Engineering with Origami

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Origami is inspiring a plethora of new engineering designs. Try yourself:
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On first glance it's surprising that origami -- a centuries old art of folding paper to achieve particular aesthetics -- is applicable to engineering. But upon closer consideration there are a lot of reasons methods developed for paper folding are also applicable to engineering: origami allows you to take a flat sheet of material and convert it to almost any shape only by folding. Plus for large flat structures, origami provides a way of shrinking dimensions while ensuring simply deployment - this is particularly useful for solar arrays in space applications. Furthermore, motions designed to take advantage of the flexibility of paper can also be used to form compliant mechanisms for engineering like the kaleidocycle. Since the principles of origami are scalable, mechanisms can also be dramatically miniaturized.
Some of the work shown is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under Grant No. EFRI-ODISSEI-1240417. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
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spaceengineer 46 minuter sedan
Программируемые поверхности фрактальной разархивации, .... пример; семена!.... к природоподобию и дилее >>>>>>>> :)
Nicole Hunt
Nicole Hunt 14 timmar sedan
"I made an origami cactus" "What did it cost?" "Everything"
pamela angela
pamela angela 2 dagar sedan
I’m Japanese and I don’t know how useful my culture origami is abroad. So I’m glad that it is introduced in this video.
CheccMac 2 dagar sedan
Imagine how strong origami gun be
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow 2 dagar sedan
i first watched anime while my parents were having a fight, that was like 10 years ago and the anime "Heaven's Lost Property" Anime smoothed scary nights and even to this day, it still helps me relax and have a good time after a stressful day :'D ♥ ~~ Okeh and new upload! Nightcore - Train Wreck by James Arthur ~>
Sho Tor
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Quinn 78
Quinn 78 4 dagar sedan
Robert Lang is Cliff Stohl's friend that folded him that origami Klein bottle!
Kellie Lawson
Kellie Lawson 5 dagar sedan
Talk about smart people on earth. It is so pleasing and satisfying to watch. Thank you, I am so sharing it.
morgan kempo
morgan kempo 5 dagar sedan
I envy clever people who found their path. They sure offered the humanity something
Lau Son
Lau Son 5 dagar sedan
Usha Devi Saraff
Usha Devi Saraff 5 dagar sedan
After hearing a unbelievable thing: *Huh*
The FACTs of Mechanical Design
The FACTs of Mechanical Design 7 dagar sedan
Fantastic Video! If you like this check out
Rovi 8 dagar sedan
plot twist: Bossun is the one who giving those engineers the ideas
Raja Sarkar
Raja Sarkar 9 dagar sedan
Thank you Veritasium😍 ❤from assam, India🤗
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams 9 dagar sedan
Y'all ever just like... Spend 7 years making an origami cactus
Kenny Moreno
Kenny Moreno 10 dagar sedan
When people say things are bulletproof that thing is not really bulletproof it’s bullet restaurant to the round that it’s set to but that means it wouldn’t protect you but it’s going to fail at some point, most bullet restaurant armor/shield/plating can’t stand bigger and powerful rounds like high caliber rounds or artillery rounds that can destroy most machines and barricades
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 10 dagar sedan
When you want to be a artist but your parents want you to be an engineer
The highest level Being
The highest level Being 12 dagar sedan
2:37 that isn't origami. It's more of a paper craft. The model was designed by tomako fuse and the name is Pako Pako
jyuy d
jyuy d 13 dagar sedan
"I made an origami cactus" "What did it cost?" "Everything"
Sakshi Konnur
Sakshi Konnur 13 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the software used to make the crease fold? Also instructions for assembly?
Just Ertugrul
Just Ertugrul 14 dagar sedan
I love origami
MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR
MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR 15 dagar sedan
Dr. Watson: "When are you finished with that damn cactus Holmes?" Sherlock: "Patience dear Watson, patience."
Edel Grün
Edel Grün 16 dagar sedan
6:31 compactnes for lunch yum
Richard 16 dagar sedan
iam a german, iam right here!
Robin Lundqvist
Robin Lundqvist 17 dagar sedan
I thought they used AI, or is that only for commercial airplanes?
Engr Jay Caps
Engr Jay Caps 17 dagar sedan
Can you help me to grow my subscriber in my channel 🙏 Thank you in advance 😊
Derek1978 17 dagar sedan
so what does the origami have to do with the kevlar pad being bulletproof? I have to say the origami has nothing to do with the main purpose of these things
Teck'd 20 dagar sedan
8:45 Everyone eating: "MOM I'M THROWING UP!" Me: ". . . huh."
