Dax - SELF PROCLAIMED 4 (Official Music Video)

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This is the official end of 2020 for us. IMPACT 2021 has now begun. Let's share this everywhere and motivate millions. Love you all and I can't wait to show you what I've been working on. Like, comment, and share :)
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Shot by: Logan Meis
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
#SelfProclaimed4​ #motivation​ #manifestation​ #itsdax​ #kingarthur #excalibur

Don’t let nobody tell you who you are
I remember sleeping wishing on a shooting star
After practice over night cleaning working hard coming up short hoping one day I’d go far
I was young dumb broke and I was still naive
I had failed so many times but I still believed
That I would turn into that man everyone could see
wouldn’t never let nobody tell him what He could achieve
I stayed focused walked right on my path
I told my mom I was leaving and I couldn’t come back
Hopped out my feelings
quit my job graduated and laughed then went to Cali straight broke and hopped right
in my bag
Now I’m standing here speaking giving all I am
Trying to show you that the change starts with one man
I ain’t lying cause I did so I know you can so here help the world understand that
This is motivation
For every single chance you ain’t taken
any rule that’s in your way you better break it
Shut up, embrace it
The pain is a pre-requisite without it how the fuck you think you Ever gon’ make it
The sweat is your payment
Fuck an escalator take the stairs to top right from the fucking basement
Your life is a statement
Leave a legacy and stop waiting
Get yo ass up today and start chasing
This that motivation
I’m hoping that this hits your soul
They’re just dreams till you sit down and you write your goals
I remember when they said I wasn’t built this strong I bounced back like elastic and put myself on
Now I’m Selling out these tickets to places I don’t know
Going to these places they said that I couldn’t go
Giving all my time to people at these shows
To spread this message and this music that i know brings hope
They feel it
I don’t gotta top a stupid chart or win a Grammy just show that I’m the realest
I don’t need a co-sign from nobody if they ain’t said nothing by now they pretending not to see it
Any odd I beat, negativity delete it, I don’t care succes it’s the journey I fiending,
if I say it meant it,
flow(floor) dirty can’t clean it,
give a fick about the past cuz I rip’d it
Now I’m bout to fucking hit the top
You fucking people can’t cancel me
Put me in box
Or fucking drive to me to insanity
I’m already crazy, 1/4 of me is all of you so half of me is two of you and 4 of you is all me, you’ll need a whole army if you thinking bout stopping me and 5 lifetimes if you’re thinking you can copy me
I’ve beaten poverty went to war and beat mediocrity my life is mine I’m molding that shit like I’m doing pottery
I’m not scared of failure I embrace it and chase it
If there’s a 1 percent chance I can do it I take it
I took the hate they all threw sat down and I ate
Then took the motivation from it turnt to one of the greatest
And now every time i drop I know I’m making a statement
Replacing every single person that you got on your playlist
I’m not a product of the system that’s why no one can break it
I’m trynna change the whole game man fuck being famous dawg
I’m Self proclaimed and I Never changed
I rock the same clothes and still got the same chain
It’s reminder when hooped and I would go and get my jersey
And those people didn’t even know my name
Well now I know you you see it!
They told me leave I made a promise they would all feel it!
I couldn’t find the change so I said I’ll be it!
So I hope y’all know
This is Dax fucking self proclaimed 4 GOOOOOO!
This is motivation
For every single chance you ain’t taken
any rule that’s in your way you better break it
Shut up, embrace it
The pain is a pre-requisite without it how the fuck you think you Ever gon’ make it
The sweat is your payment
Fuck an escalator take the stairs to top right from the fucking basement
Your life is a statement
Leave a legacy and stop waiting
Get yo ass up today and
This is motivation!

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like, comment, and share and let's motivate millions. Love y'all. Available on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS click here to download: ingroov.es/self-proclaimed-4
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 12 dagar sedan
Know you ain't gonna read this because you're a busy man but thank you brother I'm an alcoholic and musiciam I turned my back on God but I got it back now and I think this year's gonna be a chapter I've always been the dude that brought my homies up but perhaps I haven't played enough time on myself you give me that hope bro. And when I make it I can't wait to play the same stage one day. Btw bring your ass to new england I'll pay for a ticket all day.
