Game Theory: Spiderman DESTROYED New York! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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*Correction - Dr. Vijay Modi is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University
Theorists, we are here to talk about the ending of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. That is your warning. You see, at the end of the game Miles absorbs the giant blast meant to destroy his city and released it high above the skyline in order to keep people from being hurt. Well Miles, there is a slight problem with your solution. Miles, I am sorry to tell you that you did NOT save the city. Why? Watch to find out!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 timmar sedan
bro? who fcking cares its a video game
The Cartoony Dudes
The Cartoony Dudes 2 timmar sedan
Felisa Saldana
Felisa Saldana 2 timmar sedan
Matpat I have a theory ( a game theory) the crying child could be Gregory the badge could be a wound from the bite and the crying child can't be golden Freddy Afton said he would put him back together but he was shut down until the fnaf6 fire and I think Afton forgot he had children so he would think the the crying child can be a random child but hey that's just a theory a game theory
newenglandsun 3 timmar sedan
More like Miles Immorales.
Hri100 5rov
Hri100 5rov 5 timmar sedan
05:52 - Is Amazon a evil corporation?
Evan Timson
Evan Timson 6 timmar sedan
The website used in the video gave me a virus.
Luc E Poopy
Luc E Poopy 7 timmar sedan
Please do do a theory on the game At Dead Of Night! It’s the most underrated game ever.
Bo Martin
Bo Martin 7 timmar sedan
3,2,1 add
sagacious03 7 timmar sedan
Nice analysis! Thanks for uploading!
Eevee Bros Studios
Eevee Bros Studios 8 timmar sedan
Wow, remind me to consult with you for any video game, film, or story plots that I come up with so that I can be sure that the day really is saved
Alexander Lebedev
Alexander Lebedev 8 timmar sedan
What would happen if they destroyed it on the ground instead in the air? Would it be better?🤔🤔🤔
Catman 8 timmar sedan
I completed this game in 2 days
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 9 timmar sedan
Is it bad to be carrying so much knives around with me like all kinds of knives
m_e_d _i
m_e_d _i 9 timmar sedan
"anyone in the 500 mile radius felt it The people in the 501 mile radius:
哇您認真翻譯過這個嗎? 9 timmar sedan
Imagine matpat’s FBI agent looking through what he searched
Owen Jolley 3
Owen Jolley 3 9 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie, Roxxon gave me SHINRA electric power company vibes.
A human
A human 10 timmar sedan
Since the energy is being released as electrical energy shouldn't the energy be released as a powerful lightning strike rather than an electric explosion? (Idk much about electromagnetism so I might be wrong lol)
Grayson Delnicki
Grayson Delnicki 11 timmar sedan
Is bugsnax going to get a theory? It's because the game says what the bugsnax are I just want to know.
Valetravelgames Productions
Valetravelgames Productions 13 timmar sedan
NOOOOO NOT TIMESQUARE! i wanted to go to the diaper con! :c
Kallocarina 15 timmar sedan
What if he only released some of the energy?
Kallocarina 15 timmar sedan
I'm 4:40 into the video and I'm alredy thinking that *YOU ALREADY DID THIS THEORY WITH THE BATMAN DARK NIGHT RETURNS MOVIE*
BIKEBOYKILAM 19 timmar sedan
matt... it's a comic book game... not much logic goes into it
Yoink and zoinx
Yoink and zoinx 21 timme sedan
no dont worry miles didn't save newyork plot armor did
AL_PS 22 timmar sedan
I got a navy seals ad right as you said 1 on the countdown
Mubashir Shakeel
Mubashir Shakeel 22 timmar sedan
What I don’t get it games are not suppose to have real life physics otherwise it becomes boring
Fortnite Is gay
Fortnite Is gay 23 timmar sedan
Stfu this makes no since and no one died beside Phin
Arcris Gonzaga
Arcris Gonzaga 23 timmar sedan
This reminds of the dark Knight rises theory he did on Film theory.
