Fire in ZERO-G!!

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In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results.
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Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Nick Luchsinger, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen
The zero-g plane allows for a lot of experiments to be conducted without the expense of getting equipment into orbit. Apparently 80% of microgravity research can be performed in a zero-gravity plane, which is much cheaper than going to space. The flame from the lighter seemed much lazier in zero-g because without weight there is no buoyant force and therefore no convection. This makes the process of combustion more challenging because it's difficult for oxygen to reach the fuel.
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Khaled Gomaa
Khaled Gomaa 29 minuter sedan
I wish I could try that
David Rew
David Rew 31 minut sedan
this video made me nauseuous
ChrisFlares 2 timmar sedan
Get a dumbell and lift it in Zero-G I wish you can notice this comment.
Max 2 timmar sedan
Fire : 4:13
Forever Alpha
Forever Alpha 4 timmar sedan
*Mrbeast* - last one to leave 0g gets 10K
Adam Rafique Akmal Mansor
Adam Rafique Akmal Mansor 7 timmar sedan
Arun M R
Arun M R 7 timmar sedan
They have :Hyper g & zero g We have : modiji 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Nabhan 16 timmar sedan
The time we hate gravity
I am Dan
I am Dan 22 timmar sedan
Кто бы ни читал этот комментарий, знай, что *ГОСПОДЬ ИИСУС ХРИСТОС ЛЮБИТ ТЕБЯ!* Whoever reads this comment, know that *LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU!*
SANKET JADHAV 23 timmar sedan
Salute the talent of the pilot
Yaw Bass
Yaw Bass 23 timmar sedan
Wow i wiss to do same one day😍
Crazy Nintendo Guy
Crazy Nintendo Guy Dag sedan
Why are u like mark robers younger brother u smart like him and look like him
PHIL TV Dag sedan
I'd do a backflip
Factobia 2 dagar sedan
Ace wavilind
Ace wavilind 2 dagar sedan
Looks like fun
홍배근 2 dagar sedan
Is it only me that noticed that in 2:53, there was the octopus doll from vsauce?
Annapurna Sharma
Annapurna Sharma 2 dagar sedan
2:08 it fells like I'm lying on you Not like that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎
Terence Angelo
Terence Angelo 2 dagar sedan
I looked it up and I realized it take half of my current tuition to experience this.
Hari Krish
Hari Krish 3 dagar sedan
Only 1 doubt what about pilots
BAT man
BAT man 3 dagar sedan
Struggling to stand up Meanwhile cameraman- standing easily with a camera
Okajn Bsbs
Okajn Bsbs 3 dagar sedan
Whats the price ???? I want to go there
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 4 dagar sedan
Awesome! Though I'm disappointed you didn't include the footage where you kicked me in the head. Or when you flew backwards into a net because you pushed me across the plane. 7.47/10. But the slinky and flame look fantastic! Hoping to join you again on a Zero G flight soon. Paging e-penser...
kyle balingit
kyle balingit 4 dagar sedan
THE FIRE..... loooks like a capsule retutning back too earth....
Srizan Prime
Srizan Prime 5 dagar sedan
1:54 She's so beautiful.
Peter Lindner
Peter Lindner 5 dagar sedan
Flame at 3:36
super anime
super anime 5 dagar sedan
I want to train in 400g
Srihari Devalla
Srihari Devalla 6 dagar sedan
I skipped my physics class to watch this But this is better than my physics class 😂
alebo lebo
alebo lebo 6 dagar sedan
fake G
Jolli hotdog
Jolli hotdog 7 dagar sedan
3:15 bonked!!
Silzz YT
Silzz YT 7 dagar sedan
So is all the alarms going off?
sweety heart
sweety heart 7 dagar sedan
Fire in a plane 😱
Mian Abdul Rahman Madani
Mian Abdul Rahman Madani 8 dagar sedan
4:50 did you feel monkey thing
Tremaine Jackson
Tremaine Jackson 8 dagar sedan
i didn`t know what he was saying but it sounded smart
emmy fox
emmy fox 9 dagar sedan
so cool I wad love to do that but it is so expensiv
lazzu 9 dagar sedan
$10,000 ticket
Joseph Cabrera
Joseph Cabrera 9 dagar sedan
If did this, I would bring a red lightsaber, say “it’s treason then” and do a spin jump
Jake Abernathy
Jake Abernathy 9 dagar sedan
Who's filming the plane ? I mean, in the air
zach Sanders
zach Sanders 10 dagar sedan
Lol candel
PSR Charan
PSR Charan 11 dagar sedan
1:34 "....and it makes standing very difficult" *kneels down _aarrrrghhhhh_ Cameraman: * continues to shoot standing perfectly normal
Frank Hughes
Frank Hughes 11 dagar sedan
scientists act like kids when they are excited 😁
McDylanNuggets 11 dagar sedan
Can't believe you didn't turn the lighter sideways to show that the fuel is what is forming the shape.