2ajJAMES18 28 dagar sedan
MIR Glaub
MIR Glaub Månad sedan
So u think it's not gonna hit 1M in 4 days? U ALREADY HAVE 300K AND I WILL CLICK ON THIS VIDEO EVERY DAY AT LEADT THREE TIMES!👌🌹
Isaiah StJohn
Isaiah StJohn Månad sedan
Don’t cut ur hair
StoppieRed Månad sedan
Cut it yo! You made it this far by taking chances. What's hair? Get it done! Either way, it's DAX!
clickfor Quinn
clickfor Quinn Timme sedan
I smiled All the way through that video
damc dynamo
damc dynamo 3 timmar sedan
Dis song changed wateva dats going on inside of me... Your de Man DAX
Ghost El God All Mighty
Ghost El God All Mighty 8 timmar sedan
Julian Adame
Julian Adame 12 timmar sedan
Goodnight and good morning
Matt Pike
Matt Pike 13 timmar sedan
lots of love from newfoundland my trout
Julian Loyson
Julian Loyson 14 timmar sedan
Its so good every bar is so good
Julian Loyson
Julian Loyson 14 timmar sedan
Dude I almost cry about this song
God c
God c 15 timmar sedan
M2 M2
M2 M2 17 timmar sedan
This hit bro pulled straight from my thoughts... don’t ever let NOONE hold you down.
Dean Macklin
Dean Macklin 19 timmar sedan
Dax U are the greatest keep it up I dig Ur tunes brother all the way from Australia Perth w.a
Israel Reid
Israel Reid 19 timmar sedan
Man this is literally my banger every morning, realest 💯💯
Mel Bell
Mel Bell 21 timme sedan
He’s on fire!!!
Leslie Bates
Leslie Bates 21 timme sedan
Wow I'm digging your stuff. That get back up kinda vibe. Greatness.
Lajan Style
Lajan Style 21 timme sedan
Bro u know b4 stardom will this person know u were ordain 2 b... congrats ❤🙏
Laurie K
Laurie K 23 timmar sedan
Speaking truths as always
more love
more love Dag sedan
you are incredible raper @ThatDax
Travice buzzell
Travice buzzell Dag sedan
Tiffini Siedentopf
Tiffini Siedentopf Dag sedan
The people that didn't like this song are shallow and dont believe in themselves
Junior Mpumelelo
Junior Mpumelelo Dag sedan
Dax do you believe in god or the 😈 devil
Kozmodic Dag sedan
Been here since #1 keep it up brother🤙💖🤙
Beluong Jonathan
Beluong Jonathan 2 dagar sedan
@Dax I like how you summarized the Bible verse of your Sweat is your Payment... that is facts, without the sweat of one's brow no food is on the table, dues etc.. 🔥👏👏👏
Modou lamin Colley
Modou lamin Colley 2 dagar sedan
Miss you bro
KillerB1332 2 dagar sedan
Brother you go hard and speak the truth! Thanks for the realism
kasokolo simunyola
kasokolo simunyola 2 dagar sedan
Dax keep being an icon. This song will forever be pushing my failures , forever my favorite.🔥❤️❤️💪
My Radical
My Radical 2 dagar sedan
1:49, sheeeeeeeeesh
Nicholas Pride
Nicholas Pride 2 dagar sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/ZrxqeaXGna-yo9Q Anyway you can do a remix too dont sweat the technique as a tribute to Eric b and rakim. Too many people have forgot the originalists
Bk Z
Bk Z 2 dagar sedan
All love bro u got it already 💯 🙏
This right here boys is the next rap legend that spits facts that are fire
spark 41
spark 41 2 dagar sedan
Lois Lian
Lois Lian 3 dagar sedan
It takes only a Intelligent man to spit bars with deep meanings , you blessed Dax🥇❤️, My brother from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬
Harry Saroy
Harry Saroy 3 dagar sedan
"Dax" is the real definition of "Rap"
Lamell Branch
Lamell Branch 3 dagar sedan
If you want a battery put in your bag listen to this song but have a correct mind
Silencer18 3 dagar sedan
Real music, real man,real words ,beautiful and real messages!! Dax been following u for a bit now bro n still 100 with u !! Greatness !!! Thus new generation will never Understand!! #facts
Margaret Kirton
Margaret Kirton 3 dagar sedan
I'm just an anonymous,not even poet.You are a Rap God!!!!!!!!This @Dax is the next Eminem mixed with tupac
Lawrence Tangiri
Lawrence Tangiri 3 dagar sedan
Consistent is the secret This is a pure new art of the year You deserve 💯% of street love Dax Bars unbeatable Art unbeatable Let God keep you covered in his Son's blood 🎈💝
hunterphillips1 3 dagar sedan
Love this one to
hunterphillips1 3 dagar sedan
5life times if you think you could copy me 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
hunterphillips1 3 dagar sedan
Hell ya bro I’m right there in a similar path 🇺🇸🗽🗣🗽🇺🇸
Dreaded Raider
Dreaded Raider 3 dagar sedan
Dax is a job site staple. Many houses be built with this shit bumping
JessePinkman420 4 dagar sedan
This is such fire. I feel you dax thanks man, I'm one of the many your helping & inspiring.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker 4 dagar sedan
Thank you!