Tommy Salommy
Tommy Salommy 23 timmar sedan
Man, sounds like that explosion would really make *Harlem shake*
Jerome Dg Bacorro
Jerome Dg Bacorro Dag sedan
Matpat i love you man but the intro part cant stand whining game mechanics done
Holo Its Dani
Holo Its Dani Dag sedan
everyone just loves to hate on miles
Dire Hellspawn
Dire Hellspawn Dag sedan
Hey, I remembered this theory and I wanted to see if you could do another one like this. Recently, in a new episode of Fire Force, Charron took an entire blast of nuclear firepower which would have left a 500 km wide crater, absorbed it, and fired it up into the sky, hitting the moon. This got me thinking of how much energy Charron had to take into his body and if the crater left in the moon was an accurate representation of how much damage the blast would do.
Darren Danadyaksa
Darren Danadyaksa Dag sedan
For the last time MatPat, IT'S JUST A GAME!!
Alonso The Potato
Alonso The Potato Dag sedan
I'm not smart but for example you fill a water bottle with water. It holds a lot but has too much so it spills the others. My point is that Miles probably still hold the rest of the energy and only let the ones he couldn't hold out. But hey, that's just a theory, i don't know how much energy he can hold... Hopefully this is a useful information ;-; edit: some of the energy probably was already out of the reactor so it probably was subtracted from the energy that was sucked by miles pls forgive me if it's too dumb of a theory i'm just a child ;-;
NTF Operative
NTF Operative Dag sedan
76,000th like :DDDD
VoidSaber Dag sedan
I just love lecrae
K-rex Dag sedan
wait that ending is just season 1 ending of heroes
Redrebel 3132
Redrebel 3132 Dag sedan
Let’s find out in 3..2...1 ad
Jaden McKinney
Jaden McKinney Dag sedan
Well, Miles Morales CAN kill the innocent people in the game
X1lv3r Dag sedan
Hey, could you make some videos where you actually play those games?
Devil Gamer
Devil Gamer Dag sedan
MATPAT! Ever since you started making videos, you never ruined my childhood, you created and recreated it to be better. I hope you keep making videos cause your the best!
darkswordsmansol Dag sedan
Perhaps Miles' discharge wasn't the full amount absorbed...
George Willis
George Willis Dag sedan
It's Spider-Man Spider-Man does whatever a spider can but I get the joke
teh1337guy Dag sedan
Was expecting a “wouldn’t be the first time Spider-man destroyed Broadway” from him.
Samuel Maturino
Samuel Maturino Dag sedan
NordVPN is taking over SVfrom. There should be a theory about this.
shadow_ tunder_23
shadow_ tunder_23 Dag sedan
What’s next marvel Spider-Man into the spider verse dlc
Cris crusher
Cris crusher Dag sedan
Do a little nightmare theory
Thanatos Dag sedan
...I'm reeeaaaalllllyyyyy hoping that "500 years" estimate was canonically just a sound bite that tested well in marketing, rather than an actual measure of the reactor's capabilities, because YIKES
Lol Jsss
Lol Jsss Dag sedan
What is he didn’t release all the power?
Destroyer Moo
Destroyer Moo Dag sedan
He probably had enough electrical capacity to have the explosion be decreased by a bit
Keiron Blythe
Keiron Blythe Dag sedan
day one of asking for u to do another bendy theory
Becoming Sentient
Becoming Sentient Dag sedan
MatPat, you keep equating explosive yield with nuclear detonation, and then equating both of those with electrical discharge. If the reactor were to go critical, that would certainly be a scenario to analyze as an explosion or nuclear event. But once Miles siphons off the power, he converts it to (bio-)electrical energy. The "explosion" in the sky isn't a detonation, it's a discharge. Plus, at that point, the electrical resistance properties of air come into play, along with the lightning protection measures used on modern buildings. Comparing the discharge event to lightning strikes is far more accurate than comparing to nuclear bombs.
6:16 indians rule the world
Noah Boyce
Noah Boyce Dag sedan
We have Game theory, Film theory, and Food theory. When will we get Conspiracy theory?
Nathan Feseha
Nathan Feseha Dag sedan
Mr. Max123
Mr. Max123 Dag sedan
Hey mat pat I was listening to blood in the water and it sounded a lot like william Afton's family just saying this whould be a thing that's kinda cool soo thank you for reading -Mr. Max123
The Forge
The Forge Dag sedan
You should make a Game Theory for Sea of Thieves because there is a lot of unanswered questions in that such as the kraken? and the megalodon? how did those get there?
