Chris Kläfford - Tennessee Whiskey, Kitchen Session [S02-E01]

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Chris Kläfford

11 dagar sedan

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Produced by BrothersBrothers Production, Bob Linger
Mixed by Erik Birkelöf

Chris Kläfford
Chris Kläfford 10 dagar sedan
Last year was a total rollercoaster! I am so happy I’ve got this platform where I can communicate with you guys. I’ve been doing Kitchen Sessions for a while now, and in a way I’m thankful I’ve had the time to do more of them In 2020. I’ve been focusing a lot on writing new music for an upcoming album this past year, and I´ll keep focusing on writing. Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two! ❤️
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers 2 timmar sedan
Chris your nothing less than BAD ASS keep it up brother
****** 6 timmar sedan
Thank you Chris. Could you do a cover of “Let The Weight of Your Glory Fall” by Paul Wilbur please. 🙏
Guide504 Dag sedan
Still fantastic, looking forward to a whole new batch of your own post covid. Stayvs3afe and creative
Christopher Julius
Christopher Julius Dag sedan
You have a lot to share. Thanks God given talent
Nick/Jennie Hodgkinson
Nick/Jennie Hodgkinson 2 dagar sedan
your amazing!! don,t let any one take that from you!!
xx PerfectDark B34R
xx PerfectDark B34R Timme sedan
WOW 👍🏽 so nice
Jessica Silvester, LPN
Jessica Silvester, LPN 2 timmar sedan
I am absolutely in love with your voice! You have such a beautiful gift! Your voice cant be taught you were born to sing. I've got my husband hooked now too lol I fully support your growth as a musician. Please keep it coming!!!
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers 2 timmar sedan
This guy im sittn here thinkn to myself this Cat rt here has one hell of a future ahead of him keep it up Chris
Ros1 3 timmar sedan
Kjell Stokke
Kjell Stokke 3 timmar sedan
Would love to see something more outside the country landscape? What about some Sam Cooke - Bring it home to me?
Kevin Schneider
Kevin Schneider 5 timmar sedan
Thanks for finally covering this song! Amazing job! You’re just insanely gifted.
spraypaintJT 8 timmar sedan
Absolutely amazing my man! Keep crushing it
Volley Holbrook
Volley Holbrook 9 timmar sedan
I agree let's do a simple man cover.. You were close here so let's see
Gerri 10 timmar sedan
You give me chills! Would love to see what you would do with Human by Rag n Bone Man.
raiane dos santos
raiane dos santos 15 timmar sedan
parabens sou teu fa que voz e essa
Andres Valero
Andres Valero 18 timmar sedan
hey,papi...marvelous song.
Chandler Swaringam
Chandler Swaringam 22 timmar sedan
Best vocal artist I have heard in a very very long time. I could listen to your songs all day long. Keep the soul in your music and your heart in the lyrics. You’ll find succes.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Dag sedan
Instant chills, dude is unreal for real. I knew when I seen him for the 1st time he would do great things. Huge fan.
Gillian De Swert
Gillian De Swert Dag sedan
The amount of talent this guy has, Love the humblenes!
Roysten Raj
Roysten Raj Dag sedan
You are amazing. I really hope you never stop doing what you're doing.
Semisuccessful Reefer
Semisuccessful Reefer Dag sedan
Du gör mig stolt över att vara svensk i America! My man!
grimesjon1 Dag sedan
Daniella Scott
Daniella Scott Dag sedan
Ual!!!! Que voz fantástica....sensacional ❤️
Mary Payne
Mary Payne Dag sedan
Aww Mr Chris you have a awesome voice.m a senior but your music takes me back when I was young and your voice makes a person relax and absorb all the see even a older person knows when they hear a great voice!!
Matt Walker
Matt Walker Dag sedan
to the 56 who thumbs downed this cover there is a very warm place in hell for you.
