Diablo® II: Resurrected ™ Announce Trailer

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Pre-register for a chance to take part in the technical alpha: diablo2.blizzard.com/
Arise, Diablo, Lord of Terror. Diablo II: Resurrected is the definitive remastering of Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction® expansion - two hallmark entries in Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action role-playing series.

Jimmie K.
Jimmie K. 13 timmar sedan
im 30, started playing this game when i was 10, played until i was about 23 ish, man i cant wait for this!!
jade elliott
jade elliott 14 timmar sedan
Remember when said we wanted a remaster of older Blizzard games and the people on stage laughed at us and said we don't know what we want? I remember.
Neal M
Neal M 20 timmar sedan
Awesome! I'm definitely ready for this!!!
Gośćmen Dag sedan
I really hope the game will be as dark and creepy as the previous one. And I really hope that Duriel will be as hard as in Diablo II...
Peter Culka
Peter Culka 2 dagar sedan
dunno. looks like D3. worth 9.99. definitely not 39.99
Major Angle
Major Angle 2 dagar sedan
2gb vs 30gb?
Kimshi 4 dagar sedan
Just release it alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
MKAY 5 dagar sedan
I was one of the first people to get Tal Rasha's fullset when the game came out Lots of hours in middle school grinding this. Good memories
Grigory Strizhov
Grigory Strizhov 5 dagar sedan
Hey, Blizzard! Censor this! ╭∩╮(︶_︶)╭∩╮
Reehji 5 dagar sedan
does it have retalent the skill tree? lol
slimjimmy 8 dagar sedan
Not Even Death Can Save You From Me! Man that line is engrained in the back of my head 20 years later lol.
Henry Witarso
Henry Witarso 8 dagar sedan
not include expansion ?
Involves 8 dagar sedan
Im so sceptic about this a attempt of desperate man to revive the fan's Youll never be able to repair the mistakes you've done =D
Bahri Alaydın
Bahri Alaydın 8 dagar sedan
Imagine this announced in 2018's Blizcon. Maybe Blizzard was still alive today...
пеший ход
пеший ход 9 dagar sedan
Заберите мои деньги!!!!
Jack Doe
Jack Doe 9 dagar sedan
I just hope its not simple reskin of old game
Andrei Apolozan
Andrei Apolozan 9 dagar sedan
Please make it run properly on 60 FPS on ps5 - I'm so hyped to play this with my cousin on the console
Kobra18 9 dagar sedan
Cant wait for this, they finally understand that we want the same thing but better ! with maybe more levels
Oro The Villain
Oro The Villain 10 dagar sedan
i want to be excited but this is activision blizzard this remake will be bad
Reyson Fox
Reyson Fox 10 dagar sedan
If Blizzard fails Diablo II - one of the greatest games of all time they will go from Ressurected to Irredeemable.
KYoung2 11 dagar sedan
My life is so screwed. Rip
Legendás Eposz
Legendás Eposz 12 dagar sedan
Remnar 12 dagar sedan
If this is just a reskin, I'll pass. I've played Diablo2 for a few years, but the drop rate was so bad that you needed to use maphacks to see where you need to go, and bot to get anything and trade on d2jsp. Diablo3 changed this, now the drop rate is a bit high; but at least I play legit and get somewhere.
blackbird 14 dagar sedan
Hero Editor anyone? ;D
Wilmson 15 dagar sedan
but the genre was defined with part 1? :D :D :D wtf, remove ladder only items, ye yee
robert caribou
robert caribou 16 dagar sedan
Stuttering on small lightning spells with only few monsters LOL, slower gameplay... gotta go back to 2000 version for smooth gameplay.
john 17 dagar sedan
If they put this much care and effort into diablo 3 it wouldn't have been such a major let down.
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia 17 dagar sedan
Please make a couch Coop for this, it would be epic playing with friends/partner, and if someone wants the "original experience" they can play sad and solo.
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia 5 dagar sedan
@Scott S couch coop and online multiplayer are 2 different things
Scott S
Scott S 5 dagar sedan
Diablo II had multiplayer.
Gladius Gaming
Gladius Gaming 17 dagar sedan
How much is it out sourced and changed from the original to pander to the Asian markets? Also how much of the proceeds from sales going to BLM?
