Can you outsmart the fallacy that started a witch hunt? - Elizabeth Cox

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Dig into the burden of proof fallacy, which assumes that something is true unless proven false and relies on arguments from ignorance.
It’s 1950. Anti-communist sentiment in the United States is at an all-time high. Senator Joseph McCarthy claims he has a list of communists who are influencing government policy. He makes his first accusation without providing any legitimate evidence, yet the senate committee still schedules a hearing. Can you spot the problem with this hearing? Elizabeth Cox explores the burden of proof fallacy.
Lesson by Elizabeth Cox, directed by Pazit Cahlon and Hector Herrera.
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Marshmallow-with-a-sweater 3 timmar sedan
"Red sus ngl" "proof?" "Trust"
MarcusScience23 C
MarcusScience23 C 3 dagar sedan
So is communism good or bad? Edit: I've got the answer, it's good
Bo Yun
Bo Yun 3 dagar sedan
I love this guy, he's literally the best at solving riddles, thank you for bringing him back!
Tulio Borges
Tulio Borges 4 dagar sedan
Man, It's a fallacy when you say humans is causing global warm, no one has prove it and it's just a hipotesis. You didn't even mention names and researches. The only thing is true is that we can change local temperature like hot isles in cities and so on.
PB - 06CA 940099 Lisgar MS
PB - 06CA 940099 Lisgar MS 4 dagar sedan
OMG I just watched this video, and I'm like " It's him! Plz Ted Ed make more of these videos Plzzz!
Saitama 4 dagar sedan
What if Amish people have the latest technology in the whole word?
Chandragupta Maurya
Chandragupta Maurya 5 dagar sedan
The demon of reason! The one demon whom I am in love with😂😂😂
Geff Gollins
Geff Gollins 5 dagar sedan
That fire-breathing S.O.B. is the cause of Global Warming!
Des W
Des W 5 dagar sedan
Rather educational, he's like a devil's advocate in a sense
ಠಿ_ರೃ Braisthorn
ಠಿ_ರೃ Braisthorn 9 dagar sedan
Aria X
Aria X 10 dagar sedan
I’m currently debating a creationist. Haha thank you for the videos!
Eiran Keating
Eiran Keating 10 dagar sedan
The Demon of Reason... my favourite Ted Ed Expanded Universe character
CertainlySoup 10 dagar sedan
i think he's an ENTP
Annette Snyder
Annette Snyder 11 dagar sedan
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he brings outsmarting the fallacy, bacc!
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh 11 dagar sedan
Try this video:
Peter Grey
Peter Grey 13 dagar sedan
Cancel culture had to work a little harder back then.
Golden Gifts
Golden Gifts 14 dagar sedan
I love this Demon of reason so much
shimone 14 dagar sedan
U bet I'm using this gain victory as the imposter;)
lelouch the demon emperor
lelouch the demon emperor 14 dagar sedan
Typical religionist: Prove me that god doesn't exist
Natalie Kelemen
Natalie Kelemen 15 dagar sedan
This guy needs a name. I’ll call him...Mal!
E030E03 15 dagar sedan
*OUR* power
ChaoticMelancholy 15 dagar sedan
when some one calls you the imposter in among us
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson 16 dagar sedan
>implying McCarthy was wrong
siddhanth ravichandran
siddhanth ravichandran 16 dagar sedan
Why does the demon of reason remind me of the the doctor from doctor who?
NoobPrePro !
NoobPrePro ! 17 dagar sedan
there is no such thing as a perfect sequel-
Emily Bues
Emily Bues 17 dagar sedan
I love this character and his awesome voice!
Carlos Bolívar
Carlos Bolívar 17 dagar sedan
omg i love it
cfwhitney 18 dagar sedan
Interesting you throw in global warming. The other witch hunt.
Cole Clapperton
Cole Clapperton 7 dagar sedan
Global warming has proof though. Very strong proof.
Extreme scientist
Extreme scientist 18 dagar sedan
Could you make a Demon of Reason playlist? Thanks!
uknownada 18 dagar sedan
0:20 Why is China using the Japanese flag?
catfood 19 dagar sedan
This is my favorite type of episode u guys make
Venorant -
Venorant - 19 dagar sedan
You should watch this at 1,25×speed is way better that way.
Baran 20 dagar sedan
I love the music, reminds me of Ace Attorney
Diogo T7
Diogo T7 22 dagar sedan
OMG. I just love the demon
Warhorse 24
Warhorse 24 22 dagar sedan
twitter in a nutshell 2:03
Abdul Masaiev
Abdul Masaiev 22 dagar sedan
...isn't that thing in the background of "communist China" actually Japanese Imperial iconography though?
