First Flight on Another Planet!

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The Mars Helicopter aims to make the first powered flight on another planet when it takes off on Mars as part of the Mars 2020 mission. I learned a lot getting to visit the drone right before it was mounted on the rover.
How do you fly in 1% of Earth's atmosphere:
Have large rotors (they are 1.2m in diameter) and spin them very fast, around 2500 RPM (5x the speed of a helicopter on Earth).
Plus the aircraft has to be light:
The Mars helicopter weighs in at 1.8kg or around the same as a laptop. Every piece had to be stripped down for weight. Instead of using aerogel for insulation, the craft makes use of CO2 gaps between components. Even aerogel was too heavy!
One of the major challenges is surviving the Martian night:
Temperatures plunge to -80C to -100C so two thirds of the craft's power is actually used to keep its electronics warm. Only one third is used for flying. The estimated flight time is 90 seconds.
The craft can't be driven remotely, it will have to fly autonomously, using its own sensor suite to determine how to fly. The round trip 20 minute delay with Earth means steering the craft from mission control would be impossible.
Huge Thanks to Patreon Supporters:
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Jonny Hyman was a legend in editing, animation, filming, and sound design for this video.

Marsha Brwon
Marsha Brwon 5 timmar sedan
13:28 "11 o'clock in the morning, local time on mars" what a time to be alive
No Idea and more
No Idea and more Dag sedan
The laughter was not genuine
No Idea and more
No Idea and more Dag sedan
No Idea and more
No Idea and more Dag sedan
It was creepy
psycleen Dag sedan
selling nasa lies
That Guy
That Guy 3 dagar sedan
78% into the mission - Janitor: “Anyone have a charger for these batteries? Needed them for my flashlight.”
Ibrahim K Kouyate
Ibrahim K Kouyate 4 dagar sedan
Still.. .what are EM waves like, geometrically spoken.. .what is the anti-gravity coefficient on Mars and else where if this is a copter and not a drone?
Hungry Animal
Hungry Animal 4 dagar sedan
So that's where the martian tripod robot sound effects came from.
Csp Parames
Csp Parames 5 dagar sedan
so think our earth giving us everything thanks to the earth
510 FAITHFUL FOR LIFE 7 dagar sedan
It would be fascinating to observe the effects of trans sonic flow on Mars
Art Blakey
Art Blakey 11 dagar sedan
How high can it fly?
Games TV
Games TV 13 dagar sedan
Is there an Arduino inside that thing? 😂
Dakkaron 14 dagar sedan
Quadcopters are terribly inefficient, compared to helicopters. So if efficiency is one of the most important goals, quadcopters are useless.
John Berry
John Berry 15 dagar sedan
[...two domestic microbes, on Mars, look up and see a helicopter...] [mb1]: what's that? [mb2]: a helicopter [mb1]: _I know it's a helicopter!_ I *mean,* all the _other_ Aliens just use anti-Gravity. Do the Humans think they are _showing-off?_
John Berry
John Berry 15 dagar sedan
On a windy day, has anyone ever seen a large group of GNATS, all flying in one place, continuously, even though the wind might be blowing at over 25 mph? I think somebody at NASA should do a study of what makes it possible for GNATS, while flying, to hover at a sustained spot, despite the presence of a 25 mph crosswind. In other words, how do GNATS do that? They are so tiny, you would think that they would get blown sideways.
John Berry
John Berry 15 dagar sedan
_"You can't fly this from Earth...??"_ "That's right. You see, there is no *AIR* between here and Mars, and so, we plan to use something known as *a rocket."* [That question has to be _right up there with_ the time that Maxine Waters asked, while in Congressional session, if a Mars rover would be visiting the spot where the Apollo astronauts landed.]
John Berry
John Berry 15 dagar sedan
Why not use a balloon, or, create some type of mini- zeppelin ? Apparently, the interest here is to prove how a helicopter will perform on Mars. Of course, the year right now is 2020, and the year is almost over, so, for all I know, the "mission" already happened by now.
