Chiefs vs. Buccaneers | Super Bowl LV Game Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.
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Teofilo M saulog
Teofilo M saulog 3 timmar sedan
Wayne Slain
Wayne Slain 4 timmar sedan
Such a fan of Tom for 20+ years that when he did it big this year I had to do right by him and honor the GOAT so I just ordered his Superbowl jersey, hometown heroes Tampa Bay socks, Superbowl mask, 2 time Superbowl jacket! Now I'm just waiting for a fitted hat in my size if not I'll just get the snapback
Beverly 5 timmar sedan
SB51 Patriots 9 vs Falcons 28 with about 2:06 minutes left in 3rd qrtr. Brady able to come back and WIN SB55 Chiefs 9 vs Bucs 31 with about 2:45 minutes left in 3rd qrtr. Mahomes not able to come back
Caleblikespasta 5 timmar sedan
The 6K dislikes are from KC fans. Stay salty XD
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 timmar sedan
momentum for the bucs. Also the nfc championship game had some very suspicious calls at critical spots of the game
Dayounginncc 1
Dayounginncc 1 6 timmar sedan
chiefs went back home crying gooooooooo bucs
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 timmar sedan
I like mathieu play, but hate his arrogance...btw im a bucs fan
Danny1775 6 timmar sedan
It's laughable that the Chiefs' girlfriends and mommys got involved and complained about the penalties. Dear Chiefs, If you don't want to be penalized, stop holding, lining up offsides, committing PI. It's pretty simple.
Carter Garrido
Carter Garrido 7 timmar sedan
The Chiefs kicker carried the whole team
Amann Radiate
Amann Radiate 10 timmar sedan
I love growkowski and Antonio brown
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 13 timmar sedan
Nice work Patty Mahommes
Pete Sykes
Pete Sykes 14 timmar sedan
You can't spell "CHOKE" without a "K" OR a "C" !!! ;-)
Montrell Brown
Montrell Brown 14 timmar sedan
That game was bullshit
LobsterRoc 14 timmar sedan
Man getting hit by football
El cucuy
El cucuy 15 timmar sedan
Its a stupidest sport ive ever watched😂😂
dick dickson
dick dickson 15 timmar sedan
Fabián Ruperto
Fabián Ruperto 15 timmar sedan
I couldn't agree more Tom is " LA CABRA" 👏👏👏👏
Hawkeye Mods
Hawkeye Mods 16 timmar sedan
chiefs kicker made the ball travel the most yards
James Tressler
James Tressler 17 timmar sedan
This game was billed as Age Vs. Youth. The only problem is that Brady didn't look aged at all.
John Willard
John Willard 18 timmar sedan
What a lack of preparation by Chiefs. Same game plan we used in AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Rush 4, sometimes 5 and drop 7. They can't beat you running. But you HAVE TO GET TO MAHOMES WITH 4-5. DO THAT, HIT RECIEVERS WHETHER THEY CATCH OR NOT, YOU'LL WIN. GREAT JOB TB12 AND BUCS!
Terrence Statham
Terrence Statham 19 timmar sedan
I like mathieu play, but hate his arrogance...btw im a bucs fan
Sean Costigan
Sean Costigan 19 timmar sedan
You can't say the game is completely rigged because the players still have to play but some of those penalties on the chiefs D were ridiculous and completely turned the momentum for the bucs. Also the nfc championship game had some very suspicious calls at critical spots of the game
Beau Norton
Beau Norton 19 timmar sedan
bradys awsome
Hercules Puga
Hercules Puga 21 timme sedan
Vish vi até o final.. valeu vídeo top tbm se quiser passar lá no hercules puga .. agora tô no canal tbm
Storm Watch
Storm Watch 22 timmar sedan
I guess Tom Brady is a racist for winning a Super bowl over a half black player in black history month (yes I uncapitalized on purpose)... is he only a half racist or whole racist
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Dag sedan
The fact that bucs won a superbowl at home is such an underated accomplishment
Mighty Mallory
Mighty Mallory Dag sedan
It was nice seeing the underdogs win! And them possessing the ball ALL game.