John C J
John C J 22 dagar sedan
Watching this after the US election "fraud" is very eerie... And hilarious.
Vitor Vargas de Souza
Vitor Vargas de Souza 22 dagar sedan
Loved the Russell and Trumbo references!
Lock Jaw
Lock Jaw 23 dagar sedan
Ahh look what the communists did
Joseph Roberts
Joseph Roberts 23 dagar sedan
Among Us, looking at you.
Nied7 23 dagar sedan
What have they been incarcerated for? What was the actual criminal charge, as stated in the law?
Baran 20 dagar sedan
Treason probably
Bad Boy
Bad Boy 23 dagar sedan
Can you guys talk about Bulgaria? I always wandered what is the oldest country in Europe? My teachers told me it’s Bulgarian but on Google it says different 🤭 help? We don’t really hear about that country.
Kendi Braxton
Kendi Braxton 24 dagar sedan
The Demon of Reason would be real good at Among Us.
Baldoxxx4000 25 dagar sedan
The Russian election fraud = no evidence. Biden election fraud = too many evidence in "camera". This is called corruption.
Rebecca Goodrich
Rebecca Goodrich 26 dagar sedan
You know for a demon he is doing good deeds! 😸
wallace 26 dagar sedan
Hammurabi code was what those maggots needed to grow, VENGEANCE (not justice) isn't in your hands anymore and you have to ask other maggots to punish them and they'll ask you for...proofs that the maggots don't leave behind.
waka waka
waka waka 26 dagar sedan
YES!! We love love LOVE the demon of reason!! Thank you ted-ed for bringing him back!
suapanpina 26 dagar sedan
Guess this guy shows up when Elizabeth Cox is in
R Cruise
R Cruise 26 dagar sedan
Can anyone explain the joke at the end? I don't get it.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 25 dagar sedan
communists didn't do it?
Xman34 27 dagar sedan
I like how a dragon-shaped demon is so lovable due to his voice
Ozzie 2.0
Ozzie 2.0 27 dagar sedan
Herman Wong
Herman Wong 27 dagar sedan
I love this guy
Juno Yang
Juno Yang 27 dagar sedan
I love the obvious jab at global warming
Lilia Brahimi
Lilia Brahimi 28 dagar sedan
Leila Smaili
Leila Smaili 28 dagar sedan
The logic is that just because I haven't died yet doesn't mean I'll never die.
Gage Sessine
Gage Sessine 28 dagar sedan
Yay! The Demon of Reason is back baby!
hentai hero
hentai hero 28 dagar sedan
"I like your funny words magic man" JFK
Isadora Alvarez
Isadora Alvarez Månad sedan
He’s back at it again the demon of reason is gonna outsmart everyone
Fay Za
Fay Za Månad sedan
aaa this series become my fav!!
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith Månad sedan
I watch ted-ed for the plot
Lou F
Lou F Månad sedan
Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.
Baran 20 dagar sedan
José A. Ruiz Quiñones
José A. Ruiz Quiñones Månad sedan
New favorite character
A11 FAUSTINO, Jericho B.
A11 FAUSTINO, Jericho B. Månad sedan
MewSeeko Månad sedan
Demon of Reason for President.
racecraftr Månad sedan
The demon of reason will reason with this logical treason. *potatoes*
Ace ofSpades
Ace ofSpades Månad sedan
We need this for the election, don’t we?
chinggis khaan
chinggis khaan Månad sedan
Somebody's needs to tell this man to get dressed before going out
Fre Sch
Fre Sch Månad sedan
Trumpsters and conspiracy idiots will never ever understand this
CuddlerSky Månad sedan
The people disliking arethe type of people to vote someone off bc someone said “red sus”
Clark Mills
Clark Mills Månad sedan
Cool character...
Thành Long Nguyễn
Thành Long Nguyễn Månad sedan
do you have the script
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay Månad sedan
(0:19) “....and China.” *(shows Imperial Japanese flag)*
SR Productions
SR Productions Månad sedan
This one video disrespected every paranoid person about "government secrets" the Earth being flat..and all propaganda..I love to every extent...2 weeks too late though
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Månad sedan
I want more of this demon. Please.
Aidan Chen
Aidan Chen Månad sedan
Once you know the narrator is a character, you know it's a series. I knew for sure they would bring back hmthe Demon of Reason.
