Flamethrower vs Aerogel

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We put aerogel to the test vs 'not-a-flamethrower', a huge 2000°C flame to a large fiberglass blanket infused with silica aerogel - formerly the lightest solid (that title is now held by graphene aerogel).
Special thanks to:
Aerogel Technologies: ve42.co/aerogeltech
Aspen Aerogels: ve42.co/aspen
Ben: @BenScho999999
Dr. Stephen Steiner and the Aerogel Technologies team
The footage of aerogel materials in cold environments was provided courtesy of Aspen Aerogels. Their product, cryogel, was shown to be flexible in liquid nitrogen while preventing cold burns to the hand. They are the manufacturer of the blanket used in the main portion of this video.
This is the finale of my three-part series on aerogel. I'll put links to the other parts below:
World's Lightest Solid: svfrom.info/history/video/cciDbamYm7WffJE
I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel: svfrom.info/history/video/d8addm3GrNyip5U
Huge thanks to Patreon supporters:
Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Bryan Baker, Chris Vargas, Chuck Lauer Vose, Dale Horne, Donal Botkin, Eric Velazquez, halyoav, James Knight, Jasper Xin, Joar Wandborg, Kevin Beavers, kkm, Leah Howard, Lyvann Ferrusca, Michael Krugman, Mohammed Al Sahaf, Noel Braganza, Philipp Volgger, Pindex, Ron Neal, Sam Lutfi, Stan Presolski, Tige Thorman
This is an educational video demonstrating scientific experiments performed by professionals. It should not be attempted by viewers.
Music from Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com "Running Against the Clock" "Dangerous Forests"

Foysal Miah
Foysal Miah Dag sedan
Perhaps if you coated the "flamethrower" pipes in Aerogel, it may not have died...
Leeds Judson
Leeds Judson Dag sedan
"have you fired this before ? " "I have not" The guy bought a flamethrower and didn't test it the second it arrived ?
BAT man
BAT man 3 dagar sedan
That thin sheet of aerogel will conduct heat at such a slow rate that our hand will make the upper surface much more colder than the lower surface of the aerogel sheet And because it'll take so long for the heat to get transferred from the lower surface of the sheet to the upper surface, we can place our hands on the sheet In simple words, the sheet colds down as soon as our hands touches the sheet
AlexTechHD 3 dagar sedan
This has solved San Francisco house fires if they use this in houses 😂
Sam Garrod
Sam Garrod 4 dagar sedan
Watched this cos of Donut media. Glad I did 👍
albert ein
albert ein 5 dagar sedan
7:03 you did not it was the hot conduction
albert ein
albert ein 5 dagar sedan
in 5:30 , did u not feel the convective heat
albert ein
albert ein 5 dagar sedan
they say that thermal energy is static. where does the energy go anyways
BJM Graphics
BJM Graphics 5 dagar sedan
Wow! so an reentry suit can be made.
Rodrigo Bello
Rodrigo Bello 5 dagar sedan
So u broke his flamethrower and Karma gives u only 1million views.... fair enough
Tri6Oraxus 6 dagar sedan
I want to see this stuff vs. the hacksmith's light saber
David Strong
David Strong 6 dagar sedan
your Channel is the most fun. Thanks .
James Cooley
James Cooley 6 dagar sedan
What would happen if you apply electricity to such blanket?
Niels Daemen
Niels Daemen 6 dagar sedan
12:38 Probably just because the LPG in the cylinder got to cold...
Person -0-0-
Person -0-0- 7 dagar sedan
I love aerogel now
Bud Lelo
Bud Lelo 7 dagar sedan
This wall should be put to the test with the hack Smith’s lightsaber
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 8 dagar sedan
Firefighter's wet dream material.
Thabo Phasha
Thabo Phasha 8 dagar sedan
Time your only 1cm away that as wide as my notebook 🤯
Dejan Grbec
Dejan Grbec 9 dagar sedan
Well that flamethrower definitely does not have aerogel isolation build in.
Lou Yue
Lou Yue 9 dagar sedan
why they wasting so much chocolate :(
David Hill
David Hill 10 dagar sedan
Try it again with a oxy acetylene flame
Ian Fox
Ian Fox 12 dagar sedan
the flame torch is likely iced up at the trigger. it will work in a few minutes. science 101, expanding gas produces cold metal fittings at the valve/tap. look at any lpg bottle on a bbq when it is in use for some time. when humidity is high there will be ice on it..
Mr Wolfe
Mr Wolfe 13 dagar sedan
Some uses I think of are: firefighting suits, Tank insulation, submarine insulation, fighter pilot suits, astronaut suit, fire insulation for museums, insulation for mega ovens used in commercial purposes, added to bullet resistant vests, helmets for military, insulation for divers in cold like arctic region water.