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Dag sedan
"You're just gonna destroy roxxon plaza, You're gonna VaPorize all of Harlem" Miles is tryna hit puberty
Megan Erasmus
Megan Erasmus Dag sedan
ACTUALLY, South African Netflix has all the Spider-Man movies + venom, so yeah. It's pretty near over here
Megan Erasmus
Megan Erasmus Dag sedan
Fabledkill Dag sedan
Did add in the fact that its a fake building that she is running up with im mean im not the best at math but that might make somewhat of a small difference
Fabledkill 2 timmar sedan
@laskin riubn it is i went back and looked at the map in the game it is atleast twice the size of every other building around it
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Dag sedan
She could have gotten higher since it was the Roxxon building which is probably bigger.
Alex Lary-black
Alex Lary-black Dag sedan
your facts are wrong stop spreading misinformation the tinkerer thought she was blowing up the building not harlem did you play the game of just steal clips and read about it online
L Dag sedan
DP Rajaram
DP Rajaram Dag sedan
I actually liked the game...
Masaaee Mohamed
Masaaee Mohamed Dag sedan
6:23 Corona
xd radient
xd radient Dag sedan
Maybe he made the suit be able to camoflauge with the tech he has and. Stuff
Dom Dag sedan
Every superhero end up destroying city but villian is down so its ok
Baby Blue
Baby Blue Dag sedan
Dear MatPat, please do a theory on Brawl Stars. Like so he can see this (If you like the idea). Or like, repost this or somethin. Also, please dont call me childish, I just like the game...
Harley S
Harley S Dag sedan
Not usually a naysayer, I also have not played the game, but what if he only discharged "some" of the energy? Ignorant toss up question
Kidshot Gamer
Kidshot Gamer Dag sedan
But Miles isn’t giving off radiation when he exploded. It was converted into his venom energy. So the blast wouldn’t have the effect of a fire ball or smoke. But you know, video games
Kamoshun Dag sedan
MatPat. You should be a video game Spider-Man. You got the look & the voice.
Netrunner Dag sedan
I wonder if matpat would ever touch "Omori" since that game has a lot of stuff for him to offer. More then undertale perhaps.
Atanas 18
Atanas 18 Dag sedan
Loved the intro
Kyle Jolly
Kyle Jolly 2 dagar sedan
Probably would have been better if spidy could concentrate that anergy and shoot it towards space. It might destroy a satilite or two with the potential of adding a whole in the ozone layer but, at least the city wouldn't be destroyed if he was fast enough.
BraydeN64 2 dagar sedan
Yes, but I need this in terms of how many time travel Delorians this can power.
Darth ball
Darth ball 2 dagar sedan
Fallout... I knew it
Michael #5679
Michael #5679 2 dagar sedan
She could have gotten higher since it was the Roxxon building which is probably bigger.
4t;EiGhT 2 dagar sedan
lmao a vpn efect is void if you are sighned into anything including google
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 2 dagar sedan
As much as I hate spiderman, I'm siding against you here. The explosion at the end was an electrical discharge. It was not an air compression explosion.
Sara the Slayer
Sara the Slayer 2 dagar sedan
Hey a game theory question for you do you think you can do a video on Stardew valley it has Lore and stuff you might like it’s really calming and cute and fun
Rupert Drew
Rupert Drew 2 dagar sedan
I love nukemap
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 dagar sedan
3 months old and I beat it in a week when it first came out
Pizza Boy 56
Pizza Boy 56 2 dagar sedan
Its called venom power as in a spiders venom
Himesh A
Himesh A 2 dagar sedan
Its not pronounced ma-di its pronounced mow-di by what what i know
Ba Zill Apalla
Ba Zill Apalla 2 dagar sedan
Then if the nuform can kill people by vaporizing them, then Miles is gonna die slowly because then the radiation of the nuform will slowly vaporize him. I don't know if I'm correct though.
