FAMILY HAIRCUT PRANK (she’s furious! 😡)

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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#300 We're back in our groove in the Caribbean. Riley has been loving life so much he keeps forgetting to take the camera! We have had a mask with a gopro attachment sent to us but it was re-packaged at least 4-5 times chasing us around the world.. Hopefully the dream of having packages delivered by drone can be a reality soon!
And those bangs? I'm sorry but you may need to look away, some may find this disturbing...... haha!
Song Credits:
00:00 - 00:10 Out To The World - A Journalist's Dream (
00:11 - 01:13 Roy Williams - Abington Heights (
01:20 - 03:11 Michael Dunstan - WFS
03:12 - 05:18 Axel Thesleff - You Said
05:19 - 05:30 Redeemin' - All I Want is a Condo In Lapa (
05:31 - 06:28 Axel Thesleff - You Said
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13:43 - 15:50 Drop Legs - Vices
16:19 - 17:13 Casual Vice - Something in the Water
17:17 - 19:26 Jack and the Weatherman - Free (Instrumental)
19:28 - 21:32 Redeemin' - All I Want is a Condo In Lapa (
21:39 - 21:46 Nathan Welch - Felicidad
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 23 dagar sedan
Funny to see everyones comments on the bangs. Thanks for watching and thanks to our Patrons for keeping this quiet for the last week!!! Interested to see more from us? Check out our Patreon page here: Join our Patreon Crew for LIVE broadcasts, exclusive content and other cool perks!
In The Life of The Escott Famliy
In The Life of The Escott Famliy 16 dagar sedan
@Sailing La Vagabonde q
Dondi McNeil
Dondi McNeil 18 dagar sedan
Yoo! You have a video of someone talking to this black/Hebrew guy with a long beard that look like dreadlocks/Locs/etc. do you have a link to that footage or the guys name IG Pinterest
Cole M
Cole M 19 dagar sedan
British Virgin Islands for the birth.
SnowFlake 20 dagar sedan
Riley is like a He-man (Fictional superhero): img.svfrom.infoFR7wOGyAzpw/0.jpg Good one, nicely done!
Daniel Melton
Daniel Melton 2 timmar sedan
Like sherry said, "disturbing", is spot on for the man bangs. Ha!
Daniel Melton
Daniel Melton 3 timmar sedan
"Sherry", Ha!
mia barclay
mia barclay 17 timmar sedan
wow!! lenny got so big, he is so handsome!! yall are a cute family, you really inspire me.
captain P
captain P Dag sedan
@sailing la Vagabonde REALLY like when you give some technical stuff about how to SAIL.... i want to sail one day, and i do not have any knowledge on HOW TO.... but i'll learn one day before i go Sailing... and your little technical points, give me a heads up on how it is. just wanted to point out, that i really like it when you give a little inside on the sailing techniques.
Jase Dag sedan
I think you are both too young to remember the Importance of this Vagabonde hair cut style in Australian Culture. It's been around for decades and it's most important from us in the 80's and from someone who wrote the true Australian National anthem. You know who i'm talking about..... Tell me i'm Wrong...
The Invincible Soldier
The Invincible Soldier Dag sedan
You guys are the best. So funny and creative and your channel brings so much joy and laughter into my days. Thanks a million Riley & Elaina.
Dreyk Blue
Dreyk Blue 2 dagar sedan
Suzanne Hamilton
Suzanne Hamilton 2 dagar sedan
OMG - Im dying laughing !! Its so weird how they call them bangs in the US. In Australia it's a Fringe. So in the US you can get banged up and in Oz you can get a fringe up ya. xxx
Brad Kvanbek
Brad Kvanbek 2 dagar sedan
Since you guys brought it up. I don't like bangs, Elayna I liked your old hair style better.
Capable Woman
Capable Woman 2 dagar sedan
You didn’t cook the claws?
Albert Wayenberg
Albert Wayenberg 3 dagar sedan
Hahaha 😂😂 looks like Sonny Bono.
funnyglow 3 dagar sedan
Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Sokarev 3 dagar sedan
Cory 3 dagar sedan
So hilarious!
Cory 3 dagar sedan
Thank you Audible for working with these fine humans!
Cory 3 dagar sedan
OMG sooooooooo funny
Daymon Pascual
Daymon Pascual 4 dagar sedan
OMG, that's a good prank, Lenny's face is priceless.
LeCabron 6 dagar sedan
guys . priceless 😂😂😂 love you and your harmony
Eddie I
Eddie I 6 dagar sedan
The guitar pic with the new haircut was hilarious. Nice
Einstein 6 dagar sedan
😂John Lennon is re born!
Nathan Householder
Nathan Householder 7 dagar sedan
That was the best ending to a SVfrom video I've ever seen.
DENIS MCGEE 8 dagar sedan
Lobster "antlers" :)🤣😂🤣👍
Tim Gay
Tim Gay 8 dagar sedan
I loved the blah blah blah bit.. thanks Riley. Maybe you need a better finer fuel filter on your outboard fuel tank Riley? I think your fringe is hilarious Riley, Sorry Elayna but it's a bit of fun.. enjoy those moments.