Aniruddh XD 2K20
Aniruddh XD 2K20 Månad sedan
Everyone :- Amazing episode and thanks for bringing this character back Me :- How do they get so much high profile quotes everytime
Breno Gabriel
Breno Gabriel Månad sedan
Imagine if everyone saw and understand this video
A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz
A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz Månad sedan
This is literally the Japanese court system, it's basically proving your not guilty.
Mark Sommerville
Mark Sommerville Månad sedan
I still say he should transfer upstairs and become the Angel of Reason.
Kate60608 Månad sedan
"Will write a screenplay for food.". Is that a Trumbo reference?
A Månad sedan
It's really nice to see the "Demon of Reason" again! I love this topic and this character! I am very hopeful to see more about this.
João Soares
João Soares Månad sedan
The issue here is that in the time of internet and social media the truth, the facts, the proof, is irrelevant compared to one's opinion and that is a dangerous thing.
Jacob Borgmann
Jacob Borgmann Månad sedan
This is a pedantic point that I don't mean to undermine the purpose of this video. That said I don't think it's correct to compare the Salem Witch Trials to the "With Hunt" of the Red Scare. Chiefly because, witches aren't real. There were actual Soviet spies in the US and the feds were trying to root them out. They overreacted and utilized illogical reasonings. But they did have an actual target. In Salem there was no foreign intervention or secret agents. It was a witch hunt as people cast blame without any possible suspects.
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Månad sedan
Hey wait a second. You didn't give us a chance to test if we could outsmart the fallacy...
crooser64 Månad sedan
Oh yeah, this guy is awesome love this style of video :D
Manthan Patel
Manthan Patel Månad sedan
Plz keep this character.. its amazing!!!
Risal Alfiandi
Risal Alfiandi Månad sedan
Playlist for this dragon pls
Risal Alfiandi
Risal Alfiandi Månad sedan
River Fields
River Fields Månad sedan
Make a series of this
Alan Jones
Alan Jones Månad sedan
*When I saw this* *His underpants are still here!*
Gallus McGonagall
Gallus McGonagall Månad sedan
The 'consensus' may be that anthropogenic global warming is the main cause of climate change. The 'consensus' belief a God caused the Universe into being is also the prevailing view. Is the burden of proof on science to present evidence in the latter? I don't see the term 'consensus' being meaningful in either case.
Deus vult
Deus vult Månad sedan
Like god
Ƿynnťari Månad sedan
0:19 - China is using the japanese imperial flag!
Van Tadeo
Van Tadeo Månad sedan
Hermione: You could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's prove it doesn't exist! God: 👁️💧👃💧👁️
Cornelia Tjandra
Cornelia Tjandra Månad sedan
I love the demon of reason
QueenDaisy Månad sedan
This video is wrong, at least about the point it made when discussing climate change. It is NOT about consensus but about *positivity* of the claim. All claims should not be believed until they are proven (or at least substantiated by evidence). So both "Humans are causing global warming" and "Humans are not causing global warming" should not be believed until evidence to support either claim is produced. It is nothing to do with consensus. We then search for the evidence, the evidence suggests that some global warming would have happened naturally but that humans are causing it to happen orders of magnitude faster than it would have done naturally, and then we are justified in drawing a conclusion. Until we had evidence to support one of the initial claims claim we should not have believed either. Imagine most people believed that the person accused of being a communist was a communist- would the burden of proof suddenly fall to dissenters? Of course not. It is about the positivity of the claim not about deviating from consensus.
Mvasp Månad sedan
Hearing logic is like jazz to my ears
Mihir Nagarkatti
Mihir Nagarkatti Månad sedan
I love the demon of reason!
Zadig Månad sedan
The Riemann hypothesis is true because it hasn't been proven false. QED. Give me my one million dollars
Jess Wahyudi
Jess Wahyudi Månad sedan
He’s back !!
Austin Martín Hernández
Austin Martín Hernández Månad sedan
Just argue with a Christian. Tell them to prove there is God is real, and they will get defensive and scream at you saying "You can't prove that God DOESN'T exist!" This is extremely common. It happens to me almost every time. The Atheist Experience hears such every damn day with a new caller. If you want to learn about logical fallacies, just listen to common religious arguments. I swear, every single damn one of them is a simple logical fallacy. Argument from ignorance is the most popular. Pascal's Wager is also common and that's a false dilemma. This is what introduced me to logical fallacies actually.
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