Drinking in ZERO-G! (and other challenges of a trip to Mars)

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A trip to #Mars involves radiation, muscle and bone loss, intermediate axis theorem and liquids.
Check out Mars on National Geographic, Monday Nov 12 at 9/8c
When I got offered the chance to fly in another #zeroG plane, I jumped at the chance. Do you know how hard it is when you are thrust into low-gravity, like the 37% of Earth's gravity of Mars, and you have to remember what you were going to say in a 30 second window as blood floods your head? It's pretty hard. It would be even harder to actually travel to Mars. It would take about 8 months in microgravity during which time your muscles and bones would weaken substantially, even if you exercise for hours a day like the astronauts on the space station. And your heart is a muscle too so it weakens as well. Before I contemplated these rates of muscle and bone loss, I thought the major challenge with a round trip journey to Mars would be the logistics of spacecraft and having enough fuel to get back. But with the weakening of the human body, it's an open question whether anyone would really want to come back.
Filmed by Steve Boxall
Music from Epidemic Sound: epidemicsound.com

MikeTheGameDev 7 timmar sedan
Айдос Айтмурат
Айдос Айтмурат 10 timmar sedan
как играют мужики
Firedefeat 20 timmar sedan
3:08 damn, this dude got kicked
No Name
No Name Dag sedan
you drinking water was do damn funny...I couldn't stop laughing. but also thank u for making such amazing videos and increasing our knowledge;)
Haily Doe
Haily Doe Dag sedan
This Video Comment Section 90%: People Talking About Him Getting Kicked 6%: Woohoooooo 4%: Other
Shabnam Khatoon
Shabnam Khatoon Dag sedan
That old person kicked you because you have not recorded him on you camera at 3:06 😜
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 2 dagar sedan
Tiki Masala
Tiki Masala 3 dagar sedan
The only time you see old people act like children
TheJacksparrow10 3 dagar sedan
Trip to mars 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂you are so funny !
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 4 dagar sedan
Not looking forward to diarrhoea in 0 G.
William J. Croft
William J. Croft 4 dagar sedan
Cost is about $6,700 for a 100 minute flight, with 15 parabolas. "The flight portion of a ZERO-G Experience® lasts approximately 90 to 100 minutes. During the flight 15 parabolas are performed each providing about 30 seconds of reduced gravity or weightlessness." www.gozerog.com/reservations/ www.gozerog.com/faq/
Yoda 4 dagar sedan
Mm, that’s just me making zero gravity.
zzgot_game ziy_isfly
zzgot_game ziy_isfly 4 dagar sedan
this dude got kicked in the face
NP Skroderis
NP Skroderis 4 dagar sedan
“This is what it would be like to be on the surface of Mars.” ✋😏🤚 / /\ 👞👞
HoZakari 5 dagar sedan
nice kick 3:08
HoZakari 5 dagar sedan
when old people start acting like children
Gaming concept7.40
Gaming concept7.40 5 dagar sedan
the most hardest job is to be the camera man in zero g :)
Lucas Fernandes
Lucas Fernandes 5 dagar sedan
please tell me where is this?
its zafriq
its zafriq 5 dagar sedan
Raider Sr 073
Raider Sr 073 5 dagar sedan
Let's believe this fact that " they are not experiencing the zero gravity, THEY ARE JUST FALLING FROM A HIGHT IN A CONTROLLED SPEED" so they are falling and not floating, the gravity is doing its job anyway
aryan kalra
aryan kalra 5 dagar sedan
Imagine playing Any sport on MARS For Example- Badminton
Fathima ali
Fathima ali 6 dagar sedan
They are playing like kids 😂😂
bunni luvs
bunni luvs 6 dagar sedan
i cant get over this whole room of grown men floating around and going WOOOOO
Ebenezer Suresh
Ebenezer Suresh 6 dagar sedan
5:10 i've see this guy on TED TALKS
Paul W
Paul W 7 dagar sedan
Hmmmmmm, about that 'evolving' thing. For something to be a scientific 'fact', there are three tests that must be passed. It must be measurable, it must be observable, and it must be repeatable. This 'evolving' thing fails all three. It's called a theory for a reason.
