Forgotten 1968 Pontiac Firebird - Will it RUN AND DRIVE 700 MILES?

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I traded my Corvette for a 1968 Firebird sight unseen. Then realized, the only way I'm getting home is in this 1st gen Pontiac. It was stated to have some issues, and hasn't been on the road in a decade. I've got a snow storm bearing down on me, and over 700 miles home. Think I'll make it?
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Ss010101 Timme sedan
She's a beaut!
Shawn Sharp
Shawn Sharp 3 timmar sedan
Next time anybody out there moves a vehicle in the rain. Rain-X the windshield twice like the directions (that we never read) says. Lol Good Luck on your project !
Warren Green
Warren Green 6 timmar sedan
Keep it and build it as a driver it dont got to be a show car just make it look good
Seth Heise
Seth Heise 6 timmar sedan
Raffle it or give it to a subscriber
buffsheeri 10 timmar sedan
congratulations on a very cool purchase
Abe Tuaone
Abe Tuaone 16 timmar sedan
Just call her Blue Flamingo.
Me Myself and I
Me Myself and I 16 timmar sedan
Why couldn't it be an 78!!! . . . Hahahaha
mrbing 70
mrbing 70 16 timmar sedan
Steve McQueen look that bad ass vehicle has
Thomas Erickson
Thomas Erickson 17 timmar sedan
I think I know what to do with it !! Give it to me !! Luv it
B Foster
B Foster 18 timmar sedan
1:11:25 Im in love
Joe Byrd
Joe Byrd 18 timmar sedan
I am so envious. That’s my dream car. I really believed I would get one someday but then kids came along and now they are grown my wife decided she didn’t want to be married anymore so now comes the divorce. I have pretty much given up this dream. I hope you do something great with her.
Craig Weaver
Craig Weaver 19 timmar sedan
please come to mobile, alabama. id love to meet you
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 23 timmar sedan
Fire chicken
AMartin92GVR4 Dag sedan
His videos remind me of the old Red Green show years ago.
James Quinn
James Quinn Dag sedan
I'm surprised you didn't just rig like a space heater up inside it? that would really suck to drive from north with no heat.
Block 21 Motorsports
Block 21 Motorsports Dag sedan
Definitely snowbird.
Mike de Miranda
Mike de Miranda Dag sedan
Frozen Chicken
abn still
abn still Dag sedan
Dude Derek this video was hilarious man, I applaud your patience level bud, but you have got to be cussing a mile a minute off camera on some of these snags you hit haha. Well done, keep the content coming! Wishing ya that 1M subs💪
Cha Leowin
Cha Leowin Dag sedan
That is a great 27 footer.
AzuriteT3 Dag sedan
35:30 Bork!
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton Dag sedan
I’ve watched this video three times I think you should do a full restoration What a beast of a car If you don’t I’ll buy it ship it to Australia those cars are rare as Rockinghorse shit
Dogma Dag sedan
You should name it after the girl that turned into a blueberry on Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
K. Dag sedan
get rid if the chevy motor get a pontiac,428 get rid of that hood put a 400 hood are 69 T/A hood then youlll be good
K. Dag sedan
stinking chevy motor,nice aftermarket suspention znd disc breaks,but someone tryed to make it a camaro with them stripes
K. Dag sedan
i wish i could have helped you,but that is an aftermarket hood but its ugly ive owned my 67 bird for 39 years
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer Dag sedan
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer Dag sedan
Sounds fantastic and has brakes.
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer Dag sedan
Blue bird!! Great car Derek!!👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😃👍👍
Automotive Tales
Automotive Tales Dag sedan
love these videos - each one is an epic and I learn new phrases! They are forever called Sparkilators... hahaha
Im Spartacus
Im Spartacus Dag sedan
Put a decent interior in and drive it till the wheels fall off , too cool .
panzerabwerkanone Dag sedan
It's a Michigan Blueberry. A guy shoulda' Rain-X'd that windshield. Minimizes the need for wipers. It also seems sacrilege to use a GPS in a classic car instead of the old MAP system of navigation.
DJ Vybe Entertainment
DJ Vybe Entertainment 2 dagar sedan
Really loved this video!! What a great guy. Thanks from the UK.
Adam Bredesen
Adam Bredesen 2 dagar sedan
The Tired-Bird.
Clint Pierce
Clint Pierce 2 dagar sedan
Great video! What song is that at 58:00? Loved it
Terry A blues Taylor
Terry A blues Taylor 2 dagar sedan
The freez,-bird
Jessica Rpahsaknunk
Jessica Rpahsaknunk 2 dagar sedan
the Air Force wife the name for your sweet car
Virginia Pope
Virginia Pope 2 dagar sedan
Survivalist would be a good name.
