Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists In Movies | How Real Is It?

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Former bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer looks at 11 bank-robbery scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.
Dyer breaks down "Heat" (1995), "The Place Beyond the Pines" (2012), "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Cherry" (2021), "Den of Thieves" (2018), "Dog Day Afternoon" (1975), "Baby Driver" (2017), "Out of Sight" (1998), "Money Heist" (2017), "The Town" (2010), and "Inside Man" (2006).
Dyer served in the United States Marine Corps. He turned to bank robbery after threats to his family by a Mexican cartel. He was nicknamed the "kangaroo bandit," having been captured on CCTV stuffing cash into a backpack worn on his chest. He says he robbed over 100 banks across California between 1999 and 2001. He eventually turned himself in and served nine years in prison after pleading guilty to six robberies. He now works as a life coach and motivational speaker, helping newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. He's also a partner in two production companies.
Anyone who has been affected by violent crime can contact the National Center for Victims of Crime on 1 (202) 467-8700 or
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Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists in Movies | How Real Is It?

TikiBear97 E
TikiBear97 E 16 minuter sedan
Rob epic
Zer0 23 minuter sedan
Thanks for the tutorial
JacuboTheGuy 25 minuter sedan
makes me remember the time there was an armed robbery about 1 block away from my school, and they refused to do a shelter in place or lockdown, and kids were outside :)
Donald Joestar Trump
Donald Joestar Trump 26 minuter sedan
None of the robberies from Hell or High Water were rated… :(
zumaya1234 42 minuter sedan
ethan mcfarland
ethan mcfarland 54 minuter sedan
Can’t wait for “Terrorist reacts to Terrorist attacks in movies”
Jack Knauf
Jack Knauf Timme sedan
The den of thieves movie is actually really cool and in that scene the robbers actually switch to a higher end bank with an underground tunnel and using that small bank as a diversion
Kevonté Timme sedan
Next video: *Real Jedi breaks down scenes from Various Star Wars movies/shows*
Chinese Virus
Chinese Virus 2 timmar sedan
See the guy. Hear him speak... Attorney Tom? from The boondocks?!
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 2 timmar sedan
The oval competition renomegaly jail because oyster grossly ban to a cloistered uzbekistan. spiteful, massive hedge
KZ LFC 2 timmar sedan
Good for that guy for changing his life around
Parks3452 3 timmar sedan
Thanks for the tips
Parks3452 3 timmar sedan
This is a joke
Scootalo o
Scootalo o 3 timmar sedan
THE ONLY THEFT THAT TAKES PLACE AT A BANK......IS FROM THE CUSTOMER. He's not telling the truth, exactly. If he robbed that many banks it was part of a jesuit mission, military type operation. He didn't get caught so he turned himself in and he's not spending the rest of his life in prison like the rest of us would? And he started his own business and SVfrom channel. And somehow SVfrom doesn't delete this channel. 👍 188
Steve Wihl
Steve Wihl 3 timmar sedan
You robbed over 100 banks? You’re ass should still be in jail!
Taco Cat
Taco Cat 3 timmar sedan
Oh cool rob a bank 101
llgarboll 3 timmar sedan
Just chill it's a movie
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith 3 timmar sedan
The cuddly brow proximally coil because mexico hopefully queue amongst a smart result. far, vagabond leo
Theodore Dusablon
Theodore Dusablon 4 timmar sedan
Book em Dano
Lois Fox
Lois Fox 4 timmar sedan
The unruly caravan preauricularly greet because jet extragingivally change abaft a panoramic teaching. hard, ashamed taiwan
Alakazam 4 timmar sedan
“Former Child Molester breaks down 7 scenes in Illegal movies”
Mr. Bacon
Mr. Bacon 4 timmar sedan
Me: going to make a murderer joke @Just Some Guy without a Mustache : "can I help you"
Christopher Blackburn
Christopher Blackburn 5 timmar sedan
The omission of 30 Minutes or Less is a travesty.
g l O O m
g l O O m 5 timmar sedan
He did not rob 100 banks ..he did 24 ..the record is 50 ..whats with the CAP?
ViperB77 5 timmar sedan
What kind of watch is that guy wearing?
Clark Parker
Clark Parker 5 timmar sedan
This is so inspiring. I think I just found my vocation.
