Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!

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DramaAlert 14 dagar sedan
Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!
CA murder guy2.2
CA murder guy2.2 3 dagar sedan
No worries, its ait
Brian Linkins
Brian Linkins 4 dagar sedan
No problem
Naruto Uzumaki!
Naruto Uzumaki! 5 dagar sedan
Guillermo games and vlogs animation studio
Guillermo games and vlogs animation studio 6 dagar sedan
It's okay I kinda like it haha
rasha salha
rasha salha 7 dagar sedan
Kristofer Murphy
Kristofer Murphy Timme sedan
Damn that's crazy
Jefferson Figueroa
Jefferson Figueroa Timme sedan
imagine crying over 1 milion followers even doe u have 99million 🤣🤣😭😭
WEEB Rock 7 timmar sedan
Get rekt lmao
Ajani Thompson
Ajani Thompson 11 timmar sedan
1:55 Dude: "It should give you good luck and fortune." Me: Stop the cap.
Jose Andrade
Jose Andrade 12 timmar sedan
It’s funny how she Cry but Losing 1 million but there are people in world who is Dying and family members are crying about that why Would we want to hear her make video of her crying over 1 million
Cassie 14 timmar sedan
There’s no point in them even being famous
MkJkChaseMax FN
MkJkChaseMax FN 14 timmar sedan
The d'melios being cancelled, wow people that's the news we really want in 2020! No disrespect to you Keemstar, your great and if the giveaway is still going on I would like to be a part of it because I've been having problems at home and I wanted to try to get one but it seems like a very very vague dream right now
MkJkChaseMax FN
MkJkChaseMax FN 14 timmar sedan
Lol but keep up the great work I love the videos
SN_ Cinco
SN_ Cinco 18 timmar sedan
So that’s where all the PlayStation went
Cassie 14 timmar sedan
It’s not of the followers
Phela 18 timmar sedan
Logan is cocky and crazy how does he think that he can beat the boxing legend FM? 🤣 Twitter: @ottomised
Tavis Caron
Tavis Caron 19 timmar sedan
Grown ass adults picking on two kids, disgusting. Course then again Tricia is gross any way.
shone 20 timmar sedan
logan aintt gon win
hey spexz
hey spexz 20 timmar sedan
Charli is a brat and nothing can changed that
Sniper Cobra599
Sniper Cobra599 21 timme sedan
Boohoo no1 cares
Adriel Sanclemente
Adriel Sanclemente 22 timmar sedan
The amount of simps in the charlie diamelio stream. Also it was funny when james said was the 95 million not enough for you.
Talky Throne242
Talky Throne242 Dag sedan
No kidding the thumbnail was dope
Raxy Dag sedan
Woah Charlie and Dixie deserve to be cancelled cause their ego has grown over 9000
jrs23 Dag sedan
i really don't mind if the d'amelios get cancelled but people rly actin like they haven't eaten their boogers before
Softest network ever
Ayden Grabow
Ayden Grabow Dag sedan
Darwin Mendez
Darwin Mendez Dag sedan
Lmao cancelled
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs Dag sedan
It’s not about the views and subs
Valerie's Graveメ
Valerie's Graveメ Dag sedan
You have officially lost me
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs Dag sedan
It’s like youtube
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs Dag sedan
It’s not of the followers
Valerie's Graveメ
Valerie's Graveメ Dag sedan
What are you even trying to say?
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs
D4rkn3ss c0ol l00 Gamez and vlogs Dag sedan
Valerie's Graveメ
Valerie's Graveメ Dag sedan
Presto Dag sedan
So that’s why the ps5 is sold out...
