Does this Lambo owner know how to park?

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David Jennings
David Jennings 8 minuter sedan
When two knobs meet
Anuj kaushal
Anuj kaushal 18 minuter sedan
This lambo owner has presence of money but absence of mind 😅😅🤣🤣
Niko B
Niko B 23 minuter sedan
Can we start doing public lashings for confirmed, attention seeking, fake content creators. Please and thank you.
SLIMEMAK 33 minuter sedan
Tiktok name: *extremeexotics* Yea that idiot might be you, bud
Pratyush Kumar Subudhi
Pratyush Kumar Subudhi 45 minuter sedan
U are a dumb u can go into ur car from the other side of ur car🤨
Francisco Mena
Francisco Mena 48 minuter sedan
He probably thought it was parked next to a dumpster 😂😂😂
RyanACgaming 850
RyanACgaming 850 Timme sedan
And he parked his car so his wind mirror will get hit by his truck wheel
Daniel Horvath
Daniel Horvath Timme sedan
Is yo kor
That0neNea Timme sedan
who's the friend that owns the lambo? because if it was mine, I'd fucking knee cap you for walking on my shit like that
Adriano Jimenez
Adriano Jimenez 2 timmar sedan
Quien va a creer eso
Vitor Oliveira
Vitor Oliveira 2 timmar sedan
I think you’re the idiot!
Sylvester Musyimi
Sylvester Musyimi 2 timmar sedan
And then you get shot
Design in Mind
Design in Mind 2 timmar sedan
For all the effort it took you to film this and upload you could've just got in slid over and off,maybe of wrote a not on the car pointing out their incompetence.
Liem Ung
Liem Ung 2 timmar sedan
hudsontoo1212 3 timmar sedan
HeusNietMNM 3 timmar sedan
Even tho he parked like an idiot, I think it’s very disrespectful to hop on his car and potentially break something. The car is worth a lot of money and I think you wouldn’t like someone to step on top of your Lamborghini like that either.
That Dude
That Dude 3 timmar sedan
When your glad you got a lift kit
James King
James King 3 timmar sedan
Plot twist, the Lamborghini is also his, he’s the idiot
Nathan Rawling
Nathan Rawling 4 timmar sedan
You should have ran it over
aggeluii 4 timmar sedan
Doge coin millionaires are dumb
Brenor Leonidas FednerMM21music
Brenor Leonidas FednerMM21music 4 timmar sedan
Nice toys bro😁
Achintha Madumal
Achintha Madumal 4 timmar sedan
Couldn't your have used the other door and slide your way to the driver seat duhh
Patony Brooks
Patony Brooks 4 timmar sedan
You are such a show off , So you own a Lamborghini and a truck, big deal.
Kasper Nigo
Kasper Nigo 5 timmar sedan
:D. N1
Djaygizmo 5 timmar sedan
“LOoK aT tHis IdI0T” : LAMBO
sharif shakti
sharif shakti 5 timmar sedan
Y no podía entrar por el otro lado???
Kenton Higgins
Kenton Higgins 6 timmar sedan
He could’ve also just got in through the passenger’s seat without climbing on the Ferrari
X Caliber
X Caliber 6 timmar sedan
Bruh you could use the other door
GT Sniper
GT Sniper 6 timmar sedan
People have no life
Finn Wozny
Finn Wozny 6 timmar sedan
ohroonoko 6 timmar sedan
Fake AF
michael lavery
michael lavery 7 timmar sedan
Surely this is a set up. No one could be that stupid with a car of that value.
Stolen Nation
Stolen Nation 7 timmar sedan
Gayest rims on a truck. Low profile? Really? Fake ass video
Fai sal
Fai sal 7 timmar sedan
if you can't enter from the left door just enter from the right door, simple ....
Zola Rola Paints
Zola Rola Paints 7 timmar sedan
How stupid are pepole He could of just went to passenger side and jumpted to drivers side
Zola Rola Paints
Zola Rola Paints 7 timmar sedan
If u agree like
Matt Hyatt
Matt Hyatt 7 timmar sedan
Wow could not have been more faked.
Benjamin 8 timmar sedan
He parked so close, because people can go in between and scrath up the cars.
Renz Ticsay
Renz Ticsay 8 timmar sedan
You did no go in other side of your pick up truck to drive it
Pascal Noll
Pascal Noll 8 timmar sedan
What about getting in from the other side? 😅
Cape Rides
Cape Rides 8 timmar sedan
I'm guessing none of the other doors worked via central locking?
lOnDoN sCaMmEr
lOnDoN sCaMmEr 8 timmar sedan
or go in from the other side dickhead
Sam Giles
Sam Giles 8 timmar sedan
Who drives a monster truck to the supermarket.... you no what they say about men with a big car
Bianka Heilmann
Bianka Heilmann 8 timmar sedan
True Kash
True Kash 9 timmar sedan
Thats a sick looking truck bro
Desley Asselmans
Desley Asselmans 9 timmar sedan
could've gotten in on the otherside tho, i mean yeah it sucks but no need to step on other people's cars if not necessary
Brandon 9 timmar sedan
Daddy called and needed his venti back
JE Chan
JE Chan 9 timmar sedan
Cant he get in from the other side of his truck?
