Edd China's Workshop Diaries Episode 3 (1986 Range Rover V8 & Electric Ice Cream Van)

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Edd China

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The jam-packed third episode with more wrestling with John’s ‘garden-find’ Range Rover and the first part of the build story of my Guinness World Record attempt for the World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van.
Thanks to my production pixies for a truly international effort with collaboration from the UK, Germany and Australia and their positively Herculean effort to pull this week’s episode out of thin air! Also big thanks to my brand partners who are supporting the channel; to find out more about them, please go to our website: www.workshopdiaries.com
But first; grab a cup of tea, enjoy the video and do keep sending me your comments and questions…
Special thanks go to:-

Héctor O. Torres
Héctor O. Torres 51 minut sedan
too many spider webs
Vince Styles
Vince Styles 23 timmar sedan
almost 30 minutes to figure out it needed a new fuel pump and lines this is terrible I expect more from you ED. It's nice to see you back to work but you need to speed it up
john a.
john a. Dag sedan
"Spanner"? "Earth"? "Jubilee clip"? What the...???!!!
RRG RRG Dag sedan
I can't help but think Ed would have had a lot less stress in his life if he hadn't befriended that bloody oaf Mike Brewer. The pressure Mike inadvertantly put on Ed with his impulsive and uneducated purchases was unfair and should have been dealt with immediately. Ed would have been better off making friends with someone who knew what was scrap and what was good. Or Ed may have been better off going to view the cars himself and leaving Mike in the garage to sweep up or make the dinner. Sorry that you were burdened with him Ed. I hope you have since deleted him from your phone and Facebook. If he still bothers you or turns up at your house with clapped out bangers, I suggest you call the police and report him for harassment. They can be reached on 999. Hope this helps.
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia Dag sedan
I like edds back
BadAbyss 2
BadAbyss 2 Dag sedan
So it’s wheeler dealers without Mike screwing something together thinking he’s done something then getting a discount and thinking he’s done one of the most important tasks then handing it to Ed to put it on the car I LOVE IT
Mevlüt Asil
Mevlüt Asil 3 dagar sedan
Mike Walling
Mike Walling 3 dagar sedan
and after draining the fuel tank why didn't you flush it to get rid of all the contaminants that would have settled on the bottom of the tank?
Mike Walling
Mike Walling 3 dagar sedan
why don't you just pop in a new battery and vacuum all the spider webs etc?
Events Victor
Events Victor 3 dagar sedan
Yeah just Ed
Ahmet Ahmet
Ahmet Ahmet 4 dagar sedan
Edd Türkçe altyazı ekle
Callam Lomas
Callam Lomas 4 dagar sedan
All the ads are A joke 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Black Squirrel
Black Squirrel 4 dagar sedan
There’s no fuel pump access port in the cargo area? When did they add those?
Ermelindo Gomes
Ermelindo Gomes 4 dagar sedan
MYLZOWT 4 dagar sedan
Nice slow pace, seized bolts, rusty vehicles, Q&As, yeah this is shaping up to be a really great channel.....count me in, Subbed !
John Barnes
John Barnes 4 dagar sedan
No doubt about it Ed is a genius. So much better with no interruptions and no one yanking his chain.
Jason Mcaulay
Jason Mcaulay 5 dagar sedan
Amazing new show hopefully get it on the big screen learning all the time miles above a certain other show that should change its name to here's one I made Earlier keep going big fella 👍
MrInnerCircle 5 dagar sedan
30:56 *Jimmy Broadbent wants to know your Location*
Steven Whiting
Steven Whiting 5 dagar sedan
This episode is in the wrong order in your playlist.
Ollie Bodman
Ollie Bodman 6 dagar sedan
Great I love it but some things I think need to be sped up a bit
Alfredo Acuña
Alfredo Acuña 6 dagar sedan
Please translate into Spanish for those of us who did not go to school, thank you.