Ankit 14 dagar sedan
Best armor against machine guns: The heaviest shield every made. Best armor against flamethrower: The lightest shield ever made.
A Meaningless Channel Doesn't Need a Name
A Meaningless Channel Doesn't Need a Name 15 dagar sedan
I'm sad they didn't eat the chocolate)-:
27in27 15 dagar sedan
What about using an aerogel layer in surface suits for Mars missions? Would it help protect against radiation (as well as cold)?
Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker 17 dagar sedan
Aerogel vs Hacksmith ProtoSaber
David Chavez
David Chavez 17 dagar sedan
A Boring Company flamethrower at full "bore."
Kade Van Ry
Kade Van Ry 19 dagar sedan
Bro, his comment about really hot things against novelty objects killed me 😂
BlackTigerAce 19 dagar sedan
this is not flamethrower this one is ... -> svfrom.info/history/video/kbOKjYOZwLKbj7o
SurplusCornbread 20 dagar sedan
So how did you get the aerogel dust off you for the pool experiment if it doesn't wash off in water?
David Stacher
David Stacher 21 dag sedan
Already do use it for firefighter uniforms
Poth94 21 dag sedan
Is that the "this is not a flame thrower" - flame thrower sold by Elon Musk?
Chucky Applegate
Chucky Applegate 21 dag sedan
They should get Elon to replace this flamethrower knowing it wasn't Ben's fault
Benjamin B.
Benjamin B. 23 dagar sedan
plot twist: the aerogel failed, this video was never uploaded since veritasium burned to death
L 24 dagar sedan
That isn't a real flame thrower, it's a portable Bunsen burner.
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 25 dagar sedan
“Broke his flamethrower but I got my content”
Terri Gomez
Terri Gomez 28 dagar sedan
I hope you bought Ben another overpriced propane torch
james morgan
james morgan 28 dagar sedan
That's not a flamethrower...
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 28 dagar sedan
The smile on his face when he was torching the Hershey’s kiss! Hahaha!
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker 28 dagar sedan
This was amazing to watch 😍
Nethiuz Månad sedan
Seriously this stuff needs to be put into ice boxes, my beers could be cold for a month!
Statakaka Månad sedan
3:09 the novelty object being this oversized kiss is what he ment?
Thaias Månad sedan
Not only did it endure, it even wore down the opponent!
Nick Brushes Teeth
Nick Brushes Teeth Månad sedan
I wonder what we can do with aerogel
Marty Schrader
Marty Schrader Månad sedan
Next time try an XM42. Gots one right here if you need it. I mix oil, acetone, and a few other odds and ends to the gasoline to make the flame more stable and persistent.
Zsniper _92
Zsniper _92 Månad sedan
I ate too much spaghetti
Raju Mamilla
Raju Mamilla Månad sedan
Once try with hacksmith's lightsaber
Kelon Waters
Kelon Waters Månad sedan
Sound insulator
rodjacksonx Månad sedan
So how much does this cost, and when can I get it to insulate my home?
J B Månad sedan
sure, they torched the hershey's kiss "first"
nimisha sinha
nimisha sinha Månad sedan
Do you wanna eat that blue areogel i wanna
prilep5 Månad sedan
Somebody should make a superconducting cable in to aerogel insulated pipe cooled by liquid nitrogen or CO2
Mortophobe:Gaming Månad sedan
we just discovered that cartoon meme dog's secret. 'this is fine, cause my furr is made of aerogel'
Mortophobe:Gaming Månad sedan
so i guess were about to see aerogel lined firefighter suits? when can i insulate my house with aerogel? where do i buy my aerogel polar expedition t-shirt? aerogel camping tent ur body heat is enough in the most extreme weather? will my airconditioner energy cost plumet when aerogel keeps my house cool in the summer? can i do anything to get it sooner? can i order it for cristmas? is santa clause real? does he wear aerogel pants on the north pole? GIMME GIMME GIMMEEEEEEEE
Mortophobe:Gaming Månad sedan
the blue stuff. pure aerogell... is crystal meth?
kapten krok
kapten krok Månad sedan
That is not a flamethrower
Zephyr Bernier
Zephyr Bernier Månad sedan
They should use the Hacksmith's plasma lightsaber against it lol
E Karsens
E Karsens Månad sedan
Breaking Bad vibes in the first minute. Not sure why..
