Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

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I bought 10,000 shade balls and tried to swim in them. They appear to act like a non-Newtonian fluid: rigid under high shear stress, but they flow like a liquid under low shear.
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My sense was that swimming in shade balls would be difficult but still doable. This was roughly true for the single layer of shade balls. The shade balls slide past each other so they act like a liquid, albeit a viscous one owing to their significant inertia. It's much more intense exercise and it's also annoying to be bombarded with shade balls on all sides of your body, particularly your head. With multi-layer shade balls (as exists on much of LA reservoir) things get significantly more difficult. The balls bunch together and when you try to move through them quickly, they become more rigid, providing significant resistance to motion. This has the benefit that you can lie on them and as long as they stay trapped under you, you can float on them. But a little bit of motion causes them to move around and you sink through quickly.
Huge thanks to:
Jordan Schnabel and Cristian Carretero for filming and swimming and providing lifeguard services.
Raquel Nuno for filming and putting up with me.
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd, Penward Rhyme and everyone who provided feedback on an early draft of this video.
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Buddy &luv
Buddy &luv 6 timmar sedan
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 10 timmar sedan
I can never have the balls to do this.
DerGamerChaot 13 timmar sedan
10.000*0,33$ = 3.300$ and that’s not accounting for the savings the city had for purchasing millions of these. How much money do you have laying around.
matin rahimi
matin rahimi 15 timmar sedan
Girls: I wonder why we live more than men Boys:
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios Dag sedan
Nice video. I also admire your courage for trying to send 10000 half liquid filled black balls all around the world!
Theo Kremer
Theo Kremer Dag sedan
I can't believe I just watched a man swimming in balls for 10 minutes instead of doing homework
C. Pala
C. Pala Dag sedan
I enjoyed this video not only because of the explanation of phenomenon and science, but also because it shows government actually doing something to solve a problem , and that it works.
vika mosquera
vika mosquera Dag sedan
Him: do NOT try this at home Me: sadly puts away 60,000 shade balls :(
siyaram siyaram
siyaram siyaram Dag sedan
6:42 - 6:47 Tyndall effect
siyaram siyaram
siyaram siyaram Dag sedan
Perfect example for adsorption on surface of water. Very useful to understand particle nature in wave motion
Elisabeth Sullivan
Elisabeth Sullivan 2 dagar sedan
I can never have the balls to do this.
U_Iriamu1 2 dagar sedan
This is what I imagine swimming in atoms are like.
joey donaldson
joey donaldson 2 dagar sedan
Kelly Clarkson scores an win in her custody battle for her kids as she claims ‘difficult time co-parenting’ with Brandon Blackstock - The full story HERE:
Minecraft gaming
Minecraft gaming 3 dagar sedan
3:42 that sounded weird lol
Satvik Vaishnav
Satvik Vaishnav 3 dagar sedan
I want one!!!
J English
J English 4 dagar sedan
did you say shaved balls?
BTS slowed Songs
BTS slowed Songs 4 dagar sedan
Does anybody wonder how in freaking world did he got those balls out afterwards?!!??
Lazzerus 5 dagar sedan
reminds me of caviar
red zillaman20
red zillaman20 5 dagar sedan
No social media beggers
nuuutupie 5 dagar sedan
you would have better recycled these balls
wikilix 6 dagar sedan
I think this guy looks just how Stan's father Randy from South Park would look like in real life.
Horse._. Power900
Horse._. Power900 6 dagar sedan
Why is no one talking bout how satisfying this thing Is
Máté Bognár
Máté Bognár 6 dagar sedan
what if you close your fingers while you are swimming,
matzpimp 6 dagar sedan
A man laying in black balls. I'm sure he's used to that
Marc Rover
Marc Rover 7 dagar sedan
"We know you can't swim in a drinking reservoir." Yeah, true, but it's okay to drive gasoline-powered boats through them (apparently.)
David Hoffmann Jr
David Hoffmann Jr 7 dagar sedan
Cant swim in the drinking water but driving a boat through it, no big deal.
Jesse Aguilar
Jesse Aguilar 8 dagar sedan
He really spend 3 thousand dollars in shade balls
That Boy Noxx
That Boy Noxx 8 dagar sedan
"It's time to release the balls" _unzips pants_ oh you meant the shade balls
Hira Lohala
Hira Lohala 8 dagar sedan
Why his shade balls video is so popular
Renee tv Tv
Renee tv Tv 9 dagar sedan
Did anyone else get anxiety when he was struggling Tryna swim with the extra balls inside
Autumn Miller
Autumn Miller 9 dagar sedan
Veritasium: imma do front crawl or free style Me: oh no not free style oh crud
Clemence Stafford
Clemence Stafford 10 dagar sedan
*Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *XXXDATES.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... una venia al beste
Ghoul Face
Ghoul Face 10 dagar sedan
Bro my heart was RACEIMG At the beginning dog damn
Ian 10 dagar sedan
Mr.Beast thumbnail but it's irl and not edited
KhayyamAurelius 10 dagar sedan
aistancill gregoria
aistancill gregoria 10 dagar sedan
Him: I brought best swimmers His friend: *jumps in water flat
Pcamp 10 dagar sedan
3:45 “Balls in my face”
NISHANTH 12 dagar sedan
He should be in the Olympics
Rayco 12 dagar sedan
B squared i thought they were spheres?