Richard Peck
Richard Peck 10 dagar sedan
Most I've SLV laughed ever - well played mate, well played indeed!!
Autumn 10 dagar sedan
Never heard of bangs before, we call it a fringe ~ either way, a fringe drives me crazy and I’ve finally remembered that so keep away from fringes from now on
Peter Leaviss
Peter Leaviss 11 dagar sedan
Gold 😂
Carol Giordano
Carol Giordano 11 dagar sedan
Keep a closer eye on your precious little boy!
HaveFunx10 11 dagar sedan
Haha, watching your video at the library - someone leaned over my shoulder and commented, "Those two need to lose those bangs immediately"...I thinks that are right!
C. Lyttle
C. Lyttle 12 dagar sedan
I loved your recklessness and daring when assailing your hair. Nothing timid in your approach. A real he-man that gets great results. A great look that appeals.
agc812 12 dagar sedan
Audible is great. Currently, I’m listening to Erebus, by Michael Palin.
Marta Ka
Marta Ka 12 dagar sedan
Riley looks legit like Lord Farquaad.
Howee 12 dagar sedan
Loved the get banged hahaha. What’s the go with the current boat? And the new boat? I’ve only recently started watching. Also if your ever in brisbane and you need any trimming / upholstery done let me know :)
Howee 12 dagar sedan
Also I’m diggin the hair Riley haha
Ken a
Ken a 12 dagar sedan
For some reason I thought Riley looked like Sonny Bono or looks like Sonny Bono but I'm american so what do I know...
Saga Nilsson
Saga Nilsson 12 dagar sedan
Been laughing so hard! Thank you for being wonderful!
Scott Harrington
Scott Harrington 12 dagar sedan
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton 12 dagar sedan
robsfooty 12 dagar sedan
So damn funny. Riley, that is gold mate!
mitch katz
mitch katz 12 dagar sedan
what was swimming in the water - was that a dolphin? do you guys see whales on your journeys. several you tube videos show them inadvertaintly coming up close to boats. I would be very nervous if it should happen while out at sea with land not visible.
mitch katz
mitch katz 12 dagar sedan
quite practical and it irritates the wife a double bonus! where it proudly!
Amy Ruschaupt
Amy Ruschaupt 12 dagar sedan
OMG!! Hysterical!!! Love the bangs on all of you🤣
Smokin with Chris
Smokin with Chris 12 dagar sedan
😂🤣😂🤣 seriously had me crying, I was laughing so hard mate!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 ❤YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!❤
Andrei Tudor
Andrei Tudor 12 dagar sedan
His haircut looks like Lord Farquaad.
Laura Gagnon
Laura Gagnon 12 dagar sedan
Missed opportunity to do the Inigo Montoya “you killed my father, prepare to die” line 🤣🤣🤣 doppelgänger 💯!!
tux 12 dagar sedan
A Little late to the party but bro those bangs are bangin
Richard Peake
Richard Peake 13 dagar sedan
It is you well actually it's all of you 😀
Saras Syifa
Saras Syifa 13 dagar sedan
Cool animations nowwww 😍😍
Dean Morgan
Dean Morgan 13 dagar sedan
Excellent video, travelling 'Banglets', such a great laugh!!!
Jade Dufour
Jade Dufour 13 dagar sedan
I love it!! Keep it as long as you can!!!
Jill Brewer
Jill Brewer 13 dagar sedan
Channeling young Sonny Bono.
Yasmin Goodwin
Yasmin Goodwin 13 dagar sedan
Hahahaha what a crack up 🤣🤣
Nauti Dreams Catamaran
Nauti Dreams Catamaran 14 dagar sedan
you should listen to her. wear a hat
worshil 14 dagar sedan
She's right, that's a stupid hair cut
Crystal Sommers
Crystal Sommers 14 dagar sedan
Had to watch that into the second time! 😂
Francie Gibbs
Francie Gibbs 14 dagar sedan
i love the bangs! just need to shape up the sides and the back and you will really look awesome! next time, leave the bangs a bit longer so you won't look like Lenny's age. (p.s. i hope you're not boiling those lobsters alive! please).
Diablo Spearguns
Diablo Spearguns 14 dagar sedan
great edit 🤙
Zan B
Zan B 14 dagar sedan
Bangs Rock 🤟
Chilidog 14 dagar sedan
When Riley said "If you wanna get banged by us..." I about fell out of my chair! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
CD Poole
CD Poole 14 dagar sedan
Riley you look like Prince Valiant! Loved the video ... especially the underwater snorkeling part.
safetyforemost 14 dagar sedan
Have you looked into Costa Rica. They are know for good health care
notdoctors 14 dagar sedan
Funniest vid ever!
