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Cheesecake made with imperial units.
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Welcome to Life of Boris SVfrom channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!
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East County Railfan
East County Railfan 8 timmar sedan
An American here, a graham cracker is a type of cracker that is mildly sweet
Gerald Jarosch
Gerald Jarosch Dag sedan
You're not even following the recipe! The berries are not in a cup!
ST5311 Dag sedan
I am a western and it hurt watching this but I am surprised at how well you made it I'm not sure if you knew what you were doing or if its slavic luck but great job
russhyena52 Dag sedan
Congratulations you've baked one of the most German desserts ever. Grandma Emma would be proud of you! Greetings from Germany Cheeki Breeki :)
LC_Iridium Dag sedan
You can never trust a American measurement. Who uses thier feet to measure the angle of my failing channel
Jassy Blagojevic
Jassy Blagojevic Dag sedan
Boris, you have 3.27M subscribers as of this moment, we're still waiting for the Apple Pie video
Aimanu Lluda Pattha
Aimanu Lluda Pattha 2 dagar sedan
This is an attempt gone from failure to somewhat successful (passable by the Cheesecake council).
Timothy Manukian
Timothy Manukian 2 dagar sedan
"8 inches... That number sounds familiar" lmao
Erc333 3 dagar sedan
He passed 3.14 million. When is Apple Pie coming?
alaina caley
alaina caley 3 dagar sedan
wait till he sees how small american butter sticks are compared to his
Darrion T Garcia
Darrion T Garcia 4 dagar sedan
i need boris as my babushka im gonna start a kicksterter
phatom legend
phatom legend 4 dagar sedan
Comrad Boris do you want me to send you gramcrakers blin
[ chocøbiscuit ]
[ chocøbiscuit ] 4 dagar sedan
every russian makes fun content. look at slivki show its fun too!
cheeki breeki the third
cheeki breeki the third 5 dagar sedan
Me and my dad laughed at this so much
xXCREEKSTARXx 5 dagar sedan
If you want to make a cookie-plate for the cake: Use hobbit cookies or caramel cookies. Thank me later
Sahrul kus
Sahrul kus 6 dagar sedan
Made in berlin
HamTheBacon 7 dagar sedan
Graham Crackers are awesome, and its pronounced Gram, consider the ah silent.
ThatSlowBoy 8 dagar sedan
Eyy Boris where is the apple pie video?
Kevin 8 dagar sedan
I dont understand how he messed it up so bad, yet made it perfectly at the same time. Boris, you truly are my hero
Makodragon1225 9 dagar sedan
Boris you set it to 662 f nearly twice the cooking temp.
Rose Szalay
Rose Szalay 9 dagar sedan
Everyone knows the hardest western measurement is the family recipies passed down for generations from when your great great great grandma came to these lands. Lol try making something where half the words aren't translated and every measurement is akin to / a bit /whereabouts a tadbit
Nate Bingham
Nate Bingham 9 dagar sedan
As an American I feel very weirded out by these measurements
Riley Lulich
Riley Lulich 10 dagar sedan did this turn out so well?!
TherealJanczareq 10 dagar sedan
Waaaait... That's just the polish Sernik!
sunningdale 10 dagar sedan
If you want something really easy to fuck up, you should try making pralines or pecan pie. Especially pralines, those little fuckers always turn out weird.
Paul The pew pew guy
Paul The pew pew guy 10 dagar sedan
Americans are also east on American west
Darthcalyx 10 dagar sedan
Surprised that your kitchen didn't explode
ARoyalPigeon 11 dagar sedan
as a baker this hurts my heart as a master of chaos this warms my soul
Mr.Knight101 12 dagar sedan
"one almost burned down house, but this is normal" Literally me everytime I cook! 😂😂
Zombycow 13 dagar sedan
"a stick of butter" me: he DOES know that what we call a stick is about 1/4 of the blocks of butter they get, right? >boris brings out giant block of butter me: oh naw...
