider Dag sedan
Rhea Rodrigues
Rhea Rodrigues Dag sedan
Gordon: When were you born? Vic: yesterday
DaniLP95 Dag sedan
26:06 "Gordon Ramsay is anxious to impress them with something the restaurant never had: Fresh food" That must have been the greatest burn the Kitchen Nightmares Commentator has ever made, and I love it. xD
Werner Van Wyk
Werner Van Wyk Dag sedan
That is the real picture and plate throw up
Steve Bonds
Steve Bonds Dag sedan
The restaurant was closed in Sept 2008 and this episode aired Nov 2008.
Werner Van Wyk
Werner Van Wyk Dag sedan
That looks like crap on my plate that is so disgusting well🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Dag sedan
Wheres the Money?
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Dag sedan
"Sometimes I can't sleep at night!" words from that lovely lady!
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Dag sedan
Serving that to the customers....
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Dag sedan
Grabbed the Chicken....
NoxiousScythe Dag sedan
Gordon was brutal this episode, Vic was the weaker man lol.
Adeline Castillo
Adeline Castillo Dag sedan
amazing help for the family and for the restaurant your the best with a golden heart Chef Gordon Ramsay and I admire you a lot Good Luck and God Bless Fiesta Sunrise
A wild letter e
A wild letter e Dag sedan
POV: You want to go to every restueraunt/hotel that gordon has fixed
Dean Dag sedan
25:59 Whata you guys like to drink? I'll have the chicken fajtas
TrollingStone Dag sedan
Imagine seeing yourself at 11:55 eating all that disgusting food.
sQuare1g Dag sedan
Vic is type of a guy that watch weather forecast for yesterday.
Rebecca Hardy
Rebecca Hardy Dag sedan
Hming Chungnungi
Hming Chungnungi Dag sedan
yall really be roasting Vic in the comments. but we gotta appreciate the fact that he’s quite open and accepting :) he was ready to make the changes and even apologised to yolanda and patti, unlike many of the owners in other episodes
Lindy Beth
Lindy Beth Dag sedan
Patti really do look like Miranda Cosgrove
manoman0 2 dagar sedan
18:00 - Yep, that's how things go when things go south.
caspartheperson 2 dagar sedan
14:55 hahahaha
General Fr
General Fr 2 dagar sedan
4 chef my foot....... they need help?.... they need a chef
yavimaya wurm
yavimaya wurm 2 dagar sedan
28:06 xdddddddd
PAC_ jon
PAC_ jon 2 dagar sedan
13:24 "a hungry cat would walk away from that..."
Sebastian Szefer
Sebastian Szefer 2 dagar sedan
22”00 no that’s a free protein shake lol
Jp Reddy1002
Jp Reddy1002 2 dagar sedan
Gordon: Husband and wife? Patty: Step daughter Me:🤣
ag0nii 2 dagar sedan
Isn´t the young man that was complaining the same dude that got yelled at by Gordon in an episode of Hells Kitchen? one of the earlier seasons
Poké Gamer
Poké Gamer 2 dagar sedan
35:00 honestly this. How the fuck do you actually burn nachos?
Gam nik
Gam nik 2 dagar sedan
His wife is so happy😂
Str4t0sPh3rE 2 dagar sedan
When was Rome built? "Yesterday"
Jared Chan
Jared Chan 2 dagar sedan
the moment he said the ingredients were fresh, i knew i was in for a good episode
Im' Blu
Im' Blu 2 dagar sedan
I really love Gordon ramsay's accent.
AJ Cantuba
AJ Cantuba 2 dagar sedan
bruh i feel bad for people eating those meals with days-old ingredients, and the camera just zooms in them
Vignesh Hariharan
Vignesh Hariharan 2 dagar sedan
Gordon: What's your name? Vic: "Yesterday." Um sorry what!
Amjad Mohammed
Amjad Mohammed 2 dagar sedan
“Fatter than YOU!”
Aiden Pettigrew
Aiden Pettigrew 2 dagar sedan
Emotions on reality TV look so phony. I don’t care how sad she was when I saw her like that I laughed so hard!
mativ73 2 dagar sedan
Whoever gave Patti a loan to run a bysiness was not too smart like Patti
Félix Champagne
Félix Champagne 2 dagar sedan
Godon is THE BEST !!!!!
mativ73 2 dagar sedan
Just always wonder how such people run restaurants. They do not have any idea about cooking and they do not even check a kitchen. Owners from this episode should be judged for trying to kill people. Idiots.
Bundana Ezio
Bundana Ezio 2 dagar sedan
13:50 😂😂
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ 2 dagar sedan
Annie M.
Annie M. 2 dagar sedan
Get this"so-called" owner out and let the real owner, that girl stand up and run HER restaurant.
⛧☠ †̷ TЯaᴉT o𝖋 sɪИN †̷☠⛧
⛧☠ †̷ TЯaᴉT o𝖋 sɪИN †̷☠⛧ 2 dagar sedan
When Gordon Ramsay walks into Fiesta Sunrise it suddenly changed to Fiesta Sunset.