Yvette Fife
Yvette Fife 2 dagar sedan
Alternate title: white guy exposes black teen’s exaggerated swagger
Random Moments
Random Moments 10 timmar sedan
Arcris Gonzaga
Arcris Gonzaga Dag sedan
This is similar to the “dark Knight rises" video he did on Film theory a while back.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 2 dagar sedan
Hey matpat are the ninja in ninjala technically samurai?
Toon KiRb
Toon KiRb 2 dagar sedan
UnknownParadox 2 dagar sedan
Roxxon also appeared in iron man 3 as the owners of the boat in the last fight scene which proves that they were already in the mcu.
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 2 dagar sedan
Damn. Curse reality
Samuel Kuran
Samuel Kuran 2 dagar sedan
That new opening was so good it should replace the actual game theory opening
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 2 dagar sedan
Who is Mat-Pat? He’s a criminal that’s who he is! A vigilante! A public menace!
P Ace
P Ace 2 dagar sedan
Abby Harold
Abby Harold 2 dagar sedan
My bro: This is fiction, y'know. Me: Yeah, and I don't care >:)
theVASgamer 2 dagar sedan
One is a giant Scarry centispider the size of a toddler
theVASgamer 2 dagar sedan
Matpat: terrified about a spider Me: well you have no chance at specimen 3/4/5/6 from spooky's haunted mansion.
ToleratedToast6 2 dagar sedan
8:37 are you feeling it now mr.krabs?
Comrade Everclear
Comrade Everclear 2 dagar sedan
Hows about we nuke DC on 1/21/21. Do all of humanity a favor
Vystic 2 dagar sedan
Nuclear operator here. I think you're missing something here about how you're going about theory crafting this. If the energy released is analogous to a nuclear bomb in its method of interaction with the atmosphere (I.E. A Miles Morales discharged a nuclear bomb) then I'd agree with your assessment but that doesn't seem to be the case here. In the clip you showed (I haven't played the game personally) It looks like he's absorbed the electrical output of the generator not the fuel itself. He is, afterall, a battery for electrical potential so this would be in line with his abilities. In this case he's acting as an infinite demand for power off of the reactor and the reactor is supplying all 500 years of its potential power output over that clip to him. If this fuel operates like nuclear fuel, as you alluded to, there no issue on that end. Nuclear reactors are unique in that they want to discharge everything immediately if they're allowed too (It's mainly my job to stop that from happening as those events are more commonly known as nuclear bombs). However, a quick complete discharge of energy would only be a bomb if it had no where else to go, building up in the reactor until the safety mechanisms broke down, and the assumption here is that Miles Morales could store all that energy immediately, like a capacitor as you mentioned. Anyways assuming the wires to could handle to the transfer of energy (they probably couldn't but still) the transfer of energy would only be in electrical potential not nuclear fission. This dramatically changes how the release would look. Really summarizing here but, electricity is lazy so it's always looking for the path of least resistance to flow. This is why lightning looks like it does, since the branches that "die" had higher resistance then the branch that actually touches ground. Miles Morales would release lighting bolts looking for the most direct, least resistance path towards ground. Once that path is made the rest of the energy would flow through that path and be neutralized. Practically it'd be a lightning bolt that glow hotter, brighter, thicker, and longer then any before but beyond that everyone should be fine because there's no significant gamma radiation being released, or any beta, alpha, neutron radiation to heat up the atmosphere to make such shockwaves once the primary lightning bolt forms. People would still be dead though. If whatever aspect of the fuel that was causing it to be carcinogenic is a byproduct of its use, then the 500 years worth of it would be made instantly. What kind of effect that would have I'm not certain though.
kool Kalo
kool Kalo 2 dagar sedan
Ayyy I see my street from here
salvage16 sonic
salvage16 sonic 2 dagar sedan
Suggetsion for a new thoery: the new thoery is gonna be called "Life theory" and the colour is blue
eduardo 1
eduardo 1 2 dagar sedan
Hello MatPat, can you make a theory that Olimar (Pikmin) is Magolor (Kirby) ??? For: They are both astronauts who landed on a planet. Magolor has NEVER revealed his face. And, treat Kirby and his friends like Pikmin. Plz
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