Scherhundy Sahijuan
Scherhundy Sahijuan 19 dagar sedan
0:35 when in Diablo 2 does this dialogue play?
Alexa S
Alexa S 19 dagar sedan
What about Diablo 2 - Blizzard Telemetry collecting data, Blizzard not talking about this ?? I notice on Win_10, one folder is on location "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Diablo II\GameLogs" wierd ".txt" have data about your system, and second folder "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\Telemetry" where ".fcr" binary file with hash content.
Pjotrs Osnovskis
Pjotrs Osnovskis 19 dagar sedan
29th of July, 2021, if You are a true fan - you know why!
werd 20 dagar sedan
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres 21 dag sedan
I need to play this local coop on my PC, PLEASE
C H 21 dag sedan
The real question is did they learn from their botched Wc3 Reforged launch.
MOX 21 dag sedan
Time to quit our jobs...
Layne Johnson
Layne Johnson 21 dag sedan
What blizzards needs to do it get Michael bay to produce the movies at least D1 and D2 the whole story modes those movies would be great not sure who would play the main characters but at least tell the story of the movie from when Lazarus goes to get Leoric and take it off from there 👍🏻 with today’s technology and sound Guaranteed those movies will make bank bank and will be awesome I have always wanted them to make a movie since D2 came out who else agrees this is a good idea for movies produced by Michael bay 👍🏻
a a
a a 22 dagar sedan
Don't F this up like Warcraft 3 Blizzard....
banana tearex
banana tearex 22 dagar sedan
dont trust blizzard ... they only want money 60$ for a game that 100% of streamer wont have to buy and PLAY 3 day before the release + they give them boost so it look good on paper more awsome loot you never gonna get in a 20k hours of play
Omega Shikikan
Omega Shikikan 22 dagar sedan
Diablo 2: Trash Edition
iSwim100 23 dagar sedan
After how badly they botched the Warcraft III remaster, Blizzard games have landed firmly in the "wait until reviews are out" category for me.
Mini Misty
Mini Misty 23 dagar sedan
Will there really be no Mac-Version of Diablo II Resurrected? That would be a shame ....
いのねこ 24 dagar sedan
I'm still playing with Diablo 2, but when it goes on sale, I'll play with this new one.
Khang Lo
Khang Lo 24 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for that “Hit-and-run” tactics, Paladin: Diablo ain’t got nothing on me, Lol! Diablo: ⚡️ ⚡️ Paladin: 😩!!!!
darkshadowsaver 24 dagar sedan
I'm fine playing alternatives. If I can't play it offline fully then its not a game for me.
David Sepulveda
David Sepulveda 24 dagar sedan
just a new skin, no new content, we are already in 2021 and no new ideas
Zenny 25 dagar sedan
Ha, those beetles still lag the game
Mr. Pointman
Mr. Pointman 25 dagar sedan
Just hope, this don't become another disaster like Warcraft III reforged. Otherwise, it will be a major flop to the whole company that destroy their own franchise forever except cash grab. Finger cross.
Anthony 25 dagar sedan
If it doesnt change anything about loot rng and its like i remember as a kid in 2000-2006......im all in....I havent thought about this game in easily a decade and i randomly stumbled into this....Wow.
puncleV 25 dagar sedan
Im glad to have a remaster, but it's sad that gamestudio which made a lot of really good games and developed a lot of new game mechanics just remaster their own games instead of bringing something new.
Charming Peasant
Charming Peasant 26 dagar sedan
Why amazon looks so manly ? Why are female characters overly covered up compared to original ?
Walgriff 26 dagar sedan
I would encourage Blizzard to add a little completely new content. Maybe those 3 missing quests in Act 4, new items, a new act, or even a new character class. The missing guild halls would be nice too. It doesn’t matter that there are sequels, as this new content could exist within the story timeframe of D2. Who else would enjoy that?
Александр Гутов
Александр Гутов 26 dagar sedan
Here's what fans of the game, those who love it, think: "This barbarian doesn't look a barbarian, its more like a mma fighter..." "Druid looks like he has been crack addicted for 20 years..." "The Amazon has a manlier face than Baal." "Amazon looking like my uncle cosplaying" "Assassin's design seems way off, especially in terms of general body type. She looks less like a slim agile type and more like some kind of MMA bruiser." "Paladin's face and the hairstyle are a bit off."