Seth Ralphs
Seth Ralphs 2 dagar sedan
Loved this episode, big fan of F bodies and it was great to see a firebird. I say a home built 383, 4 speed and bring it to Cleetus and cars Indy next year 😉😉 nudge nudge. It already has some of the corner maker happeners so I bet it would drive like a Minnesotan going after the free milk booth at the fair. Or the butter cow if a guy wants to get wild... I was at Indy and it was cool seeing you there. Thanks for the great content.
William Oswalt
William Oswalt 2 dagar sedan
freeze plug hole back to factree
Jim Cole
Jim Cole 2 dagar sedan
Firestone's yuck ! but wth better than nada
Dave mACK
Dave mACK 2 dagar sedan
I've been watching since the beginning, it definitely one of my favorite channels if not my most favorite! Never heard the passenger side called the drinker side haha. I'm wondering what you traded for the firebird? Really very curious.
Bil zedek
Bil zedek 2 dagar sedan
Car nick name : "not the Camaro"
tom conway
tom conway 2 dagar sedan
I think you are becoming fav SVfromr. I'm laughing man. Keep it up.
Chris Renaud
Chris Renaud 3 dagar sedan
I’m surprised you didn’t just take the ferry across lake mi
Neil Norris
Neil Norris 3 dagar sedan
Trust the car ... It's the McDonalds that'll kill ya.
David Sainsbury
David Sainsbury 3 dagar sedan
Build for your wife 😉
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 3 dagar sedan
Awesome. How much did you pay for that fiery chicken?
quinn Herrington
quinn Herrington 3 dagar sedan
put the Vets powertrain in the Firebird
Dwayne Montgomery
Dwayne Montgomery 3 dagar sedan
Could you just imagine riding along with him on his antics rides! Freaking hilarious! A guy would bust a gut laughing so hard!!!😂👏🏻
SHAWN B 3 dagar sedan
Blue, Red, just missing the Stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Johnnie’s Motorized Bicycles
Johnnie’s Motorized Bicycles 3 dagar sedan
“Well I think that’s an easy process” lollmfao great content watched whole thing . First time viewer
Tom Hoying
Tom Hoying 3 dagar sedan
didn't laugh at all during this until you pointed at a bunch of not working gauges and gave two thumbs up lol
Danny Morgan
Danny Morgan 3 dagar sedan
Beautiful car. Old school road trip in a car that might break down but can be fixed quickly, unlike newer cars. No heat, buy inverter and a cheap elect heater. No problem.
tony Chipelo
tony Chipelo 3 dagar sedan
Keep the dang thing way cooler then an 80 corvette put a Pontiac 400 in the old girl
Christian Frome
Christian Frome 3 dagar sedan
Who else wants him to do this but with an old diesel car or truck? Would be cool to see him work on a diesel.
Cybertronian Exchange
Cybertronian Exchange 3 dagar sedan
I have always wanted a '68 Firebird. Awesome find and work. You should name it B12 since the color scheme matches.
Hypo327 3 dagar sedan
You really struck gold with that gorgeous Firebird..! Don't know why you are not more excited about it...?! I say fix all the ills and give it a rust protection undercoat, and drive it. Keep it in a garage of course, but if you don't want to keep it, you will get some really good offers and make some money on it. You definitely got the best deal over that Corvette! The '88 is a much sought after car with the custom car bunch and worth some real bucks...! Let us know what your are going to do. You're going to get some good offers for her as is...! She's a rare find...!
David Harter
David Harter 4 dagar sedan
I woulda gave 2 corvettes for that bird.
Cruise Crews Interviews Vlogs & Reviews
Cruise Crews Interviews Vlogs & Reviews 4 dagar sedan
Immediate 4 speed indeed.
M Hoffman
M Hoffman 4 dagar sedan
Put a four speed in it and have a give away
Matthew Vannoy
Matthew Vannoy 4 dagar sedan
Great video
shelby hayden
shelby hayden 4 dagar sedan
She should be your daily man
Ben Hawke
Ben Hawke 4 dagar sedan
Man as soon as you unwrap that car I had to go and make some pickle relish for about 15 minutes. 😘😍🥰🍻🍻
Brent D
Brent D 4 dagar sedan
Mud drager
Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver 4 dagar sedan
(referring to the underhood spin on fuel filter) "these things cause more fires than ex-wives!" 🤣🤣🤣
Tom Bootsos
Tom Bootsos 5 dagar sedan
Il have it if u dont want it!
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong 5 dagar sedan
I have a suggestion for what to do with it...get rid of that damn Chevy motor, and find a real Pontiac engine to make it whole could just give it to me and I’ll do it...🏎💨💨💨💨💨
EB240 5 dagar sedan
LS swap it with the corvette ya just bought, rebuild the LS and shove her in there.