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag sedan
No one: Not even this unoriginal meme: Charli fans: gUyS jUSt lEavE if u DoNT agREe
Alvin Olila
Alvin Olila Dag sedan
1 million followers are back
Chloe De Villa
Chloe De Villa 2 dagar sedan
That's what you get when you have a rude and bad attitude, imagine having a pretty face but you're behavior is not good. Yayks, I'd rather die ugly than to have behavior like them.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag sedan
Of course James Charles would be involved some how
Charles Kimbrough
Charles Kimbrough 2 dagar sedan
95 million and 1 million are both even numbers, someone needs to go back to highschool and graduated
P2Gang 2 dagar sedan
I subscribe, notifications on and always ready for new video💪🏽 @super3wilson
Ife-oluwa Akinmola
Ife-oluwa Akinmola 2 dagar sedan
No hate intended but if you’re an “influencer “you have to learn to control your feelings towards the words that people tell you you’re going to lose followers no matter how hard you try just how it works you cannot please everybody some people don’t like you because they just don’t like you. I personally don’t like Charli D’Amelio because the dance that got her famous she stole it and only credited the person that she took it from when she was called out for it
Enam Fiatepe
Enam Fiatepe 2 dagar sedan
Hi bro
Woon WTing
Woon WTing 2 dagar sedan
Hahahahha wtf losing 1M followers bruh if u speaking of number not trying to offend the people here ,its basically losing 1-3% like barely a scratch on it ,its not like losing 50-60M followers it's just 1M wow that's just childish and desperate way to get 1M back in other words playgirl I guess I know all that apologists stuff I not trying to say it's not necessarily in fact your just doing too desperate by crying
Candace Bower
Candace Bower 2 dagar sedan
Logan Paul's mouth is gonna get his a** knocked out.😂 Out of all the fighters to call out you call out THE fighter 😂
Can San
Can San 2 dagar sedan
TikTok was a mistake, fuck it, the internet was a mistake.
Randomations1234 2 dagar sedan
Charli: "I was like saying, even numbers" Me: how's 2 followers, its an even number and better than none!
IcyOn YT
IcyOn YT 2 dagar sedan
Lmaoooo i love the advertising for the new album tho 😂😂😂 fuck charlie 😂😂😂
Kai Yasuhara
Kai Yasuhara 2 dagar sedan
Give me the ps5
High Q
High Q 2 dagar sedan
hope to GOD he does not let you in youtube rewind
Gleison Oliveira
Gleison Oliveira 2 dagar sedan
Keemstar kinda sounds like a young J. Jona Jamason
Waylon Rambo
Waylon Rambo 2 dagar sedan
When James said was 95 not enough for you I died laughing
Lucky 147
Lucky 147 2 dagar sedan
How did James come out as the best dude ?? I don’t have Twitter but I have ig _andrew_g_chagolla_
John Smith
John Smith 2 dagar sedan
Of course James Charles would be involved some how
Zero TwoSixty
Zero TwoSixty 2 dagar sedan
I hope Charli d Mellonor whatever her name is gets taken down she bought followers and now she’s crying 😂
Avik Banik
Avik Banik 2 dagar sedan
Good job being on youtube rewind keem!! hopefully the rewind is good this year. my instagram haandle is @avikbanik_ not twitter hope that's okay
Omar Al kayyali
Omar Al kayyali 3 dagar sedan
Report charli on Christmas to save piwdepie
Bull Kio
Bull Kio 3 dagar sedan
Charli: Crying on live SimCity: ALERT! Our city is now under the shield. Come quick and repair the damage.
Joshua Michael
Joshua Michael 2 dagar sedan
LameMemes RB
LameMemes RB 3 dagar sedan
I harrasted her stream.when she was cying
Yu Xuan
Yu Xuan 3 dagar sedan
Escargots are cooked in butter and garlic. It literally tastes like a mussel with butter and garlic. WTF is there to throw up over??
kami kira
kami kira 3 dagar sedan
Wtf? They're getting canceled for that? This generation is so fucking soft
Rakkan Al Banna
Rakkan Al Banna 3 dagar sedan
keemstar: WE R GIVING AWAY PS5 AND XBOXS me: ohh thats y its sold out
Pepe Daddy
Pepe Daddy 3 dagar sedan
Marco Putra
Marco Putra 3 dagar sedan
The dmelios are so cringe 🤡🤡 such 🤡 @Marco78310536
Lighting Jet
Lighting Jet 3 dagar sedan
Floyed maywether just runs doesn’t know how to fight and the fighters make them chase for him for him to get a strike so he is pussy just saying
Mystery207 3 dagar sedan
Blow your ears out . Holy fuuuck don’t use good headphones or you will hate this guy.
Atrillix 3 dagar sedan
Did logan say the n word?
Flipping Waffles
Flipping Waffles 3 dagar sedan
I make great call of duty content, please check it out!
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 3 dagar sedan
What up keemstar why are u not responding
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 3 dagar sedan
Also how is justice doing
Mohammed R.
