Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

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Matt Stonie

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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie 14 dagar sedan
Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!
Sayf Rahman
Sayf Rahman 13 dagar sedan
The Truth
The Truth 14 dagar sedan
Mackinley J. Rattey
Mackinley J. Rattey 14 dagar sedan
Elizeth Mendez
Elizeth Mendez 14 dagar sedan
Elizeth Mendez
Elizeth Mendez 14 dagar sedan
The Shit poster
The Shit poster Minut sedan
When he mentioned the sponsor at first I thought he was being sponsored by raid shadow legends
cory beaver
cory beaver 3 minuter sedan
rare charzired
Jeanette Marron
Jeanette Marron 16 minuter sedan
pikacchu can i have him plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Gabrielle Biscaino
Gabrielle Biscaino 19 minuter sedan
My favorite is charzard
Cameron Frye
Cameron Frye 39 minuter sedan
UnkownGhost21 Unknown
UnkownGhost21 Unknown 40 minuter sedan
orlando S
orlando S 48 minuter sedan
orlando S
orlando S 49 minuter sedan
I believe in you
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor 57 minuter sedan
My favorite pokemon is charzard gx jumbo card
CHomPPiE2k07 Timme sedan
Matt looks so happy in this video
Emilio Juarez
Emilio Juarez Timme sedan
I liked and my favorite Pokémon is oshawott
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Timme sedan
Nobody: The cheese army in comments: Allow us to introduce ourselves
Im_Rw Timme sedan
Matt Stonie pulls out the food in the happy meal and eats it in like 2 seconds so that he can open his pokemon card pack
Titanium Mage
Titanium Mage Timme sedan
Might want to check your sugar levels and cholesterol after this.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Timme sedan
Question of the day: What is your favorite food? Besides All of the food.
that one dog
that one dog Timme sedan
_how does he not gain a single pound_ *tell me your secret*
markawestern 2 timmar sedan
Do the Blues Brothers challenge! 4 fried chickens and a Coke. Did drinks have free refills back then?? Idk, Your call. DO IT!!!
Jorge Avila
Jorge Avila 2 timmar sedan
Yoshi Moto
Yoshi Moto 2 timmar sedan
He doesn´t know the starters of fourth gen? I mean, He was like 14 years old
Liala Bryant
Liala Bryant 2 timmar sedan
i love your channel
Lyndsay Manz
Lyndsay Manz 3 timmar sedan
My favorite Pokémon with you and is I Pikachu
Candice Cruickshank
Candice Cruickshank 3 timmar sedan
Coolest vid ever..and im a total Pokémon nerd..Gotta catch them all..
June Hayes
June Hayes 3 timmar sedan
Jessie Palacios
Jessie Palacios 3 timmar sedan
I get pleasure watching him eat the meals...... Especially since I haven't eaten food for 4 years because of a accident I had......
Jessie Palacios
Jessie Palacios 2 timmar sedan
LordSmashMastergrobin Lord asizen
LordSmashMastergrobin Lord asizen 3 timmar sedan
just imagine him doing a challenge like the fat guy in san andres and forgetting to turn on the cam
tim flory
tim flory 3 timmar sedan
hay matt stonie good video. look if your looking to travel, where i live there a pizza chalinge at my local pizza place.
insomniia 3 timmar sedan
everyone gangsta until he pulls out his head band at a family dinner
Dragon King
Dragon King 3 timmar sedan
Do a jalapeno challenge
Agent_dogo no
Agent_dogo no 3 timmar sedan
George Perkins
George Perkins 4 timmar sedan
Question of the day: What is your favorite food? Besides All of the food.
