Drag Me to Hell - Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Drag Me to Hell, starring Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao, David Paymer, Adriana Barraza, Chelcie Ross, Reggie Lee, Molly Cheek. Directed by Sam Raimi.

baserock love
baserock love 2 dagar sedan
I absolutely fucking hated this movie when I saw it. This will be interesting.
thrice1987 4 dagar sedan
I laughed with this movie more than with 90% of comedies
-I'm the guy that posts your videogame pron-
-I'm the guy that posts your videogame pron- 6 dagar sedan
that would be "mean spirited"
qwertyman459 8 dagar sedan
some people have never seen some movies before, i had a date with a girl and we watched evil dead one and two she loved it. she likes horror. these are my fav type of movies.
Comment Deleted
Comment Deleted 10 dagar sedan
This movie was a cartoon.
MK MK 11 dagar sedan
Omg when I was younger I used to watch ‘Drag me to Hell’ & ‘Case39’ all the time
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez 11 dagar sedan
Please review “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”
Tarcísio Emanuel
Tarcísio Emanuel 12 dagar sedan
hello my friend, and as I am Brazilian, I have to recommend you the best Brazilian film ever made !! Its so damm good if you can watch it, I’m sure you’ll love it very much, it’s very real and our rare gem here in Brazil. A review it would be so great. "City of God" - the movie.
太老了For This Sh-
太老了For This Sh- 13 dagar sedan
i just realized we had to analyze this movie in my first American Cinema course. props to my prof for picking something interesting (i think we had to debate whether the girl deserved to be dragged down to hell or not)
mercpool 001
mercpool 001 14 dagar sedan
Nah my only questions are is the boyfriend now the owner of the button? And is there a body like did it just take her soul? and if not how is the boyfriend going to be able to explain this ? As for the girl I don't think it was ever really a question I don't think she deserve to go to hell at all but it's not about what she deserves she made a choice she some choices have consequences she could have gave the old lady the loan but she didn't because she wanted to get that promotion she was at a Crossroads and she chose the promotion unfortunately the consequences for this decision didn't end with her losing a finger or going to jail or losing a friend but getting chased by demon a bit more Supernatural and they were kind of foreshadowing a lot and they were kind of foreshadowing/showing a lot of this stuff in the movie Choice,destiny, fate, decisions they set the tone with the kid in the beginning as for the cat she was desperate and the fortune teller told her she'd be surprised what she would do to save herself from the demon sooo, yeah there you go
Thunderdump 16 dagar sedan
Fleeing from death is the sin of pride, the sin of Satan. Accepting the possibility of death, and trusting in what might come after is the only path to new life e.g. baptism.
MattMatters 16 dagar sedan
Speakin' of the Evil Dead... Ashe vs The Evil Dead..? Netflex,, Superb!
Aj Ben
Aj Ben 17 dagar sedan
Bow that ending was GG. No one saw it coming
Kieran O'Dwyer
Kieran O'Dwyer 17 dagar sedan
Comedy in horror is like eating ice cream and ketchup.
Justice237 17 dagar sedan
This is the scariest horror movie ending ever for me, as a Christian who believes Hell exists, the idea of being condemned to eternal damnation in such a short amount of time because of an honest mistake is just TERRIFYING.
Sheev Lalpatine
Sheev Lalpatine 16 dagar sedan
@Jeffrey Long Im an atheist too, but stop comments like this. You arent going to convert anyone. Just let people believe what they want.
Jeffrey Long
Jeffrey Long 16 dagar sedan
The God you believe in is the horror monster
Holly grail A
Holly grail A 17 dagar sedan
Best horror movie ever.....lmfao
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins 17 dagar sedan
Don't fuck with my money.
UsagiAMV 18 dagar sedan
watched it as a kid and liked it
Krystal Williams
Krystal Williams 18 dagar sedan
Just watched it again and.... Christine deserved it.
Moonawrathic 18 dagar sedan
Considering that it doesn't matter what you do, you go to Hell anyway, I don't find the ending that off putting. There's only one thing that can save you from going to hell. hint: it has nothing to do with your behavior or actions.
Letting go of my depression - Luke Dawson
Letting go of my depression - Luke Dawson 19 dagar sedan
This review was terrible I just watched this film and there was so much character inconsistencies and plot holes. She wants to take revenge over the demon but only if she has £10,000, meanwhile not helping would have sent an innocent person to hell just one of many.
JeSUs lIEd
JeSUs lIEd 20 dagar sedan
Money. All on what Hell... we ALL are in. The BOX
Pelle Svedén
Pelle Svedén 21 dag sedan
Jump scares...it's too much fucking jump scares!!