Atlas 13 dagar sedan
Would they even be able to lift of the ground?
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag 16 dagar sedan
So occasionally you can blow the dust off the solar panels of the rovers....
Eduardo José Pajoli Nardi
Eduardo José Pajoli Nardi 21 dag sedan
thx helping me on my test
Aswin Satheesh
Aswin Satheesh 23 dagar sedan
Is that scinetist guy indian?cannot belive som of our pussies are there building drones to put on other planets.
Aswin Satheesh
Aswin Satheesh 23 dagar sedan
This guys a legend . I just thought aerogel and he Asked it.really mind blown
Dorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray 23 dagar sedan
9:20 a wind tunnel made of 960 computer fans? LinusTechTips will love to see that
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 23 dagar sedan
So how did Mars acquire this atmosphere that you believe is there? After all they are in the vacuum of space and there's nothing to produce any greenhouse gases! So where did this atmosphere come from? What does the atmosphere on Mars consist of? When did anybody go to Mars and come back the sample of the atmosphere of Mars? There's so many things wrong here that anybody with a functioning brain should be able to pull out, it's not funny! If you believe this nonsense just wait. I am building a snowmobile to ride on Europa's ice caps. I'm going to call it the polar Polaris Xpress! Of course I'm going to need funding$ So anybody that can send large amounts of money to my Swiss account it would be very helpful thank you! And of course it's in the name of science🤔
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 13 dagar sedan
@Amenox or maybe you're going to tell me what gases are magnetic.😂😂😂😂😂. The funny thing about dunning-kruger, it's people like you that think they know something and are completely oblivious! Thanks for playing along!
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 13 dagar sedan
@Amenox where does the shape of the Earth come into how gas pressure is produced?
Amenox 13 dagar sedan
@Steven Gerhardt this guy is proof of dunning-kruger effect
Amenox 13 dagar sedan
@Steven Gerhardt 1. you think the earth is flat don't you? 2. Pretty much yes I know about magnetism a little bit 3. Magnetism is not the 'gravity' because it's to weak
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 13 dagar sedan
@Amenox do you know much about magnetism? What do you think the magnetism of Earth is coming from? If you do not understand magnetism you really should not speak on it. The Curie point is major problem for anybody that believes Earth has magnetic molten iron core😰! I apologize if it seems as though I've been rude perhaps, I have been. So many people believe in ridiculous claims such as Mars having an Atmos or gravity it's kind of hard not to be rude. Knowing is the enemy of belief!
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 23 dagar sedan
Well this should be interesting. Helicopters require air resistance to hover. So how is a drone helicopter going to work in the vacuum of space? Or are we going to make believe that Mars has its own Atmos? Or are we going to pretend that the atmosphere on Earth is going to be the same as the atmos if even possible on Mars!
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 10 timmar sedan
Yes, Mars has its own atmosphere. It's been known since 1926 using photography, measured in 1964 using spectrography and measured again by the Mariner mission in 1965 and again in situ by the Viking program (even if you don't believe those happened)
Steven Gerhardt
Steven Gerhardt 13 dagar sedan
@Atlas congratulations you paid attention just a touch but not enough! No kidding I know how helicopter works! I also know that it needs gas is to press upon to cause lift. As you saw in the video that used a fishing string to suspend the Drone inside the vacuum chamber! Now I will excuse your ignorance!
Atlas 13 dagar sedan
This drone is not supposed to work in a vacuum, dummy.
Belfor09 24 dagar sedan
How is 35-40 Wh total equivalent to 3 smartphone batteries, in which inside you can find 4 Wh total (around 4000 mW at best), and that's considered high amount?
Peggy French
Peggy French 25 dagar sedan
Shaqtin' A Fool: Best of Russell Westbrook Edition.! Link:
Iuss Skulls
Iuss Skulls 25 dagar sedan
Thinking to the process of testing by using actual fishing lines is awesome on a way... every knowlegde of humans can serve so much unrelated applications that is really mindblowing.....
