Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

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Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight

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Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to SVfrom. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with SVfrom star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even SVfrom star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
Exclusives from #ETonline :

Nganji Butera
Nganji Butera 4 timmar sedan
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) suxs to be you buster
Rebecca Quarshie
Rebecca Quarshie 4 timmar sedan
Ungrateful little spoiled brats. Some people has only 24 followers and they are thankful, u got 95 million and u are still complaining.
Jake Judge
Jake Judge 4 timmar sedan
Who cares
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 4 timmar sedan
This is what happens when you become famous...This is why I never want to be famous!!!
Annette Palmer
Annette Palmer 4 timmar sedan
SHE IS SO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bella T
Bella T 4 timmar sedan
The way I grew up I dont complain about people's food infront of them if I dont like it I just eat it any way or put it aside.
sendhimadikpic 4 timmar sedan
Lmao it don't matter she bought follows
SerenityPlays Games
SerenityPlays Games 4 timmar sedan
I hate that she did that to the chef but come on, some people don't like snails. Also, I think it is so disrespectful to cry over something that you caused yourself!
Diane R
Diane R 4 timmar sedan
Delusional grandeur. This is absoultely ridiculous.
PeanutButter MouthWash
PeanutButter MouthWash 4 timmar sedan
Hahahahahahahahaha this is entertainment
D- ReL
D- ReL 4 timmar sedan
Bratty teenage influencers ughhh
SGP Films
SGP Films 4 timmar sedan
Zoey Baskerville
Zoey Baskerville 4 timmar sedan
Omg, yall need to know facts before yall jump to conclusions.!
Abriella Amadea Harahap
Abriella Amadea Harahap 4 timmar sedan
She cried because of the death threats not because she lost one mil-
Jacob Virtusio
Jacob Virtusio 4 timmar sedan
Ju Ryn
Ju Ryn 4 timmar sedan
trisha is a disease
Mohammed Alim
Mohammed Alim 4 timmar sedan
Pfffftttt hahahahahahahaha hahahaha Clout chasers never change
Alan Her
Alan Her 4 timmar sedan
Lmao literally no one cares 😂😂😂
PeanutButter MouthWash
PeanutButter MouthWash 4 timmar sedan
Stop acting like a big ass baby, grow up you internet junkie
Rf Laflame Rich Forever
Rf Laflame Rich Forever 4 timmar sedan
Y’all are donuts fam, she was crying about the death threats .
dum san
dum san 4 timmar sedan
Awww now I feel bad.
Farhana Tasnim
Farhana Tasnim 4 timmar sedan
Isn't she literally 16y/o? If she did something disrespectful she needs to be learned not to be judged
Kennidy Plays
Kennidy Plays 4 timmar sedan
Me: *crys* no followers Charli: cry’s 400m followers
Amoy 4 timmar sedan
The way she cries pisses me off so much, she's famous for what exactly? Stealing a dance? Bs, she's crying over losing ALMOST a million while gaining two mil in less than 2 days, awww so saaaaad, that depressing🥺😐
Cherri Cakes
Cherri Cakes 4 timmar sedan
She needs to drop her sister
hannah w
hannah w 4 timmar sedan
i just want dino nuggets 🦕 😍😅😁🙏🏻
Silvia j
Silvia j 4 timmar sedan
Y’all really made this mediocre little girl famous and now your mad okaaaaaAAAAYYYY
vander dussen
vander dussen 4 timmar sedan
Random teen : *moves her bottom* 100M simps/retard : OmgGGGG YASS queEN , tALeNt!
