Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter

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3 år sedan

Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation!
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Filmed by Raquel Nuno, Edited by Trevor Carlee
Obviously this "quadcopter" is a demonstration device, showing how moving magnets over a conducting surface can generate levitation. It has not been optimized to minimize losses or be an efficient mode of transport. I still think it's pretty cool. I'm used to seeing light things levitated by induced currents but not a 100+ lb machine.
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SmarterEveryDay 3 år sedan
FANTASTIC video Derek. I'll teeet it in a second. It make me realize that wouldn't there be a type of magnetic terminal velocity for hypoerloop because of Lenz's law?
Buskelurv 6 dagar sedan
Maybe they should use the money on graphene for a space elevator instead. Why bother with a theorethical and very shady project dealing with movement on the planets surface when everyone knows the future is in orbit and beyond? Waste of money and Brain energy
Allison Gross
Allison Gross 8 dagar sedan
MR K 5 månader sedan
the propulsion is being provided by linear induction motors, so the field speed would be a function of the coil length and the operating frequency of the power, so whatever the theoretical max speed would be based on Lenz's law, excess heat, safety concerns or other physical limitations will probably come into play far before it gets there.
playbyan1453 8 månader sedan
Its effect from Eddy current and Lenz law
marcelo sauaf
marcelo sauaf År sedan
Ram Khetan
Ram Khetan 37 minuter sedan
How does spinning magnet change flux
That one fan
That one fan 6 dagar sedan
The future is now old man!
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson 6 dagar sedan
Imagine implementing this technology into beyblades
Buskelurv 6 dagar sedan
Wouldnt it be great IF they managed to lift the copperplate aswell? Maybe you could have a Machine that laid out the sheet ahead of the copter and pulled it Up behind but then they could fit a pair of wheels to it instead
Jessica Berggren
Jessica Berggren 6 dagar sedan
This is how they built the pyramids
Onder Ozenc
Onder Ozenc 8 dagar sedan
I wonder if UFOs levitate in the same way ?
iDropAll Pkers
iDropAll Pkers 8 dagar sedan
When I was 17, I posted a question on 2 different physics threads trying to understand magnets, and what would happen if you could disturb the flow of the magnetic field. Not only did people not really answer, but a bunch of ”professors” (however much weight that title holds on the forums i do not know) shut the 17 year old me down so freaking hard telling me im digging in the wrong spots and that this information is useless, ”otherwise, others would have already thought about it”. Now this guy right, 6 years later is telling me how they actually achieved this prior to me even posting the question, and the tech is being used in the large hadron collider... such a freaking shame tbh.
VZ_ 342
VZ_ 342 7 dagar sedan
That’s why you don’t allow your ego to be hurt by the interweb denizens. For every one person you find who is good support, there’s 100 naysayers who will beat you down...and 1000 who’ll say, “duhhh...wut iz u ta’kin’ ‘bout?
Nawaf 8 dagar sedan
I don't mean to be negative or anything, though it's really cool, it wouldn't have much applications in real life.
Miguel Cartuxo
Miguel Cartuxo 7 dagar sedan
it would actually be usefull on a storage to carry heavy stuff
Reed 8 dagar sedan
Wait, isn’t the hyperloop just a billionaire boondoggle that would be a dangerous if any length were ever built?
Reed 8 dagar sedan
@ViciousVinnyD yeah, explosive decompression and pressure waves are no joke.
ViciousVinnyD 8 dagar sedan
Hyperloop is just maglev but more expensive and less return. Most of the resistance comes from the wheels so removing the wheels gives you a big boost to efficiency. If you want to reduce air resistance simply make the train longer so you can move more mass with less surface area. That's why maglev exists while hyperloop remains a fantasy. Besides, existing trains already have a very good efficiency for their cost, that's why we use them so much. Their ability to use electricity also makes the a perfect target for renewable power.
I gotta kill something
I gotta kill something 9 dagar sedan
Interesting, but can it be used for practical use?
Iavor Hristov
Iavor Hristov 9 dagar sedan
Great vid, but when the music kicks in I can't help but think of Rimworld lol
Anay Sariyev
Anay Sariyev 9 dagar sedan
Great video
Joseph Krupka
Joseph Krupka 10 dagar sedan
I'd love to work on thar.
