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What's up my Beardos and Weirdos!
We’re going back into r/LGBT! One of my favourite LGBT subreddits! The stories, the memes, the laughs and the feels... this is what I’m here for.
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and are fully content with how you’ve woken up today. If you do one thing today, please take care of yourselves. If you can do that much, I’m proud of you.
Much love. 💜
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One Topic At A Time
One Topic At A Time Månad sedan
Avni Rose
Avni Rose 4 dagar sedan
Clementine Clarke
Clementine Clarke 4 dagar sedan
Midnight Galaxy
Midnight Galaxy 4 dagar sedan
Jane Wedding
Jane Wedding 8 dagar sedan
Savsol da Weirdo
Savsol da Weirdo 17 dagar sedan
Gosha Grandchild
Gosha Grandchild Dag sedan
9:30 if you cant deal with kids, don’t have kids. Or just Dont have kids anyway.
K Gal
K Gal Dag sedan
Oh my god.....THEY WERE LOOT MATES!!! Lmao 😲🤣😂🙃 Instant subscription.
Nerdy Bitch
Nerdy Bitch 2 dagar sedan
I’m pansexual. My favorite ads are kitchenware ads. They just… YASS! But in all seriousness, we exist, no we don’t feel sexual attraction to kitchenware, (or bread if you’re Spanish) nor do we like everyone. We have NO preferences to gender, unlike our bisexual friends, who do have preferences. Pansexuals have types, but those types are not influenced by gender. Good day peasants
YourOtaku artist
YourOtaku artist 3 dagar sedan
to wholesome call a medic ;w;
stickyboy gaming
stickyboy gaming 3 dagar sedan
Veganissimo Ⓥ
Veganissimo Ⓥ 3 dagar sedan
The pope: "being gay is fine" Us: "we stan a wholesome pope" Also the pope: "abortion is the same as hiring a hitman" Us: "ah shit nvm"
John B
John B 4 dagar sedan
14:30 I think this is for SCP 682. (Immortal lizard which hates life and adapts to damage taken very quickly and regenerates lost biological matter.)
Clementine Clarke
Clementine Clarke 4 dagar sedan
SirBearingtonOfLondon 4 dagar sedan
Your laugh is so wholesome I swear!
Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi Saihara 5 dagar sedan
i can’t tell if you are a straight ally or if you are apart of the community- either way _i love you please have kids and teach them these things you are wonderful_
Ccm1100 5 dagar sedan
14:57 This made me freaking cry I feel so happy for some reason
Captain Harkness
Captain Harkness 6 dagar sedan
John Weiss
John Weiss 6 dagar sedan
6:58 Not true! The pink and teal were dropped because pink and teal dye/cloth were too expensive. The "meanings" of each stripe had long since been forgotten by 1979, so that is *_not_* why those two colors were dropped. Also: Back in the 70s, 80s, and even into the 90s, the only people making rainbow flags were _LGBT people._ We had to make them for ourselves, so cost was a factor.
toygirly :3
toygirly :3 6 dagar sedan
they had neopronouns!!!! 10:45
Sarah Donahue
Sarah Donahue 7 dagar sedan
The makeup guy is mattxiv on Instagram!
Ines Jozić
Ines Jozić 7 dagar sedan
Im so proud of our Pope, finally somme good news from 2020
SenpasZtic 7 dagar sedan
2:05 OK HOLY SHIT AMANDA!??!? this woman was at my house literally yesterday offering my mom edibles. Her and her wife are like extra parents to me-- they were the first people i came out to, and i love them so much. please follow her on twitter!!
Gavin Mesenburg
Gavin Mesenburg 8 dagar sedan
You should definitely get a dog! If you do, name them Doggo One.
Bre Johnson-frow
Bre Johnson-frow 9 dagar sedan
14:54 if this wasn’t cute enough already there’s a bunch of people in the background who start clapping
Lifeliqe Stories
Lifeliqe Stories 9 dagar sedan
I want some demigirl representation }: 3
Time stamp terry’s Dad
Time stamp terry’s Dad 9 dagar sedan
Baleigh Miller
Baleigh Miller 9 dagar sedan
The b in LGBT stands for bothered. BISEXUALS ARE ✨V A L I D✨ Stop saying their sexuality isn’t something it is. This why they’re bothered. I’ve never and will never gone to my friend and said something like “YOURE ONLY 3/4 GAY” that’s gonna bother them. You wouldn’t want someone to question your sexuality. Don’t do it to others.