adnan mhadi
adnan mhadi 4 timmar sedan
it feels satisfying but so wrong at the same time lmao
Fba Guy
Fba Guy 4 timmar sedan
Maliyah Johnson
Maliyah Johnson 4 timmar sedan
she wasn’t crying because she lose followers she was crying because she got told to die
Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins 5 timmar sedan
Trisha is a clown talking about being humbled how can anyone talke her serious smh
broadway stan
broadway stan 5 timmar sedan
sometimes i dont wanna be a decent personnnnn
kyle candlejuice
kyle candlejuice 5 timmar sedan
i feel bad i wish i can give her a big hug she had so many tiktok followers
milk party
milk party 5 timmar sedan
honestly if you’re crying over losing a certain amount of followers even though you already have a lot is very pathetic imo. she shouldn’t care about minor setbacks like this if she simply didn’t depend on other people to succeed and make a profit. nobody should act like it’s the end of the world over FOLLOWERS how the hell is an extra 1 million gonna affect her in any way shape or form? she needs to focus on creating decent content instead of sulking over losing followers...
Official‿ KEEZY
Official‿ KEEZY 5 timmar sedan
That’s wat tf u get for not showing that black girl love after u stole her shitt 🤣🤣🤣 yooooo jus retire u are the energy u put out KARMA IS REAL💯💯💯💯💯
Mohammed Aljafari
Mohammed Aljafari 5 timmar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 all I can do is laugh
BabySh3L 5 timmar sedan
Why are you crying over losing followers😂
Cynthia Sanchez
Cynthia Sanchez 5 timmar sedan
Just to let you know they don’t have a personal chef
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 5 timmar sedan
I am not a supporter of Charli but I don't like to see people sad
Jordan Music
Jordan Music 5 timmar sedan
I clicked Faster Then James Could say Hey sisters
anqelicmari 5 timmar sedan
Bruh we all make mistakes Lmao
Dubraska De La Torre
Dubraska De La Torre 5 timmar sedan
What has our world come to honestly? This is sad.
Christian Medeiros
Christian Medeiros 5 timmar sedan
Omg, poor Charlie 😞, no one should ever say to commit suicide 😞😓
Eric Alexander
Eric Alexander 5 timmar sedan
damn so much for that 100 mil dream sweetheart.....
Lin Regio
Lin Regio 5 timmar sedan
What, it’s a snail. What’s the issue? It was a joke and Dixie just didn’t Iike the snail
JDdhskajaiwi Jdiduud
JDdhskajaiwi Jdiduud 5 timmar sedan
Go ahead and cry baby wah 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Lin Regio
Lin Regio 5 timmar sedan
If charli doesn’t like the food she doesn’t. Like fuck off, if the food was nasty, it was nasty.
FlamesOfDeath 5 timmar sedan
“30+ year olds” lol it’s flooded with 4 year olds dancing to your pathetic moves.
Laura Dingess
Laura Dingess 5 timmar sedan
She’s a’s a learning experience. She will learn and grow from it. Trisha is trash. Her opinion of Charli SHOULDNT matter.
Kayyisa & Affan
Kayyisa & Affan 5 timmar sedan
Im sorry why does that look fake? Im really curious bcs I dont know this person...
Raghav D
Raghav D 5 timmar sedan
Tiktok stars should not enter SVfrom but SVfrom stars can enter TikTok cuz it’s a level low for them. Charli cries just cuz she wants support, people saying it’s okay ignore them and all. She got everything too easy. That’s the problem
X_Elle_X _
X_Elle_X _ 5 timmar sedan
Not to be rude but she has millions of followers she lost a million but she has a lot more followers that care about her, who cares about that ones who don’t like her.
andrea m.