3556df44 20 dagar sedan
I bet most ppl would think that cactus was a crappy paper thing and Chuck it in the bin without realising it was a complex origami work of art which too years of effort.
Rio Sol
Rio Sol 21 dag sedan
bro wtf why did they start talking about catheters????
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 22 dagar sedan
"I made this cactus from one sheet of paper in 7 years." "Hm." "This design saved a freight company millions of dollars." "Hm." "Look at this violin guy wiggle his arm." "Fantastic!"
hellcase off
hellcase off 22 dagar sedan
When you want to be a artist but your parents want you to be an engineer
Steel Fixer
Steel Fixer 22 dagar sedan
How cool is this
Harsh Chauhan
Harsh Chauhan 23 dagar sedan
Next level
Firdaus Dadabhoy
Firdaus Dadabhoy 23 dagar sedan
Andy Jame
Andy Jame 24 dagar sedan
If enough of you guys are down for one final monster high round grind before Cold War. I’ll go for Round 100 on Five? Put a vote down, if enough of you want it, we’ll do it!
Rory 24 dagar sedan
You got to meet Robert Lang? I'm so jealous, he's my hero
bluesque 24 dagar sedan
This universe is an expanding oragami
nightsage217 24 dagar sedan
one day. some insane scientists will invented an army of origami robots made up of strong material, controlled and run by electrical pulse. and each of them are only 1m2 paper shape.
Steven Dezort
Steven Dezort 26 dagar sedan
Can someone please tell me where to get one of those lamps?
Campbell Tate
Campbell Tate 27 dagar sedan
The glowing vagina lamp is probably my favorite
Ziimoo moni
Ziimoo moni 27 dagar sedan
science is rocks! Thanks!
Chad 28 dagar sedan
i bet you cant fold the mona lisa you idiot
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh 28 dagar sedan
Noureddine Sellama
Noureddine Sellama 29 dagar sedan
We, the Arabs, want and we ask you to put a translation into Arabic. Please, for all your valuable videos.
RINA SAWAYAMA 29 dagar sedan
I'm Japanese. origami is the pride of Japan.
Colleen Smith
Colleen Smith Månad sedan
I envy clever people who found their path. They sure offered the humanity something
_Memory1sRam_ Månad sedan
origami is sooooo fascinating and robert lang is too
Jaqyqub Greesu
Jaqyqub Greesu Månad sedan
Y'all ever just like... Spend 7 years making an origami cactus
Unknown Månad sedan
We should feed complex origami formulas to AI and see what it can create
dokx yt
dokx yt Månad sedan
Even though it's paper he still is making sure he doesn't touch the spikes
Ian do thing
Ian do thing Månad sedan
The da Vinci surgical system? Haven’t heard that name since he did surgery on that grape
Finance Universe Times
Finance Universe Times Månad sedan
The best video that I watched this week
CHiLL_95 Månad sedan
*Folds up his house*
Bong de Cannabis
Bong de Cannabis Månad sedan
Chupen e el pico Sarcasmo
Devansh Dubey
Devansh Dubey Månad sedan
Todays technology+ ancient South asians stuff =next level technology.
Caleigh Fisher
Caleigh Fisher Månad sedan
Great video! Like the longer form. No to sound trite but is there an origami equivalent to knot through re particles? It can create curl, shows compression of space as way to create form.
Esphyxia [Dubstep]
Esphyxia [Dubstep] Månad sedan
I love origamiii. I used to do it to the point my teachers would take it away from me and call it my crack 🤣
Abe A.
Abe A. Månad sedan
Hey, I like that you're actually showing what you read on Audible. Most times I just breeze past the promos because they all sound the same. Nice to know you use the products you share with us.
LOLSflint Månad sedan
Veratasium Element: i =Imaginary number (in math) Ve = Veratasium 42.0 = Nice.
Maςhensen卐 :v
Maςhensen卐 :v Månad sedan
Dude your channel is a science empire in youtube! its such a good channel, wish you all the best 💯
Akshat Mishra
Akshat Mishra Månad sedan
Well, i agree that an origami structure would be capable of being folded so it occupies less space when being transported. But, wouldnt these folds, kind of, compromise the structural integrity of the said structure?
César Torres
César Torres Månad sedan
Fascinating. No other word for this video and topic.