Ettienne Vorster
Ettienne Vorster 25 dagar sedan
Proof that input lag makes it impossible to control anything, now I wish video games would stop using it...
tarun kumar
tarun kumar 28 dagar sedan
Why not try 2 blades in quadcopter body I mean 2 in each side so instead 4 it'll be 8. More effective and more faster
Jule Palmero
Jule Palmero 28 dagar sedan
Seeing the passion in the eyes of theese people is so heartwarming is one of the best feelings you can get.
eric garner
eric garner 29 dagar sedan
2:58 me laughing with my crush
Stijn Koornstra
Stijn Koornstra Månad sedan
So how high could it flyt if it were to fly straight up till it falls down on mars? What kind of distance could it fly?
mehmud 21 dag sedan
read the documentation , you will find your answers
Noelia Spinka
Noelia Spinka Månad sedan
11months later: Seeing veritasium on the NASA channel during the launch of this thing. Cool, cool.
Insamniac Månad sedan
I love how both Veritasium and Vsauce have been making content for like 10 years, and yet the past 8+ years the content has been consistent and super high in quality standards than most youtubers Månad sedan
It is half way to Mars now!! ... really exciting!! As Elon Musk dreams of going to Mars, NASA has been going there for decades, LOL.
Geetha Guruswamy
Geetha Guruswamy Månad sedan
I think when humans go to space they should use this!
papinbala Månad sedan
if its so light wont it just flip after the first time on land from the wind?
Dharun Månad sedan
lol thats asia
DCMFB Månad sedan
Why not add compressed helium so it gets even lighter?
Alexander Jay
Alexander Jay Månad sedan
So why a helicoptor instead of an ultralight?
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
It's both... An ultralight helicopter 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating
Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating Månad sedan
why not use a balloon, instead of a helicopter, call it a zeppie-mar probe
Fallen x
Fallen x Månad sedan
8:02 to 8:33 So basically what I can gather is The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because it knows where it isn't. By subtracting where it is from where it isn't, or where it isn't from where it is (whichever is greater), it obtains a difference, or deviation. The guidance subsystem uses deviations to generate corrective commands to drive the missile from a position where it is to a position where it isn't, and arriving at a position where it wasn't, it now is. Consequently, the position where it is, is now the position that it wasn't, and it follows that the position that it was, is now the position that it isn't.
John Månad sedan
I love how you go ahead and conduct interviews with people who spent a lifetime developing their skills. It's probably super intimidating at first even if you're as smart as Veritasium.
TheShorkk Månad sedan
My backpack drone dream is becoming a reality - just flies away and follows you automatically. This could be done on earth also surely
Peter Robbins
Peter Robbins Månad sedan
so he's at a jet propulsion lab, where they are making an electric propeller vehicle?
Keegan Harris
Keegan Harris 5 dagar sedan
I think it was named that in the 50s or 60s when it was established back when jets were the forefront of technology
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ck digital The Q of 6th Månad sedan
It reminds me of that extremely fragile unfolding TENT that was 10 billions+ + in cost called, Webb Telescope... wtf this dinky toy 'hella-crapp-ter' is OUTDATED, NASA just wanted to justify implamenting an idea just so their personal scrap work wouldn't be invane, its the same with that over heavy unstable mars low gravity?? Look what happen to the vehicles used on the moon, they flew like doom buggies attempting 200mph on a small hill on earth ratio... the copter is super super unstable, the blade is so massively wide to obsticals, the shape has no landing balance, no polygon cage frame like some underground endeaver drones do, it will be SABOTAGED! If it so much gets a sandstorm push at a bolder rock on that planet, at 1/3rd low gravity, omfg it's spirit will scattered all over even from there to stupiter-Jupitor'ed.🚁🚠🔥☄⚡🔥
Fahim Hasan
Fahim Hasan Månad sedan
2020: 20 minute delay to transmit signals 2050: . . .