Xammax 21
Xammax 21 10 dagar sedan
There’s my hoverboard !!
jon williams
jon williams 10 dagar sedan
Spinning cubed
Jon Adams
Jon Adams 10 dagar sedan
Repulser lift technology. ealy phase
Slick Guns
Slick Guns 10 dagar sedan
That’s how the pyramids were built
SS-50-CAL 3232
SS-50-CAL 3232 10 dagar sedan
Now pick up the copper and see if it can self levitate.
Von Esquero
Von Esquero 10 dagar sedan
Can anyone experiment with no base please? Maybe make the base on top? Think of a slingshot shooting up?
Von Esquero
Von Esquero 10 dagar sedan
Stop thinking old-school. Tracks are for trains not UFOs. Take out the tracks and rewrite/redesign something new.
Von Esquero
Von Esquero 10 dagar sedan
Space does not have tracks. We already have maglev trains...
Private Name
Private Name 10 dagar sedan
We can already get from one city to another in a day.
Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry
Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry 11 dagar sedan
Very cool. Now look up "magnetic river" by laithewhite
Sundara Pandian Pandi
Sundara Pandian Pandi 11 dagar sedan
I have small doubt ? Can I ask?
m4ti140 11 dagar sedan
They made the Matrix hovercraft...
James TheLaughingWitch
James TheLaughingWitch 11 dagar sedan
When I first saw the thumbnail I was like....Mortal Kombat moves?
drago656 11 dagar sedan
So if you're telling me that we could get nuclear reactors close to the point of Fallout game, we could make hovercars
drago656 11 dagar sedan
I really thought this was going to be the first hovercraft stuff I've been this was like the videotape that would popularize it. But I just don't think it would be possible to make hover cars unless they're self-sufficient and not needing any kind of road like an off-road hovercraft. Now that would be the most amazing thing ever
drago656 11 dagar sedan
Damn it never mind, I see that you have to have copper underneath it
Ian from Space
Ian from Space 11 dagar sedan
Aledner_LW 11 dagar sedan
Wow this could have great applications if used properly.
GREY ALIEN 11 dagar sedan
Put the drive motor in the center of the rotor and its a ufo
Waylon S
Waylon S 11 dagar sedan
He sounds like elon musk
Jason Logan
Jason Logan 11 dagar sedan
Really you don't need all that s*** me and my youngest son made one of these is at home science project years ago this ain't no big deal
Kirill I
Kirill I 11 dagar sedan
Getting from one city to another in the same day? Just move to Europe!
Jer0me 12 dagar sedan
Chris Kop
Chris Kop 12 dagar sedan
So they did knew this when they where making street fighter moves
Alan Ramirez
Alan Ramirez 12 dagar sedan
Finally a solution to the potholes
faith over fear
faith over fear 12 dagar sedan
Need me some strong neodymium magnets and some copper circles imma make a wheelchair or a small car like dis. Extra heat could be used to heat something to produce other kinds of energy. Many possibilities for this coming to my mind...
Ben LaBarre
Ben LaBarre 12 dagar sedan
Let's pave roads with copper make vehicles with this idea
SelfOverCome 12 dagar sedan
Hence, eddy currents...
Eddygoesmoo 12 dagar sedan
Okay time to cook egg with magnets
alcyonecrucis 12 dagar sedan
So... it needs to be at -180 degrees on a superconductor?
Pqrst Zxerty
Pqrst Zxerty 12 dagar sedan
Roads made of copper.
OverthinkGenius 12 dagar sedan
Now all we have to do is line the streets with copper and apply this tech to cars!
Cosme Fulanito
Cosme Fulanito 12 dagar sedan
Nice toy. Very inefficient, but cute.
Billy Hudson
Billy Hudson 12 dagar sedan
Woah. Imagine in the future when I can travel from one city to another city in one day!
tree on an asteroid
tree on an asteroid 12 dagar sedan
Alright shut up and take my money
Love 4 Geometry
Love 4 Geometry 12 dagar sedan
Why does this look like a fiction come true
Love 4 Geometry
Love 4 Geometry 12 dagar sedan
Why is there magnetic field am just curious
LuSiren 12 dagar sedan
So this is how they pushed around Han Solo when he was frozen in carbonite!