Rayan Rhaloui
Rayan Rhaloui 4 timmar sedan
Can I have any
HECTOR MORATO 4 timmar sedan
its 2021 not 2020
Hamzuxx Mxkt
Hamzuxx Mxkt 4 timmar sedan
Matt Stonie LafargePokemon
Junior Casipe
Junior Casipe 4 timmar sedan
My favorite pokemon is squrtul
Lesya Ryduk
Lesya Ryduk 4 timmar sedan
Nicole Jasien
Nicole Jasien 5 timmar sedan
Favorite Pokémon: Mudkip
Máximo Rolón
Máximo Rolón 5 timmar sedan
i can´t believe that he eats to much and he is a stick
Fanuel Ayele
Fanuel Ayele 5 timmar sedan
Does anybody watch his videos when you want to eat something but you don’t have it?
Jeroen M
Jeroen M 6 timmar sedan
Can you do a spaghetti bolognese challenge
OX Zyme
OX Zyme 6 timmar sedan
Kid: can I get a happy meal Cashier:sure Kid:wait there’s no Pokémon cards in here
Rubie ASMR
Rubie ASMR 3 timmar sedan
Can i get honest feedbacks for my recent Mukbang video? I will work harder 💪🏻
Gold block Gaming
Gold block Gaming 6 timmar sedan
What a legend
Jeric Renz TV
Jeric Renz TV 7 timmar sedan
si Matt Stonie yung isa sa mga tipong need kumain para kumita samantalang 80% ng tao sa mundo need kumita para kumain yan ang problema ng karamihan isa na ang pilipinas kaya idol ko to eh
SHAYTOWAY 7 timmar sedan
pepi ganchev
pepi ganchev 7 timmar sedan
Baks. Tefa. Rita
MOBILE FUN 7 timmar sedan
I never played against people with Pokémon cards but just liked collecting them
stephen1381 8 timmar sedan
Gloely Ortiz
Gloely Ortiz 8 timmar sedan
I want a Pokémon of Pikachu and Charizard and Squirtle and the dude the type of Pokémon with the in front of the one the one who has the refund if that’s fine please and I liked and subscribed and I liked and subscribed
Fazecraigthedevilyt 8 timmar sedan
Yes very social
Fazecraigthedevilyt 8 timmar sedan
He skinny but he says so he fat it's reAlly weird but he's very ski my I'm hos it's very weird yep I weird that's weird it's really weird as skinny Pokemon
Dank Memes
Dank Memes 8 timmar sedan
Wanna Be Friend?
Wanna Be Friend? 9 timmar sedan
ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ ʙᴇ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ
Saad Parmar
Saad Parmar 9 timmar sedan
Saad Parmar
Saad Parmar 9 timmar sedan
Abdullah Qureshi
Abdullah Qureshi 9 timmar sedan
leo boulanger
leo boulanger 9 timmar sedan
You have to try to eat one kg of risoto
Mr Cookie
Mr Cookie 11 timmar sedan
My favorite Pokémon card is pikachuu because I have him
Black_Bigspy 1o1
Black_Bigspy 1o1 11 timmar sedan
Charmander da best
EMPEROR 11 timmar sedan
Ou Ie
Ou Ie 12 timmar sedan
히스BTS TAEVERSE 12 timmar sedan
I am amazed of how matt stayed the same throughout these years and we have nickocado ..
Xara Edmund
Xara Edmund 12 timmar sedan
Matt Stonie should be the pm that will be good for me you know why because he will get a load of call for me so i can get FOOD like BREAD yesss😎😎
Julian Anguiano
Julian Anguiano 12 timmar sedan
Eat american cheese just a thought i had
Meet Meriya
Meet Meriya 12 timmar sedan
How does he maintain his jaw line after eating this much of food 😂 his appetite is dangerous
BRANDON THE GAMER 12 timmar sedan
Who ever wonder if he had another stomach
Alan Gonzales
Alan Gonzales 13 timmar sedan
Juice Wrld official Music Videos
Juice Wrld official Music Videos 13 timmar sedan
the fact is he didnt get every pokemon
Joseph Brooks
Joseph Brooks 14 timmar sedan
Charmander and Pikachu
Nylah Nembhard
Nylah Nembhard 15 timmar sedan
ZEUS Gaming
ZEUS Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Contreras Gaming
Contreras Gaming 15 timmar sedan
顔のない未知の 16 timmar sedan
4:58 anyone notice that chespin is jonathanGD's logo
micouriel camana
micouriel camana 16 timmar sedan
Matt Stonie in 2075 eating mars in 2 days
Umar Umi
Umar Umi 16 timmar sedan
Real life goku
TheAnimator Me1
TheAnimator Me1 16 timmar sedan
y u m
Rana David
Rana David 16 timmar sedan
How come you dont gain weight? 👏😂
Ben Atkins
Ben Atkins 16 timmar sedan
New maze! COOL!!!!