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson 21 dag sedan
good endings are lame in Horror Films, the ending is great IMO
Daniel Mazz
Daniel Mazz 21 dag sedan
The ending ruined it for me
schymi841 22 dagar sedan
She clearly didn't deserve it. That's why this ending is horrifying and sad. The movie was a little silly but generally it was scary and that was the purpose of it.
JohnFx 22 dagar sedan
Great review, but Justin long is trash. I hate him in movies.
Joy 23 dagar sedan
This movie is very oral....like literally !!!!
Samantha Costido
Samantha Costido 24 dagar sedan
One of the only horror movies that wouldn’t even scare a child but would make sense to one.
Ariel Feldman Bracke
Ariel Feldman Bracke 24 dagar sedan
I found this movie to be atrociously bad.
Charles Black
Charles Black 24 dagar sedan
A+ for me, and yes Alison Lohman was absolutely perfect in this!
Charles Black
Charles Black 24 dagar sedan
I think you missed a key part of the ending, just before she is dragged off, she tells her boyfriend that is was HER call as to whether to the old woman got a loan extension. She seems proud of this and the boyfriend says she has a good heart. This minor event foreshadows her fate. You seemed to have missed this. Her ambition was her downfall.
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar 24 dagar sedan
Seriously? Its not questionable at all. She definitely did not deserve her fate. You wouldn't kill a cat to save yourself from death followed by eternal damnation?
Lee's Boots and Such
Lee's Boots and Such 25 dagar sedan
Wait...did you just put yourself as being in favor of banks kicking old people out of their houses? Wtf.
Lee's Boots and Such
Lee's Boots and Such 25 dagar sedan
I didn’t like it
Fady Emad
Fady Emad 25 dagar sedan
Gays and Scales
Gays and Scales 25 dagar sedan
The best scene was the forced perspective fork.
Dominic Ebarle
Dominic Ebarle 25 dagar sedan
When I was 2 years old this movie fricking scare me.
Garrick 25 dagar sedan
This movie was ridiculous. It was bad on so money levels. Sam Raimi has such fucked up morals - she's just doing her job and Raimi thinks she deserves to go to Hell for it... Let's just pretend this movie never existed.
Jaidabecca 26 dagar sedan
The ending imagery of her flesh melting away due to the fires of Hell & Justin Long's character literally being unable to help as he watches his girlfriend get taken haunted me for weeks after I watched this movie. I enjoyed the film & I agree with those who say that she didn't deserve the fate the curse placed upon her.
Matthew Savoy
Matthew Savoy 26 dagar sedan
i love this movie
Frank Corvino
Frank Corvino 27 dagar sedan
I love this movie lol
Elnis888 27 dagar sedan
I respect the opinions voiced by Stuckmann and most commenters in the comment section. I just wanted to leave a comment to those who, like me, did not like the movie: you're not the only one ;-) I think the movie, with the exception of a few scenes, is rather boring. A lot of the script is just plain badly written, the dialogue in particular is horrible. The tone, to me, seems to be very uneven, with neither the comedy nor the scary or dramatic bits hitting their mark. It's seems weirdly edited - the timing is off when trying to build tension, and the transition from one scene/tone to the next sometimes is abrupt. Neither the direction nor the acting manages to make me care the slightest for the story or any of the characters in it. The lead (Allison Lohmann) in particular is a straight up plank of wood. There isn't really any chemistry between her and Justin Long's character. Some of the practical effects and computer graphics are pretty bad and take me out of the scenes. I think the Gypsy lady was cool and creepy, I liked the fight scene in the car and some of the crazy stuff with the Goat at the seance, but other than that, I find this movie to be an awkward mess of a lot of pieces that don't really fit well together. It porbably doesn't help that I watched "Hereditary" the day before I watched "Drag Me To Hell". Man, talk about a contrast in quality ... I gave this video a like, though. Stuckmann's review is my favorite thing about this movie ;-)
The Big One
The Big One 27 dagar sedan
Chris Stuckman has a magical ability. It’s the ability to clear a room with only his body odor and stinky breath.
luvu11 27 dagar sedan
God, no one remembers this movie, but the part where she sits up in bed and then lays back down AND THE LADY IS THERE???? Literally scarred me for years. Still can't sleep without a wall against my back sometimes. 😭😭
oldyyy 27 dagar sedan
No she didn't deserve to go to hell at all 😂she wasn't evil lol. But it's a great ending, she didn't deserve that fate but curses aren't meant to be fair
Brajesh Singh
Brajesh Singh 26 dagar sedan
well I agree if you are making a horror movie with a "happy ending" you have to have a really perfect story like Tucker and Dale. Or maybe Hubbie Halloween. So I guess happy endings are only for "comedy" horrors. Or else a horror movie must have an unpleasant ending.
