Five Firsts for Mars InSight

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2 år sedan

Mars InSight will be the first to detect seismic activity on Mars’ surface, first to measure rate of heat transmitted from interior, first to dig nearly 5m down, first to measure magnetic fields on Mars’ surface, and first to use a robotic arm to place instruments on the surface of Mars (assuming it lands of course…)
If you want to watch the InSight landing “live” (with 4-minute speed of light time delay), go to:
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Animations courtesy of NASA
Script and Filming with Raquel Nuno
Editing and graphics by Ignat Berbeci

S1deH0e101 2 månader sedan
"We'll only know about 4 min after touchdown if it made it or not" so schrodinger's spacecraft?
Blackcat Hacker
Blackcat Hacker 3 månader sedan
ISRO(India)🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Made its 1st attempt for mars very cheap and successful.... Hats off to India mars mission Iam proud to be INDIAN
D G År sedan
Lame sci fi
Rexeit År sedan
Too late for this comment, but it's still called "earthquake", simply because it's "earth" (material) that is shaking (simplification, don't trow me stones plz), not "Earth" (celestial body) that is shaking
Solomon Morris
Solomon Morris År sedan
Nah. i won't live that long
You're great bro 😊
Swarala Koyilalu
Swarala Koyilalu År sedan
You made me love SCIENCE
Ganaram Inukshuk
Ganaram Inukshuk År sedan
Veritasium: We put a seismometer on Mars. Me: wait, eggs spin differently if they're boiled?
Joaquin Sotomayor Escudero
Joaquin Sotomayor Escudero År sedan
No one: Veritasium: *Marsquakes*
Mars Z
Mars Z År sedan
It did hit a rock, you to blame LOL
Can't See Anymore
Can't See Anymore År sedan
Mars "cleaning event!" 😂😆😂
Micky Watters
Micky Watters År sedan
Insight is doing such great work
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing År sedan
Nice "Ghost Effect" Derek.
Mixed Reality Sim Racing
Mixed Reality Sim Racing År sedan
InSight is boring
Rob År sedan
Gustav J.
Gustav J. År sedan
I learned something new and interesting. I am happy.
dylan fritz
dylan fritz År sedan
Dude... the curiosity rover is gonna have a friend now. That’s cute af.
Said Rehber
Said Rehber År sedan
A ball with inner surface made of mirrors and no way for the light to go out. If some how inside this ball and at the canter of it a light omits then what would happen to that light since it has no where to go.
hohoman16 År sedan
Thousand years from now,human will establish a new planet to live on, and at that very moment, the flat Mars movement shall arise. Wait wait what?
Randika G
Randika G År sedan
I hope at least now scientists will find the evidence of hell which is in the MARS and its life forms.
ecastag År sedan
It surprises me that being a scientist, or doing videos talking about the effort of thinking and how to develop intelligence, and other stuff related with science, you believe in NASA and dont put to work the things that you promote
Mildly Dead
Mildly Dead År sedan
i think i just had a stroke trying to read this.
ecastag År sedan
That all is a hoax? Dont require investigate too much.
Veritasium År sedan
What are you talking about?
deepstrasz År sedan
Hopefully storms and winds won't destroy or put it out of commission.
qma År sedan
Informative Video, I liked it as always! What bugged me a bit: "We really don't know, otherwise what would be the point of the experiment." Expected or not, either way it would clarify it, that's one of the things science does after all.
Archana Dash
Archana Dash År sedan
Hey Veritasium ! Why is it a trouble if we hit a rock ? Isn't it possible for the InSight to change the position of the thermal sensor , since it is tethered ?
CinmarRS År sedan
Seismometer Has been placed, now for wind shield :o
Julian Widjaja
Julian Widjaja År sedan
Flatmars society incoming
AkiraToriyama13 År sedan
Thank you for this.
speakebreathe År sedan
What a joke of a mission. Burrowing 5 meters under the surface and no tools to test for life, in the most likely place for life to be found on that planet?
Jo Kah
Jo Kah År sedan
Why spend money on science when you can spend it on mosques and printing Qurans because Allah can explain everything about Mars? Just ask him stupid humans. Also, Mars is also flat!
