First Image of a Black Hole!

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The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration observed the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, finding the dark central shadow in accordance with General Relativity, further demonstrating the power of this 100 year-old theory.
To understand more about why the shadows look the way they do, check out:
I will continue updating this description with more links.
Event Horizon Telescope collaboration:
Animations and simulations with English text:
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Video of observation of M87 courtesy of:
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Video of observation of SgrA* courtesy of
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Z. Younsi (University College London)
Video of telescopes in the array 2017:
C. M. Fromm & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Animations and simulations (no text):
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd, Penward Rhyme
Scale animation by Maria Raykova

Hobothesis 4 timmar sedan
Still a better image than store surveillance camera footage.
Ruben Anthony Martinez
Ruben Anthony Martinez 5 timmar sedan
*FOR NATURE ABHORS BLACK HOLES* The failsafe mechanism. Black hole cannot exist for if you try to force fermions together, eventually the principle of tunneling will take effect which would not allow the particles of matter to concentrate, the particles will escape the confinement with infinite energy if necessary, it is the law of nature and it will not be violated. *The principal of of tunneling a corollary of the exclusion principle and the enemy of the singularity.* The principal of tunneling in physics is the phenomenon in which an object, usually an elementary particle, tunnels through a potential barrier even though it does not have sufficient energy to surmount the barrier.
Aviann A.
Aviann A. 2 dagar sedan
Niles Graham
Niles Graham 2 dagar sedan
For everyone who complains about it being so blurry. You realize how far away it is right?
Ben B
Ben B 2 dagar sedan
Sorry, but data strips do not a photo make. All such supposed photos are all fake, and created in photoshop....
Ææœøæggë Put outPut out O
Ææœøæggë Put outPut out O 3 dagar sedan
Mf turned into a 4D object
kose2ik 3 dagar sedan
3:30 How mach help (to get picture quality) multi-telescopes network in Moon (or Mars)?
Nhaif Bhuiyan
Nhaif Bhuiyan 4 dagar sedan
WC Vsause
Colin Gregson
Colin Gregson 4 dagar sedan
That's not a Black Hole it's a bad photo of a ring doughnut.
TommyLeng 4 dagar sedan
Now imagine a black hole in your center of your brain (thalamus). Relax and you will find peace. #PlanetEarthIsHellToo #repentance #atonement #obedience #righteousness #redemption #salvation #worship #God #Lord #Buddha #Jesus #DivineBeings
Neyaib Khan
Neyaib Khan 5 dagar sedan
Radio waves aren't light lewin have explained this image of blackhole
Lundyn Davis
Lundyn Davis 6 dagar sedan
If only stephen Hawkins could of seen this photo
Style X
Style X 6 dagar sedan
Meanwhile 9 year old kids: mom the image is very blurry. Give me more clear image
Olive Wu
Olive Wu 7 dagar sedan
You cant go into creative mode that is only in Minecraft but i wish that excited!
We Are Qurious
We Are Qurious 7 dagar sedan
FUN FACT: This picture was one garnered one of the MOST LIKES on @NASA Instagram with 3.4mil likes! Did you know? hahaha
Shubhodeep Mandal
Shubhodeep Mandal 7 dagar sedan
This is freaking complicated 🙄
coca coa
coca coa 8 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who keep coming to this?
Gru 9 dagar sedan
I hope we can get a higher quality picture of a black hole, but this is still very impressive
Stoffe:mollan 9 dagar sedan
Fake! Real =
The Simplifier
The Simplifier 9 dagar sedan
Mr.beast of the future: The first who catches a black hole wins 10,000 forans.