How yu maintain zero gravity in plane?
Jeff bolt
Jeff bolt 12 dagar sedan
Someone explain this to me. How can you have 0 gravity on Earth? How!!!!!!!
JB-Vids 12 dagar sedan
Ok vsauce
Engr. Anjon
Engr. Anjon 13 dagar sedan
03:14 BONK
Alexis 14 dagar sedan
Oh wow a flame 🔥 grows n shrinks oh woooow ...yea neil Armstrong might be laughing if gets to see this... we might be saying we went to the moon work our a$$es off people died trying to achieve something for America and nowadays some people waste their time
VØIĐ ZERØ 13 dagar sedan
uhh i think this is useful, could be used for training purposes and we could also learn about how things would work in zero g without going to space and without costing that much I mean if we have to learn about how stuff work in zero g, it would be better to learn about it in a place where it's zero g so yeah..... and base on what i have seen so far in this video, idk if i'm right but isn't this a normal plane without the seats? i think it's the pilot skillfully piloting this so it would work like that.
Alexis 14 dagar sedan
This is what nowadays “Engineers” and morons do ...use their focus on stuff that we already know..real Engineers in the 60’s were trying to put america first and go to the moon reach the unreachable nowadays just bunch of morons honestly.
Art World
Art World 14 dagar sedan
i wish i could also be weight lesss for some time
Aden Racho
Aden Racho 14 dagar sedan
Aden Racho
Aden Racho 14 dagar sedan
TNS 15 dagar sedan
When grown people are playing...😀
SwissBassguy 15 dagar sedan
I wouldeve jump to the sealing then the ground and again
NorCalSaint 15 dagar sedan
Why would the combustion be not as good at zero G? @4:50 Isn't the smoke just from the flame touching the lighter?
Jiří Lollek
Jiří Lollek 16 dagar sedan
I thought it will be more like event horizon
Denver Gonazales
Denver Gonazales 16 dagar sedan
3:14 my man has a T H I C C booty tho
* GachaAnarchy *
* GachaAnarchy * 16 dagar sedan
My inner pyro maniac has surfaced seeing this title
RiseAndShineMrFriMan 16 dagar sedan
3:17 Sneaky 0G ninja-move
Rihito Kimura
Rihito Kimura 16 dagar sedan
People not knowing about this plane: *looks up Wut👁👄👁
Mello Jello
Mello Jello 16 dagar sedan
Luuk Pahlplatz
Luuk Pahlplatz 16 dagar sedan
Omg nooo its sooooo expensive its 6 tp 8.000 dollars
Rob L
Rob L 17 dagar sedan
Why is it called Zero-G? There is no such thing. Gravity is everywhere.
Rob L
Rob L 12 dagar sedan
@VØIĐ ZERØ Ahh yes, it does say weightless (which isn't the same as zero-G). It will be confusing to people who don't know physics, because they will think they are experienceing zero-G, which they are not. They are experiencing weighlessness, which is completely different.
VØIĐ ZERØ 13 dagar sedan
@Rob L yeah i know but what i meant is search it on google to find why is it called zero gravity. It's probably there somewhere
Rob L
Rob L 13 dagar sedan
@VØIĐ ZERØ I mean there is no such thing as Zero Gravity.
VØIĐ ZERØ 13 dagar sedan
search it on google. it's literally there
277 353
277 353 18 dagar sedan
How many for the ticket?
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 18 dagar sedan
Who's the cute brunette?
NatoHoro 19 dagar sedan
I'm so unlucky that if i ever went to the vomit comet, the plane would crash.
jrbd oebd
jrbd oebd 19 dagar sedan
Just go inside an elevator and cut the rope. Same experience.