Something Of Another Concept
Something Of Another Concept Dag sedan
This is beautiful.
david hunter
david hunter Dag sedan
Wow my favourite song,you smashed that,absolutely brilliant 👏👏👏👏
N. Lefrançois
N. Lefrançois Dag sedan
Tak Chris, you voice just conforts me in hard time. As a hobby, I'm watching every Swedish series I can find (in Swedish of courses) and learning to speak it. Maybe one day I'll be able to write you in your native language. Godnatt 💙💚🧡❤🇨🇦💗💖
Gabriel Arcari
Gabriel Arcari 22 timmar sedan
A great hobby to have.. 😉 (En bra hobby att ha)... Good luck
Magnus Sandström
Magnus Sandström Dag sedan
Wow, just wow!
Phill A Blunt
Phill A Blunt Dag sedan
This song is a classic bro you killed it
Regina Ruiz
Regina Ruiz Dag sedan
Wow !!!! I loved this....
Mathias Karlsson
Mathias Karlsson Dag sedan
Kan nog säga att det finns nog fan inte många röster om ens nån som slår sinnes. Världsklass!. //Örebroare
Mojahid Aazizi
Mojahid Aazizi Dag sedan
m9wed akhy chris ❤
Jonas Carvbo
Jonas Carvbo Dag sedan
Sveriges största stjärna! Helvete vad bra!
Jonas Carvbo
Jonas Carvbo Dag sedan
Chris Stapleton á la swéde
Ciro Gomes
Ciro Gomes Dag sedan
My girl just left me (3 hours ago), this shit hits right in the spot. Thanks Chris. Hope you have a sweet career.
Sofie Åslund
Sofie Åslund Dag sedan
Äntligen 👐 Vilken röst följt dig länge. Du är som gjord för denna musik😀 Som sagt... Guda gåva! Vilken pipa. Går rakt in i själen. Tack för att du finns underbara skapelse.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag sedan
to hear you sing the Sound of Silence. It’s old but I bet you’d send shivers with that voice.
Stuart Mclean
Stuart Mclean Dag sedan
You got talent . Please keep sharing your voice.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag sedan
I've NEVER heard anyone sing this song as beautiful as YOU!! Can I pull the man bun, please??????
Carina Nilsson
Carina Nilsson Dag sedan
EBO AHMADI Dag sedan
HipHop Samurai
HipHop Samurai Dag sedan
Absolutely fantasic❤
john vega
john vega Dag sedan
It’s probably been said a million times but I would love to you and Chris Stapleton do a song together.
Borja 2 dagar sedan
Amazing!! i discoverd you in GT.. i love your voice! spain is your home
Joshua Sterling
Joshua Sterling 2 dagar sedan
If you Teddy Swims and Stapleton got together they would have to install seatbelts in the chairs at the auditorium......
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers 2 timmar sedan
You are absolutely rt lol no doubt
Joshua Sterling
Joshua Sterling 2 dagar sedan
Every vector and column so well done, what else is there to say...excellent...
Brian Sørmeland
Brian Sørmeland 2 dagar sedan
Magic :-)
Christopher Meldgaard Nielsen
Christopher Meldgaard Nielsen 2 dagar sedan
Wow! Fantastic Chris! nice voice kontrol and great vibrato
Kazza Pizzaz
Kazza Pizzaz 2 dagar sedan
AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! Your voice is soothing and hypnotic 🥰
John Lasley
John Lasley 2 dagar sedan
WOW just WOW, Chris has come so very far from his humble beginnings!
Nanda - Dagar som rullar på
Nanda - Dagar som rullar på 2 dagar sedan
Brilliant as always! How can we support you best, here home from Sweden? '
Barbro Ljunggren
Barbro Ljunggren 2 dagar sedan
1000 comments in a week and 286 647 views. Help spread his music in too a million views before 31 of January. Spread his soft voice and music.
2bearms 2 dagar sedan
I'd love to see him do a cover of a Dan folgelberg leader of the band
Ben O'Donnell
Ben O'Donnell 2 dagar sedan
Amazing bro love your voice. Listening in New Zealand do a tour here.
Jessa Lynn
Jessa Lynn 2 dagar sedan
I've NEVER heard anyone sing this song as beautiful as YOU!! Can I pull the man bun, please??????