Александр Гутов
Александр Гутов 26 dagar sedan
Why do the new characters look disgusting? The attractive images of my childhood in this video look like the quintessence of disrespect for the work of the developers of Diablo 2. One question - why? Oh, I know, sorry. Only $ is reason.
Dimon Hormone
Dimon Hormone 26 dagar sedan
Where is RTX? My 3090 useless :((
11BravoMike 26 dagar sedan
As old as this game is, it's still my all time favorite. The best of the classics. It's so worthy of a loving remaster. Thank you whoever pushed this at Blizzard. Thank you!
晃悠晃晃悠悠 27 dagar sedan
哼~ 创建个账号都费劲,既然A手机号用了那为什么没有信息不能找回密码。想玩个清晰版的暗黑破坏神就这麽费劲,也不知道你们咋想的这,世界是可以没有网络还是可以没有电脑。 还有我要的十万格的仓库呢? 我要的两百格背包呢?去哪里了? 你们都是傻吗?
Roger 27 dagar sedan
The best thing to come out of the Diablo franchise since Diablo 2!
Adso Rossi
Adso Rossi 27 dagar sedan
It's getting more and more evident that Blizzard cannot truly dish out new, brilliant content. They are recycling what had made Blizzard famous (before becoming infamous). Sad state of affairs really.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 28 dagar sedan
Who wants to duel me
Christopher Nichols
Christopher Nichols 29 dagar sedan
"Not even death can save you from me" is still one of the best lines of dialogue I've ever heard.
Lucas Kellermann
Lucas Kellermann 29 dagar sedan
Come on Blizzard... Mobile version also makes all the sense 🙏🙏🙏
Anton 29 dagar sedan
speechless after seeing that !! dream becoming true !! big respect to blizzard for that surprise.
Dan J Briand
Dan J Briand Månad sedan
Baal runs again lol
cross nic
cross nic Månad sedan
So the alpha only went out to streamers...I've supported blizzard for over 20 years and all they have done for me is take away my original warcraft 3 and frozen throne copies after I got a refund for the crappy reforged. They can tell me if a cd I put in has been used and by who but can't tell me the keys I used previously even tho there have been at least 2 or 3 of each game and expansion over the years at least.. Lol. Blizzard has turned into a cash grab.. I think I'm about done with blizzard.
Sorenkair Månad sedan
0:01 what is that sound effect?? i hear it everywhere
NO LIMIT Månad sedan
Czesc dawajcie Diablo 2 Res Bedzie grane Robienie postaci drop handel online Na grach powinno moc sie zarabiac Pozdro Good job.
Николай Смирнов
Николай Смирнов Månad sedan
Looks like it will be on D3 engine. Too bad character faces are all PCed out, except for Sorceress. It's funny how Paladin is just so close to having an afro, but hasn't. :-/
KidFuryplays Official
KidFuryplays Official Månad sedan
I would always watch my parents play this game, and back then I never understood the hype. Now I do.
Agret Månad sedan
I have opted- in to the technical alpha , how long do you have to wait to get the email for downloading it?
oRaGaMi 1337
oRaGaMi 1337 Månad sedan
Disable Cross save or lock all Future seasons to the platform they were created on. Bots > * Botted gear > * Botted characters on console via cross save > *
Demon Månad sedan
Вышло вообще какое-то недоразумение а не ремейк.Да еще с завышенными сис.требованиями...Это вообще не та 2 дьябла какой она должна быть.Это очередной мусор операющийся исключительно на графонодрочеров.Современные игры че....Главное графика вырви глаз остальное дополнение к игре.
Valmardon Månad sedan
the other guy
the other guy Månad sedan
will the full version have music from the original D2? that OST was just perfect!