Rob Luginbuhl
Rob Luginbuhl År sedan
Great video again. Thank you. I love the end!!!! No begging and no asking for clicking on this or that! And no odd diving in or out or dropping out of the picture. :)
Anmol Kotian
Anmol Kotian År sedan
Can't believe i live in a time where i can watch live footage of Mars. Damnn.
Nikk Faith
Nikk Faith År sedan
I'm not receiving notifications for your uploads :/
shut up and take my money
shut up and take my money År sedan
Tahnk you Veritasium, very cool! Btw...Mars is flat
Blametheidiot Clintons
Blametheidiot Clintons År sedan
Actually you are talking about things that have not happened yet , so let's wait until it happens and then talk about it , ok idiot ?????
Rob År sedan
Well it did happen, smartass.
Miles of Memes
Miles of Memes År sedan
clavo År sedan
Would be nice to know some details about that deep boring drill and how it's powered. Also what wattage /Sq ft of solar array.
Sherry Chen
Sherry Chen År sedan
This is so crazy I hope mars doesn’t let us down lol
Numberjack Fiutro
Numberjack Fiutro År sedan
Is Mars geologically active? Is there a liquid core of Mars? I guess we'll find out soon. 5 meters is not very far to dig, after all, there's even basements on Earth deeper than five meters underground, but on Mars, we've gotta start somewhere! This is fixing to be the first robotic mission to Mars that will examine not the surface of the planet, but below the surface of Mars! If we're going to find more conclusive evidence of living things on Mars, that evidence is likely underground!
Marc-André Blais
Marc-André Blais 2 år sedan
maybe they should try to plant a tree or a cactus at the same time?
Ethan 2 år sedan
4:01 heh, I see what ya did there
Aditya 2 år sedan
Hey derek! I have a question for you that why does charges Attract or Ripple each other please make a detailed video.
iDk 2 år sedan
Earthquake is earth as in dirt not the planet
PhilosophersStonedTube 2 år sedan
How un exciting
Kim No Raé
Kim No Raé 2 år sedan
> It's like trying to figure out the composition of a bell by its bell > ban! ♫ it's made out of metal
James Collins
James Collins 2 år sedan
Thanks, good summary.
Redlightningwolf 2 år sedan
I freaking Love science
Funk Obama
Funk Obama 2 år sedan
that thing being on mars is as real as pigs flying ........wake up
Funk Obama
Funk Obama År sedan
for anyone who wants a laugh here ya go. there's hundreds if not thousands more proving nasa and the rest are faking every aspect........gee why.....they have to.
Funk Obama
Funk Obama År sedan
@Mirozen ignorance isn't illegal but it is sad.
Mirozen År sedan
@Funk Obama If they are on a par with that link you provided then I'm not worried I've missed anything by not seeing them. If you're serious about being able to detect when people have in ignorance posted "proofs" like the video in that link then I do think you should do some research on how modern video data stream work. It's fascinating information in it's own right, and it will let you see that you've just been misinformed. Don't blindly accept those videos that think that they're showing "proof" like that in that link you sent me! Knowledge about the technology is all you need to realize the mistakes the're making. I know we're not going to agree on this unless you eventually do as I've suggested because you've been taking their criticisms at face value not realizing that they were ignorant regarding what they were criticizing! I've decades of programming and computer science experience behind me to prevent my being taken in by what they've posted. It's not your fault that you believe what they've posted as it's not your area of expertise. Do that research and you'll change your mind! Whether you do so or not, best of luck, and may 2019 be a great year for you!
Funk Obama
Funk Obama År sedan
@Mirozen dude that is just a drop in the bucket!!! there's tons more it would take wks or more to see all the proof of nasa fake/bs.......if you can't see it then I can't help ya .......good luck.
Mirozen År sedan
@Funk Obama You're right that I don't know your computer skills. I don't doubt you are competent as a user. But if you misinterpret what you see in that video link you sent me the way its creators did then you either don't understand how video compression and data streams work or you are ignoring the fact that the guys making that video didn't know what they were doing! I mean it's obvious - especially if you write computer code and are not just a computer user, as most people are. Learn how the technology that made those videos works - that video was embarrassing for those who posted it as all it did was show their ignorance. If you believe their take on it then you haven't done your due diligence in evaluating it.