Birdie Birdie
Birdie Birdie 7 dagar sedan
The more I watch these videos, the more apparent it is to me that an infinitely wise God created all things.
Matt Ryozo Sarmiento
Matt Ryozo Sarmiento 7 dagar sedan
4:49 he be like: who der
chase riley video chase riley video
chase riley video chase riley video 7 dagar sedan
Can you back flip there in the space
Uttara Mandal
Uttara Mandal 8 dagar sedan
thank you for such an information
Viron 8 dagar sedan
3:06 Kicked in Face
Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler 8 dagar sedan
So many Grandpa's kicking him
AbangKucing 04
AbangKucing 04 8 dagar sedan
I want do back flip :-)
Moses the kid
Moses the kid 8 dagar sedan
Moses the kid
Moses the kid 8 dagar sedan
3:30 he failed his mission 🤣🤣
The Gentleman
The Gentleman 8 dagar sedan
Ngl man kinda looks like Elon Musk :/
YOMAN OP 8 dagar sedan
2× speed is lol 🤣🤣🤣
food gobble
food gobble 8 dagar sedan
The cameraman is just like dude let me play with the others
bhushan kothari
bhushan kothari 8 dagar sedan
I don’t think anyone in the world will dare to build a Zero Gravity Toilet, because no one will use that toilet🥵
Delicia Permata
Delicia Permata 8 dagar sedan
Is anyone annoyed and grossed out about the kicks from the feet or is it just me? (I cringed soo much)
Super Warrior
Super Warrior 9 dagar sedan
its super cool man
madzran jjkk
madzran jjkk 9 dagar sedan
Camera man did a trick
madzran jjkk
madzran jjkk 9 dagar sedan
Omg sooo cool I'll sleep in mid air
Katt 9 dagar sedan
4:12 - 4:22 They all sound like howling wolves 🤣
Kenyaliz Perez
Kenyaliz Perez 9 dagar sedan
Todo el mundo se está dando madrasos ahi 😂😂
TurtsTurtles 9 dagar sedan
I like how the rest of the people in the plane sounds like a fire siren just went off
Cookietimegames 9 dagar sedan
I like that
Bang Kiks
Bang Kiks 10 dagar sedan
3:22 when gamers rage quit
nope nope
nope nope 10 dagar sedan
How many planets do we need to destroy in order to realize we are the problem
A.m. Productions
A.m. Productions 10 dagar sedan
Imagine someone throws up and it flies around and hits everyone
hamsnerd 10 dagar sedan
Phantomzgaming 10 dagar sedan
4:38 huh?
Air 11 dagar sedan
3:30 If there was no water, that would be *_V E R Y_* different
River O'Neal
River O'Neal 11 dagar sedan
chris is in this
Never Again
Never Again 11 dagar sedan
Omg that looks SO fun! Emagine just bouncing around and half floating in air!!!
Glen Axcel Tuazon
Glen Axcel Tuazon 11 dagar sedan
What do astronauts feel when they are upside down in the space ship
True Zeno
True Zeno 11 dagar sedan
Well that looks weird... 3:30
aquxlia gxming
aquxlia gxming 11 dagar sedan
somebody tell me how to be able to do this
Runy. 11 dagar sedan
*no One SeARch it*
Ps4 runtz_in_jack
Ps4 runtz_in_jack 11 dagar sedan
That looks super fun😃
Nutella Playyz
Nutella Playyz 11 dagar sedan
3:08 🤣
A09Juanito 12 dagar sedan
While falling asleep i saw a flash of light too Im not sarcasric i hope its not radiation from my ps4 controller
_ Sharky
_ Sharky 12 dagar sedan
Old man is happy
RiseAndShineMrFriMan 12 dagar sedan
Peeing in ZERO-G! *starts spinning uncontrollably*
Cecilion Carmila
Cecilion Carmila 12 dagar sedan
2:49 The guy at the left side AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER
Shiny Boots
Shiny Boots 12 dagar sedan
Can you still breathe
Kalenz 12 dagar sedan
imagine someone gets a nosebleed on that plane with droplets of blood floatin everywhere.
demfak •
demfak • 12 dagar sedan
everybody else aboard: WOOOO YEAH BABY this is what ive been waiting for!!!