RICKS WORLD dereaux 5 dagar sedan
Yes it needs another 10k in overhauls to make it Nice,like the Paint..🤣🤣
SOCOMJON 5 dagar sedan
Moses sandals!!! 😂😂
Biggedd 6996
Biggedd 6996 5 dagar sedan
When you do this do they drop you off to pick the car up?
scott d
scott d 5 dagar sedan
ive got a Saginaw or a borgwarner for it
scott d
scott d 5 dagar sedan
damn u where out my way!!!!!
jeff feick
jeff feick 5 dagar sedan
that is way too pretty for you
RT 1979
RT 1979 5 dagar sedan
I love it, "its too shiney maybe i'll put some primer around the wheel wells" Just died when he said that. :D
jake tynan
jake tynan 5 dagar sedan
Anyone know the song that starts At roughly 1 hours
BrentnAnita 5 dagar sedan
Just curious, how can you drive a car that has in some of your vids, no title, no registration, or insurance 500 to 800 miles without getting a ticket or towed?
Alton Gore
Alton Gore 5 dagar sedan
One of my fav classics that I haven't had yet. Keep her basic, add a little stereo and up the cam a little. Not a fan of the hood scoop. But that is just me.
MikeCgaz 6 dagar sedan
Get rid of the mouse motor..... If your going to Chuevy, go with a 468 BBC and spin it up to 6500 RPM's..... Personally, I'd convert it back to a 400/400 Poncho Power!
nachos_70firebird 6 dagar sedan
Own a 1970 Pontiac Firebird sat for 12 year's. Alot of part's replaced just to get her running and drivable.
Sam Hasan
Sam Hasan 6 dagar sedan
I owned 68 fire bird in 1972 to77 every time I see one I look back at good life in that car
Elba Rosa
Elba Rosa 6 dagar sedan
Raymond Holley
Raymond Holley 6 dagar sedan
You never ever ever never ever never ever change the fluid in a old transmission never never ever never change the filter put the fluid back in it and if it's giving you any problems at all put one bottle I think it is three pints small bottle a rear end friction enhancer along with the transmission fluid
Raymond Holley
Raymond Holley 6 dagar sedan
He's absolutely right on that filter I seen my buddies 68 Nova 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet burn to the ground melted the whole car because of that filter
Ben Ecker
Ben Ecker 6 dagar sedan
I seen the exit I take home from work everyday I thought that was pretty cool you literally drove by my house 😂😂 Michigan’s always so cold though
Raymond Holley
Raymond Holley 6 dagar sedan
It's a shame it made its Way North so I can spend the rest of his life rotting to nothing
Tony Giustino
Tony Giustino 6 dagar sedan
Sell tickets and draw a winner. Payback yourself and the rest to charity. 👍🏼
Buddy Hardin
Buddy Hardin 6 dagar sedan
Thanks for the ride along brother love the info on all these cars and if you change the color to black Rambo is the name or Bojangles
Emperor Aragon
Emperor Aragon 6 dagar sedan
The blue beast
JOHN HANCOCK 6 dagar sedan
james breen
james breen 6 dagar sedan
Derek, that snowbird is sharp I must say, you have definitely come across some decent motors, some not so 😅, but that should be a daily driver, or weekend driver, it's impressive the condition, top man 👍
Bad Interrupt
Bad Interrupt 6 dagar sedan
"The Phoenix"
Jason Evans
Jason Evans 6 dagar sedan
Awesome find and save. I love that rear window to trunk slide. Like younger baracudas.same or no 68 cuda!
Ingress Wizard
Ingress Wizard 7 dagar sedan
Nice mouse running across the screen at @4:12
Stephen Hargis
Stephen Hargis 7 dagar sedan
Great ride. I suggest installing a TKM 5 speed manual transmission, refresh the small block Chevy, redo the interior with factory vinyl, clean up the wiring issues, install a heater, and drive it.
thomas glynn
thomas glynn 7 dagar sedan
First time seeing your video and you are a hoot, the way you describe and show what's going on with the car.
Fortnite Daily
Fortnite Daily 7 dagar sedan
This is now one of my favourite yt channels
Vice Grip Garage
Vice Grip Garage 7 dagar sedan
Thank you
Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer 7 dagar sedan
Trade it for a supra
SOHN32 Adventures
SOHN32 Adventures 7 dagar sedan
Get yourself a heater box out school bus if find one in yard. Another thing help if ever run into no heater issue again. Can't direct the heat but it keep you from freezing.
Right Leg
Right Leg 7 dagar sedan
The dingleberry
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