Sergey Polishchuk
Sergey Polishchuk Månad sedan
who else knows only how to fold in half?
the boybrutus
the boybrutus Månad sedan
Wait... does he mean it took 7 years to come up with the DESIGN for the cactus, or it took 7 years to fold that specific cactus..??
HoboGrifter Månad sedan
I think it's combined
Eric Messer
Eric Messer Månad sedan
Aryan Namboodiri
Aryan Namboodiri Månad sedan
Nobody: Veritasium when someone shows him anything origami-related : "Hm"
ravi yadav
ravi yadav Månad sedan
Domaine Botha
Domaine Botha Månad sedan
God is an origami artist
Samwo Axe
Samwo Axe Månad sedan
But can they fold a paper in half more than 7 times tho?
Dale Brannon
Dale Brannon Månad sedan
SVfrom no longer lets me send links of videos to anyone. Or it only allows me to send the first video I watched(!!) - why is that? It is cutting down your views, I’m sure. I would have sent this link to many friends, but it will only send the first video I watched on my way to this one - what a stupid algorithm!!(?)
Dale Brannon
Dale Brannon Månad sedan
F--- SVfrom
A Very Dangerous Potato
A Very Dangerous Potato Månad sedan
The rainbow six siege foldable shield is real! This is awesome
stephan2796 Månad sedan
You meant that those bullits were stopped by Kevlar, not origami. It is just material that folds, it's not that special.
HoboGrifter Månad sedan
Origami is the act or folding something in a certean way to make art
Max sukarno
Max sukarno Månad sedan
That was one of the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. thank you for sharing with us such a valuable things as you always do. 🌱
4 GIVE Månad sedan
Can sonic geometry produce such patterns that can be folded into shapes?
4 GIVE Månad sedan
Imagine if origami is apply in creating expanding extra space for spaceship or else use in military swamp drones that can fit inside small gaps in enemy target places.
4 GIVE Månad sedan
Origami is the secret of Tony Stark to build the foldable exosuit. 😁
Lucas Adrian Del Rosario
Lucas Adrian Del Rosario Månad sedan
go to Micheal Reeves for a surgical robot
James Månad sedan
"How long did that take to make" me: a year Him: "That took me seven years to make" me: christ almighty
Danis Zakirov
Danis Zakirov Månad sedan
Лайк вообще
Daniel Bickford
Daniel Bickford Månad sedan
It's been a bit, but I watched a documentary a bit ago called "fold" it covers pretty much the exact same thing. They just go into a lot more detail as they have six times the time
Daniel Bickford
Daniel Bickford Månad sedan
@POW ! sounds about right
tpu55 Månad sedan
balls into a box, huh
Paul Hatzigiannis
Paul Hatzigiannis Månad sedan
The cactus - mind is blown..
Master Debater
Master Debater Månad sedan
I’m pretty sure 7 years of folding paper is a form of torture
My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating
My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating Månad sedan
Charlotte Månad sedan
this was so thought provoking, Im happy to have come across this. thank you!
nimra arshad
nimra arshad Månad sedan
Awesome what a great idea and it's wide applications 😀
Elmithian Månad sedan
Btw, I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but in donald duck books from around 85 (I think?) they came up with satellites that used origami designs in almost the exact same way as this here was done like. I am no expert, but I do find it amusing that donald duck book brought that up back then when those ideas were pretty much at their root stages.
tyler Kirbyson
tyler Kirbyson Månad sedan
i dont believe the cactis is one meter squared for one and for to i do not believe its one peice of like to scan the surface area a bet even. .with folds its bigger than 1msquared
Marie BCFHS Månad sedan
kinda look like Star Wars to me lol
Fantse Rishea
Fantse Rishea Månad sedan
No one: This guy whenever they explain something to him: "hm"
feidtublec Månad sedan
This is really amazing
CloudySnow Månad sedan
Origami mixed with technology can do wonders
Ayaanimations !
Ayaanimations ! Månad sedan
7 years...
Tanjirō Månad sedan
His pronunciation of Ori Gummy triggers me. 😂
Tuyen Truong
Tuyen Truong Månad sedan
3:22 Michael reeves has ENTERED THE CHAT
Kriojenic Månad sedan
You're telling me my obsession with origami as a kid wasn't all for nothing
Caiho Carrara
Caiho Carrara Månad sedan
Origami maker: "flat", "curvature" Flatearthers: 👁👄👁
Shine Omboy
Shine Omboy Månad sedan
OrigamiNoob103 Månad sedan
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