FBI arrests Nashville zip-tie suspect from assault on U.S. Capitol

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NewsChannel 5

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A self-described "hidden patriot" from Nashville, outed on social media as a rioter who invaded the U.S. Senate chambers Wednesday with a weapon and zip-tie handcuffs, was arrested Sunday on federal charges, NewsChannel 5 has learned.

Z Was Here
Z Was Here 2 minuter sedan
Trump Trash is the result of inbreeding
kevin l
kevin l 4 minuter sedan
Maybe those were for his balls
Nune Lazos
Nune Lazos 8 minuter sedan
I love happy endings Fuck that guy
DrM'r Of ThE pAsT
DrM'r Of ThE pAsT 10 minuter sedan
Trumpers are so stupid, they couldn't even be successful criminals at stealing bubblegum from Walmart LOL
Rusty Clark
Rusty Clark 16 minuter sedan
ok, don't care what his story is, don't care if he was brainwashed or is learning disabled, don't care what his mommy says.
ABDULAZIZ ALI 16 minuter sedan
Even boot lickers are sick of the thin blue line gang tyranny
Og Dlad
Og Dlad 17 minuter sedan
The FBI are totally corrupt. Anyone with even half a brain knows that.
ABDULAZIZ ALI 17 minuter sedan
They killed a cop while holding the thin blue line gang flag 😂
Bolle Gamer
Bolle Gamer 18 minuter sedan
"It's our house, we built that." That house is older than anyone present at that riot..
JustCallMeViv 22 minuter sedan
Was that his lady?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 24 minuter sedan
Antifa broke windows and set fires. Trump supporters were waved inside and they walked around. You media fucks are the true enemy along with the deep state.
DeeDee Dailey
DeeDee Dailey 25 minuter sedan
Thank you.GET Them all ASAP.
DeeDee Dailey
DeeDee Dailey 27 minuter sedan
Thank you to all great American of the LAWS to get Those bad Animals.
MrJMV62 32 minuter sedan
Wow FBI moved pretty fast where were they when the Dems were looting and burning down our cities around the country?
John Davis
John Davis 35 minuter sedan
Want another civil war? Well, we'll see how long this civil war lasts when tactical nukes are used on your asses! 💥 Boom 💥! ☠
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 40 minuter sedan
..........haha...don't you find that guy's outfit suspiciously convenient for the media's narrative? How many of these "terrorists" have already been identified as "not" Trump supporters and were already documented as supporters of "something else"?....surely more than enough to raise some eyebrows. Have we all seen the video of the DC Police removing the barricades and WAVING protester's forward? or heard of THE "SUICIDE" ....ETC.....ETC..........No matter your politics...this was fishy AF....and it's getting fishier every day that passes. Do you really want your kids to grow up in a world run by these people?
SamSon view
SamSon view 42 minuter sedan
that big bertha is his wife Mom and little sister
David Labay
David Labay 43 minuter sedan
Simply Gem
Simply Gem 45 minuter sedan
These are some dumb people 🤦🏾‍♀️
Vees_ newLife
Vees_ newLife 56 minuter sedan
Ryan Shuman
Ryan Shuman Timme sedan
Why is it so important to keep bringing up black rifle coffee? They are veterans that make good coffee, or did I miss something where they came out to support this stupidity?
Way2RealGaming Timme sedan
Lock Em all up! Delusional asshats! Just like their orange faced cult leader! I wanna see the look on all their faces when they realize they were actually lied to by their cult leader! That coward Trump is not getting locked up over this shit when he was the one who incited the riot! And your coward leader left you idiots out to hang! He literally separated himself a few days later! That's your coward leader doing what he does best, blame everyone else and admit no wrongdoing! Then throw everyone under the bus because at the current moment he is untouchable! You will eventually get to share a cell with your leader, just a matter of time! Hope a slew of charges come forward after the inauguration!!
Cameron Rudolph
Cameron Rudolph Timme sedan
This "man" doesn't deserve to see the light of day for a long time. Throw away the key 🤷‍♂️
It’syagirlAshley TV
It’syagirlAshley TV Timme sedan
“We disagree with it”.... that’s it?
Booker Wtight
Booker Wtight Timme sedan
Yo it dont matter if bough in or not he had them to one thing with them snd that to us them on one of our Congress people bottom line send his away for long time...and hope the punk drop the soap
1kaaa Timme sedan
Play stupid games...
WafflingWallet2020 Timme sedan
Actually, it wasnt because people banded together on Social media find this man. This was because FBI found this unidenified woman is actually his mother when being photographed and found him living in his mother's house. Embassment, isn't it?