Geneva Lockhart
Geneva Lockhart Månad sedan
" This is our baby'" Me: O.O .... 0:12
John dias
John dias Månad sedan
What if the helicopter lands on the blades touching the ground? Can it flip ?
mehmud 21 dag sedan
this is by far the most intelligent question i have seen in comments, didn't expect this
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
Thomas ferris
Thomas ferris Månad sedan
They should put windshield wipers on the solar panels so they can clear then off of dust
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@Thomas ferris Wipers are no longer necessary because these new rovers (Curiosity and Perseverance) doesn't use solar panels at all, they are nuclear 😉👍🏼
Thomas ferris
Thomas ferris Månad sedan
But now that they know their rovers are capable of going much longer wipers would be a very good thing to work into the design
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
Spirit and Opportunity were designed to last 90 days only. The dust wasn't a concern for such short life, so it wasn't a priority to get rid of it.
Smy D
Smy D Månad sedan
anyone else wondering how you're going make a propeller to work in 1% atmosphere without the tip going faster than the speed of sound, I need to run this past Thunderf00t because I smell "Funky Stuff"
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@Smy D Stay tuned. If all works as intended, it'll be tested around next February or March
Smy D
Smy D Månad sedan
@Zeen Daniels yeah ok bub, let me know when it works on mars, till then I will remain skeptical
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@Smy D That was to simulate the lower gravity on Mars. You need to pay a little more attention...
Smy D
Smy D Månad sedan
lets see it work without the fishing line holding it up lol
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
As you can see at 05:44, they did it... And it works.
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Månad sedan
So a 20 minute time delay for an object with a 2 minute flight capacity..impossible
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Månad sedan
@Zeen Daniels i'm an idiot
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
It won't be controlled in real time, it's autonomous.
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Månad sedan
rent a shill but you’d still need a continuous power source of some kind burning energy over such a distance
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Månad sedan
rent a shill You’re right I don’t and I say magic not in a sense to discredit anyone.
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Månad sedan
rent a shill also, you’d literally be done flying it here on earth in 2 minutes, and 18 minutes would then pass by the time it ever initially moved on Mars. Flying blind on a predetermined predictable path with such a lag would be impossible in my humble opinion..
Azib Hazim
Azib Hazim Månad sedan
I want this drone to take a picture of the Curiosity
giorgos galanos
giorgos galanos Månad sedan
Wasn't that of the lunar module a powered flight??
Fredrick Hawthorne
Fredrick Hawthorne Månad sedan
So is it on Mars now?
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
It's on its way. It'll arrive next February
Ryan Biggins
Ryan Biggins Månad sedan
disappointed. thought this said "first fight on another planet"
Aaron Richard
Aaron Richard Månad sedan
Will it work? Bets are on.
Brienna Asher
Brienna Asher Månad sedan
bakers trips
bakers trips Månad sedan
vik hellrider
vik hellrider Månad sedan
Boy: What is big, hard, and can only get shot upwards once a day? Teacher: Boy what in god's n- Boy: Why a Mars helicopter of course.
Thomas S. Iversen
Thomas S. Iversen Månad sedan
First Flight on Another Planet! - a modern love story amongst technicians.
Mang Moon
Mang Moon Månad sedan
How can you fly if there’s No Air ? 🙃
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@Mang Moon And that people have any evidence to back up their claims? Of course not. They are frustrated people with no education in science. Pay no attention to them 😉
Mang Moon
Mang Moon Månad sedan
@Zeen Daniels not everyone trust that a lot of people think it’s all done in studio like a movie So I don’t know the truth here!!
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@Mang Moon There are rovers on Mars right now... Satellites mapping the surface and taking readings of the atmosphere... There is air, it's a fact.