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ 2 dagar sedan
Senaritra Chowdhury
Senaritra Chowdhury 2 dagar sedan
YESTERDAY all my troubles seemed so far away
ZEUS 3 dagar sedan
Chef : when were you born? Vic : yesterday
HOPE PEACE 3 dagar sedan
Niuqrat1 3 dagar sedan
love how the cameraman just stays behind to film vic crying while gordan just leaves camera man is dedicated
msriver11 3 dagar sedan
Gordon banging his head on the stainless door while saying HOLY FUCK, epic!
Mushfique Kamal
Mushfique Kamal 3 dagar sedan
If vic became president which would be the biggest miracle, he'd drive america into the ground
Grey Alien
Grey Alien 3 dagar sedan
Nascha Souterrain
Nascha Souterrain 3 dagar sedan
"You must be out of you tiny mind" is a whole mood for me.
Needs Chips
Needs Chips 3 dagar sedan
Just the fact that the ingredients were disgusting yet they show those poor customers eating those disgusting stuffs--
vincentius willy
vincentius willy 3 dagar sedan
might as well play the song Yesterday, that face invites people to laugh all the time
Stefanos Photiou
Stefanos Photiou 3 dagar sedan
Gordon: Do you even know the days of the week? Vic: Yes of course. Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday and Yesterday. Gordon: I'm Groot.
Raffiq Adzwar
Raffiq Adzwar 3 dagar sedan
14:28 Yes, you are😂
GETDOWN YT 3 dagar sedan
she was his step daughter lol
Artistic Me
Artistic Me 3 dagar sedan
The answer to everything: Yesterday.
Joseph matthew
Joseph matthew 3 dagar sedan
I blame mom. It's her job to not put her daughters future at risk.
TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson
TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson 3 dagar sedan
*Gordan picking up raw chicken* "look at that?" *Gordan letting it slide out of his hand* "what the fuck is that?!" *Gordan licking the juices from his fingers* "it's fucking disgusting" *Gordan submerges his hands into a bucket of raw chicken* "how old is this chicken?" *Gordan takes his hands out of the bucket and rubs raw chicken juice all over his face* "are you fucking seeing this?! how fucking old is this?!"
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ 2 dagar sedan
JIX NIX 3 dagar sedan
@TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson it's my 3 language, not great yes.... But great you spotted it and did point it out as a answer to my comment
TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson
TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson 3 dagar sedan
@JIX NIX You can't ask me if I can write normal when you put an ellipsis at the start of a sentence.
JIX NIX 3 dagar sedan
.... Can't you write normal?
Quackskii 3 dagar sedan
Gordon both rocks that hoodie-jacket-thing but also looks like he's trying to relate to the kids at the same time
Levi Noir
Levi Noir 3 dagar sedan
Jeez....This is the most disastrous episode I've watched.
Yeetthemandarin e
Yeetthemandarin e 3 dagar sedan
I always find it so confusing when they serve Gordon the old food (rice in this case) because if Gordon Ramsay visits my restaurant I'm making everything the best I can
Jordanna Warner
Jordanna Warner 3 dagar sedan
Yucky Food 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Jordanna Warner
Jordanna Warner 3 dagar sedan
Peter Carruthers
Peter Carruthers 4 dagar sedan
I have never seen a program like this one. Thank god Ramsay was called in. The Manager had his head buried in the sand and would not listen to anybody. What an idiot he was. PC. 09. 05. 2021.
jack Lindsey
jack Lindsey 4 dagar sedan
no one gonna talk about kent weed?
VVGirl 4 dagar sedan
Friday, Friday, everybody's talking about Friday~
the fact he's not scared by cockroaches :0
Adityo Wahyu
Adityo Wahyu 4 dagar sedan
always YESTERDAY, so YESTERDAY basically a week ago lol
haphazardly maed
haphazardly maed 4 dagar sedan
I'm truly curious of how the cameramen feel about all the shit they're filming. It would be fun to get some direct commentary from them while they're recording. "See this folks? Damn shit's fuckin disgusting, yeah? Yet they eat 'em all!" *proceeds to zoom into the customers eating rubbish*
Cube copyright
Cube copyright 4 dagar sedan
Idk what the fuck the cooks are on. They always look like they're doing something illegal when they interact with ANYBODY else in the building.
Sushiline 4 dagar sedan
Parents when I say I don't want to clean my room: 20:50
VK 4 dagar sedan
Chesco 4 dagar sedan
*That guy is CANCER*
KiwiDemon 4 dagar sedan
when did world war two happen?....Yesterday
I am not interested in your video
I am not interested in your video 4 dagar sedan
Gordon: there's a customer vomiting there. Vic: yesterday
Derick Brown
Derick Brown 4 dagar sedan
Fiesta Sunrise closed in September 2008. The restaurant was seized due to failure to pay taxes that were owed. ..Incase you were wondering
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ
A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ 2 dagar sedan
When did this restaurant close “Vic” Yesterday
SniperSd Sid
SniperSd Sid 4 dagar sedan
Gordon is an unusual saint ! .
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