Rivera, Hayden Paul S.
Rivera, Hayden Paul S. Dag sedan
k y
k y Dag sedan
Fox 1
Fox 1 Dag sedan
Whenever I see the score I have a hard time registering the fact that TB actually stands for Tampa Bay.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Dag sedan
Has any Team in the NFL defeated Three Teams in the playoffs that all had Superbowl Winning Quarterbacks? Kudos to the defence and both the TBs.
David Croteau
David Croteau Dag sedan
Tom 🐐
Serious Trolley
Serious Trolley Dag sedan
tony romo ABSOLUTELY SUCKS as an announcer
Riley Black
Riley Black Dag sedan
love it, we all faded
Marc Hill
Marc Hill Dag sedan
Chiefs dropped so many passes
mightyduck6 Dag sedan
Was it the Chiefs' bad defense? Or was it Maholmes? I really think that Maholmes is a ball hog. Every play, he held it too long, and started running to make a throw. Compare that to Brady who is just so quick on his feet to throw and make a play.
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tobes_ Dag sedan
American football* let's see which Americans I piss off loooooooool why do you call it soccer if its called football
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez Dag sedan
Referees are a big help too let's not act like they didn't help out brady career smh #$$$ellouts
Jewels Dag sedan
Brady and Broncosky are unstoppable!
Jewels Dag sedan
YAY!!! Buccaneers!!!! Brady is the GOAT!
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen Dag sedan
Who's here after Tom Brady got his 7th ring?
Ted Rocka
Ted Rocka Dag sedan
The commercials were terrible
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 13 timmar sedan
I liked the Budweiser frogs years ago, wasn't one name louie?
J Rosman
J Rosman Dag sedan
Vamsee Kanneganti
Vamsee Kanneganti Dag sedan
Has any Team in the NFL defeated Three Teams in the playoffs that all had Superbowl Winning Quarterbacks? Kudos to the defence and both the TBs.
OBNOX IOUS Dag sedan
In the stands behind Mahomes they had cardboard pictures of Brittany ex-boyfriend 🤣😂🤣😂That is SAVAGE!!! Mahomes was soooo aggravated, he kept looking up at it all game.
The only thing the chiefs won on super bowl Sunday was the coin toss!!
Riza Alamas
Riza Alamas Dag sedan
It’s been 11days. And im still rewatch it again and again. Go bucs!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Dag sedan
At least they won the coin toss.
Reza Bachtiar
Reza Bachtiar 2 dagar sedan
Tom Brady the G.O.A.T
Jax Ophone
Jax Ophone 2 dagar sedan
Probably one of the most boring super bowls I’ve seen, at least Brady got his 7th
Hamidu UK Bello
Hamidu UK Bello 2 dagar sedan
I dont really watch american football nor do i full get it, but i can kinda see why Brady is praised
Kathy McDonald
Kathy McDonald 2 dagar sedan
only reason Tampa won cause they paid off refs without all the flags they lose nfl losing money cause to many pentaly i mean im 7 yrs old miss the way football was played in the 90s when it was fair and when a team won they earned it take away the the little holds penaltys uless its longer than 6 seconds dont call accidents triping penatalys brady throw interceptions but paid refs take them away notice way more penatys on kanas than bucs football has gotten very sad
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Dag sedan
i recommend overdrive duo show
Maria Blanc
Maria Blanc 2 dagar sedan
Well deserved victory!!! Buccs played great.
Steve 2 dagar sedan
He reminded tyreek about that peace sign he put up in the previous game 😂😂😂
Stokes Raymond
Stokes Raymond 2 dagar sedan
Please Tom don’t play for the cowboys, you’ll never win again
red demons football fan
red demons football fan 2 dagar sedan
Kansas city chiefs vs Tampa bay buccaneers superbowl rivalry rematch twilight saga
Steven Watson
Steven Watson 2 dagar sedan
That was a serious beat down
JTM 2 dagar sedan
1. Brady -- 7 rings, 8 combined MVPs, 79,000 passing yards 2. Manning -- 2 rings, 6 combined MVPs, 72,000 passing yards 3. Montana -- 4 rings, 5 combined MVPs, 40,000 passing yards
Dan James
Dan James Dag sedan
Numbers don't lie. End of the GOAT conversation.