Marcel Burgerhout
Marcel Burgerhout 2 år sedan
As always, great info on lots of science stuff. Love to see you do daily videos. Its adictive.. :-)
Blank None
Blank None 2 år sedan
An element of the LIARS BRAIN. You are so dishonest up in you ugly ivory tower. Shut up liar!
French Toad
French Toad 2 år sedan
"If it hits rocks, we're in trouble". Also I heard the beast can only operate with a maximum inclination of 15° something. Why do I feel like they are playing poker with their experiment... A bit too much wind and the robot tilt ? Over. Hit a rock ? Over. A plan B in case something bad happen ? No, we need to show when we scratch our heads solving this "unexpected problem" in the next movie !
Detective Agent Michael Scarn
Detective Agent Michael Scarn 2 år sedan
Can you make a video about brainwaves? Can listening to alpha waves or others damage your hearing? Are they useful?
Shubhankar Mandal
Shubhankar Mandal 2 år sedan
You are my hero
Beach&BoardFan 2 år sedan
Hey Derek, would you do a video on the Ehrenfest paradox? Came across this recently, and it made me think of you and your older gyroscope videos. Did a YT search and there really aren't any vids about it on here (maybe one but its in french).
tibia play
tibia play 2 år sedan
omg you are going grizzly from so much wisdom
Mark Langridge
Mark Langridge 2 år sedan
Location sound guys be like "how much for the wind shield?"
Ayush Dogne
Ayush Dogne 2 år sedan
Make a video defining hole in 2d and 3d.
Yeah 2 år sedan
Hey, Veritasium, just wanted to let you know I’m watching your documentary on uranium and atom bombs in chemistry !
Malay Agarwal
Malay Agarwal 2 år sedan
Just give NASA the military's budget and see what happens.
echalone 2 år sedan
The sensitivity is actually "smaller than half the radius of a hydrogen atom"
Jim Engström
Jim Engström 2 år sedan
How NASA plan a mission. * Give the mission a cool name. * Invent a acronym for the mission name. * Build the satellite to match the acronym. * Send it to best planet or moon so the acronym match the mission.
Max K
Max K 2 år sedan
They really wanted to name it insight
AckzaTV 2 år sedan
Miguel Ferreira Mouta Junior
Miguel Ferreira Mouta Junior 2 år sedan
Nice. But I cant see dolphins neither I can sail windsurf on mars...
U'r destiny sir fu
U'r destiny sir fu 2 år sedan
im came from mars,bos edy an allen....
Victor PONCE
Victor PONCE 2 år sedan
Good to know this stuff. Educational ya know. Like learning in school then taking a test. Yes
MR V 2 år sedan
Hey Derek. I have a few questions in wave theory. Can you please make a video about them.1) If microwave oven waves are lower frequency than light , how they are able to cook. 2) If 5G waves cannot travel great distances how light waves can able to reach Earth from far far distances. what is exactly this relations between the frequency , wavelength, travelling distance and the damage a wave can cause to human body or to other species. I am hearing this news that 5G can kill birds. I just want to the know the truth and possibilities. I asked saying question in smarter every day. Hope one of you will make a video about.
haydara apass
haydara apass 2 år sedan
Can any one send me an invitation to his country to work there or study i studied econonmie
haydara apass
haydara apass 2 år sedan
Ameer Hamza thank you for your kindness. can we contact to talk more on whatsup or any way you want ?
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2 år sedan
I can send you invitation in my country, Pakistan!!