Freddy Santiago machado
Freddy Santiago machado 12 dagar sedan
4:25 did that hurt
ROHITH NARNE 12 dagar sedan
Alternate title: The revenge of the old grandpas Zero gravity edition.
Hydra Crazy Gaming
Hydra Crazy Gaming 13 dagar sedan
No Sana No Life
No Sana No Life 13 dagar sedan
*In a room full of adults* Adults: ooHhh oOoOoOhh oHOhoHooooOooo oHhhhooOOo
MineMasterAjay Gaming
MineMasterAjay Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Agnes Temple
Agnes Temple 13 dagar sedan
I wanna do that that is so lucky that he got invited
Zoe Corday
Zoe Corday 13 dagar sedan
Lucky cameraman, the cameraman just gets to go on a ride
psychic friend fredbear
psychic friend fredbear 13 dagar sedan
This is all fun in games until you see red vent and sabotage o2
ULTRA GAMER 13 dagar sedan
me:wow so cool style to drink water my brain:actually that water was coming from toilet
jomac pascaran
jomac pascaran 14 dagar sedan
5:48 just watching mire vids and watching this later
Azhar Difa Arnanda
Azhar Difa Arnanda 14 dagar sedan
Zero g is crazyyy!!
Rammy The DucK
Rammy The DucK 14 dagar sedan
when the tea handle spins it look so weird, it looks unnatural lol
Bone Zylaphone
Bone Zylaphone 14 dagar sedan
This is some fever dream, you are locked in a plane with a bunch of flying grandpas constantly smiling and yelling "Wooo" whilst you struggle to drink water while also floating.
Haasini Vinjamuri
Haasini Vinjamuri 14 dagar sedan
Wanna Reduce Weight?! Book a trip to Mars, Now!
Dat epic duck
Dat epic duck 14 dagar sedan
What if someone farts or has diarrhea or pees
Jachin Choi
Jachin Choi 14 dagar sedan
Finally, people from other countries can do the russian no hand pushups.
Wilbur Animates
Wilbur Animates 14 dagar sedan
When a object defending itself 4:38
Kian Prendergast
Kian Prendergast 14 dagar sedan
Sorry 3:08
Kian Prendergast
Kian Prendergast 14 dagar sedan
He kicked him ! 3:18
Wentworth Inoc
Wentworth Inoc 14 dagar sedan
Streetcan 14 dagar sedan
4:38 add Hans Zimmer interstellar and it's complete
CRUZITA_ 07 14 dagar sedan
the poor man got kick in his face X2 4:28
Gaming Time
Gaming Time 14 dagar sedan
4:38 its rottating in fortnite
Justus Sander
Justus Sander 15 dagar sedan
In microgravity humans appear a lot more like primates
Sajeel Ghuman
Sajeel Ghuman 15 dagar sedan
Imagine Spider-Man in space
Lil Zacky
Lil Zacky 15 dagar sedan
3:08 gets kicked by a old grandpa😂😂
Lil Zacky
Lil Zacky 15 dagar sedan
2:49 dude in the top left corner THE LAST AIR BENDER😂😂😂😂
Imma_gamin 15 dagar sedan
Dude this looks fun. Just imagine going to an airport and this is your plane. Just you your family and some other people just vibin in a replica of 0g on earth.
Scientific Phonix
Scientific Phonix 15 dagar sedan
Literally No one: Everybody: *Screams and Jumps like Monkeys*
FarzanTriforcegamer 15 dagar sedan
3:30 this must look weird to the other guy
《ॐ》 SHANGLU 15 dagar sedan
3:08 padh gyi laat ab chup hoja😂😂😂
5T3F4NØ 16 dagar sedan
.Can you guys sub to me so i can get 99subs before the end of the month
CʏC ÐΛΝΙΞL • 13年前
CʏC ÐΛΝΙΞL • 13年前 16 dagar sedan
GAMING WITH ZUBAIR 16 dagar sedan
3:07 he got kicked
Fire in ZERO-G!!
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