Louise Mast
Louise Mast Timme sedan
These idiots keep saying it is their house well guess what it's my house too and it's everybody's house in this country that has paid taxes to keep it up. I'm 71 years old it's been my house a hell of a lot longer than it's been these idiots house and I resent everything they stand for because they do not stand for the flag for the country or for democracy
Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook Timme sedan
Dont fuck with cats part 2
todd3205 Timme sedan
You spoiled brat bastard. Take a look at history. Compared to most of it, you live like a king, but the crap you utter is a whiny plea for someone to think you are wise. You take advantage of everything offered to you by America (much of it courtesy of LIBS) You need attention. You wanted attention (even though you HID your identity) and you got it.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Timme sedan
The zip ties alone should be enough to prove kidnapping or hostage taking? There’s no rational explanation as to why he would be carrying zip ties for any other reason.
Jimmy Gonzales
Jimmy Gonzales Timme sedan
Enjoy your time in prison dumbass.
crystalidx Timme sedan
A threat to democracy, what a shame they are.
Lenny Marks
Lenny Marks Timme sedan
You liberals here are stupid if you don’t see what is happening. Freedom of speech will be taken from you as well in the future !
Lenny Marks
Lenny Marks Timme sedan
That was Not a riot. The riots were in the streets across the country with BLM and Antifa ! You News morons don’t think they are riots either !
elliot fuselier
elliot fuselier Timme sedan
I guess blue lives don’t matter. This guy is deplorable and unpatriotic
Desmond Tiny
Desmond Tiny Timme sedan
So i'm assuming they aren't gonna be executing all these domestic terrorists?
PeaceLoveAndRico Timme sedan
whoooooo some of these huhwhite sups are adorable... but those temper tantrums need checked.
gary funderburk
gary funderburk Timme sedan
WoW. Police smiled and sat back while they walked in. They all should be fired and never get a badge again. Sentence them just like those terrorist.
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards Timme sedan
Passing police who offer no resistance??
Sassy Gal
Sassy Gal Timme sedan
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 2 timmar sedan
Jerry Jerry Jerry
Tom So
Tom So 2 timmar sedan
didn't slaves build the Capital.... and everything else.
mike robinson
mike robinson 2 timmar sedan
some of these people can barely walk, what the heck
Larry Farris
Larry Farris 2 timmar sedan
So these guys are going to be charged basically with trespass and disturbing the peace? Seems like fairly minor offenses for all the hubbub.
D Netz
D Netz 2 timmar sedan
Root these traitors out and prosecute to the max
Adam Bockarie
Adam Bockarie 2 timmar sedan
In 4K
Mike J.
Mike J. 2 timmar sedan
MyKingdomForanRV 2 timmar sedan
He is cute, guys will have a lot of fun with him in prison, good luck.
Yejide Eshe
Yejide Eshe 2 timmar sedan
And for the record, AFRICAN AMERICAN CAPTIVES aka "slaves" built the Capitol, so you can keep that "we built that" crap to fertilize your garden. www.archives.gov/press/press-releases/2001/nr01-30.html
Fishing Fisherman
Fishing Fisherman 2 timmar sedan
It's great that american men will still answer the call of help from the authority above, but I don't think
Somebody Something
Somebody Something 2 timmar sedan
These computer sleuths are incredible. He had to be one of the more difficult ones to identify. I'm waiting to see if they get the lady with the bullhorn.
Kelly Burket
Kelly Burket 2 timmar sedan
Lock this anti-American traitor up!!!
Lost Opponents
Lost Opponents 2 timmar sedan
Dumb as a box of rocks.
Vidalion 2 timmar sedan
Yeah, because nothing says “peaceful protest” like a pseudo-militia cosplay outfit and hand-cuffs. Traitor. Glad so many were dumb enough to post videos of themselves committing crimes, wear their work IDs, shout out their names, etc.
Joe Black
Joe Black 2 timmar sedan
This man must go to jail , if he got to our leaders they would have hurt some one . 20 years. In prison.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 2 timmar sedan
Funny they keep mentioning black rifle coffee when that company donated money to the obama campaign.
Iapologise TU
Iapologise TU 2 timmar sedan
Clown. The people that brings down the country never done anything to build up the country.
Janaka Goonasekera
Janaka Goonasekera 2 timmar sedan
These washed up, broke ass, mediocre, dead end losers.
Clem Kadiddlehopper
Clem Kadiddlehopper 2 timmar sedan
MAGA = My Ass Got Arrested
Matthew Do
Matthew Do 2 timmar sedan
I'm so glad he's arrested. Americans can have good rest tonight. Let's see if Trump will pardon his "patriots"
Fred Smith
Fred Smith 2 timmar sedan
Bury him UNDER the PRISON
archon575 2 timmar sedan
It must be time for Nancy to scoop up and reward these people for their impeccable, perfect timing to scare and stop the electoral college from looking at the fraud.
James Cauley
James Cauley 2 timmar sedan
I dont think this particular group of people understand the irony of their beliefs and actions or the fact they are in a cult.
T H 2 timmar sedan
Hell yeah he can go to jail forever too, clearly he was trying to kidnap people probably he got some history we don’t know about
Mel Elgin
Mel Elgin 2 timmar sedan
Stolen or given?