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 2 dagar sedan
If any one out there doesn’t think Brady is the best there very stupid
sazetro 2 dagar sedan
What type of game is this?😂😂
Donald Mousseau
Donald Mousseau 2 dagar sedan
Crazy to think in 10 Super Bowls this was Brady's first one with a first quarter score... But note: He has led his teams to 93 fourth quarter or later points (in 7 games total)... That's sick!!!
jt Williams
jt Williams 2 dagar sedan
This reminds me of Rocky4, the fight between Drago and Apollo Creed....we all know how that turned out💀💀
Abedeli Ortega
Abedeli Ortega 2 dagar sedan
I went for the bucanners in NFL
TKatGAMING 2 dagar sedan
Justin Tucker to Harrison Butker: First time?
jbird1777 2 dagar sedan
So Brady cheated his way to another Superbowl
Netzahualcoyotl Briffault
Netzahualcoyotl Briffault 2 dagar sedan
i recommend overdrive duo show
JJ McDonalds
JJ McDonalds 2 dagar sedan
4:10 that’s not holding...
Ieremia Milovale
Ieremia Milovale 2 dagar sedan
Mahomes hold the ball to long,,Tom Brady only 3 second that's how Tom win super bowl,,,
Shane Nelson
Shane Nelson 2 dagar sedan
I want everyone to just remember all the build up to the Super Bowl. Everyone was saying Kansas City had the the more talented team. Which in all honesty? Is such a load of crap. The truth is the Chiefs while they had top end talent at the very top of their roster? They were not near as overall talented. Tampa Bay had Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Tom Brady, a good Offensive line, and Leonard Fournette. That's just on offense. Let's not all act like the media did before the game propping Kansas City up as some huge juggernaut. Second thing? I don't care what anyone says about that game. Andy Reid was not right and I'm about 99% sure it had to do with his son and the car accident in Kansas City right before the Super Bowl. Lastly? I find it very convenient that Tampa Bay got to prepare for the game for 2 weeks in the city the game was played in, while the Chiefs? Couldn't be in town until two days before the Super Bowl. You take all those things, add them up to the fact the Offensive lineman for the Chiefs were backup replacement level, and the Bucs got all the momentum shifting flags? You can clearly see why people are tired of betting on big time NFL games. There will still be bets. But, the average gamblers? They are fleeing in flocks. The Saints have proved to us in the past that the NFL has favorites they want in the Super Bowls. It's usually the teams with largest fan bases, and t.v. viewership. I'm betting the NFL just learned a hard lesson by this Super Bowl. Worst t.v. ratings since 2005 Super Bowl. I'm betting that Tom Brady being in another Super Bowl? Was about 99.9% to blame for that. Lots of former players, and current ones know. Tom Brady is never going to truly be the GOAT. You can't be the GOAT while being associated with a cheating culture like the Patriots had for those first 3 titles against the Rams, Panthers, and Eagles and be considered the "GOAT." They will always be considered cheaters by people who lost those games, and were in the know. The only reason the league doesn't follow suit? How bad that would make the league look if they came out and acknowledged that the Patriots were crowned champions while cheating for numerous years. Give me the Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers, and other dynasties before the Patriots any day of the week. Boston fans, and Tampa Bay fans can claim anything they want. At the end of the day? They know that Brady has always been a fraud.
L.L. Craft
L.L. Craft 2 dagar sedan
Romo "The Chiefs hold a lot" then proceeds to act like every call was "ticky tack"
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 2 dagar sedan
People saying is rigged and people saying brady is to old he still got the talents shut up crying fans you crying fans are mad because we got revenge for what happened on week 12
Chance Korte
Chance Korte 2 dagar sedan
As a Chiefs fan, there are no excuses. I’m tired of ref blaming. This Chiefs team was straight up beaten to shreds by the Bucs defense. And the defense got no pressure on Tom Brady. Congratulations is fully due to the Bucs, for they were the better team on that day. I was and forever will be a Chiefs fan. This was a brutal loss, but Brett, Andy Reid, and Spags will reinforce this team and prepare them to contend again next year. You haven’t seen the last of this team.