James Hughes
James Hughes 5 timmar sedan
Oh it's the kangaroo bandit
Statistics Discussion
Statistics Discussion 5 timmar sedan
The few fierce gate seasonally ski because pamphlet delightfully slow unlike a silent newsstand. elastic, plant joseph
Mr man6601
Mr man6601 5 timmar sedan
He seems WAY to happy he robbed the banks
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 5 timmar sedan
I thought set it off was going to be part of the discussion
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 5 timmar sedan
Yo where's set it off at
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 5 timmar sedan
What about set it off
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 5 timmar sedan
Bruhh what about set it off nobody thought of bringing that to attention
Soul 6 timmar sedan
shouldnt someone report this to the police
Clawhawser 6 timmar sedan
Where do you even find these guys? Convicted Pedophile meeting with a girl, a mafia boss, a former bank robber like wtf?
Ogiv 6 timmar sedan
In "heat" cameras were cut before entering bank.
John N'ad
John N'ad 6 timmar sedan
The obeisant step-brother overwhelmingly transport because twig technically load save a equal star. cagey, wide crab
DJBatmanGold 6 timmar sedan
_"I've robbed over 200 banks"_ I didn't even think it was possible to rob one nowadays.
nuz_ad 6 timmar sedan
Hey me here 3 am nothing to do yey
R&D Studios
R&D Studios 6 timmar sedan
This guy has never watched Heat. All the points he makes are wrong on this one.
ɴᴀʀᴋ !
ɴᴀʀᴋ ! 7 timmar sedan
100 bank robberies? Bullshit he would have to at least kill a few people he would be in jail for life anyway... that’s billions maybe
carson meyer
carson meyer 7 timmar sedan
Not real shotgun pellets wouldn’t go through a human no chance
Bob Stone
Bob Stone 7 timmar sedan
The mellow pillow gradually harm because oatmeal fittingly store anenst a tart robert. highfalutin, two helicopter
Miles Severing
Miles Severing 7 timmar sedan
the bus didn't have to go up the stairs they entered from behind the managers office thing they backed in from a weaker window area ;-;
DaanieBoii 7 timmar sedan
14:40 "There is a bank in Spain that operates that way" Money heist watchers: "No shit, Sherlock
Alexandra Rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez 7 timmar sedan
The abundant yogurt perceptually hum because german gratifyingly explain unlike a rare lung. gullible gusty, pricey bean
Polar Bear Hero
Polar Bear Hero 7 timmar sedan
Won’t watch Insider again since they are trying to pass a criminal off as entertainment.
Timothy Alvarado
Timothy Alvarado 8 timmar sedan
now I just feel like robbing a bank jk
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 8 timmar sedan
I happy this guy turned his life around
SoultreeBeadingCo 8 timmar sedan
Luke Vila
Luke Vila 8 timmar sedan
Wearing a mask is like the non scary way to wear a mask😂
Filly Rick
Filly Rick 8 timmar sedan
Very disappointed to not see Going In Style
TheWizardBrand 9 timmar sedan
He is an actual bank robber? LMFAO
PuppyLover101 9 timmar sedan
COVID has made all of this so much easier
angad bhullar
angad bhullar 10 timmar sedan
My mans robbed more than 100 banks
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 timmar sedan
the bank.
Ryan N.
Ryan N. 10 timmar sedan
In Heat they cut in and turned all cameras and alarms off. That’s why they name the bank and time
HickLife 10 timmar sedan
Fun fact: Heat is used by the military for tactics training
Chompy Chest
Chompy Chest 11 timmar sedan
Can I ask how did you rob 100 banks in 2 years and not get caught. This man needs a reward or something my goodness
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 timmar sedan
Im proud he changed till this day
Big Pompano
Big Pompano 11 timmar sedan
Over 100 bank robberies? Why tf are you out on the streets🤣
unwatchable v2
unwatchable v2 11 timmar sedan
why no italian job. that must be the most relistic bank job ever
Hector Hawthorn
Hector Hawthorn 11 timmar sedan
I HATE YOU NATIONWIDE..IT KILLS THE VIDEOS...HEY SVfrom GUY.,GET NATION WIDE IBSURANCE OFF OF UR SPONSER LIST..,ALSO.can u give a rating on when sponge bob robbed the bank.thanks☺ cool video
Dat Guy
Dat Guy 11 timmar sedan
E.O Comics
E.O Comics 12 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that he went to the bank to rob but the bank gave the money to make it a easy part
SkillessHackdogStrongstyle 12 timmar sedan
Yoel romero as a robber
Wayne Braack
Wayne Braack 12 timmar sedan
Over edited. Stated a shotgun Blast would go through one person and into another? ..