Smack Boy5736
Smack Boy5736 10 dagar sedan
Where do you go in a black hole or do you die
Cereal Bird
Cereal Bird 10 dagar sedan
Too bad Adam ate that apple and god switched us from creative mode to survival
LOVELYLANAFAN Sweetie 10 dagar sedan
2:45 sir do I look like genius to you
Colin Mcnamara
Colin Mcnamara 11 dagar sedan
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 12 dagar sedan
Them: ItS tOo BlUrRy! Me: well, its only like *900 TRILLION LIGHTYEARS AWAY, NO BIG DEAL*
Vibin Jacob
Vibin Jacob 12 dagar sedan
Davis Josef
Davis Josef 12 dagar sedan
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Kevin Merukh 1103038
Kevin Merukh 1103038 12 dagar sedan
Kinda reminds me of the eye of sauron from LORD OF THE RINGS
Kevin Cetin
Kevin Cetin 12 dagar sedan
Why can’t we see the flag on the moon? But we can see a black hole hundreds of millions of light years away? Per usual, NASA has changed their answer multiple times over the years. First, it was because they planted it on the ‘dark side of the moon’ (even though the pictures from ‘the moon’ are fully illuminated). Next, it was because of erosion and space debris hit it. Hahaha. NASA fan boys actually think they’re looking at ‘outer space’ in this video. The image is 100% cgi it was never even a still of anything in the first place. Ever notice how NASA has disproportionately changed the size of the continents through out the years as well?
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw 12 dagar sedan
Photoshop to the rescue once again
B T J GaMiNg
B T J GaMiNg 13 dagar sedan
This guy Can be a comedian
Alex Dulko
Alex Dulko 13 dagar sedan
? why's that
Az.07 14 dagar sedan
i have a question, time in space is different right? so if that black hole is farrrr away and they saw it happen in that moment, did it really happen in the exact moment????????????????
Namynnuz 14 dagar sedan
5:00 Black hole that was captured by white people. Why there is no whine about that 'racist' fact in the social media and a mandate to self-execute half of them via whipping to blood and get those looters some place in this team? Why do they even not on their knees? How come such racist nazis are even exist, and even making groundbreaking discoveries?
Hasnain Haider
Hasnain Haider 16 dagar sedan
Yeah it’s powerful and all but can it run crisis?
I NEW3RA I 17 dagar sedan
Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A* 17 dagar sedan
I'm prettier. HMPH! Bakas.
Dolph 17 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: Entire life and universe was in actually someone's bath hole and we're not the main humans
jgsk78 17 dagar sedan
6.5 billion times the mass of sun you say.. ....hmm, that's big
your dog
your dog 18 dagar sedan
"Its so blurry!" Well let me tell you something fuckhead if the black hole was any closer the person who got the photo would be dead and probably wouldn't havent got the image
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
It was taken on earth
Developer Jake
Developer Jake 19 dagar sedan
Md Rasel Ahmed
Md Rasel Ahmed 20 dagar sedan
Black Hole future of the universe
Timmy Tim
Timmy Tim 21 dag sedan
Dunkin donut
Mia Han
Mia Han 22 dagar sedan
I’m confused. The first picture of a black hole was taken roughly a year ago? Then what about all those pictures of black holes I’ve been seeing since I was a kid? Those were just people’s imagination? 🤯
Rxwk Rr
Rxwk Rr 13 dagar sedan
Simulations. Very real simulations
Kevin Cetin
Kevin Cetin 23 dagar sedan
100% fake.
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw 12 dagar sedan
Photoshop to the rescue once again
Kevin Cetin
Kevin Cetin 14 dagar sedan
@Shubhada Kadam CGI
Shubhada Kadam
Shubhada Kadam 14 dagar sedan
??? what was that flat earther?
Deeno Burgan
Deeno Burgan 23 dagar sedan
I'm impressed by how they managed to combine image data from multiple telescopes, in multiple locations, with varying optical qualities.
Shubhada Kadam
Shubhada Kadam 14 dagar sedan
people arent that dumb than we think they are
meClodski 23 dagar sedan
Everyone gangsta until Officer Earl came out from the blackhole
Mildred Magdadaro
Mildred Magdadaro 24 dagar sedan
your voice is familiar, heard you on FB? but different name of page?