Ben Atkins
Ben Atkins 16 timmar sedan
Ben Atkins
Ben Atkins 16 timmar sedan
POOL!!!! I mean COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Atkins
Ben Atkins 16 timmar sedan
Yep COOL!!!!!!
Emin ŞEKERCİ 16 timmar sedan
İs he pokemon fan ?
Roudy Bridge652
Roudy Bridge652 17 timmar sedan
matt do hart attack grill
3Ree 17 timmar sedan
SeMiCoLonHarmoni ArmMoaGene-L
SeMiCoLonHarmoni ArmMoaGene-L 17 timmar sedan
Im a big pokemon fan when i was a kid, i have all of the cards, but as i grow up, i didn't watch it anymore cause i only watch it on television translated in our language (filipino/tagalog)
Burhanuddin A
Burhanuddin A 17 timmar sedan
Maat stoine if you have talent and if you had drink your mother milk accept my challange super sweet food eating challenge or else we will think you affraid of my daring challenge I challange you super sweet food eating challange or else you and your mom milk is fake challange accapted yes or no next video will decied this So let's see super sweet food challange go on or else your mom milk is water 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 ☠️🍰🍦🍰🍪🍮🍨🍼🍹🍭🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍬🍭🍰🍪🎉
Zakaria Arwadi
Zakaria Arwadi 17 timmar sedan
next time eating a human flesh
Zakaria Arwadi
Zakaria Arwadi 17 timmar sedan
next time eating a human flesh
DHRUV SHARMA 18 timmar sedan
Matt bro its time bro. Its time that u beat that kfc full menu challange
ozyozy54 18 timmar sedan
i cant think how big his poop will be
Ahmed.M ALM
Ahmed.M ALM 18 timmar sedan
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 timmar sedan
Everybody gangster till they realise that the burgers are made of pokemon
nemo 27
nemo 27 19 timmar sedan
Trasheye 19 timmar sedan
Me trying not to get triggered by the wrong name pronouncing
Great Alvin
Great Alvin 19 timmar sedan
Do a 500 Totinos pizza rolls challenge
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 19 timmar sedan
Pikachu is my favorite pokemon
sephatu 19 timmar sedan
Go for all holo next time >:)
Mimikyu Mastery
Mimikyu Mastery 20 timmar sedan
You didn’t complete the set you didn’t get all the holo cards :( I’m joking keep up the great content
michelle mountry
michelle mountry 20 timmar sedan
My favorite Pokémon is Evee
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 20 timmar sedan
Pin this and I'll buy you a pack of Pokémon cards
Sri Kutty
Sri Kutty 20 timmar sedan
『TM〤SMOKR』 20 timmar sedan
هل انا الوحيد العربي هنا؟؟
Three Monkeys
Three Monkeys 21 timme sedan
Pikachu is my favourite Pokemon
cartoon cat Dream
cartoon cat Dream 21 timme sedan
I like Pikachu Charmander Squirtle and Litten
Vincent Owners
Vincent Owners 22 timmar sedan
You should do the Texas Double Whopper challenge.
SuperNova 22 timmar sedan
BiewsPrumDaSix 23 timmar sedan
Challenge, make a video of you enjoying your food.
CallMeHatto 23 timmar sedan
legends say he still on the toilet
Shelby Huntsman
Shelby Huntsman 23 timmar sedan
Your profile picture just makes me laugh 🤣🤣🤣
1 vs 10 Hunters in GTA!
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