Hope Dee
Hope Dee 2 år sedan
Please Get Turkish subtitles 🖐️
Pedozzi 2 år sedan
really liked the bell analogy :)
entimonGER 2 år sedan
Hey @Veritasium and @members, please watch or at least skip through this presentation of Safire Project. Tell me what you think about it. I think it's a leap for kosmology!!
entimonGER 2 år sedan
@b1aflatoxin thank you for your reply! I'm relating to your second link, because I find the first one insulting and highly unscientific.. - "Testing the electric Universe" basically starts with the question: Q) Why doesn't EU-Theory predict neutrinos? a) The EU-Theory with the electric sun hypothesis does also expect neutrinos from the sun. The SAFIRE experiment sadly can't measure neutrinos, but they found evidence of nucleosynthesis(!), also of havier elements ( In this process nutrinos are expected. -> no problem with observation. I'd like to add that standart model can't find around 70% of the predicted amount of neutrinos. Q) Sun has thermal emissions not a plasma one. Why doesn't EU predict this? a) Is there a difference? Plasma discharge is very variable. It goes from glowmode to arc lightning. Blackbody radiation suits the plasma curve along with the Herzsprung-Russell diagram (tho you have to rotate it by 90°). Thermal emissions are produced by particles in motion. So it's expected by the EU-Model. And reproduced by SAFIRE. Q) GRT/SRT (Einstein's relativistics) in EU Model? a) Well it's tough to say, but yes Einstein was wrong. Not his great observations nor his photoeffect, but his idea of curvage of space&time. He discribed it well also mathematically, but the mechanism being gravity and it's curvage of space is simply wrong. Gravity is a byproduct of EM and dipole. I dont want to get into it.. beyond the skope. In the presentation that plasma double layers changed the speed of light. Q) Planetary formation is better discribed in standart model? a) Simply: it's not. Computer simulations fail to produce a solar system unless dark matter as a mechanism is introduced. This doesn't account for the setting up of the planets nor any moons. In EU-theory stars and planets are produced by an effect called z-pinch. It's well discribed and observed in labratories. Question remains, if the effect is scalable to stelar or even galactic scale. Sorry for the long answer. I tried my best to show that not even "a simple thing like a star" (arthur eddington), is fully understood. Facts are the predictions coming from EU-Theorists are superior to those of the standart model. Dont get me started on soft spots of standard kosmology. Cheers
b1aflatoxin 2 år sedan
Electric Universe isn't taken seriously. Any science minded person who takes a look at EU quickly finds a -theory- postulation devoid of any meaningful math and physics. It's just science fiction like Dianetics, or Nibiru. People like EU because it's so easy to understand, ...again, because it has no maths or formula, and it makes people feel special and separate from the mainstream; similar to feeling experienced by 'woke' conspiracy followers. - I'm not trying to sound elitist or demeaning. I can appreciate your passion for discovery. :)
Tommy Monday
Tommy Monday 2 år sedan
We don't even know which one are mantel for sure
EPHESIANS 2 v.8 Watching for Yeshua Soon Return
EPHESIANS 2 v.8 Watching for Yeshua Soon Return 2 år sedan
Just another Fake landing and video feed and pictures.
Atlas 2 år sedan
jack siscavage
jack siscavage 2 år sedan
Thanks for poisoning humanity.
Lünkel 2 år sedan
DaFlash50 2 år sedan
2:07 NASA at it's finest 😂
Akshay Pohandulkar
Akshay Pohandulkar 2 år sedan
Hello sir My name is Akshay Pohandulkar I'm from India I have question on cell phone charger. Every cell phone charger have step down transformer and transformer only work on the AC input. But how can our cellphone charger on the 110-DC input? Please sir make video on that and help me
Dharun R
Dharun R 2 år sedan
Y. A. Y
Yoshi 2 år sedan
1:00 NASA is faking space confirmed
flippodynamics 2 år sedan
Every time I click on a veritasium video, the first advertisement I see.. There's no option to make a device secure against bad guys and insecure against good guys.
J W 2 år sedan
Yet we know so little about our oceans (compared to what we should've known before this)
Sakonema 2 år sedan
So when are we moving to mars? Seem like a place with nice vegetation and water. 2 år sedan
3:00 borrowing probe will only take 1 day to reach max depth !!! ... it will hit a ROCK (Murphy's space probe law)
SpaceSeal 64
SpaceSeal 64 2 år sedan
Lmao they spend millions of dollars getting it there and they hit a rock
casper5314 2 år sedan
ஆகாஷ் - AKASH. SIVAH.