Lise-Marie Bême
Lise-Marie Bême 2 dagar sedan
C’est, toujours, direct droit dans mon coeur ♥️ P.S. : I need this version on my mp3 please. Share on french iTunes Store 😍
Esther Lavrenz
Esther Lavrenz 2 dagar sedan
christopher2215 2 dagar sedan
This is an amazing cover
Joe Ferry
Joe Ferry 2 dagar sedan
You sir are super incredible. Stay the course your rewards are everyday you can perform as this. If your interested I wrote a song you can sing. Just call Cobalt electric south jersey if your up for it.
Jumanjii2 2 dagar sedan
That's the smoothest version of that song I've heard yet. Great Job!
Kirk Stephens
Kirk Stephens 2 dagar sedan
Well, that's a sub. Great cover.
David Andrew Ward
David Andrew Ward 2 dagar sedan
My man!!!!! What a talent. First time I've seen or heard you so thank the SVfrom algorithms. You made me think of Leon Russell and Tom Waits. SO much style, feeling AND ability. WOW! Instant subscribe. Waiting for more
Carolina 2 dagar sedan
Lindo Chris! Amo essa música e você fez uma interpretação incrível 💝👏👏
Katie Dodge
Katie Dodge 2 dagar sedan
Your voice is so soothing
Paul 2 dagar sedan
Keep going Chris.... you are amazing!
Peter Johansson
Peter Johansson 2 dagar sedan
Underbar låt, bara älskar den... Jag längtar efter en konsert så snart coronan är under kontroll, vi ses :)
Dempsey 2 dagar sedan
Kommenterar aldrig på youtube men har följt dig ett par år och jag måste bara få säga att den här covern var så jävla sjukt bra! Har väntat länge på att du ska göra den! WOW! Flawless med gitarren också, det är så man blir irriterad =D
Niklas Sandahl
Niklas Sandahl 2 dagar sedan
Stort grattis till den rösten!
Mazz Ozzy
Mazz Ozzy 2 dagar sedan
Jeez superb 😍
damien roach
damien roach 2 dagar sedan
Voice of an angel my friend
Jb 2 dagar sedan
I think I saw this guy waving a trump flag at the Capitol riot.
Magnus Sandström
Magnus Sandström Dag sedan
We’re not a big fan of the WOAT in Sweden!
Viktor Andersson
Viktor Andersson 2 dagar sedan
Nobody in Sweden likes trump! So...hope you kidding.
Suzanne Labbe
Suzanne Labbe 2 dagar sedan
wrong, hope you're kidding besides Chris is Swedish and lives in Sweden.
ThebeeGamesTv 2 dagar sedan
I love your voice
Uwe Alfred Pagel
Uwe Alfred Pagel 2 dagar sedan
Jag älskar din röst. Kram från Lindesberg!
B.D. Walters
B.D. Walters 2 dagar sedan
The beauty of Chris is his originality...he's not cloning or copying anyone else. I love the idea of "Kitchen Sessions"....the kitchen is where home's where everyone gathers for communion/community connections. Chris's voice is totally his own, and his style can't be duplicated. Keep singing your heart Chris....I also like the acoustic/acapella-ish flavor...keep up the good work. And may 2021 be very good to you.
Qaanita Brown-de Bruyn
Qaanita Brown-de Bruyn 2 dagar sedan
Never before has a cover been better than the original... ❤️💔
Jessica Silvester, LPN
Jessica Silvester, LPN 2 timmar sedan
100% agree!!
Miss Mo's Vegan Kitchen
Miss Mo's Vegan Kitchen 2 dagar sedan
I just keep listening to this over and over.
Jerry Salo
Jerry Salo 2 dagar sedan
wow du är så grym....
burgoyne1316 2 dagar sedan
Would love a cover of fly me to the moon!
Al Edwards
Al Edwards 2 dagar sedan
Chris do a Leonard Cohen song better yet come up to Canada when you can we would love to see you.