Mohammed R. 3 dagar sedan
She really cried for losing followers 😂
DALLAS Estrada
DALLAS Estrada 3 dagar sedan
Can’t believe she threw up @dallas88404746
Dr. Fox
Dr. Fox 3 dagar sedan
I’m so glad the D’amelios got canceled
Dino Meucci
Dino Meucci 3 dagar sedan
thats sad☹️
GPC -GAMER 3 dagar sedan
Love the videos, if logan couldnt beat KSI, then there is no way is going to beat Mayweather... @lil.reap3r
Ge orgi
Ge orgi 3 dagar sedan
I'm subed and put the bell on
Oswald 3 dagar sedan
Charlie demilio cancelled cuz of a family dinner😂 @BR4G3
lifewithjavi TV
lifewithjavi TV 3 dagar sedan
Man this little girl 16. Y’all weird
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 dagar sedan
Joyfu 3 dagar sedan
OK, this is out of topic but, he said that he is in Rewind 2020 when SVfrom said they are cancelling it. Was there a sudden change of plans or was this said by mistake? Please tell me what's going on (Edit: I think they announced it after this video was released but I'm still not sure).
Luan Perez
Luan Perez 3 dagar sedan
Honestly they deserved being canceled
Ottoraee Carlye
Ottoraee Carlye 3 dagar sedan
Trisha be going ham! Ahhh love your vids Twitter @CarlyeNiva
TDude The Train
TDude The Train 3 dagar sedan
Ngl she should lose a lot more then just a mil. I think a lot of people agree with me. Actually how about we take Charli’s 99 mil and just add that to PewDiePie’s total. Boom so charli has about idk 0 followers again and PewDiePie has 207 million
hma s
hma s 3 dagar sedan
kieranplayz169 3 dagar sedan
Where you bleeped Logan Paul saying fucker I thought he said the n word
IssaBoyEli 3 dagar sedan
The storys are crazy wow
DJ Ghostly
DJ Ghostly 3 dagar sedan
WHere can u get mask that logan paul had when he was talk shiet about Floyd its pretty fire haha
Mc Paintcraft
Mc Paintcraft 3 dagar sedan
She didn't even pick her nose with the same finger...
SingingMango 003
SingingMango 003 3 dagar sedan
Omg she went from 99 mill followers to 98 million.i would definitely cry and kill myself too, of coarse
Shen Bapiro
Shen Bapiro 3 dagar sedan
I refuse to believe that anyone would pay money to look at Tana Mojo
Josue Soriano
Josue Soriano 2 dagar sedan
K Tsar
K Tsar 3 dagar sedan
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke 3 dagar sedan
Would’ve like seen how Jake would fight against a taller and bigger man. So much more different in comparison to fighting someone who you already have an advantage over.
Konichiwa Jazzi
Konichiwa Jazzi 3 dagar sedan
ItsZentic 4 dagar sedan
This is the best news ever
Solomon Gorringe
Solomon Gorringe 4 dagar sedan
She crying because she knows her whole life depends on TikTok views, young famous people become dependant on fame.
Aniketh Rao
Aniketh Rao 4 dagar sedan
2/10 lol
Alex 4 dagar sedan
When he said roll it about logan paul and hollywood it put a ad
Patience Abuh
Patience Abuh 4 dagar sedan
Pls I don't have a Twitter account
Chicken Tendee
Chicken Tendee 4 dagar sedan
Good lol
MusaTheWaffler 4 dagar sedan
I swear Charli is such a baby
n dungeon
n dungeon 4 dagar sedan
Charlie damelio should really not be famous if she can't take hate
Mister Wiakers
Mister Wiakers 4 dagar sedan
Can trisha like just grow up and be here age, she can still be a bitch but just a mature one.
Zeekify 4 dagar sedan
Somebody grab me some clippers his frickin beards weird What it's true
I STILL LIKE DBGT 4 dagar sedan
😎😎love the vid
Emperror IV
Emperror IV 4 dagar sedan
Charlie Damelio crying brings me actual joy and warms my heart
Yng rgr
Yng rgr 4 dagar sedan
NGL the damileos deserved to be canceled
Jeffrey Rivas
Jeffrey Rivas 4 dagar sedan
Surgezzz 4 dagar sedan
Let's get 100, 000, 000 followers Pewdiepie: first time
Miss B.
Miss B. 4 dagar sedan
Can't we all just get along? 🙂
ZinrCFW 4 dagar sedan
I mean if she don’t like the food she doesn’t like it
Matthew Oak
Matthew Oak 4 dagar sedan
This is so cool
i don't understand Charli D'Amelio...
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