Geoff Devore
Geoff Devore 3 timmar sedan
Fuck the Allies!# . The only reason the allies won WW2 was because they heavily outnumbered the Germans. Go figure, if you outnumber the enemy by a 4 to 1 margin of course the odds are in your favor of winning!!
Gods Grace
Gods Grace 3 timmar sedan
The COWARD orange man set his supporters up and then called the national guard on them 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Lisa Ruth
Lisa Ruth 3 timmar sedan
He stormed the Capitol with his mommy
PokerMan 3 timmar sedan
all these people are so stupid.
Lance Wilson
Lance Wilson 3 timmar sedan
I would be willing to bet that these idiots would have gladly placed a explosive vest on themselves for this con man
Gabriel Whitting
Gabriel Whitting 3 timmar sedan
Send all these domestic terrorists to Guantanamo Bay
slimer 84
slimer 84 3 timmar sedan
Just to be clear his mother is also his sister
buttafan 3 timmar sedan
1:32 "We built that!" - But I eventually found out for myself that the capital and white house were built by decedents of African american slaves. The Dallas Texas school board's selection of history books to use as curriculum, is followed by the rest of this nation. I bet there were many copies of the same 1964 edition of the history book I read from in the 4th grade, stored within the Texas school book depository on November 22, 1963. A live radio news flash about the JFK Deep State Execution, over the car AM radio, interrupting the pre-game warm up, while in route to a Rams game at the LA Coliseum ... is my earliest political memory. We just turned the car around and went home. I think it's time for US to turn this car around. General Strike!
IQ Boats
IQ Boats 3 timmar sedan
Dave Wil
Dave Wil 3 timmar sedan
A cop died every last one of them should be charged with murder not misdemeanor!!! Wtf wrong with the country if it was BLM ppl will get life!!! Treat them proud boys the same way hell no
Marc Upp
Marc Upp 3 timmar sedan
Imagine making militance a facet of your personality because you need validation and identity sooo bad. Sad.
Fourth Dimension
Fourth Dimension 3 timmar sedan
I’m sure the officers did not take an oath to just stand there 🧐
Saint Levy
Saint Levy 3 timmar sedan
Oh PB would make great snacks for prison
Ely Novas
Ely Novas 3 timmar sedan
That's a funny thumbnail
Big Blue Blanket
Big Blue Blanket 3 timmar sedan
Fascist Nutcase! Lock him up.
Kristina Winter
Kristina Winter 3 timmar sedan
What an utter fool
jeff mentzer
jeff mentzer 3 timmar sedan
so social media is doing the job of police now??
MIKE BONES 3 timmar sedan
Tom Brady is more a Patriot then this piece of 💩
labuan73@gmail.com Labuan73
labuan73@gmail.com Labuan73 3 timmar sedan
Goooo war war war
Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson 3 timmar sedan
As an Air Force veteran, anyone who serves or used to serve who participated in the Capitol attack has disgraced themselves, the uniform and their service to this country. I also believe that all veterans who were there should be stripped of all there military benefits and given retroactive dishonorable discharges because they deliberately violated the oath they took to Defend the Constitution.
Gary InMarz
Gary InMarz 3 timmar sedan
Everyone is a cowboy, an intellectual and a cool bro on social med until orange jumpsuits is all you wear.
vincent maldon
vincent maldon 3 timmar sedan
Trump: 'Never heard of him' Melania: 'I don't care, do you?'
strike lee
strike lee 3 timmar sedan
This is just too funny. Does these people really think that their all and mighty leader trump is going to pardon them now? 😂😂😂 And to the "This is my house" guy. Hmm, I'm wondering how he'd like it if random stranger shows up at his house unexpectedly and started breaking and destroying his property. I'm sure he wouldn't like it much. Lol
Ross- A -Roni
Ross- A -Roni 3 timmar sedan
That thumbnail... That photo screams _douchebag._
hamiE63 M
hamiE63 M 4 timmar sedan
"somebody that drives you toward not being unified.." You mean like the most divisive ass clown of a president?
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 4 timmar sedan
Looks chaotic! Totally newsworthy!
Jason 4 timmar sedan
vincent Carter
vincent Carter 4 timmar sedan
This bitch is a bartender? Shyt, he might not never be able to raise bail. Broke bastard....😂
Sound Offense
Sound Offense 4 timmar sedan
"we paid for that, we build that" says the grade A loser, you didnt build shit you maga hillbilly
Jamie Sanchez
Jamie Sanchez 4 timmar sedan
Treasonous Racist traitors. Ausmerzen All...
Joel Ibarra
Joel Ibarra 4 timmar sedan
These people are the kkk prison time
Orlando Wells
Orlando Wells 4 timmar sedan
I think the Capitol Police should have been arrested as-well buy not doing their jobs to protect and serve this country by letting these types of ppl in the US Capitol building with weapons OMG, SMH🤦
A CHICANO’s OPINION 4 timmar sedan
Well ALT RIGHT glad he’s where he belongs...
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 4 timmar sedan
I love this dude
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