Vicky Ernsbarger
Vicky Ernsbarger 2 dagar sedan
I always love anything you do!
kieran lemery
kieran lemery 2 dagar sedan
you dawg
M_ H
M_ H 2 dagar sedan
Grym cover chris, levererar som alltid 👍 grymt
Special Tajau
Special Tajau 2 dagar sedan
Damn ! 👍🏻
Ryan Kojabashian
Ryan Kojabashian 2 dagar sedan
Pretty sure Stapleton would approve!
musicxever719 2 dagar sedan
Uaoh!!!... You're better than the original. Gens more scratch and In prefer your clear voice on "Wicked game"... But you're are perfect and gorgeous!
falconsforlifeg 3 dagar sedan
Mans also looks like Chris Stapleton too 😂. Man what a gem dude.
FaQuel VDK
FaQuel VDK 3 dagar sedan
I swear to God, I thought this guy was Beta from The Walking Dead... Epic voice!
Louise Isaksson
Louise Isaksson 3 dagar sedan
Kan inte du sjunga Bruises med Lewis Capaldi. Det hade passat så bra!! 😍😍 I beg you 🙏
Matilda Nel Bosco
Matilda Nel Bosco 3 dagar sedan
Jonatan Wolffelt
Jonatan Wolffelt 3 dagar sedan
Alltså, helt ärligt så tycker jag att man generellt ska ge fan i att göra covers på Chris Stapleton för att han så otroligt bra på det han gör, uppenbarligen är du ett undantag. Fyyyyfan vad skarp du är!
Daniel Hestner
Daniel Hestner 4 timmar sedan
@JonatanRK haha det är sant, men ändå viktigt att påtala det. Allt för många verkar tro att det är Stapeltons låt.
JonatanRK 4 timmar sedan
Daniel Hestner Det är sant, men to be fair så är det ju solklart en cover på just Stapletons version.
Daniel Hestner
Daniel Hestner Dag sedan
Tennessee Whiskey är dock inte Stapletons låt. Det är en Cover
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 dagar sedan
You’re my inspiration dawg. I love you bro ! Do a cover of Good as You by Kane Brown please !
ZachTheMagnificent 3 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who wants him to do a cover of everlong by the foo fighters?
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 dagar sedan
All i see is Harley from Epic Meal Time. fucking weird.
micky outdoors
micky outdoors 3 dagar sedan
amazing thats all i can say xxxxxxxx
Banner Main
Banner Main 3 dagar sedan
I would love to hear a kitchen session of Before you go by Lewis Capaldi
Nabhanya Chouhan
Nabhanya Chouhan 3 dagar sedan
Would love a live Q and A too❤️
Nabhanya Chouhan
Nabhanya Chouhan 3 dagar sedan
Would love it more than anything else if you could sing Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton ❤️
Nabhanya Chouhan
Nabhanya Chouhan 2 dagar sedan
@SwedMiro SwedMiro Thank you so much for sharing this....this one is just so personal and holds a personal meaning in my life too
SwedMiro SwedMiro
SwedMiro SwedMiro 2 dagar sedan
He kind of did. He has written his own song about when he found out his grandfather had cancer.
Nabhanya Chouhan
Nabhanya Chouhan 3 dagar sedan
Tears, goosebumps, much more...I just can't explain how grateful I am to have found you !!! Loads of love from India❤️
Tom keifer Shatsang
Tom keifer Shatsang 3 dagar sedan
damn... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
U so Fanny
U so Fanny 3 dagar sedan
Hello Chris !!! Will it be ok for you to cover sound of silence ?
Christian Velasco
Christian Velasco 3 dagar sedan
thought it's the guy from Epic Meal time
Theman Theman
Theman Theman 3 dagar sedan
Spectacular, as always... Goosebumps and tears everytime I ear your voice. Thank you!
Harley 2die4
Harley 2die4 3 dagar sedan
Gave me goose bumps. Absolutely an amazing artist. We all wish you a successful happy life ! May 2021 bring more enjoyable days with Chris Klafford's.
Hellen Moore
Hellen Moore 3 dagar sedan
Chris you are Absolutely Magnificent as always!!!
jules hopskotch
jules hopskotch 3 dagar sedan
Beautiful voice
Suzanne Labbe
Suzanne Labbe 3 dagar sedan
Chris I don't know why you were nervous about doing this song. you really nailed it. luv, luv it !! ... Suz
Joshua Reece
Joshua Reece 3 dagar sedan
Good job mate
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