andrea m. 5 timmar sedan
what is this. she is crying bc she got death threats NOT loosing 1M followers. and to the ppl who says dixie is picky, how abt u eat a snail 😐, ALSO charli just said that it would be cool if she would hit 100M after a year hitting 1M, IT'S A JOKE LMFAO, y'all are just sensitive tf
Racheal Gomez • 6 years ago •
Racheal Gomez • 6 years ago • 5 timmar sedan
The only part of TikTok I like is the cosplayers. But this, is way worse and so much useless drama
moko 5 timmar sedan
She’s crying from cyber bullying, she’s still a child wtf is wrong with people
FreeFire Gaming
FreeFire Gaming 5 timmar sedan
No she was getting death threats
Marcia Gilzean
Marcia Gilzean 5 timmar sedan
And gained it back in a matter of hours 😐
The Croc Gang
The Croc Gang 5 timmar sedan
You guys should calm down. Do you remember when you were SIXTEEN? Were you perfect? No, and you can't expect Charli to not cry when she's getting comments to kill herself, and losing a million followers, and being dragged by people all over tik tok. It's not fair of you to assume that she's not going to be excited for 100 million followers, it's a big deal, and to see things unfold like this sickens me. And just because someone tried a snail and threw up y'all are also getting mad? You guys have no right to be this rude to these children.
Ruby W
Ruby W 5 timmar sedan
There are people busting there arse day to day so they can put food on the table and keep there family warm. Then all you do is dance for 8 seconds and expect a hand out from that?? There thankful for the little that they have and here you are complaining about wanting 100 million followers and what your personal chef cooks for you... something isn’t right about that one #overprivileged
Xotic FTB
Xotic FTB 5 timmar sedan
Does no one notice how fake charli is
Julianna H ꨄ
Julianna H ꨄ 5 timmar sedan
When James is the voice of reason & manners
John harbart Duhlian
John harbart Duhlian 5 timmar sedan
Shit what will you do with a million followers lol. Like they will give you million dollars or as if million dollar has been lost.
Akhileshuvar V
Akhileshuvar V 5 timmar sedan
She doesn’t even apologise for her behaviour lol, she’s just here for her sympathy.
tenzin tsundue
tenzin tsundue 5 timmar sedan
Her childhoods about hitting 1 million , black mirror shit.. sad
Blank The Ninja
Blank The Ninja 5 timmar sedan
thank god she might finally go away. and if she couldn’t handle hate then she should’ve thought of that before she became famous
metalica metalica
metalica metalica 5 timmar sedan
raina b
raina b 5 timmar sedan
I’m not a fan of hers and I don’t really care for her but DEATH THREATS are NOT okay. You guys can un-follow her if asking for chicken nuggets is that bad for you but don’t tell her to TW)))) kill herself. that shit aint funny.
Makayla Therrian
Makayla Therrian 5 timmar sedan
The fact she didn’t eat it and she actually got bad luck 😂😳
りゅうじandナリアRyuji and Nadia
りゅうじandナリアRyuji and Nadia 5 timmar sedan
She didn’t cry because of followers, she cried cuz people are telling her to kill her self
Daniela Frank
Daniela Frank 5 timmar sedan
Tiktok should be banned charli is "inspiring" kids to not wanna do school and wanna be tiktok stars we need doctors lawyers teachers etc 99 percent of her followers are 5 year olds ln their parents phone
{ Maybel }
{ Maybel } 5 timmar sedan
She cries and everyone forgives her? Lmaoo😭✋🏽
JericoDandanita17 5 timmar sedan
If i die Just look up In the sky and say "Tiktok Gay!"
Eternl 6 timmar sedan
You don’t deserve that
The Bean Man
The Bean Man 6 timmar sedan
but she was actually being a bitch to their chef and I feel so bad for him, like dixie was pretending to throw up everything and saying how bad it is
Angela Hernandez
Angela Hernandez 6 timmar sedan
For the people who don’t know she was crying because she was getting death threats not because she lost followers🤦🏻‍♀️
Asil M
Asil M 6 timmar sedan
How would you inspire someone by doing stupid tik toks?