Hoshimi Dragneel
Hoshimi Dragneel 9 dagar sedan
Quinn 10 dagar sedan
arr >:D
Elliott Rose
Elliott Rose 10 dagar sedan
Bake me a pie
MADISON ESCH 10 dagar sedan
Hey OT the makeup artist is matxiv on instagram he does a lot of pride looks
DoodlePlayer 10 dagar sedan
Yes god created adam and eve not adam and steve bc if he did gay sex would be possible
Ilon Wright
Ilon Wright 11 dagar sedan
no idea of anyone has said this but the makeup dude is mattxiv he’s very cool
MsKathleenB 11 dagar sedan
There are many, many issues going on in the Catholic Church - the way the higher ups just.. let pedophile priests stay priests, often covering it up is one of my big ones. But as a bisexual woman, his comments about LGBTQ+ community give me hope for the Church I grew up in.
Camrin unknown
Camrin unknown 11 dagar sedan
9:18 i did that on Pokemon sun and now im a in the closet trans male. ❤ love to this community 🖤
Fox Wing
Fox Wing 11 dagar sedan
Ray 12 dagar sedan
I had to cry when the pie baking grandma came up because i can't come out to my grandmother because she has a weak heart and the possibillaty of her getting a shock or/ and a heartattac is too high...T^T
i don't know
i don't know 12 dagar sedan
One topic: 5:00 My Balkan ass: well we bake pies for everyone😂😂😂😂
Valia Fan Girl
Valia Fan Girl 12 dagar sedan
What if I don't support lgbtq but I respect them. Like, okay I don't fucking care if you're gay you owe me 4 bucks
Nebride Nemora
Nebride Nemora 12 dagar sedan
The one about lootmates wan't really gay marriage, it originated from the need to find a friend or an associate to retribute your beñongings to if you died, so it had all the marriage functions aside from the need of a relationship... HOWEVER with time, gay pirates started using it as gay marriage, because it was like marriage, so while a lot of tjem used it as a gay marriage others just used it in the other way, but it always was with a person you were really intimate with. There's also evidence that demostrates a lot of pirates who did it were gay, to anyone who pulls the "dey güer l Yast frens" :u, no, a lot of them weren't
Fran Edelstein
Fran Edelstein 13 dagar sedan
1:35 , that teacher hella fine
opinions that absolutely dont matter
opinions that absolutely dont matter 13 dagar sedan
Do an eye reveal
Sophie King
Sophie King 13 dagar sedan
*you like dinner*
Anais Bates
Anais Bates 14 dagar sedan
Skye Velasco
Skye Velasco 14 dagar sedan
wholsome moments :DDDDD
GitAries’d 22
GitAries’d 22 15 dagar sedan
I actually liked this boy at one point who confessed to me. We’re currently “ex crushes” mainly because 1. He turned out to not be my type and 2. I started thinking I was into girls Yesterday we were bonding of how much we love girls.
I like pandas
I like pandas 15 dagar sedan
Hey if your reading this just remember that you are valid and u deserve to be loved🌈
nah bruh
nah bruh 16 dagar sedan
Since I don't think I've seen anyone else point it out in the comments. That jacked dude behind Danny devito is mack from its always sunny in Philadelphia
Savsol da Weirdo
Savsol da Weirdo 17 dagar sedan
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez 17 dagar sedan
I like Biden because he supports LGBTQ+,he ran around the white house with his guards holding pride flags
Koda Buck
Koda Buck 17 dagar sedan
Your giggles are soooo cute
dichiqo 17 dagar sedan
i cried throughout this whole video because yesterday, my mom saw my dms with my girlfriend on discord and found out that i am a lesbian. she yelled at me telling me that being gay is a sin, she called her friend who i thought would be nicer but instead, the friend also said it is a sin and asked "why did you choose to be gay?" this whole day, ive been looking at videos of children in the lgbtqia+ community being accepted by their parents, i wished i was one of those children. it is impossible for me to be accepted by my family, so please tell me someone here accepts me. i am in tears as i write this, i dont want to be here anymore. i want to be accepted.
MooZombie 18 dagar sedan
The color of spiderman's text screan is also the same as Verizon's Message+ app in dark mode and Facebook Messenger in dark mode. Just spreading some useless tech knowledge.
Jules 18 dagar sedan
i sure am a real matey
Little SiameseCat
Little SiameseCat 18 dagar sedan
11:39 do they have squirrl girl?