Marc Roux
Marc Roux 7 dagar sedan
Bonjour 👍👍👍 Super vidéo
Ellis O'Brien
Ellis O'Brien 7 dagar sedan
Great to see you back but such a shame the adverts come on so often.
Tayfun Coban
Tayfun Coban 7 dagar sedan
Türkçe Alt yazı eklermisiniz ?
Cemali Çelik
Cemali Çelik 7 dagar sedan
Please add subtitles? Pls (Turkish) translate pls.
blex 8 dagar sedan
Edd is the kind of guy i disable my adblock for
CaptainToyota 8 dagar sedan
Man how is Edd not at millions of subs yes. I LOVE Marc Priestly as new wheeler dealer tech but Edd is the O.G. at teaching mechanic repairs.
Zaranathax 8 dagar sedan
I'm enjoying this new content (obviously - it's Edd) but something feels not quite right. It could do with some work on the framing of each episode; that is to say, I'm not always quite sure what the bigger picture is of what he's doing. For instance, we seemed to abandon the fuel leak and have some talk of ice cream without any real sense of how it all fits together. I hope this is just teething trouble as it has the makings of a great show.
Ørjan Aasegg Johannesen
Ørjan Aasegg Johannesen 8 dagar sedan
Edd. I'm officially a subscriber forever!!!
David Mesa
David Mesa 9 dagar sedan
I want that mug!
David Mesa
David Mesa 9 dagar sedan
So glad you have your channel! Best of luck!
Martin Purnell
Martin Purnell 10 dagar sedan
Excellent goggles/ear defenders! Nothing worse than trying to wear separate items! Where did you get them?
litenbror 10 dagar sedan
Love seeing Edd again. Hate to tell him after all of that work getting the fuel tank out but rather than drop it you can remove the floor in the back and access the fuel pump that way, having done it its much much easier.
Phil Teves
Phil Teves 10 dagar sedan
Sensor?? How about Cold Start valve!!! Jeepers!! I’m starting to wonder if you know anything about cars!!!
The Declining Cyclist
The Declining Cyclist 10 dagar sedan
Great to watch but SVfrom stick so many adverts in it’s nearly as annoying as having Mr Brewer back ....
jb taylor
jb taylor 10 dagar sedan
🌴Hey Edd China* VIP 🦛
Tuckey 10 dagar sedan
The frame rate seems messed up in this one. Recorded at 60fps by accident before encoding at 25?
MoonEyes2k 10 dagar sedan
You really should leave the angle-grinder work to Blackhurst. He's famous for it.
Spike Nock
Spike Nock 11 dagar sedan
Too many adverts.
69 440 Charger
69 440 Charger 11 dagar sedan
Edd could work on a weekly project classic car and Give it away when he hits 750k Subscribers,I have seen this on one of my other channels and it Generates a lot of Interest
Mr Shaneyt43
Mr Shaneyt43 11 dagar sedan
Having a car left makes all this work so much easier . I always lose motivation when I think of the fun laying in the dirt struggling under my car . Love the vids 👍
mancsakacarl 11 dagar sedan
edd , top man.
Johannes Konow
Johannes Konow 11 dagar sedan
At 23:00 when he exclaims "there's only one thing one can do in this situation" I was pondering if he might set fire to the car or something. This thing is so beyond salvation unless you have some form of emotional attachment to the car.
Johannes Konow
Johannes Konow 11 dagar sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/krWsYWylvsdyl7Y Reminds me of this beautiful clip which I hope you have seen Edd (with audience). If not, watch. It must have taken for bloody ever to film.
Cardnim 12 dagar sedan
Love seeing this, and great that you left in the fails and when things don’t go to plan.... only thing is those ads every 8 mins or so are very annoying and disruptive. I’d happily have 3 longer ad breaks throughout rather than many smaller ones. Just a thought 👍🏽
nick j
nick j 12 dagar sedan
Nice tips and tricks Ed thanks.
EMH 12 dagar sedan
I love this show. I missed seeing Edd working on cars. I wonder if he could take on an L322 and somehow make it reliable?