Lexi 6 timmar sedan
I feel bad, she’s like 16, just a kid. Seriously this is so much drama and pressure on a kid. Charli is so young, and Dixie too. People this young shouldn’t be famous and caught up in internet drama, this is just messed up
Kasanita Manukeu
Kasanita Manukeu 6 timmar sedan
Charlie if your losing your folowers your not losing us we still love you and like every day and night love you charli
XxZoomserxX 6 timmar sedan
You have a fucking personal chef. I lived in foster homes for 12 years y’all should be grateful tf
Nathan blaurock
Nathan blaurock 6 timmar sedan
Good. I’m glad she crying. Little brat
Stephanie Spinale
Stephanie Spinale 6 timmar sedan
well i hope she is happy now she has 100mil :}
Marina 6 timmar sedan
Okay y'all are crazy. What about this is privileged? Snail is not food, it's a pet. Honestly nasty. Any normal human would react the same way. I wanted to know what the fuss was about. I'm indifferent regarding these tiktok stars but people are overreacting. Pretty sure 99% of us never intentionally ate a snail
Puditha Crunch
Puditha Crunch 6 timmar sedan
Can’t wait , ‘confused clown’ to make a video about this
Sushh I ddnt askd
Sushh I ddnt askd 6 timmar sedan
This is such a teenager drama ,what ? Will she go into depression because of what happened? Oh come on, she should grow up because she is no longer a child.
DogeDude 1345
DogeDude 1345 6 timmar sedan
I hope she loses it all
Christian Morin
Christian Morin 6 timmar sedan
i feel so sad for charli so sad i feel you charli
MiniGun Master
MiniGun Master 6 timmar sedan
I thought the dino nuggets thing was funny
Ms Dom O.
Ms Dom O. 6 timmar sedan
Oh god but a little yeeeeeeeessssss
AYLISSA 05 6 timmar sedan
Sam Beast
Sam Beast 6 timmar sedan
This is what popularity dose to people. Why don’t you be grateful for what you have. Incase you think I’m some 40 year old parent, I’m 15. Maybe you shouldn’t have been mean to the people who liked you, but that’s just my opinion.
pub sub
pub sub 6 timmar sedan
She should it's not fair that she gets millions of dollars for a stupid app
Audrey P.
Audrey P. 6 timmar sedan
She just wants to say sorry gosh
Audrey P.
Audrey P. 6 timmar sedan
Wow how could you post this your so rude whoever posted this it does not matter OK
Ester Hernandez
Ester Hernandez 6 timmar sedan
You deserve it
mastidon 1000
mastidon 1000 6 timmar sedan
I hate seeing charli crying
Destinee M
Destinee M 6 timmar sedan
I didn’t think it was that bad
Eme Wing
Eme Wing 6 timmar sedan
They are treating there personal chef like sh*t . Dixie and Charli were acting like toddlers sticking there tongue out and being very dramatic. The worst thing that I saw was Dixie saw a snail on her plate and made a grossed out face she tried the snail and spit out the food and made puking noises. They should’ve been respectful teens not to mention that Dixie is 19 years old and spit food out and made puking noises like a little kid and Charli is 16 they are both teens but they act like babies. This behavior shouldn’t be allowed.
Arie S
Arie S 6 timmar sedan
she was getting death threats she has the right to cry and whats wrong with having goals for yourself like to some people it might thing she is being ungrateful but its just a goal she has for herself
Eme Wing
Eme Wing 6 timmar sedan
Charli is crying because she lost followers so what she said it’s messed up stuff. How is it messed up Dixie and her self were so rude to there own personal chef and there family and James Charles that is messed up. She is crying because of her popularity her chef is the one who should be crying Dixie and Charli were so disrespectful to there chef. They are lucky to have a personal chef make food for them and they want Dino nuggets and Mac and cheese. Now Charli shouldn’t even be crying Tik Tok is a addictive app and I have used it I was on my phone 24/7 and now I see 5 and 6 year olds using it while people are saying f*ck and b*tch and there parents don’t even care. But the main reason I’m writing this is because Charli should have been greatful of her followers she wasn’t and now she lost them. Charli and her sister Dixie need to be respectful for everything they have and they aren’t greatful.
TheSpirit RainbowWater
TheSpirit RainbowWater 6 timmar sedan
She’s crying because she lost fans- I mean. *NUMBERS*
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