Mang Moon
Mang Moon Månad sedan
@Релёкс84 but still not sure 💯 so I’m guessing we should not live on the theory
Релёкс84 Månad sedan
@Mang Moon Clouds and storms on Mars are observable from Earth through telescopes.
08yallvon Månad sedan
smrt idea and genius engineering but it's too vonservative and thetefor kinda wastefull design. there is a better way to fly in atmosphere of mars...
Ein Google Name kann Exakt 100 Zeichen lang sein Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzzeichen füllen
Ein Google Name kann Exakt 100 Zeichen lang sein Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzzeichen füllen Månad sedan
But isnt the speed of sound effected by the surrounding pressure? In Vast space there is basically is no sound because the lack of atmosphere. Wouldnt that mean they could turn up the RPM higher because it is lower than .7 mach1? LMAO
Chance Dull
Chance Dull Månad sedan
we would be on mars right now if nasa had the military’s funding
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Månad sedan
As I was thinking they must use aerogels as insulation, feeling really pleased with myself for remembering the previous episode on this...Yeah, my smile fell away pretty quickly, oh well.
David Bosankoe
David Bosankoe Månad sedan
Balloons on Mars have also been considered
Vic Surname
Vic Surname Månad sedan
Lastima , no tiene subtitulos en español... : (
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
Hay una versión en español de este mismo video (o aprende inglés... Te serviría)
PuniSherOP Månad sedan
Imagine theres a ufo spotted on Earth & next the aliens blindly Try landing a spaceship on Earth... Same will happen to Martians soon...😂
Darpan Dahal
Darpan Dahal Månad sedan
Someone should create a score by spinning the blade of the helicopter at different gravity a/o speed
InTo ThE dArK
InTo ThE dArK Månad sedan
If it says NASA don’t believe it #freemasonBS.
Amenox 14 dagar sedan
Why they lying tho?
InTo ThE dArK
InTo ThE dArK Månad sedan
Zeen Daniels as if🙄 & you’re welcome.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
@InTo ThE dArK Yep... That's what I thought. Thanks
InTo ThE dArK
InTo ThE dArK Månad sedan
Zeen Daniels good luck with all that.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
And if it says ESA, Roscosmos, ISRO, CSA or CNSA can you believe it?
preslav jankov
preslav jankov Månad sedan
the more you know the more you fear but some day the fear will end
Rasmus Linnemann
Rasmus Linnemann Månad sedan
snipers unite
snipers unite Månad sedan
This thing sounds like an angry mechanical wasp why are we trying to scare the martians wtf nasa
Akash Månad sedan
Not developed by Drone Prathap 😂
Satyam stark
Satyam stark Månad sedan
2:41 I like how he had to give physical references for weight.(just adopt the metric system)
Jerry Yong
Jerry Yong Månad sedan
I couldn't help but notice that the helicopter seemed to have a lot of hinged joints and I recently watched your other video about how bent machines are better, so I was thinking, maybe they could achieve an even lighter helicopter if they made use of a bit (more) of compliant mechanisms?
Jdub Månad sedan
3:00 what the actual fawk!
Jackie Gan
Jackie Gan Månad sedan
I keep forgetting that it had launched already
Adnan Daghastanli
Adnan Daghastanli Månad sedan
That guy in the red shirt looks like he was those college guy that were always in parties, drinking beer and having a fun time, but were low-key geniuses, getting only straight As and job offers from JPL.
Breakout Trading
Breakout Trading Månad sedan
9:00 what movie?
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
The Martian
Star Light
Star Light Månad sedan
DJI could have build one of these for 50,000 dollars !!!!!
Akshay D G
Akshay D G Månad sedan
U asked one main question that could a probability that is what if it tips over???? What then?