Key MOTA 10 timmar sedan
Look at this prick These looser do anything for views
collin mccall
collin mccall 10 timmar sedan
Staged and stupid, fk this world.
Risshi Shafra
Risshi Shafra 10 timmar sedan
The lambo didn’t park next to you, u parked next to it for content.
ジョージョー 10 timmar sedan
Damien B
Damien B 11 timmar sedan
Wait.. spoiler.. it's your Lambo?
Hlodowig RNL
Hlodowig RNL 11 timmar sedan
CHARLIE NO7 11 timmar sedan
This guys is a dumb ass.
Rolli J6
Rolli J6 11 timmar sedan
To bi i ja napravio
blueplayer684 11 timmar sedan
Umm I think there is something called a passenger seat
J S 12 timmar sedan
This looks like a setup.
Monica Michelle
Monica Michelle 12 timmar sedan
Wow you must be 70lbs soaking wet.
Nishant Kamboj
Nishant Kamboj 12 timmar sedan
Tok tok scripted cancer
Doug Yeargin
Doug Yeargin 12 timmar sedan
If there were more cars in the parking lot... next time, boys.
Mr. Ramirez
Mr. Ramirez 12 timmar sedan
Take your bullshit fake ass cringe videos somewhere else.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 13 timmar sedan
That truck though
Ivan Pineda
Ivan Pineda 13 timmar sedan
fake as fuck like his fake ass laugh 🤦🏻‍♂️
James May
James May 13 timmar sedan
Hell yeah! 💯
S. K.
S. K. 13 timmar sedan
Vegaman Industries
Vegaman Industries 14 timmar sedan
Lets face it no lambo guy would park this close, all fake like most tik tokers
Expatrocious 14 timmar sedan
You know you could go around on the other side right? lol, I think he is just mad because he can’t afford a lambo and he has his big truck to compensate for a small weaner.
Jason Rayburn
Jason Rayburn 14 timmar sedan
Fake s**t like this is why society is in a downward spiral.
Carlos 14 timmar sedan
Tiktok'ers are the dumbest people on the planet
M D 14 timmar sedan
You set it up dumbass
BuildmanEpic 15 timmar sedan
Texas be like
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan 15 timmar sedan
Stepping on Daddy's lambo... He gon smack yo ass boy lol
김재원 15 timmar sedan
Bruv Bruh
Bruv Bruh 15 timmar sedan
Bruh ª few more inches and he’d park under it
KrisLucky07 15 timmar sedan
Cool you own the Lamborghini fake af but nice Aventador tho
rob xay
rob xay 15 timmar sedan
It’s his boys car 🤦🏻‍♂️ both trying to get attention 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Fozzie Bear
Fozzie Bear 15 timmar sedan
Nothing fake here people, move along now
Cool Ass Duck
Cool Ass Duck 15 timmar sedan
Yeah he’s definitely jealous
stoneyhigh05 16 timmar sedan
Bruh, you gotta compensate for things. That truck is huge
Ray 16 timmar sedan
If it wasn't he's lambo i will like to see him crush the sid mirror off 😊
Zane Browning
Zane Browning 16 timmar sedan
its prolly his lambo and hes just bad at parking
Zane Browning
Zane Browning 16 timmar sedan
oh mvm
Daniel Poloni
Daniel Poloni 16 timmar sedan
I'd steal your knee caps then tell you to walk home
Waffle killer
Waffle killer 16 timmar sedan
2 things 1: It's a supercar they can't park 2: His dad probably bought him the lambo and the truck and he just plays it off like it's not his and walks on the Lambo and pretends it's not his and gets into "his" truck
percyvael 16 timmar sedan
that truck is horrendous tho wtf
Hunter Goodall
Hunter Goodall 16 timmar sedan
And run his car over
Edison McDaniel
Edison McDaniel 16 timmar sedan
He wouldn't park that close to Cody's /whistlindiesel truck lol
pazi wa
pazi wa 16 timmar sedan
You have some ugly truck my friend.
James M
James M 16 timmar sedan
Probably staged, but then again men with small balls have to drive their large trucks to go get groceries.
KW 2024
KW 2024 17 timmar sedan
Nobody over 14 sees a truck like that and thinks “wow that’s cool”.
TOXIC_OG12 17 timmar sedan
Bro that guy with the Lamborghini I said stupid idiot
Imperator Emir
Imperator Emir 17 timmar sedan
The dudes account name is about exotic cars lol. It’s his car. No one would step on some random dudes lamborghini and record it
BoxerBatey 17 timmar sedan
When he says, "Look at this idiot", I'm like ok turn the camera around
The Epicperson
The Epicperson 17 timmar sedan
Coco Kookoo
Coco Kookoo 17 timmar sedan
both cars for the same owner
Mardini Willdern
Mardini Willdern 17 timmar sedan
You’re both idiot!
Adam Bunn
Adam Bunn 17 timmar sedan
That guy is a idot
chee siong lim
chee siong lim 18 timmar sedan
At least u could still open the door
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