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas 13 dagar sedan
Hello Edd, Thanks for the vid, just one question: Why did you not remove the RR aluminium boot floor panel and access the fuel pump from there? I recall doing one on my own RR some years back and found it a much easier proposition than dropping the tank. Thanks again! Tim
HorsleyLandy88 13 dagar sedan
push that merch :)
HorsleyLandy88 13 dagar sedan
Get some more LED lights in the barn, all a bit gloomy
HorsleyLandy88 13 dagar sedan
Even a Milwaukee vacuum cleaner
HorsleyLandy88 13 dagar sedan
English Mustie1
HorsleyLandy88 13 dagar sedan
Sponsored by Milwaukee :)
Travis 13 dagar sedan
Good to see you fixing things again, Ed. Haven't watched WD since you left, this new series is fantastic! 🙂
Jorge Rostagnol
Jorge Rostagnol 13 dagar sedan
Es bueno verte denuevo Edd.!!! Colonia Uruguay.
Axel Sniper Garage
Axel Sniper Garage 13 dagar sedan
Edd.. dear Edd.. your videos and shows has always been like a therapy for me. And once again, you-re successfully easing my pain after a serious injury. I am in stiches, agonizing pain. But you are that pain killer i needed right now. Thank you Edd
John Wh
John Wh 13 dagar sedan
What took Edd so long to start doing this?
Tony Touch93360
Tony Touch93360 13 dagar sedan
Here come Back thé soul of Wheeler dealers !!! I so happy to see back the master pièce of mechanic !! Welcome back Boss!
Paul winter
Paul winter 13 dagar sedan
Loving the channel even with all the frequent Ads (hey, you have to fund it somehow!) so keep it up, I think you have the content balance just right! and very well presented!
JohnFaribaYasmin Pebblebrook
JohnFaribaYasmin Pebblebrook 13 dagar sedan
The fuel pump was never going to spring into life, and I wouldn't trust it if it did.
hard rode
hard rode 14 dagar sedan
Well done doing your own thing Edd. 👍
fraser hardmetal
fraser hardmetal 14 dagar sedan
Edd its great - but - bad lighting and bad sound will not get you back to wheeler dealers status - you can afford it - do it right.
fraser hardmetal
fraser hardmetal 14 dagar sedan
Good stuff - better audio and lighting will follow later I would imagine.
Stan Thrax
Stan Thrax 14 dagar sedan
Dude. I saw you doing that Alvis headlamp switch and I had a thought. My father passed recently and I will be going through a lot of old things he kept. I know he has switchgear and the like from old Morris, British Leyland and Austin cars and vans he's owned. Can you tell me of any owners clubs that could take them? I wouldn't know what came from what, so I'd probably box them up together. I'd rather someone got use of them than they go to waste.
jim demetri
jim demetri 14 dagar sedan
Should have checked the switch working before putting it back edd . New doesnt always mean good 😂😂. Trust me found out the hard way . Lucky this time
rustandoil 14 dagar sedan
Got some amount of ads here Ed! 😂
James Baxter
James Baxter 15 dagar sedan
After watching this, for an abused off-roader I think I'd just order a plastic fuel tank and mount it in the boot 🤣
James Baxter
James Baxter 15 dagar sedan
Ed, I've noticed you haven't included any links in your video description for merch. You should get on it. Also affiliate links for the tools you use/recommend etc. would help your channel plenty.
Mr M Chappell
Mr M Chappell 15 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or is this the show all of the parts of Wheeler dealers that made it interesting, without the 'old out yer 'and nonsense? Loving this show, keep up the good work Edd!
John T
John T 15 dagar sedan
I'm so happy to see the OG of "auto how-to" videos is back. Missed you Edd!
Koray Usta
Koray Usta 15 dagar sedan
Keşke Türkçe olsa :(
Pam Brown
Pam Brown 15 dagar sedan
Edd rules..
michaeljc1 15 dagar sedan
Enjoy the video but hate the music Edd, stick to what you do best.