ஆகாஷ் - AKASH. SIVAH. 2 år sedan
Won't we be knowing that the lander landed only after 7/8 minutes? Derek says at 4:49 that we will know after 4 minutes itself!
Devansh Singh
Devansh Singh 2 år sedan
Seriously Derek, I want you you to make other videos related to the functioning of complicated devices.
s b
s b 2 år sedan
INSIGHT has its full form ?.......yo, yo!!!
Atharva Mandrekar
Atharva Mandrekar 2 år sedan
Dr. Derek Muller, I had some questions regarding my career. I'm from, India, currents completing my 12th Year of High School, after which I'll be getting into a Undergraduate Course. I'm generally good at Science, especially in Computer Science and Mathematics, and watching your videos has made me really interested in Physics too(Quantum Mech). They way I see it, getting into Quantum Computing is my Goal. Unfortunately, I am not sure how I procure Expertise in Quantum Computing. Are there any degrees available which might help me get an expertise in Quantum Computing and Build them? What undergraduate degrees and post graduate degrees should I achieve in order to Specialize in Quantum Computing?
Robin Maurya
Robin Maurya 2 år sedan
From India too bro. First choose an undergrad degree and I would recommend B.Sc for u cause of your interest but doing Computer Engineering B.Tech is fine too and it has a larger scope. Then go ahead with your masters which should be research oriented in quantum computers but to be honest, you have MUCH time to think about that. Just focus on your bachelors and take in other people's opinions over time for your post grad. Hope I helped somehow. (PS. I'm currently perusing B.Tech Computer Eng. From NIT)
Luca B
Luca B 2 år sedan
Just amazing ♥
Alexander Koolen
Alexander Koolen 2 år sedan
Hi, i had a question the answer of which i could not find anywhere. Actually.. try googling it... It's not there. When I eat a few pepermints or menthol flavored things (candy etc) my scalp starts to sweat. Why? I do not have hyperthyroidism nor do i take any medication. This weird sweating is only when i eat mints. My guess is that it somehow triggers a certain hormone or that it fools my temperature receptors into doing something weird. But like i said, i found no research or information on this weird thing at all. Maybe a fun one to look into?
TURBO Gaming
TURBO Gaming 2 år sedan
the word they say aliens are those who are going to stay in mars... and the people in earth will finally know the word aliens are their own peoples... thank you 🇳🇵🇳🇵
AnteConfig 2 år sedan
Holy crap I just went to that link in the description and watched a liveFeed from NASA telling us that we're going to the moon and we're gonna use it's resources and that we might even have a human presence on the moon by the end of 10 years. And... OMG.... NASA plans on cooperating with other "commercial entities" nationwide and internationally. Also I missed that lnSight landing. I'm 3 days late. But right now I'm totally okay with that.
Hadley Scott McIntyre
Hadley Scott McIntyre 2 år sedan
I luv it can a civie book a short vacation?
applezz 2 år sedan
My name is on the insight no lie
gazzyw85 2 år sedan
YAAYYY! 5M subs
Max 2 år sedan
hmm, marsquakes might be very infrequent and we don't exactly know where a meteorite hit the ground, because we have no network of seismometers up there. We should set off (nuclear?) explosions at given postitions, that will lead to much more reliable data and ease the evaluation and interpretation. NASA, if you read this, please cite me! :P
Every Name Is Already Taken
Every Name Is Already Taken 2 år sedan
If we put so much time, effort and "money" into Mars does that mean it's official then? Earth is doomed very soon? Armageddon in this life time?
Rob År sedan
The effects of climate change are irreversible so to some degree we are fucked.
Tim Shay
Tim Shay 2 år sedan
Was the transparency of Derek's shirt/lower torso and arms a new thing? If you look you can see the stars through parts of his body and the transparency of his arms. Interesting trademark for sure- not sure how I feel about it quite yet
Dardan Muslija
Dardan Muslija 2 år sedan
I saw a picture that the roboter took and the horizon was flat so the mars is flat like the earth! Change my mind
Thomas Leach
Thomas Leach 2 år sedan
We're moving to Mars?!
Souleaterblaze 2 år sedan
it landed
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