Jett Liscano
Jett Liscano 25 dagar sedan
Event horizon doing its job: *click* Idiot people: haha that's fake, tech today can make 8k res and ur telling me that's all you can get out of it? Me: do they even know how lucky event horizon was when it got the picture and was also lucky not to be too close to it? Also black holes... The farther from us the better.
Vishal Thakur
Vishal Thakur 25 dagar sedan
We found it in 2019. But how our scientists knew about it before..?
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
Through theories.
Indian in Japan
Indian in Japan 25 dagar sedan
Nah , guys the black hole is just a paid actor
Justine Bepinosa
Justine Bepinosa 25 dagar sedan
Sad to see stephen hawking's didn't saw the black hole
Saksham Negi
Saksham Negi 26 dagar sedan
Wait this was a year ago?
hariz zakwan
hariz zakwan 26 dagar sedan
Over over the revolution. (If you know this reference)
Amazing Skye & Jett
Amazing Skye & Jett 26 dagar sedan
This is not real
Amazing Skye & Jett
Amazing Skye & Jett 26 dagar sedan
Is a black hole real?
Amazing Skye & Jett
Amazing Skye & Jett 21 dag sedan
@Fundemental Fanatic ok
Fundemental Fanatic
Fundemental Fanatic 23 dagar sedan
yes. they were predicted to exist in einstein's relativity papers.
خالد سعد
خالد سعد 26 dagar sedan
The black hole was mentioned in the Holy Quran 1400 years ago (( I do swear by the receding stars (15) which travel and hide (16 ) Surat At-Takwir Verse 15-16
Fundemental Fanatic
Fundemental Fanatic 23 dagar sedan
that has nothing to do with black hole
सिंह मिर्जा
सिंह मिर्जा 27 dagar sedan
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Alfie Mayne
Alfie Mayne 27 dagar sedan
Well the quality is still better than ufo sightings. Edit: im not complaining the quality is bad, this was a joke, chill ffs, people these days.
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
Cube Theory
Cube Theory 23 dagar sedan
stop copying comments
Ishan Sh3nu6k5
Ishan Sh3nu6k5 27 dagar sedan
Black ***hole 🤨
OEL rionuj
OEL rionuj 27 dagar sedan
Did you know?? The black holes is the cleaner of the universe..
ThinkOutsideTheBox 28 dagar sedan
Uh huh.. this is a black hole allright! With Hemorrhoids too!. 🤣😂
I am Garvit Gupta
I am Garvit Gupta 29 dagar sedan
A tour to black hole
Jamie Sehdev
Jamie Sehdev 29 dagar sedan
Is this black hole closer than previous black holes discovered??..if not why not look and photograph closer ones like monocorotis? I think its called ?? 🤔
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
None have ever been discovered before. This is the first
Sakib Mullick
Sakib Mullick 29 dagar sedan
4m times then sun .... jst like that its not big deal for ve
William Plourde
William Plourde 29 dagar sedan
0:12 Muse as joined the chat
Anay Gupta
Anay Gupta Månad sedan
I was crying!! it was so blurry! my eyes became so teary....
Prilip Poudel
Prilip Poudel Månad sedan
The concept of black hole was given by Stephen Hawking Yet he wasn't able to see it.
DarkNeon Månad sedan
talk about 1080p
Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand Månad sedan
I know you guys edited the *Shot on iPhone* logo
Honesty Fenix
Honesty Fenix Månad sedan
Years ago the Earth was "flat". After all, it was SEEN flat all the time, even the oceans were! ALSO, maggots were "born out" of rotten meat. They were also SEEN coming out it! Now we "believe" in black holes. Seems to me it is pretty common sensical to ALWAYS keep a certain degree of Doubt concerning scientific theories since most of them will be proven wrong in the future. Just saying...
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
Scientific statements have only ever been proven wrong by more scientific statements
ŘĘÂŁĐĖĄĽ 29 dagar sedan
The fun face is you need evidence to refute science, which you haven't got so...