Blue Grim
Blue Grim 28 dagar sedan
Lol really questionable things to make u feel maybe she did deserve it nah bro I don’t care literally none of the so called questionable things she did would give any justification for that none she does not deserve to burn in hell for a literal Eternity because she killed a damn cat or she was a bitch or something and it’s so stupid that this was what the movie was trying to make the audience decide if it was justified with those really stupid fuking reasons and I bet there was people feeling it was to and what’s that saying about our society that it’s so quick to judge and condemn someone to an eternity in hell because she was a bitch for some Scenes or because she killed a cat nobody deserves to go to hell for almost anything
Katelyn Dawn
Katelyn Dawn 28 dagar sedan
Not my kind of movie but Alison Lohman is wonderful to watch. White Oleander is one of the movies I can watch a zillion times in my life. I love how her hair is almost another character. Chronicling each stage. So lovely.
Limerick Kurniawan
Limerick Kurniawan 29 dagar sedan
Chris, is it intentional that you color grade your video so it accentuates your face? Kknd of look like your head's being CGI'ed from beard up..
BrightNeonBrilliancy 29 dagar sedan
I wonder what your opinion is on the whole 'this movie is actually about Bullimia' theory?
Bella Ludovici
Bella Ludovici Månad sedan
This movie is ridonkulous but I've always like it🤷‍♀️
Void Void
Void Void Månad sedan
Film is complete rip off of night of the demon. Should have at least been credited
Brandon Layne
Brandon Layne Månad sedan
I'm shocked that Chris said he was confused about whether the main character deserves hell or not. Hell is permanent punishment for the irredeemable, the worst of the worst, not for someone doing her job.
Jet Pack
Jet Pack 2 dagar sedan
I agree. She definitely didn’t deserve it
vijeth Månad sedan
Bro u spoiled
mAcroFaze Månad sedan
Chris, Chris, Chris, I think you seriously missed the point of this film... OBVIOUSLY it's about the real estate business and how soul destroying it is! XD
John Michael Encomio
John Michael Encomio Månad sedan
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Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l Månad sedan
*☼ **_"but...she wasnt paying her mortgage"_* do you know the etymology of the _'mort'_ in mortgage? *YOU'LL GET DRAGGED TO HELL!* . or not. just saying, some institutional biz. need for eviction freezes, poor pandemic response, safety nets & healthcare hardly fitting a 1st world nation. I preferred when your channel want so political man. just saying.
N O Månad sedan
i think i would like this movie more if when the envelope fell down she checked it and even dough she checked it it still was the wrong one. and because she did not check the envelope it was a giveaway
Kevin Park
Kevin Park Månad sedan
Would love to see you review "As Above, So Below
metalslug26 Månad sedan
My wife can't watch Drag Me To Hell because it's to awkward she says.. its funny you mention it..lol. My wife doesn't do good with awkward situations, both in real life and movies..🤔
Wayne Ferrari
Wayne Ferrari Månad sedan
This film was gash
RavingTurnRuth Månad sedan
When I first saw this film I was so shocked that Sam Raimi directed it. This is also one of my favourite movies
zihuetlachtli Månad sedan
This film is 🙌🏼So Good! And I Looove Alison😍
Brandon Hoover
Brandon Hoover Månad sedan
Please tell me where you get your shirts!
Striding Wolf
Striding Wolf Månad sedan
she kills an innocent cat. ending was great and deserved :)
Melissa McMillan
Melissa McMillan Månad sedan
You should do Thirteen Ghost soon! Love that movie and no one talks about it anymore.
Dude Man
Dude Man Månad sedan
Didn't know this was Raimi, gonna have to check it out now.
mark two
mark two Månad sedan
I agree with that premise she wasn't the bad guy/girl of the movie and the old lady was obviously the evil person. I actually think that's the main reason why ppl didn't like this movie. This reminds me of Steven King movie Thinner. The leading guy in that movie was good but kinda of a dirt bag, so it could've gone either way. But he wind up surviving and his daughter died.
Austin Monroe
Austin Monroe Månad sedan
You should look into reviewing “The Skeleton Key”! Staring Kate Hudson! I can’t seem to find any reviews for it on SVfrom!
sommer camp
sommer camp Månad sedan
Stargate score in the trailer?!