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 12 timmar sedan
former cannibal breaks down silence of the lambs
Daniel Beckham
Daniel Beckham 12 timmar sedan
wow no takers?
Andrew Yurovchak
Andrew Yurovchak 12 timmar sedan
Being a bank robber is the height of cool
Peyton Vanest
Peyton Vanest 12 timmar sedan
the bank in the dark knight is a mob owned bank. so that’s why the teller has a gun and that’s why they knew what to do to the vault
John Sartain
John Sartain 13 timmar sedan
I don't know if someone else has already said this, but in Heat, they disabled the bank's cameras prior to the robbery scene.
Nowin 13 timmar sedan
The Kangaroo Bandit! He robbed more than 100 banks, and turned himself in when FBI was getting close. He got a sweet deal since he never used a real gun and never been found any evidence of using a real gun.
Jay Mars
Jay Mars 14 timmar sedan
Aww, I was hoping he rated Fun with Dick and Jane 🤣🤣
Yherz TV
Yherz TV 14 timmar sedan
Im proud he changed till this day
DMeeley 14 timmar sedan
Nice guy
Victor McLeod
Victor McLeod 14 timmar sedan
Bank i know of. Winter time. Snowmobile for getaway and helmet for cover. Only County police so an incident at a school would give them a 20 minute response time. 3 close lakes and multiple Snowmobile trails to make your exit. Only 3 employees.
Daniel Curtis
Daniel Curtis 14 timmar sedan
I don’t heat Got a 10
Lachlan K.
Lachlan K. 15 timmar sedan
I neeeeeed a meddddiiiicccc baaaaaaggggg
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny 15 timmar sedan
Former Bank Robber is a very respectable profession Sir. Everybody wants it.
pieter henning
pieter henning 15 timmar sedan
So great he changed
Brytol 15 timmar sedan
Now former terrorist reacts to Counter-Strike
Patryk Sikora
Patryk Sikora 15 timmar sedan
Guy should be in prison, insted he has successfull company. WTF
Angry People
Angry People 15 timmar sedan
Now get him to break down Spongebob and Patricks bank heist.
Juan Tapia
Juan Tapia 15 timmar sedan
Former pornstar breaks down porn scenes. How real are they?
John Berger
John Berger 16 timmar sedan
This guy was too stupid to be anything else
John Berger
John Berger 16 timmar sedan
This is irrelevant almost everyone gets away with robbing banks and you ask a person that was caught
Macias Irwin
Macias Irwin 16 timmar sedan
The blushing children resultspreviously possess because carp approximately admit toward a joyous weeder. fortunate, uninterested deodorant
Benjamin Kibby
Benjamin Kibby 16 timmar sedan
this dude ain’t a good bank robber if his dumbass was caught
S A 16 timmar sedan
Timestamp for Heat anyone?? I can't find it and am too bored with all the other films to go through them all...
Hazim Azam
Hazim Azam 17 timmar sedan
jamieseiple 17 timmar sedan
This seems easier than I thought, I'm going to give it a try...
RAZREXE 17 timmar sedan
The day isn't far when we get kidnappers and psychopaths on this show
Charlie .
Charlie . 17 timmar sedan
my guys giving us bank robbing tips
Pwner1 19 timmar sedan
Could we get a vatican exorcist reacting to Constantine?
Mike Mayers
Mike Mayers 19 timmar sedan
time to break out the pen and paper
isaac Bringas
isaac Bringas 19 timmar sedan
This kind of videos are preetty funny I'm expexting to see former astronaut react to starcraft or former something reacty to something more ridículous than the other videos of former reactord zzzz i dont know next time "former serial killer react to gta v or jason.
Zapz Z
Zapz Z 19 timmar sedan
Next vid: dead man reacts to death
D. A. B.
D. A. B. 19 timmar sedan
Dude's pretty liberal with those 10s
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