Switz 12 dagar sedan
*”Do not try this at home!”* Me to my 60,000 shadeballs: sorry guys not this time
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 12 dagar sedan
I just thinking about michael Phelp.😎😎. What happens when he was here too.
TheRainbowBearツ 12 dagar sedan
I thought that these are metal balls
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 12 dagar sedan
Yea i thought to be more efficient, better to deep-dive breaststroke underneath the balls and only surface for air.
Ang Chong Eng
Ang Chong Eng 13 dagar sedan
0:19 LOUD
Scott P McCaul Sr.
Scott P McCaul Sr. 13 dagar sedan
No Epic Slo-Mo Cannon ball into the pool?
Gabriel Dodge
Gabriel Dodge 13 dagar sedan
If Mrbeast and Mark Rober where combined
Marcelo Raidan
Marcelo Raidan 13 dagar sedan
Tanks for the shade ball!!!. Regards!
IFFI_ MASTER 14 dagar sedan
4:40 damn my eyes hurts when u swin wrong way owww
4D bullshit Patroll
4D bullshit Patroll 14 dagar sedan
3:42 "I am getting a lot of balls in my face".
Abinditha Cahyadi
Abinditha Cahyadi 14 dagar sedan
When the cameraman was telling us the noise as we swimming in there i literally can't breathe as if the cameraman was me
for tube
for tube 14 dagar sedan
My only concern while he was jumping was that what if the ball hit his ball
Amado Balatayo
Amado Balatayo 15 dagar sedan
It looks like caviar
SURENDRA MAHTO 15 dagar sedan
What is the material that is used for making these black balls ??
Ramesh Thakur
Ramesh Thakur 15 dagar sedan
your ball vs shade ball when both strikes together ......🙄🙄🙄
Mayan Mask
Mayan Mask 15 dagar sedan
What was the cost?
meme guy
meme guy 15 dagar sedan
Imagine this Me:*accidently opens my legs* Me after landing with a painful land: Big. Painful. At. My. Balls. Oof size:large
Aliya Fathima
Aliya Fathima 16 dagar sedan
Interesting upload
k i e y o h
k i e y o h 16 dagar sedan
tapioca look a lil diff here
gab7704 16 dagar sedan
Close your fingers tigtly when you swim.
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 17 dagar sedan
Sam_sk8s 17 dagar sedan
I’m glad this person gets straight to the point unlike some other youtubers that just stall all damn day
Blacklightt 17 dagar sedan
16946 Encino Hills Dr. enjoy the pizza
Emoji xd
Emoji xd 17 dagar sedan
Send me a ball
Muhd Taufiq
Muhd Taufiq 17 dagar sedan
Just look at it... No!!! Creepy
Anjhelly Jace Nostratis
Anjhelly Jace Nostratis 17 dagar sedan
pidor 18 dagar sedan
Leon Kuwata exuction be like:
KingSammelot 18 dagar sedan
3:43 "A lot of balls in the face" I'm gonna remember that one
Piggyhero 18 dagar sedan
"a lot of balls in my face, oh SVfrom" 'this video has been flagged for inappropriate content'
ThatoneMisoBowl 18 dagar sedan
“I will tell people why this is a bad idea” also him “this is a next level workout”
Hatty animates
Hatty animates 18 dagar sedan
When you find pee in the ball pit:
Trisha's Portraits
Trisha's Portraits 18 dagar sedan
Where are the balls now thatd be so hard and heavy to store
RuShii1veRSe 18 dagar sedan
Oke, now how you're gonna get those 5000 balls out?
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 19 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 19 dagar sedan
Gregory Quinn
Gregory Quinn 19 dagar sedan
pankaj mahamuni
pankaj mahamuni 19 dagar sedan
So claustrophobic just by watching
Rook E
Rook E 20 dagar sedan
Can you fill a pool with thick-it water and see what it's like to swim in it?
Zero K
Zero K 20 dagar sedan
That really scared me When he sunk
Luke Santiago
Luke Santiago 20 dagar sedan
why is there water in them ?
justin Barzakay
justin Barzakay 20 dagar sedan
How did you get them out
Slayinaiden123 20 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half.
Le Viet Thanh
Le Viet Thanh 20 dagar sedan
those are the things mr incredible got bodied with in the first movie.
Marne van Vliet
Marne van Vliet 20 dagar sedan
Theses science channel's are best at blue balling
YUNG Lil 20 dagar sedan
Next mr beast
Kell Booby
Kell Booby 20 dagar sedan
Idk what is shade ball and what it is used for
Alexander 21 dag sedan
This is how total immersion swimming was invented.
Sebastian Salazar
Sebastian Salazar 21 dag sedan
Unknown 16 dagar sedan
Ok back at you 🖕
Raiyan Bashir
Raiyan Bashir 21 dag sedan
3:54 dJI phantom😁
Military Update
Military Update 22 dagar sedan
MrBeast must watch this
Albssica 22 dagar sedan
Oh so you like shade balls? name every shade ball you swam with
Tiffany Fire Blade
Tiffany Fire Blade 22 dagar sedan
I want to buy one(1) to play with
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