Chin Chin
Chin Chin 14 dagar sedan
I feel like uncle rodger when people make chicken fried rice with a colendar.
KinglyKaiser 14 dagar sedan
What music is used during the video????
LinuxFanboyPL 15 dagar sedan
oz = onzes (or something blyat)
Calvin Jenkins
Calvin Jenkins 15 dagar sedan
Till Riedell
Till Riedell 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who wants to know why you have a giant jar of cream cheese and how its related to American cream cheese?
Luk Kruk
Luk Kruk 16 dagar sedan
Mmmmmm Mlekovita Moje ulubione
Triwidyan 16 dagar sedan
Non American: add 1 litre of water American: add water 1 *size of Olympic swimming pool*
kingwyatt5000 16 dagar sedan
You passed 3.14 million subscribers and did not do apple pie video. Blyat, I am ashamed, comrade.
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 16 dagar sedan
OMG I'm Dying over here! I'm not even laughing at Boris mispronouncing the words. I'm laughing at how much or language and measurements make no f***ing sense! X'D 5:50 is that mayonez? It looks like mayonez. Never seen cream cheese in a jar.
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 16 dagar sedan
I might be from the US but I don't use our dumb measurements
Light Logz
Light Logz 16 dagar sedan
Boris why is your freezer empty????
tiago carvalho
tiago carvalho 16 dagar sedan
24 mouth fulls got me crying 😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Avalon Page
Avalon Page 16 dagar sedan
Babushka reincarnated
Viva, La Italia!
Viva, La Italia! 16 dagar sedan
He cooked it at 662 degrees fahrenheit...
Rayan SONY
Rayan SONY 17 dagar sedan
This is the only guy who makes me laugh hard 😂
Landon Briers
Landon Briers 17 dagar sedan
The english language is stupid in the way of spelling, so for future reference... Graham Crackers are actually pronounced like this: Graham (Gram) crackers... stupid, I know.
Zahrah syahadah
Zahrah syahadah 18 dagar sedan
In Malaysia, chebureki is Karipap
Dumb Purple Cat
Dumb Purple Cat 18 dagar sedan
3.26 million where is the fucking pie.
BRODY PETERSON 18 dagar sedan
i present slav cake
iSamYT Backup
iSamYT Backup 18 dagar sedan
473 degrees kelvon
bananabanana 19 dagar sedan
I am even amazed that the cream cheese comes in a big jar like that.
Anne Clough
Anne Clough 19 dagar sedan
"I'm sure grease is easy for you to come by." That hurt.
ClawdeenCat 19 dagar sedan
Me, an American: *laughs at oz = mouthful*
Jusuf Erg
Jusuf Erg 19 dagar sedan
"Гарахам караоке"😂
NOT A GOOD CUBER 20 dagar sedan
As an American i wonder how the fuck we came up with our measurements, it just seems like we went to a crack head and said "hey give us random numbers and names"
Dr. Redstone
Dr. Redstone 20 dagar sedan
As an American, this is painful and hilarious at the same time.
maks šink
maks šink 22 dagar sedan
are you slovenian the cookies are a slovenian brand
bandithøm 22 dagar sedan
how in the actual fuck did this work
Yinyangsepticirish 22 dagar sedan
"Also 350 degrees A bit extreme I think what they meant to write was Fahrenheit." - Poem Classes with Boris
Jager Bluetooth
Jager Bluetooth 22 dagar sedan
Imperial measurements > metric
MC King
MC King 23 dagar sedan
Yeah, I know. It's hard to know just how large 16 sq in is, how long the braid needs to be when the recipe says 8 in, how to set the oven to 482 degrees, how much 61 cu in is, or how many potatoes you need to get to 4 lbs.
Drew Eppa
Drew Eppa 23 dagar sedan
ReZZa 23 dagar sedan
west is always so complicated
Jayden Burdick
Jayden Burdick 25 dagar sedan
Bratan! You should do parody about wizard of oz! Wizard, of SLAV!!!! Ha! Narmaland!