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
It will stay that way. Simple
get to the Choppaa
get to the Choppaa Månad sedan
Are we Shure were allowed thier ? What happens if breaking the law of another race off this planet ?
get to the Choppaa
get to the Choppaa Månad sedan
@Fred Cink yuck sounds like a shitty👽🛸
Rune Wold
Rune Wold Månad sedan
Love how you had sound FX on the 08:07 3d flight render after talking about sound on Mars and the the second time it was gone 👍🏻🤗
Ms. Mural
Ms. Mural Månad sedan
When Aero gen is is too heavy for you.
Jason Ha
Jason Ha 2 månader sedan
6:04 They change the bitch on the blades. You bitch more it goes up, you bitch less it goes down.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels Månad sedan
Bitch? 🤭🤭
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts 2 månader sedan
NASA flexing on the commercial drone injury with that remote control signal range tho
Jovis Yout
Jovis Yout 2 månader sedan
I've said it before and gonna say it again. This is the best SVfrom content!!!!
C R 2 månader sedan
Is the speed of sound the same on Mars? Maybe that's a dumb question. I'm not sure if it would be different because the air is so thin.
C R 2 månader sedan
@Zeen Daniels I hope the scientists remembered to account for that. When he talked about making sure the rotors did not break the sound barrier. Imagine the mission failing because they used the wrong number to calculate with.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 2 månader sedan
It's different (slower)
ZodiacCowboy 2 månader sedan
We have just research drone fascination
Science Gone Wild
Science Gone Wild 2 månader sedan
Chinese knockoffs available on Aliexpress next year
Anindita G Sadewa
Anindita G Sadewa 2 månader sedan
Where The realtime Mars Surface ? LOL. Just blinded by science 🤣
Rayyan Uddin
Rayyan Uddin 2 månader sedan
1:10 Nobody: My brain: That's an Indian accent
ARCHOCK ENCANTO 2 dagar sedan
His last name is literally Balaram बलराम so... Obviously.
Sebastian dela Cruz
Sebastian dela Cruz 2 månader sedan
Its amazing how much nasa has accomplished with only 20 billion dollars a year :/ now imagine if it had the budget of the us military.
Grand S
Grand S 2 månader sedan
They should send one or two astronauts then the helicopters can fly realtime. I would volunteer
Jobin Raju
Jobin Raju 2 månader sedan
Instead of sending so many rolling sloth robots NASA could have send one good size flying quadcopter with adequate flight time that can land on diffrent points to collect samples+ , after that send the sloths to the areas based on samples.The mission could have finished in few years and you could have scanned and analysed the entire planet by now. Its not how many time you go ,it's what you get .
Jobin Raju
Jobin Raju Månad sedan
@Craton he also said in future large airborne machines will be send.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 2 månader sedan
@Jobin Raju If just the money wasn't an obstacle... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jobin Raju
Jobin Raju 2 månader sedan
@Zeen Daniels it's a big challenge but with our current technology there are many ways.
Jobin Raju
Jobin Raju 2 månader sedan
Plz,If they could send a car sized rover .They could send a sufficient sized quadcopter with equipments to do the basic scan and analysis, mapping, close up images, 3d scans and then send the rovers to the apt location .our current technology is sufficent to do all this and above all they are only starting to check the flight option now.
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels 2 månader sedan
Didn't you watch the video? It's not as easy as you think to get something airborne on Mars... It's a big challenge
Kemarri Lawson
Kemarri Lawson 2 månader sedan
POV your teacher told you to watch this video and to do a google form? :(
Shape the future Tech
Shape the future Tech 2 månader sedan
So in this team, there are 3 members maybe from 3 different countries, USA, China and India.
yasir osman
yasir osman 2 månader sedan
I love it how they speak as the machine, saying, we are going to be stowed in the machine . They literally put their heart and minds in it. Another crazy video .
James Gregoric
James Gregoric 2 månader sedan
Is the Martian atmosphere to thin for a balloon?
keep itsteel
keep itsteel 2 månader sedan
They should have gone with a different shaped box to deflect wind away evenly or even vent it downwards and invert the thrust somehow..that things gonna blow over the first storm it comes into contact with
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