Jared Wagner
Jared Wagner 12 dagar sedan
Is this why "UFOs" spin?
Zack Jandali
Zack Jandali 13 dagar sedan
This could eliminate the need for fork lifts
David Costello
David Costello 13 dagar sedan
Wow that's cool dose it use much electricity to power. As in would it be a feasible option for heating a room at a reasonably economical cost
Mr.GamingMonk 13 dagar sedan
These guys will discover soon HOW the Oyramids were Actually constructed.... 😂
xxxBlueIncendiaxxx 13 dagar sedan
Does anyone else think the drum beat sounds exactly like Halo Reach Overture? haha
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 13 dagar sedan
The thumbnail of this video looks like a levitation cheat code
Tristan 13 dagar sedan
The magnet array effect was really cool
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans 13 dagar sedan
That machine is absolutely repulsive
EQ 13 dagar sedan
Awesome... svfrom.info/history/video/cpWdbGilyqxyi5E
Justin Carlisle
Justin Carlisle 13 dagar sedan
aravi aravind
aravi aravind 13 dagar sedan
Back to the future !!!
Dr. POP 13 dagar sedan
It's been three years! Where's my flying car?
Robert Pilmer
Robert Pilmer 14 dagar sedan
Times when Area 51 or the likes , shows how to Stand Ground .
Jonathan DAnjou
Jonathan DAnjou 14 dagar sedan
Tobias Carrier
Tobias Carrier 14 dagar sedan
Dennis explains magnets to Mac
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 14 dagar sedan
Makes me think about the alien tic tac
michael oehlke
michael oehlke 14 dagar sedan
I wouldn't be surprised if nikola tesla thought of this
michael oehlke
michael oehlke 14 dagar sedan
If we had a whole bunch of warden clif towers we could power stuff like this
Nikhil VJ
Nikhil VJ 14 dagar sedan
Great let's blanket the whole planet in copper then we're set.
GiltyAsCharged 14 dagar sedan
now i wanna see levitation without a copper plate... like.. bob lazar said.. need mercury spinning in the middle or something.. i cant remember.. and element 115 lol
noobpro 97
noobpro 97 14 dagar sedan
Ok ok.. so hear me out. Say aliens exist. What if they use something like this to float through the earths magneto-sphere? Like im imagining a huge version of this in some odd configuration that just works somehow. Just a half baked thought. But a possibility im not informed enough to say it implausible.
Макс Ф.
Макс Ф. 14 dagar sedan
Why it sounds so terrible? Is there any bearings?
Andy Green
Andy Green 14 dagar sedan
I have been playing with this idea for about a month now with homemade superconductors & supercaps hooked up to electromagnets wound from magnet wire.
aryan dookhy
aryan dookhy 14 dagar sedan
Maybe we can make starship this that kind of technology!
Lee Shallis
Lee Shallis 15 dagar sedan
Good for warehouses but for everyday life be better for something else to be used instead
Abhilasha Goel
Abhilasha Goel 15 dagar sedan
me: yes scientists: not really no..
Kielo__ 15 dagar sedan
So basically... god is adding the fast travel function from video games into real life?
Alper S.
Alper S. 15 dagar sedan
What happens we use the same configuration with propellers?
Backon Lazer
Backon Lazer 15 dagar sedan
So we just need to make streets out of copper and then we can have hover cars.
Adam Davy
Adam Davy 15 dagar sedan
Derek, I would *devour* a video devoted to The MagLev Train, alone.
Yolan Ankaine
Yolan Ankaine 15 dagar sedan
That was cool
draquer666 15 dagar sedan
That's cool but let's do it without needing something special under it and than it will be impressive
Brittany Saleeby
Brittany Saleeby 15 dagar sedan
Wow I can't believe it!! I've held this vision of a hover car since i was a kid by trying to implement something similar to a set of four car wheels and the ground (maybe some ferromagentic paint), but never had the robotics skills to make that happen! This is quite literally my dream come true!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Guillaume Gaubert
Guillaume Gaubert 15 dagar sedan
3:00 GTA Cheats codes
Jorge Monteiro
Jorge Monteiro 15 dagar sedan
Loc share
Loc share 15 dagar sedan
You are strong🥰
Chrstphre Campbell
Chrstphre Campbell 16 dagar sedan
What i would like to see; are TaxiVators ! You'd get into an Elevator in a Tall Building in New York & go all The Way to Japan in 2 hours.