FMTBK 19 dagar sedan
Unicon 19 dagar sedan
I would throw everyone at the walls
Aeri Myeon
Aeri Myeon 21 dag sedan
the pilot is awesome
Esmeralda Khufra
Esmeralda Khufra 21 dag sedan
Christmas Morning ❤️ ❄️
Miguel V
Miguel V 22 dagar sedan
3:17 Superhero landing!
sanchana krishmal
sanchana krishmal 22 dagar sedan
You lucky 😎
STA Shiven
STA Shiven 22 dagar sedan
2:06 It feels like someone is laying on me and I like it Lets think about that for a second
ARCHOCK ENCANTO 3 dagar sedan
"Not like that"
Saai Sudarsanan D
Saai Sudarsanan D 22 dagar sedan
Le me *afraid to take a normal flight ride*
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 22 dagar sedan
magic of zero gravity ... enjoyed the video thanks for uploading such a great experimental video
grogle vlogs now
grogle vlogs now 23 dagar sedan
how can he afford 5000 $ in these flights i know he has sponsers but still i wouldent want to do that if i was sponsering him
Samuel Gega
Samuel Gega 23 dagar sedan
Tried the same experiment but throwing a botlle on a trampoline and it was wightless and i jumped with it amd kicked it
W3iRd GaM3R
W3iRd GaM3R 23 dagar sedan
Am feeling high after watching this
A Giraffe
A Giraffe 23 dagar sedan
I can just do that in the water. Smh smh
Luca Rosato
Luca Rosato 23 dagar sedan
Insert Duck Tales moon theme here
anjum fareed
anjum fareed 24 dagar sedan
nothing happened to the camera crew tho
Hugo Levesque
Hugo Levesque 24 dagar sedan
Really loved the video and the flame experiments got my brain overheating... Is Zero G really Zero G? Or is it traces of gravity (or even gravities)? Trying to understand if the term is an oversimplification. From what I can understand, the sun pulls 28 G and makes our solar system possible. I guess the reason why humans stay on earth and don't get pulled by gravity into the sun is because of earth's gravity. I also understand that everything that has mass has its gravitational field. But where I am not sure I understand the concept, is the relationship if the sun's gravity in this "tug war". Why the sun does not have an effect on me if I am in Zero G? Is it "my" mass? At what point am I in Zero G in space? If I am between venus and earth, am I impacted by any of those planet's gravity? Do I need to have a bigger mass in order to "feel" the pull? So I guess I should ask at what point I am in Zero G and if mass my mass matter... Is everything in our universe is "pulled" by something? Our planet gravitate the sun, our solar system gravitates in the milky way and I have to imagine that galaxies gravitates too in some ways and who knows is there is something even bigger... I guess I should try to search and find out but it seems like topic way too complex to digest for me.
Nathanael Hahn
Nathanael Hahn 24 dagar sedan
2:06 smooth
Bar2'sChannel 25 dagar sedan
Yo, it was just clickbait
Bam Bam 444
Bam Bam 444 25 dagar sedan
Cause of crash: Pilot impaled by rogue slinky
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 26 dagar sedan
magic of zero gravity ... enjoyed the video thanks for uploading such a great experimental video
Jakub Indra
Jakub Indra 3 dagar sedan
@Mohamed Bakayoko well, Einstein's theory of relativity says that it is possible. For example 'white hole'. It's just hypothesis so don't take it like truth
Rob L
Rob L 7 dagar sedan
@Mohamed Bakayoko Gravity is just a laymans word for the curvature of space-time.
Mohamed Bakayoko
Mohamed Bakayoko 8 dagar sedan
@Rob L wait does negative gravity exist
1000k 8 dagar sedan Wow Awesome
Rob L
Rob L 17 dagar sedan
It's not zero gravity (that does not exist), it's weightlessness.
yurikolovsky 26 dagar sedan
Now for only $6300 +5% tax per person!
Sloshed 4 Life
Sloshed 4 Life 26 dagar sedan
I wouldn’t trust a pilot to do that you got balls
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 26 dagar sedan
Gravity was discovered 1687 People before 1687:
Henna Begum
Henna Begum 27 dagar sedan
No one: Absolutely no one: Camera about to get hit with a slinky
Ruth Less389
Ruth Less389 27 dagar sedan
They acted like kids in this video. 3:18 My man even did a ninja Moves XD
Jewel Dimapilis
Jewel Dimapilis 27 dagar sedan
Merojjon Zokirov
Merojjon Zokirov 27 dagar sedan
This mans got some slinky skills
Noelia Spinka
Noelia Spinka 27 dagar sedan
who else wants to experience this?! - rs
Sci-Talker's 28 dagar sedan
Again camera man is lucky
Mysterious Boiii
Mysterious Boiii 28 dagar sedan
Were you in space?
Kenzy 29 dagar sedan
Man:explains g forces scientifically Also man:calls an lighter a candle
Alan Caye
Alan Caye 29 dagar sedan
I came for the science and state for physics girl. Such a pretty lady.
Top World Talent
Top World Talent 29 dagar sedan
Lindsay Alvarez
Lindsay Alvarez Månad sedan
Dinnub Månad sedan
Putain Bruce de E-penser est dans la vidéo ! XD Nice vidéo by the way
What weightlessness feels like on Zero-G planes
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