Jess Phuqette
Jess Phuqette 15 dagar sedan
Bob Malone
Bob Malone 15 dagar sedan
That rust bucket looks like something Mike would have brought you in Season 1 of Wheeler Dealers.
Martin White
Martin White 15 dagar sedan
Really enjoy watching Ed but can't stand so many adverts. So I'll stop subscribing I think ☹
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves 16 dagar sedan
Will the Range Rover V8 be OK to run on E10 Petrol that is going to replace normal unleaded?
The Restoration Shack
The Restoration Shack 16 dagar sedan
So tempted to watch the Guinness Records video on the ice cream truck to see how it turned out, but love the anticipation being built up. Cant want to hear that P38 start up! You doing a camper conversion on the T5 Edd?
Karl Nielsen
Karl Nielsen 16 dagar sedan
So, I do not know for sure, but the device that Edd refers to as a "fuel pressure sensor" on the intake plenum (where he disconnects the fuel line), I believe that is actually a cold start injector. My 1981 Datsun 280ZX has one that looks nearly exactly like that device and it's there to inject extra fuel on cold starts. Again, I don't know for sure and I'm not a Range Rover person.
NmH 16 dagar sedan
-I have a cunning plaaan!! / Baldrick... This is great stuff, well done!
Guy Poole
Guy Poole 16 dagar sedan
What's the difference between a Jubilee Clip and a Churchill Clip???
İbrahim Deniz
İbrahim Deniz 16 dagar sedan
Ryan Golds
Ryan Golds 16 dagar sedan
These videos are great, everything explained simply, slowly and with technical knowledge, you are a true gent mr china and I would buy you a pint anyday of the week.
Daithi McCormack
Daithi McCormack 16 dagar sedan
way too many ads
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva 17 dagar sedan
Hello, Mr Edd, I have a 2004 ford focus mk2 1.4 petrol and I have a question, it is normal for this car model to consume 1 liter of oil in 3000 kilometers. Do not smoke blue or smoke at all. You can tell me something. Thanks
paul william simpson
paul william simpson 17 dagar sedan
Just find you so great to see on car again thank you
Mark Ward
Mark Ward 17 dagar sedan
'82 RR is it not?
Adam E
Adam E 17 dagar sedan
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Love it! 😄
Luis Antonio
Luis Antonio 17 dagar sedan
Chingiz Sirbatalov
Chingiz Sirbatalov 17 dagar sedan
Edd, like from Kazakhstan!
Ian Hayward
Ian Hayward 17 dagar sedan
The in tank fuel pump failed on my RRC. I took up the boot floor for access as the pump drops in from the top. Quite a few rivets to drill out (and put back) but it made changing the pump very easy.
Edouard FANGET
Edouard FANGET 17 dagar sedan
Dommage il n'y a pas de sous-titres en français 😔
wirenut003 17 dagar sedan
Ed why are you wasting your time and energy on a rust bucket that looks like its ready for the crusher? Get onto something more up to speed.
Steve Randall
Steve Randall 17 dagar sedan
As a shade tree mechanic, it's usually after you've fought the fuel tank straps for 2 hours, and lowered a half-full tank onto your chest, that you see the bottom of the hidden access hole in the cabin floor. You're grateful there are no impressionable children around as you curse the service manual for making no mention of it.
Dai G
Dai G 17 dagar sedan
Add China
geo art
geo art 17 dagar sedan
Arek Bekiersz
Arek Bekiersz 18 dagar sedan
Parts 1 & 2 were a bit chaotic (i.e. trying to fit everything into a short episode), but it is getting much better now. Thank You, Edd, for educating - for so many years - yet another generation of Grease Junkies here in my family. Cheers!
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey 18 dagar sedan
Rust...I hate it!
Gurkan Can
Gurkan Can 18 dagar sedan
Evet edd, sen süpersin 👍🇹🇷
Sam's Motor & Machine
Sam's Motor & Machine 18 dagar sedan
Great series! What make are those awesome combined safety goggles/ ear defenders?
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