ThatMissQuin Månad sedan
So much gross mouth stuff in this flick.
Blast Beast
Blast Beast Månad sedan
It is fucking crazy to me that you don’t have a review of ‘The Last Exorcism’
Sarah L
Sarah L Månad sedan
Was literally just thinking about this movie! Need to show it to my bf. I want to see his reaction. SEE IT WAS ALL THE GUY'S FAULT.
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis Månad sedan
The film centers around the curse and works, essentially as a reverse faustian pact. The more she struggles and makes questionable decisions the more she pulls her own soul closer to hell. That is the tragedy of such things. Plus she broke the number 1 rule in horror: Don't piss of the Romani. This is a mistake. Lol.
Can Månad sedan
Love this movie. I always felt bad for her.
SparkyMarkyMark 23
SparkyMarkyMark 23 Månad sedan
Nameless Grifter 2
Nameless Grifter 2 Månad sedan
If this had a sequel and it went in the direction of The Evil Dead Universe I could see it being called Escaping From Hell and she has to fight an assortment of demons
dvssk8er3 Månad sedan
Damn! I was eating when you showed the puking corpse scene! I gagged and turned away... When I looked back, it was still going! That was disgusting!
green tokyo
green tokyo Månad sedan
One of Sam Raimi’s best!
Chris Darbonne
Chris Darbonne Månad sedan
I loved this movie. The Gypsy woman was scary as F.
Series Consideration
Series Consideration Månad sedan
I've always LOVED this movie. I saw it in theaters with a friend who also was familiar with Sam Rami's work and style. We were fortunate because the theater we went to had probably the best sound system I've ever experienced. Every loud knock, every thud, every boom was THUNDEROUS, which only upped the tension in a movie with a lot of great tension.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Månad sedan
Anyone else think she saw her death coming lol all throughout the fucking film 🤦‍♂️😂so unlikeable
Black Gekikara of 百合 Goggles
Black Gekikara of 百合 Goggles Månad sedan
I don't think it matters if she deserved it or not. She was cursed and thus screwed!
T R Månad sedan
Talk about truth in titles
Blaine's Wasteland
Blaine's Wasteland Månad sedan
This movie is the funnest way to absolutely horrify yourself
Brayden Rayden
Brayden Rayden Månad sedan
Surprisingly I really liked this film! Great storyline...and it's kinda boarder line comedy. Some of the scenes were so rediculous..I actually laughed out loud. Yet it was kinda scary. It's a kewl movie. Not the best ever..but I'd definitely give it a B+.
jravage77 Månad sedan
This movie was bat shit crazy but a lot of fun.
Hyicrotai Månad sedan
Great film, satisfying ending 👌
John Tziannis
John Tziannis Månad sedan
Happy Halloween🎃
Batman Månad sedan
I lost my shit when the goat started talking. 🤣🤣🤣 This film is very underrated. Just good old Sam Raimi horror fun. She absolutely didn't deserve to go to hell though.
Pamela Sota Rojas
Pamela Sota Rojas Månad sedan
It’s a very special movie, Christine always gives a very mature vibe to deal with this demon and kind of give you a confident hand to keep watching the movie. The Part that freaks me up always is the scene when they are at the ritual with the goat, and the guy who was bitten starts dancing in flames 😰
mechalpuco Månad sedan
good review! but it made me wonder why even a relatively shitty practical effect is still better than cgi.
YoungBowieLover Månad sedan
Maybe it's because we weren't fans of the directors work, but my group of 5 and the people in the theater around us believed this was a bad movie. We even verbally debated leaving throught the movie and had to convince ourselves to remain seated, other people did leave the theater and asked for a refund.
Outside The Game
Outside The Game Månad sedan
I like this film but i really hate that stupid anvil scene. Why does she have one hanging from a rope in the shed???
Gilbert Vidal
Gilbert Vidal Månad sedan
Lol this movie was crazy but still good.
idontrlycarethtmuch Månad sedan
From the way that hell is described in most religions the vast vast VAST majority of everyone who has ever lived does not deserve to suffer there. Much less a chick who just evicted an old lady who wasn’t paying her mortgage and killed a cute cats.
Caterina Vi
Caterina Vi Månad sedan
She's prone to a world that deserves to be dragged to hell
Blurry Quickness
Blurry Quickness Månad sedan
The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser
The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser Månad sedan
I love this movie. It’s just a fun ride. 😃✌🏽
vikas singh
vikas singh Månad sedan
White oleander next question mark
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