SISA POST Månad sedan
알파 테스터 영상 보니, 아이템 복사 버그 있던데. 이거 또 깐포지드꼴 나는거 아닌가 싶다. 아무리 알파 테스트라고 하지만 20년 전 아이템 복사하던 방식이 지금도 되고 있음. 디3 확장팩 끼워팔기나 하려 하지말고 가장 기본인 게임 완성도부터 신경쓰기바람. 이런 쓰레기 같은 게임 회사한테는 디지털세 50%는 징수해야 하는데 쯧쯧
Wayne Weiderman
Wayne Weiderman Månad sedan
Don't waste your $$$ on this. Let it flop so B gets it through their thick numbskull heads that we don't want 50 year old content!!!
Sapphire Spire
Sapphire Spire Månad sedan
This is so exciting. I hope they resurrect the LoD expansion too.
Kevin McLeod
Kevin McLeod 27 dagar sedan
They are, you can see Assassins and Druids in the trailer, and they said that it will include all 5 acts.
sean knot
sean knot Månad sedan
dont know a single person other than streamers who got the alpha...
Benjamín Urzúa
Benjamín Urzúa Månad sedan
Trickysnacks Månad sedan
I bought diablo 2 original and i cant find it in the library oh wait it just says games THERE IS NO LIBRARY?!?!
burak kuru
burak kuru Månad sedan
one exciting step further of this news is the announcement of the ending of the corona virus lol xD
John Brown
John Brown Månad sedan
Ive been playing diablo 2 so long that I went to grab the charm that fell at 1:30
Mark Devlin
Mark Devlin Månad sedan
I use to look at the choose a character screen and wish that the game looked like that. I loved those graphics.
Joseph McLane
Joseph McLane Månad sedan
Diablo® 2 : refunded™?
Ong Seng Hin
Ong Seng Hin Månad sedan
Can you make moo moo farm a not because a I want go kill cow king multiple times please admin
Deckard Cain
Deckard Cain Månad sedan
imagine trusting blizzard to not blow it on this game. warcraft 3 reforged was a total joke. and you guys are really going to fall for this? insane
Beat this Game Thrice Fold on PS1 and PC in 2000 and at that time I was 18 years old and now at the age of 38 I'm going to Beat it again!! But this time in 4k instead of 640×240 pixels!
PROSTO4Tabal Månad sedan
Next week 666 milion of views on this trailer
Wyatt Walth
Wyatt Walth Månad sedan
I'm jacked for this
Rafał Bartnikowski
Rafał Bartnikowski Månad sedan
I can swear this game looked excatly the same when i first played it in 2001
Steven Prince
Steven Prince Månad sedan
I need to hit the lottery if I’m going to play this as an adult the same way I played it as a youth. Looks great though, if the community can be as active as it once was this could be a ton of fun. Fingers crossed!
Neil Ogaard
Neil Ogaard Månad sedan
Except this is the new Activision Blizzard so no discount for existing owners of D2 and probably a full priced game. My hopes aren't high.
Mr Sardonicus
Mr Sardonicus Månad sedan
Cool. I don't believe for a second they won't tweak the difficulty for their current welfare addicted, handheld playerbase. They ruined WoW for those trash, they made Diablo III for them, why would they not ruin Diablo II for them as well?
banana tearex
banana tearex Månad sedan
i dont know it just a better diablo 2 mod ... and how long it gonna last less then a poe league
Alex Cusmir
Alex Cusmir Månad sedan
Wish someone remade Heroes 3 of Might and Magic with this quality!
Kolabuff 90
Kolabuff 90 Månad sedan
They are working on improving it and finishing right now so don't hold back on any of your honest critique people
Énio Pimentel
Énio Pimentel Månad sedan
D2 ressurected looks like a good remaster, too bad people who got w3 reforged will never get get that feeling
Cem Özkan
Cem Özkan Månad sedan
Not even death, can save you from me !!
The God Emperor of Mankind
The God Emperor of Mankind Månad sedan
After how W3R turned out, ye I'll pass, thanks
E A X Månad sedan
Anyone else wanted to play recent D3 season and was like? Nahhh, lets wait for the better looking Resurrected come out? x) Im impressed of Resurrected, it looks like original Blizzard North has made it, graphics are where they always shouldve been in this Franchise. Dark, Bloody, small amount of Lighting, Creepy, good Music, brutal... Done with playing D3 and have D2 music going, now i can go back to D2 in recent Graphics with the much better Itemstats and Variations.
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