Henriette Snaauw
Henriette Snaauw 14 dagar sedan
Omorgadh 14 dagar sedan
Great haircut, looks like Dumb and Dumber and you are both of them 😆
Timothy Charles
Timothy Charles 14 dagar sedan
6:05 is that cheese and pickles? LOL
John Reed
John Reed 15 dagar sedan
sooo funny
Zachary Vicha
Zachary Vicha 15 dagar sedan
Cleaning carbs, not the most fun activity... once it’s done though everything usually runs tip top
John Underwood
John Underwood 15 dagar sedan
Bangs... we've lived with Ellania's bangs wishing for her past attractive look, best they standardise, then we might forget superficial beauty doesn't matter
Chantelle McCann
Chantelle McCann 15 dagar sedan
tears of happiness
Wils 25
Wils 25 15 dagar sedan
The (hairstyle) humor was strong in this episode. Riley, your new look reminds me of Randy Quaid in Kingpin.
Jeannette C
Jeannette C 15 dagar sedan
I found a picture of a bull dog with bangs.. I thought he would be the perfect pet. lol
Rona Lives Here
Rona Lives Here 15 dagar sedan
Hahaha He looks like that little dude from Shrek Lord Farquaad. I laughed to hard thanks! Love watching you guys.
proinseas O'Kiellig
proinseas O'Kiellig 15 dagar sedan
Worzel Gummidge
Clara Cruz
Clara Cruz 15 dagar sedan
It is indeed Rockstar bangs. I suppose you'll need to release some family album, there's no other way. At least Lenny has great drumming potential 🤷‍♀️
Kristin Fiedler
Kristin Fiedler 16 dagar sedan
This was too freaking hilarious. Love the bangs. Love the matchy matchy family. It's toooo good Elayna!!
Lindsay Comer Allen
Lindsay Comer Allen 16 dagar sedan
I think it's killer! Yes!
Brent Bauer
Brent Bauer 16 dagar sedan
We throw an extra quad 4x4 fuel filter on all outboards and motorcycles to deal with dirty fuel.
Dana Keigley
Dana Keigley 16 dagar sedan
Funny as heck
Deb Gwilliam
Deb Gwilliam 16 dagar sedan
Just brilliant! I laughed out loud!
Sam Eden
Sam Eden 16 dagar sedan
First time i have ever commented! But that video has cheered me up no end. Well played sir
athleticindie 16 dagar sedan
Riley is looking like Lord Farquaad from Shrek
Nick Russell
Nick Russell 16 dagar sedan
I've never laughed so hard while watching your vids... Love this ep!
Balaam 16 dagar sedan
Ngl, the hair looks dope
jittaz1 16 dagar sedan
I love the cut just because its so rediculous. Go you dad!
38 below
38 below 16 dagar sedan
That looks horrible pissed myself hahahah hahahahhahahhahaahahah
Jmo Slimster
Jmo Slimster 16 dagar sedan
The fact that you didn’t propose makes you look like a fool bro.
James Howard
James Howard 16 dagar sedan
I think people with bangs look....special. And the higher the cut the more special they look. Please come to the US to have the baby. We have lots of special people.
Fred Sillner
Fred Sillner 16 dagar sedan
Absolutely amazing video, actually in my younger days as a lifeguard on the CT & RI beaches I also had a similar hairdo, very popular back then.... I’ll have to see if I can fetch from a photo album! Stay well you three soon to be 4! 🍼 👶 ⛵️ 💇‍♂️
Lorraine Chamberlain
Lorraine Chamberlain 16 dagar sedan
Lol🤣😂🤣Okay....the single shot playing guitar wearing shades, staring at the camera made me HOWL! You had such a S U A V E’ expression on yr face.....Euw......creepy-smooth-crooner-Romance-Novel-Wedding-Singer.. OWEN WILSON look! Ha ha ha ha ha!🙄😳😱😬🥴😎
Shannon Mize
Shannon Mize 16 dagar sedan
Great episode!! I truly love watching you live the life I dream of. #getbangedincowell
Christel 16 dagar sedan
Omg too funny! You 3 are just gorgeous! Best family❤🙌
FRANKO M 16 dagar sedan
Sonny Bono's long lost son !!! lmao !!!! someone must #Cher to see this !!!! hahahaa "I Got You Babe" !!!!!
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 16 dagar sedan
om glol
Steve Holloway
Steve Holloway 16 dagar sedan
You guys are idiots! Hahahahahaha! 😂 Love from Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 Be safe! ❤️
Feastsdonegood 16 dagar sedan
Oh men I laugh so much lol 😂
Anne Durham
Anne Durham 16 dagar sedan
MICHAEL NEWHAM 16 dagar sedan
i've returned a bunch to this as there are too many levels of genius...Riley mate, you totally pull those sweet bangs off!!!!! Savage prank.Lenny's going to love this episode when he's older and I be he says, "Dad you totally rock those bangs"!!!
Daniel Otero
Daniel Otero 16 dagar sedan
On the hair due need some bellbottom pants and groovy button down shirt and some soul train music
ashrose367 17 dagar sedan
hahahahahahaha..... HE-MAN
Matthew Ferguson
Matthew Ferguson 17 dagar sedan
bANGED up abroad ....
Florence Quintana
Florence Quintana 17 dagar sedan
lol the bangs
brahmincalgary 17 dagar sedan
You guys should check out Caerula Mar Club on South Andros (Bahamas). Fellow Canadians own the resort, BRYAN & SARAH. They’re also on TV, have their own shows. Real nice people. Resort is beautiful.
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