Little SiameseCat
Little SiameseCat 18 dagar sedan
Little SiameseCat
Little SiameseCat 18 dagar sedan
I am actually a gender fluid (she them) pirate.
ghostly melody
ghostly melody 18 dagar sedan
Ill bake you a pie if you want- what type do you like?
xX Moonshadow Xx
xX Moonshadow Xx 18 dagar sedan
"the teacher didn't except me so I became the teacher" best plot twist ever
Mogbomybb 18 dagar sedan
I tapped my phone screen at the end because I thought the screen darkened and I was trying to keep it from turning itself off. I looked down at my phone, realizing that’s not what happened and I was scared that I had accidentally went into another video. Then I saw it said “added to liked videos.” This is one of those rare times that I am proud of things I do on accident.
i is cheese
i is cheese 18 dagar sedan
The B in LGBT stands for Barnacle Boy and you can't change my mind
i is cheese
i is cheese 18 dagar sedan
The B in LGBT stands for Barnacle Boy and you can't change my mind
Shane Brimson
Shane Brimson 19 dagar sedan
Man kimmy schmidt was an amazing show. I suffer from agoraphobia and have been housebound most of the last 8years. When I watched this show I was like "thats gonna be me" through basically everything she did haha. Also love me some Titus Andromedon , he's so funny ♡ Also icklenellierose did an amazing kimmy cosplay a few years ago 😍
Kail Morgan
Kail Morgan 19 dagar sedan
The shibu picture is my sister completely, lol I love her.
HeadshotGamer X
HeadshotGamer X 19 dagar sedan
My mother may not like the LGBTQ community because it's not what God had intended for us, and straight up said I can't be a lesbian (I can't remember what I said, but I had made a joke about being lesbian) because I'm from a Christian family (same person who says you can't push religion onto your children). But jokes on her, I believe everyone can be whatever they want and wish free hugs to the LGBTQ community and anyone supporting them.
HeadshotGamer X
HeadshotGamer X 19 dagar sedan
Also, friend I'm close to. I've heard incredible stories about her mother. She is religious, but accepts all member of the LGBTQ community. Her house is like a safe haven for so many LGBTQ members of the school that don't have families that are as accepting as they should be
Sketchbook 19 dagar sedan
15:00 I'm not crying, I swear
C Has Left This Plane
C Has Left This Plane 19 dagar sedan
Giyo _F096
Giyo _F096 19 dagar sedan
Me at family reunions: 16:12
Lindsey Collins
Lindsey Collins 19 dagar sedan
Your laugh is so fricking cute i cant Also 8:12 it means non binary, gender fluid, or other things like that
Moon Knightress
Moon Knightress 20 dagar sedan
The double proposal was THE CUTEST THING! And they should wear each others rings
Mayonaka 20 dagar sedan
arrrrrr but nonbinary this time
Witch kid
Witch kid 20 dagar sedan
You should definitely do more videos of this subreddit! 😊😊
FlowerCrown Shyboi
FlowerCrown Shyboi 20 dagar sedan
I just love his laugh/giggles, it's making me laugh and giggle.
Neo Yan
Neo Yan 20 dagar sedan
5:47 People: you can't expect old people to support gay people, they just have different opinions My grandpa, a homosexual:
captainwhizz 20 dagar sedan
“ Hey, wanna be a pirate?” “Hmm, I don’t know....” “We have rum and matelotage....” “You son of a bitch, I’m in!”
Sharon oddlyenough
Sharon oddlyenough 20 dagar sedan
awww, that double proposal was the best!
Shamsi Ruhe
Shamsi Ruhe 21 dag sedan
I love ur chuckle
Fragile Like a Bomb
Fragile Like a Bomb 21 dag sedan
At my moms church, a bunch of people left because the Anglican Church is open to lgbtq+ community now, but mainly their issue was recently when a gay preacher was confirmed. You would think this would be progress, but the bishop(I think that’s his title?) wouldn’t confirm him because he was gay( this bishop spouts hate and putrid words nonstop), they had to bring in a separate man to confirm this gay preacher. A man devoting himself and his life to god and spreading the word of gods love, and these assholes can’t bring themselves to show the love god has for him being his creation. I feel bad the preachers day was so controversial when god clearly had a beautiful masterful plan to confirm this young gay man. This is in, Toronto, Canada. We feel like we’ve come so far but we have a long way to go. I actually saw great benefits and got sober because of church, I chose the church because it had beautiful rainbow stained glass windows, but as new preachers came I realized they were not for gay marriage and no gay people could be married there, I just couldn’t hear a word the preacher was saying after this realization, I tried for my mental health but I couldn’t hear a thug cause I was so upset, I greatly went downhill after that. The diocese has now ruled gay marriage acceptable but the preachers, bishops, and parishioners, still have a LONG way to go.