Alex992god 16 dagar sedan
They always use copper how much of a difference would it make if you use gold a stronger conductor
poimon pomon
poimon pomon 16 dagar sedan
can this work in space?
hakan kaan
hakan kaan 16 dagar sedan
we need the superconductor which it can work at the leas room temperature
hakan kaan
hakan kaan 15 dagar sedan
yes i know but we still need this
Sam Burnes
Sam Burnes 15 dagar sedan
We don’t have a superconductor that works at room temperature and pressure
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 17 dagar sedan
Simple terms. Eddy currents!!!!! Google it
Maxime Beaudoin
Maxime Beaudoin 17 dagar sedan
Hyperloop: wouldn't it be great to be able to travel to different cities in the same day. Japan: laughs in Shinkansen. France: laughs in TGV.
Maxime Beaudoin
Maxime Beaudoin 17 dagar sedan
@Khoo Teng Kwang meh.. I though of this and did some quick math Los Angeles to San Fracisco at 360km/h is around 1h40 thats using road distances so even lower "in practice". Hyperloop is like trying to reinvent the wheel for no good reason. Shinkansen has the best safety record of any transport around the world,so why not build that instead? It's very fast the technology is there and has proven itself time again.There is a deminishing return when it comes to trying to go faster. For me hyperloop is overly convoluted and maybe shouldn't even exist in the first place. The other reason I think it's gonna be a flop is for the same reason train (and to some extend other public transport) whent the way of the dodo in north America... Beacause of cars people want their "freedome and their cars.
Khoo Teng Kwang
Khoo Teng Kwang 17 dagar sedan
Jokes aside though, the US, which is where I presume hyperloop is being developed, is really large. Some of the individual states are each large enough to rival the size of a country (including Japan and possibly France), so I think that question may carry a lot more weight in the US than in most other countries.
Jin Kee
Jin Kee 17 dagar sedan
2020 here, what do room temperature high pressure superconductors mean for this technology?
Robin Hack
Robin Hack 12 dagar sedan
it means the road doesn't get hot.
Tyrell Laszlo
Tyrell Laszlo 13 dagar sedan
With superconductors you wouldn’t need any spinning, but the ground would need to be covered in magnets.
LunarAvenger 15 dagar sedan
Well, first get the 200 million atmosphere pressure on the super conductor material... And then see if you can spin that material and the pressure container around like those permanent magnets....
Troy Street
Troy Street 17 dagar sedan
So when are we getting flying cars
Mark Keogh
Mark Keogh 17 dagar sedan
Could '' UFO'' advanced technology use the earth's magnetic poler magnetic force to do the same, hence why in some videos they keep the same shape and can quickly fly off?
Ozeias Santos
Ozeias Santos 17 dagar sedan
Why do you need the rotating magnets? Why not using coils to generate the magnetic fields instead?
Tim Seguine
Tim Seguine 16 dagar sedan
You probably could, but to get the same field strength you would need a lot more power
Roy Charon
Roy Charon 17 dagar sedan
Thou shalt not bring up the hyperloop.... it is problematic... just like Elon.
DJ Official Super Music Top #1
DJ Official Super Music Top #1 18 dagar sedan
cant wait to see the crap you're peddling again
Jehff Reviews
Jehff Reviews 18 dagar sedan
why do i hear overture from halo reach during the explanation
Suprith S Banakar 10th B
Suprith S Banakar 10th B 18 dagar sedan
2:11 that's what he said 😏
Per Lindholm
Per Lindholm 18 dagar sedan
Idea - Assume differential equations are not exploited to its fullest extent. To get a random looking value from a function that outputs linear y = kx+m just take a random index. Its much easier to do this than to use 10000 parameters in a ML function to get the same result. So this is something the universe does. Exploit this index hopping in time and space to simulate the opposite copper plate to levitate from any distance like a flying car // Per
MadScientist267 19 dagar sedan
News flash... Hyperloop is bust. Not gonna ever happen lol
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