BYU BLUE19 2 dagar sedan
I love mahomes face when he loses
2 dagar sedan
Sauron got nothing on Brady.
Quebec Game Streamer
Quebec Game Streamer 2 dagar sedan
Gamestreamer.Qc | Facebook
Mar B
Mar B 2 dagar sedan
Told the haters he the goat the best to ever do it
Kalel311 superman
Kalel311 superman 2 dagar sedan
i thought the chiefs might make a come back like last year
Giochanni Rossini
Giochanni Rossini 2 dagar sedan
How fun were the Bucs to watch?
Opana! 2 dagar sedan
Tampa bay avenged the 49ers
Ninja Dang 777
Ninja Dang 777 2 dagar sedan
Still can’t believe Seahawks didn’t run the ball
MrTroll 2 dagar sedan
Still can't belive you are sooo dumb
Owen Motingea
Owen Motingea 2 dagar sedan
Goto was the superbowl
Owen Motingea
Owen Motingea 2 dagar sedan
I like a ball
Owen Motingea
Owen Motingea 2 dagar sedan
Patrick Mahomes
Owen Motingea
Owen Motingea 2 dagar sedan
Tom Brady
Owen Motingea
Owen Motingea 2 dagar sedan
Let's go Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Luckiest 2 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion: Bucs should make those white jerseys and pewter pants their primary jerseys.
theodore demaria
theodore demaria 2 dagar sedan
Parker is so biased as is most of the Brady haters he should just shut up don’t you tire of being wrong
neiht nart
neiht nart 2 dagar sedan
Bucs defense outsmart KC. TB 12 is the goat, he proves that he can be champion without Bill Belichick.
Christian Delgado
Christian Delgado 2 dagar sedan
Bucs bad les go chiefs
Tadiwa Dhunda
Tadiwa Dhunda 2 dagar sedan
I don't understand sh**
MrTroll 2 dagar sedan
I don't understand you
Emily An
Emily An 2 dagar sedan
7 rings! Congrats Tom Brady.
Jessica Wise
Jessica Wise 2 dagar sedan
Tom and jordan
MrTroll 2 dagar sedan
Jack and Jill
CHUCKSTER 504 2 dagar sedan
Nobody is the goat in the NFL because it is All 100% rigged WWE. Don’t believe just look up the NFL documents where the NFL says it is NOT sports but an ENTERTAINMENT OPERATION that each team is really ONE ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY NOT SPORTS . Which tells you it is SCRIPTED! 👉🏾WAKE UP STUPID
BLOXX 2 dagar sedan
So basically. Brady is the Leo messi of nfl?
MrTroll 2 dagar sedan
So basically you are dumb
BLOXX 2 dagar sedan
@fghn gbv I've been waiting for this comment XD
fghn gbv
fghn gbv 2 dagar sedan
More like ronaldo
BLOXX 2 dagar sedan
@Emily An what?
Emily An
Emily An 2 dagar sedan
tom br'dy e en liten mama son bare k;dda han er gangske kul men jeg liker chifs bedre
Crybaby Pepper taster
Crybaby Pepper taster 2 dagar sedan
Ok I’ll admit he’s the “official” GOAT. I will never say he was the most fun to watch
The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man 19 timmar sedan
Most fun to watch still belongs to Brett Favre.
Nathaniel Shavings
Nathaniel Shavings 2 dagar sedan
I'm so glad they lost and got called for the holding bs this time.
Uela 2 dagar sedan
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新垣聖也 2 dagar sedan
Gologo7 3 dagar sedan
Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Vui Kan
Vui Kan 3 dagar sedan
Astagfirullah ayo taubat yg like di ampuni dosanya
Brandon 3 dagar sedan
Pat Mahomes probably ran for over 500 yards by himself.
MrTroll 2 dagar sedan
While you can't even run an inch without sweating
Reese Doreen
Reese Doreen 3 dagar sedan
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
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