Cody Petersen
Cody Petersen 4 dagar sedan
Just want to say thank you
Q 9
Q 9 4 dagar sedan
This guy has more lyrics than lil pump's career i swear.
Taina 4 dagar sedan
The fact that your music hit me so hard it's something different & unique. Keep up the good work (no selling soul)God will make your goal comes true.✌✨💫
Tumble 2004
Tumble 2004 4 dagar sedan
How this song get 1k dislike stop hating bro this dope as crap
S Kremer
S Kremer 4 dagar sedan
john wainaina
john wainaina 4 dagar sedan
Making your own destiny i like that
moses john
moses john 4 dagar sedan
Who God bless no man can cause, and you are blessed my brother....❤
Khalil Khalil
Khalil Khalil 4 dagar sedan
i love this song
Boytits Lily
Boytits Lily 4 dagar sedan
This song has immediately jumped to the most played song on my playlist!! Raw angry ass music that makes me want to do better in everything. Powerful shit
Adam Family
Adam Family 4 dagar sedan
@dax ... ... I can't thank you enough ......you have literally saved a human life today ...I hope God rewards you for saving a soul...... may your life be blessed with inner peace ....
Jst1piece ofusall
Jst1piece ofusall 4 dagar sedan
Thanks for this one. Perfect timing
Jst1piece ofusall
Jst1piece ofusall 4 dagar sedan
Btw legends don't get the credit they deserve. But best believe they are remebered
Pat Shannon
Pat Shannon 5 dagar sedan
Everyday this gives me the power to go on when I think theres no way I can. Thats because of you Dax ! #negativitydeleted
spark 41
spark 41 5 dagar sedan
when your pushing and pushing dont forget those tears remember why you came this far remember all your fears my angel of peace my angel of sorrow my angel of grace my angel of tomorrow please guide my hands please guide my pace please guide this soul and give it taste please always love and never let me go your everlasting ways my heart you own warm under your wings and loving embrace death and beyond with the old ways i am counting the sheep i am counting the days but i have to admit i long for this i long to stay i long for bliss during death and decay my path is not forsaken what do i become angel of divinity i am not the only one she glows hazy blue can i please be yours i get a poke for yes she begins to explore my heart it races and my mind it soars i have a neverending faith and a girl at my side you dont se her however she likes to hide medicated for life but its them i obide don't want to die also affraid of heights but i will fly into the darkest night we have a god but also creators they just nod watching over us i am no fraud it would be blasphemous as you can se i am at peace im not on my knees begging please they came to me religously sleeping until my time when i rise and shine something so divine enemies wondering why forgiven and free as i laugh and cry happy tears you see my angel of peace my angel of my soul my angels surround me as i take life here now tickle me and feed me mana love me in my pijamas say hi to my nana and be my soulmate forevors i need to see you face to face the image i will not erase im in debt to your embrace and no one shal take your place can never lie to you reading all my thought's helped me grow strong and true wars we have faught and one thing you taught me faith faith to my friend faith to my brother faith to no end faith to one another faith we cannot spend so until we meet one day learn how to fly and sway and please dont ever go away will you be next to me until my last breath then i look up and see you gave me one more step the step is to be free free from all repent and an angle like you i definatly represent all our days our numbered until immortality so keep this song rumored for an eternity and you will come to terms with everything i forsee now you know planet earth was meant for you and me
Kolby Nielson
Kolby Nielson 5 dagar sedan
Listen to this song EVERY DAMN DAY!!!
King Godson Godson
King Godson Godson 5 dagar sedan
Real soldiers never bow down the fight till the end. My greatings mr Dax.
T K 5 dagar sedan
I C my mans eating lately he can afford a shirt now...
Foreign Film
Foreign Film 6 dagar sedan
I’m glad to see you doing good bro I can never feel your pain but I can understand your pain 100% we all stand behind you bro keep dropping bangers 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾
Manuel 6 dagar sedan
K Well
K Well 6 dagar sedan
Dax, this honestly is your best one yet and I so hope this reaches younger audiences. We expect too much validation from others instead of finding pride and love in the work we do every day 🖤🖤🖤 amazing. And much love. Also, word. Pain is a prerequisite.