Arron sheds
Arron sheds 25 dagar sedan
Boris I'm gonna be honest I looked at this video and was like ehh I look at it again and I was like I need to see this and try making pizza or a hamburger next time
KB 26 dagar sedan
What kind of slav sorcery is this!?!!? The actually looks good. 😧
Garos Hargrim
Garos Hargrim 27 dagar sedan
These recipes are the reason Horus turned to chaos and took about half the primarchs with him. All hail the Emperor and all heil the metric system.
Didymus 1999
Didymus 1999 29 dagar sedan
Damn, and I thought the soviet union was a failure
Me 29 dagar sedan
It is pronounced gram cracker because i dont know
MrZani90 Månad sedan
When he threw it in the oven with the cream cheese mixture I was really like "NOOOOO! Mix in some whipped cream and Just throw it in the freezer straight away!" The only cheesecake that is truly unresistable xD
Dark lord 3399
Dark lord 3399 Månad sedan
Oz means ounces All I can say is welcome to America
Paul Donelan
Paul Donelan Månad sedan
Blyat where is the western pie made from babushka's apple tree for 3.14?
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa Månad sedan
Firs mikey mouse now Wizard of Oz
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa Månad sedan
Wayt Boris Know Mikey Maws lol
Randell Darky
Randell Darky Månad sedan
350°C. Is that hot enough?
Flowey Månad sedan
DoublePlayzz Gaming
DoublePlayzz Gaming Månad sedan
24 oooohhhhs of cream cheese lol
DatManYdocris Månad sedan
How the hell did Boris not set his house on fire by cooking something at almost twice the temperature he was supposed to?
Daniel Enck
Daniel Enck Månad sedan
oh no digestive cookies, thats what old people eat in retirement homes...
Mod Potato
Mod Potato Månad sedan
double the butter double the fun
dodge ram 1500 1996
dodge ram 1500 1996 Månad sedan
That actually looks really good
spoonerman hd
spoonerman hd Månad sedan
Seeing him put 3 sticks of butter in and not using the springform with a water bath hurt my soul
Nether Dominater
Nether Dominater Månad sedan
Definately too late, but 8 inches is 20 centimeters Papa Boris
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Månad sedan
next is burger
SyntheticHuman Gaming
SyntheticHuman Gaming Månad sedan
"How do we crush these things?" I was hoping Svetlana was going to make an appearance.
MarJin Månad sedan
You're fucking crazy,puting hot stuff in the fridge,unless you are rich enough to buy new ones all the time, or maybe where you live they give away fridges for free
David AZ
David AZ Månad sedan
nah it only raises the temp, not break the fridge urod
spooklordsupreme Månad sedan
I don’t know why we don’t use metric it would be so much easier
Alejandro Gomez Tovar
Alejandro Gomez Tovar Månad sedan
What's the background music
John Rosewaren
John Rosewaren Månad sedan
I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!
Silver Xiclus
Silver Xiclus Månad sedan
*"Maybe next time we celebrate 3.14 million subscribers and make apple pie instead".* I just realized he has 3.24 subscribers already.
Feathered Kids
Feathered Kids Månad sedan
There is a country in America where everything is metric. It's called Canadastan.
ZenakuShinobi Månad sedan
Aditya K
Aditya K Månad sedan
Blyat Boris 24 Oz is not 24 mouthfuls is 24 ounces
slingitsideways Månad sedan
Well komrade Boris. We have 3.24 million subscribers and still no apple pie.
Add Infinitum
Add Infinitum Månad sedan
Where's our apple pie video Boris, it's my favorite
ishida fury
ishida fury Månad sedan
You need to make a pavlova
Ace Zheng
Ace Zheng Månad sedan
blyat where is the apple pie you passed 3.14 million subscribers
The Slav Chef
The Slav Chef Månad sedan
Capitlistic measurements lead to nothing good!
KiedyśToByło Månad sedan
R u amerikański spi
Engie Månad sedan
Whats the song he uses throughout the vid?
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