TECHIE PRITU Månad sedan
Imagine aerogol just torned into pieces and where the flame goes
TahoeBarnett Månad sedan
Can we get an F for the Hersheys kiss
Psycho Lamborghini
Psycho Lamborghini Månad sedan
Im from cape cod, it would be cool to go to where he got that flamethrower and get one. I doubt I’ll be able to get one though
Daan Klein
Daan Klein Månad sedan
YYOOOOOOOOO the music on 0.08 is PORNHUB INTRO
Gary Brisebois
Gary Brisebois Månad sedan
aerogel vs oxy-acetylene cutting torch?
leipero Månad sedan
Hm, but how does it taste? I assume it doesn't lol.
Kate Too Late
Kate Too Late Månad sedan
They keep melting all this chocolate! 😨 So hard to watch!
Bonjemon Månad sedan
OMG this is soooo epic (please add this to fortnite?)
Devyanshu Bansal
Devyanshu Bansal Månad sedan
A question: the reason why aerogel is a great insulator is its porous structure but when you make a composite out of it, you certainly changing that porous structure to a more sense structure because of presence of fiber... So why is this composite still a great insulator
Kuldeep Sankpal
Kuldeep Sankpal Månad sedan
Me in every video in this series Why so much abuse to chocolate?😭
Bryan Enid
Bryan Enid Månad sedan
Can we walk in the sun finally?
Deborah Ajao
Deborah Ajao Månad sedan
super critical co2 looks sooooooo cool...
Rex Mccrea
Rex Mccrea Månad sedan
this would be more interesting if they removed the blanket (that was joke)
lon3don Månad sedan
So good, please keep us posted on the latest developments.
W Serba
W Serba Månad sedan
Muffled behind a face shield, "The Hershey's Kiss is a spy!"
Joey Firetto
Joey Firetto Månad sedan
They should use a
Lonley Untrust
Lonley Untrust Månad sedan
Anyone else see the 180SX in the back? 0:22
Greenguy Månad sedan
Too bad this video is old. BUT- Can aerogel REPEL LIGHT!!??!!
Radosław Orłowski
Radosław Orłowski Månad sedan
I cant wait to insulate homes with composite of this. Have you seen the roof insulation? it's 27-30cm thick minimum. IF you can get almost 15-20 cm back for whole roof area, it's like a free storage room. Damn that's incredible
Adam Filinovich
Adam Filinovich Månad sedan
Worth noting that Ben is an alt-right conspiracy nut.
ADR3-N Månad sedan
I see construction applications out the wazzoo
Sanket Ganvir
Sanket Ganvir Månad sedan
poor Ben
KV Productions
KV Productions Månad sedan
smh wasted such a good chocolate
Javhaa Javhaa
Javhaa Javhaa Månad sedan
Green Breeze
Green Breeze Månad sedan
If you live in California now is the best time to cover your house in aerogel
Lace Legends
Lace Legends Månad sedan
Yeh absolutely, firefighters would definitely benefit this product to keep themselves safe.
Rene Jr Calunsag
Rene Jr Calunsag Månad sedan
6:03 Derek stood directly in front of the flamethrower (without the aerogel to protect him) while it's still spewing fire. Dude.
Hannes Altenfelder
Hannes Altenfelder Månad sedan
Could you possibly use aerogel sheets as window-glass?
Dit ben ik
Dit ben ik Månad sedan
Did the guy mention using it against radiation? Could someone shed some more light on that?
Subject_Changed Månad sedan
Arogell vs hacksmoth lightsaber
Tamu Suttarwala
Tamu Suttarwala Månad sedan
Batman after watching this: time for a suit upgrade
Skinner Månad sedan
So that means fire fighters could simply walk through fires and be safe. Is this already in use?
Kimani Kahare
Kimani Kahare Månad sedan
The worlds first retractable lightsaber should go up against Aerogel...will probably be destroyed
Avetho Plays
Avetho Plays Månad sedan
Did you really say "full bore" for the _Boring Company's_ flamethrower? Heh, I had a laugh at least XD
moses kim
moses kim Månad sedan
veratisium📢📢📢 im a bit late but...an awesome idea would be to compare this product with the heat shielding capabilities of homemade starlite ....
The Grinder2K17
The Grinder2K17 Månad sedan
Radiation? I know what I'm building my fallout shelter out of..
Rich James
Rich James Månad sedan
Could this material applicable for Pc heating in the cpu?
Garbage man
Garbage man Månad sedan
the rest of the world must be entirely confused when watching Americans do this kind of stuff after watching American politics
Steven Hartman
Steven Hartman Månad sedan
I mean.. technically it's not a flame thrower, it's more like a giant gas torch.
Golden Månad sedan
Flamethrower vs aerogel but its not a flamethrower?!?
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Månad sedan
What a horror story this is, that it can enable more oil to come out of the ocean. Science is truly a morality-free zone.
Ashton Howard
Ashton Howard Månad sedan
Rather than allowing more oil to come out of the ocean, it lets it happen faster. It's just a matter of sooner or later.
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