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar Månad sedan
The key points about Black Hole( )
yamen-tG2 Månad sedan
Where the hell light is coming from around the black hole?
yamen-tG2 22 dagar sedan
@Fundemental Fanatic Oh, I understand now, Thank you👍
Fundemental Fanatic
Fundemental Fanatic 22 dagar sedan
@yamen-tG2 its not "some random emmited scattered light" its light from heated matter thats orbiting around a black hole. you can see it because it has not passed event horizon. the black dot in the middle if image is event horizon. which is black because if light passes the horizon it cannot escape
yamen-tG2 22 dagar sedan
@Fundemental Fanatic So you mean it's just some random emitted scattered light?
Fundemental Fanatic
Fundemental Fanatic 23 dagar sedan
from heated up matter thats falling towards the event horizon
EmilTorge Månad sedan
so black holes are basically 4D objects
Adria n
Adria n 17 dagar sedan
Not even close
CelestialWolf Månad sedan
How is our milky way galaxy imaged from the outside?
CelestialWolf Månad sedan
Why would anyone dislike a video like this?
TiqueO6 Månad sedan
Really nicely done!, Especially enjoyed the exclamations of course (and then the music had to say beautifully influenced by some Afro Cuban drumming at the end there! Would love to know who the composer is.)
bob moss
bob moss Månad sedan
Not even in 4k, smh
Mandalorian Månad sedan
I wanna video
Ju naid
Ju naid Månad sedan
Thanks For including Me ☺️
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Månad sedan
lowkey, the picture looks better than a store robbery video.
EatingThread Månad sedan
If you listen closely you can hear no time for caution by Hans Zimmer
Nizam Khan
Nizam Khan Månad sedan
Game Plays
Game Plays Månad sedan
Tempti GD
Tempti GD Månad sedan
Who else doesn’t know what arc seconds are
rukmani srivastava
rukmani srivastava Månad sedan
i wish that Stephen Hawken would have lived for a year more....
Gamer Obsidian
Gamer Obsidian Månad sedan
I really hope Stephen Hawking could have seen this...☹️
Vonny DD
Vonny DD Månad sedan
heloo, can i use your video on my TV Program channel? i am a one of the creative team at TRENDING TRANS7 and of course your channel tiktok name will published too. i'm waiting for your feedback, thank you.
Maria Theresa P
Maria Theresa P Månad sedan
Event horizon just broke another record. After Pluto it discovered the black hole. Awesome!!! Was an avid fan of the lone voyager.
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan Månad sedan
سبحان اللہ
RexFlex Codm
RexFlex Codm Månad sedan
Well before we couldn’t see black holes because light could bounce of it, and in order to see something light reflects of it so you can see it but the reason light can bounce off a black hole is because the black hole itself consumes the light so than mean the light can’t return, so it’s not really visible to the human eye, this info isn’t mine I just found it
Bacon boy
Bacon boy Månad sedan
Who else is watching this in the virus 🦠
Jocelyn Ulmer
Jocelyn Ulmer Månad sedan
If you look closely you can see humans arguing about pointless stuff and ignoring everything significant about life and space
Ferdi Nand
Ferdi Nand Månad sedan
Look likes doughnut
Sweaty Pickles
Sweaty Pickles Månad sedan
proof we die by a black hole
Sheep .C
Sheep .C Månad sedan
I understood nothing. Still the same dumb me after every Veritasium video and yet i keep watching.
GhostDragon Månad sedan
this is impossible, havnt you fools learned the earth is flat!
Gabriel Casaljay
Gabriel Casaljay Månad sedan
What if the black hole is path to another world??
Edward Lai
Edward Lai Månad sedan
My father is asking me why am i suddenly clapping.
Kim Anitan
Kim Anitan Månad sedan
Rendaculur Månad sedan
Stephen Hawking: -_-
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