Vara Fluffy
Vara Fluffy 21 dag sedan
Well I feel it’s ok to say “I’m excited to have kids, as long as they don’t commit a mass murder” or something horrible like that, that might cross the line
Spitfire Draws
Spitfire Draws 21 dag sedan
Okay y'all my dog sunny is gay and finally someone gets it
yeastrisenspider 21 dag sedan
Mew_Thing 21 dag sedan
for Christmas, we should build and let the snowmen choose what their sexuality is, talk to them for about 5 minutes ask them how their day was or if their in the LGBTQ+ community. If their homophobic, ask them to kindly move somewhere else or to open their mind a bit. If they ask for a flag, make a mini one for them and stick it where they had asked to put it. No matter the time of year we can show our support and show who we are :) Edit: if anyone has any other ideas or questions, just let me know :>
Aurélien DMLT
Aurélien DMLT 21 dag sedan
14:34 No non-binary representation T-T
this is my name ok
this is my name ok 21 dag sedan
I disagree with no child is to young to be supported it means that if a parent thinks their 3 year old child is a girl because idk they like playing with dolls like barbies then they will go through treatment before they even understand what it means that is why I disagree
I like pandas
I like pandas 15 dagar sedan
Also literally no one starts treatment on a 3yr old How does that even work?
I like pandas
I like pandas 15 dagar sedan
They don't just start transitioning, it takes alot of time therapy
Goran brodarac
Goran brodarac 21 dag sedan
Certainly Spooky
Certainly Spooky 21 dag sedan
1:20 the only acceptable tik tok
I like pandas
I like pandas 15 dagar sedan
Ever heard abt the gay side of tik tok?
Shocking Pikachu
Shocking Pikachu 21 dag sedan
I think I heard somewhere that Danny Devito actively makes friends with younger people so that he is more accepting and understanding of people. Which is just lovely
Partially Panduh
Partially Panduh 21 dag sedan
*ah yes the Lettuce Guacamole Bacon Tearsofourvitctims Queenofengland sandwich*
ThePiGuyInTheSky 22 dagar sedan
11:38 I hate to say it, but it also looks like it can be an anchored butt-plug...
Kaiis Lucero
Kaiis Lucero 22 dagar sedan
You know, I think i gonna open my mind to pineapple on pizza. Thanks
Zander Arts
Zander Arts 22 dagar sedan
I want to be a beardo but I don’t have a beard!
devil16935 22 dagar sedan
No.. all schools shouldn't sadly. I went to the school that did that... we are in Washington and people made fun of it for weeks. People ended up getting targeted more and it caused more separation and bullying. So the people who liked it would get bullied by the people who thought it was stupid. It was a bad week.
The Queen Of Cringe
The Queen Of Cringe 22 dagar sedan
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler 22 dagar sedan
Ah yes, the three genders: •Male •Female •LGBTQ+ Ah yes.
alascow 4 dagar sedan
@October i'm not part of lgbtq+, I AM LGBTQ+!
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler 18 dagar sedan
October 19 dagar sedan
I can identify as the entire community
Memelord: the revenge of memes
Memelord: the revenge of memes 22 dagar sedan
That thumbnail made me go to a special jail....
westside Studios
westside Studios 22 dagar sedan
Aimrurt 23 dagar sedan
When I came out to my parents a few months ago they were just like "Ok, and?", pretty surprising to me at the time
Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil 23 dagar sedan
I like Pope Francis even more now.
lazy_ sloth person
lazy_ sloth person 23 dagar sedan
It's hilarious when people say "fruit doesn't belong on pizza", like, do they know what tomato is??
collin buckly
collin buckly 23 dagar sedan
Need this subreddit for my daily dose of wholesome gay
Joshua Kelly
Joshua Kelly 23 dagar sedan
Why does OT’s hair look so elegant, like a waterfall. I want it.
Malte Stolli
Malte Stolli 23 dagar sedan
I actually always made soo many gay jokes in school that I had to out myself as bisexual to not be seen as gay.
Hoodie Guy
Hoodie Guy 23 dagar sedan
0:09 He then said he was referring to the family they were born in and that they shouldn't be able to make their own
Kanimates 23 dagar sedan
Me: oh btw my pronouns are they/them now Classmate: Oh, well I hope they has a good day!! I mean you got the spirit, A+ for effort
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