Bobby Ward
Bobby Ward 6 dagar sedan
Did you fuvk with mystical growing up?? Yhall niggas sound similar like some type of motivation
Bladez2465 6 dagar sedan
I love this song because I and my mom went through this i love ur music there so inspirational
Alexandre Gerin
Alexandre Gerin 6 dagar sedan
plaise more video dax nice texte before is reality is rember is pac flow tranks man
Derek H
Derek H 6 dagar sedan
Nice! Great song and didn't use the N word at all real inspiration
Fake pro209
Fake pro209 6 dagar sedan
idk if Dax is seeing this but this was after my birthday.
robdog the gamer
robdog the gamer 6 dagar sedan
U make me won't to work hard
Brandon Keltner
Brandon Keltner 6 dagar sedan
listen to this song every single time I question wanting to finish or do more in a workout. Cant tell you how much this has helped me and many others as well.
Denise Windham
Denise Windham 7 dagar sedan
On my god!!! Thank you 💖
Antoinette Hill
Antoinette Hill 7 dagar sedan
I needed this man Dax I officially love you bro
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 7 dagar sedan
Team Nigeria 🇳🇬
Elijah Simmons
Elijah Simmons 7 dagar sedan
Your music really just makes me want to comment and let you know how good you’re doing and tbh I don’t know you but man I’m proud of you idk if that’s weird but Fr you’re doing good work with your messages and Ik people are being touched by your bars
Susan Alvarez
Susan Alvarez 7 dagar sedan
Ever had to be deactivated on Amazon F. ? Do you know you can get back your account ? Well *Cyber_kor* on lG got mine fixed permanently..
Susan Alvarez
Susan Alvarez 7 dagar sedan
Ever had to be deactivated on Amazon F. ? Do you know you can get back your account ? Well *Cyber_kor* on lG got mine fixed permanently..
EjGray95 7 dagar sedan
Wish I could hit the States and have this man in a room with me for the day no lie 😂 support from the uk
Tshepiso Dibakwane
Tshepiso Dibakwane 7 dagar sedan
Dax please keep it up, don't let up, you're hope
Gabe Gonzalez
Gabe Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
Damn 2021 and homie IS the only one on my playlist and he's got my shit on repeat..... Much love DAX
Lil J5
Lil J5 7 dagar sedan
Yo this guy is insane blessed by god
xa vier gonza
xa vier gonza 7 dagar sedan
This should be play at schools lol
xa vier gonza
xa vier gonza 7 dagar sedan
No words
The Youtube bros
The Youtube bros 7 dagar sedan
Life changing 🙏
Brandon-Brad Kok
Brandon-Brad Kok 7 dagar sedan
People putting thumbs down on this hustler s videos damn you
Rap music
Rap music 7 dagar sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/naebjXDQ2t6JfrI this guy raps better than Dax , prove me wrong ?
Nico lao
Nico lao 7 dagar sedan
you are the reason i am now taking care of myself and pushing myself again to workout and get healthy and fit. Day 8/90 and its all because of you hope to keep grinding to your songs!
IMPACT 2003 7 dagar sedan
i respect logan and ksi but this guy is making legendary shit and so underrated... all bars are so damn facts
golden_bomber11 7 dagar sedan
Joshua Greathouse
Joshua Greathouse 8 dagar sedan
D Smith
D Smith 8 dagar sedan
Well, you've got a new fan. 🔥
PETER UKEME 8 dagar sedan
Is that stone for me 😂😂😂
Lunga Khabane
Lunga Khabane 8 dagar sedan
not even half viewing I already feel guilty for being unproductive and doing nothing about it 😔
Donna Chambers
Donna Chambers 8 dagar sedan
Listen to this at work to give me motivation 💗😁
Erica steed
Erica steed 8 dagar sedan
This is 100, all the way, man I just up and moved to another state on nothing but a prayer and motivation. And hard work is def paying off, my children and I are so much happier. You gotta believe in yourself and dodge all the hate.aint nobody gonna hand to you, it all starts within yourself!!!!
Avery Cole
Avery Cole 8 dagar sedan
Im going through some shit right now bro, thankyou for reminding me to co-sign myself 🤘
stephen howell
stephen howell 8 dagar sedan
♥️ incredible love an respect thanks
Isaac Hartman
Isaac Hartman 8 dagar sedan
Dax is the Spirit of Motivation and Hope.
Justin Burdett
Justin Burdett 8 dagar sedan
So when do the tour dates come out?? Need you in Mobile AL ASAP!!
Darren Richards
Darren Richards 8 dagar sedan
Just RESPECT!!!!!!
Joshua Greathouse
Joshua Greathouse 8 dagar sedan
God keep it up and Thank you for Everything. #soulful keep up the 🔥💎🎧
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