Can You Overdose on Vitamins?

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Vitamins are 13 molecules essential for life that our bodies can't make themselves.
Watch Vitamania here:
Now available worldwide, except France and Germany where it will be broadcast on ARTE soon. Subscribe on the Vitamania website for updates.
Use #vitamania to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.
Vitamania is a Genepool Productions feature documentary for SBS Australia, CuriosityStream, and ARTE France. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Film Victoria.

Hooknosed Jack
Hooknosed Jack 18 dagar sedan
0:53 so children blinded by a vitamin A defficiency have a half-life of 12 months. I’m sorry
Joe Westerland
Joe Westerland 19 dagar sedan
They should definitely put "trailer" in the title...
john shakya
john shakya 27 dagar sedan
1:29 is that a Ferrari
doublem 28 dagar sedan
A cobbler should stick to his last
Armaan Bindra
Armaan Bindra 28 dagar sedan
1:27 I like how there's just a McLaren casually whizzing by.
Aviv Parekh
Aviv Parekh Månad sedan
Lol I don't see a Porsche roaming in India like that dawg wut just happened 🤣
DiabloMinero Månad sedan
A carrot contains exactly zero vitamin A. Carrots contain carotenoids like beta carotene, which you can metabolize into vitamin A. But it's impossible for most people to dangerously OD, no matter how much beta carotene they eat, because normal bodies stop making vitamin A when they have enough. Worst case, it'll turn you orange.
sherlock holmes
sherlock holmes Månad sedan
I dont know why all these europeans want to point india as a poor country.. I have never seen any of them saying anything about the modern structure of india.. many of the europeans havent even know india has shopping malls.. poverty in US too, they never say or document it.. Kind of a racist or white superiority mentality in my opinion..
LoïC DrLooPanG
LoïC DrLooPanG Månad sedan
I lean a lot with your videos, but just a fair reminder : there's no vitamin A in carrots 🥕, just Beta-carotene, its precursor, and while some people convert it to vitamin A, some do not... 😉
Jakob Harteg
Jakob Harteg Månad sedan
How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger I though it was a nice movie with a sensical conclusion. For more information about how to get all your vitamins from just fresh plants, How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger cannot be recommended enough. (Except B12, but even pigs and cows are fed B12, so you don't have to eat it yourself...)
Thankstank is back
Thankstank is back Månad sedan
I’m going to overdose on Vitamin E pills
Nithin Gowda
Nithin Gowda Månad sedan
Welcome to my city man!!!!
Rahul B Roy
Rahul B Roy Månad sedan
He is in karnataka 😇
Plain House
Plain House Månad sedan
Sounds similar to chubbyemu content lol
Bhuvan Fire
Bhuvan Fire Månad sedan
I wanted to watch it but sadly have to pay wish i was in France or Germany.Also love ur physics videos Derek ,I love the bullet block experiment and hope someday u r able to be a director of a movie.let it be like rain man but taking a real autistic savant like Daniel Tammet and Kim Peek
Sumatra March
Sumatra March Månad sedan
So you came to my country!! By seeing public bus service there, it seems you have come to my neighbouring state karanataka, southern states have better human development index than northern states.
serious 2 månader sedan
I happen to be randomly searching hair loss videos... I'm a woman who is currently experiencing accelerating hair loss, and I suspect it's from my multivitamin dot-dot. I'm so happy I Came Upon This video! I will be watching your documentary today ... Thanks so much
тrixx 2 månader sedan
oops I had to many vitamin gummy’s. What do I do?
Suman Ghosh
Suman Ghosh 2 månader sedan
growing low on views...….make a video on INDIA or China and bam.... millions of views...…
Mayur Ahuja
Mayur Ahuja 2 månader sedan
Oh my god! You had come in India. would have loved to see youuuu
rachel grace
rachel grace 2 månader sedan
So you were in Bangalore..... while recording this
Ray Bois
Ray Bois 2 månader sedan
Tell us beforehand that this is a commercial for your movie Vitamania...
Bharadwaj Giridhar
Bharadwaj Giridhar 2 månader sedan
KZPLAYZ 3 månader sedan
0:52 what are you looking at??
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu 3 månader sedan
kandyappleview 3 månader sedan
3:31 matches the thumbnail for the How cod saved the Vikings video. That’s fun.
Anusha K Murthy
Anusha K Murthy 3 månader sedan
Was that Bangalore? Namma bengalooru?
bunga bunga
bunga bunga 3 månader sedan
I watched your vitamin documentary. I enjoyed it immensely. Being that fat cells store vitamins, is an overweight person making a mistake by taking a supplement because the body will avoid using it from the fat cell because it gets vitamin externally? Thanks
Hemant Yadav
Hemant Yadav 3 månader sedan
Which city is it? Surat???
Fernando Velásquez
Fernando Velásquez 3 månader sedan
This was uploaded on my birthday 😂😂😂
Problem Solver
Problem Solver 4 månader sedan
Excellent I luv your scientific mind #draliaofficial
Jannis XY
Jannis XY 4 månader sedan
You can watch the Documentary for free in Germany and France on Just saying
chethu cheku
chethu cheku 5 månader sedan
Is that Bangalore
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar 5 månader sedan
Thank God I still had a curiosity stream subscription. Gonna check out this documentary asap!
Burgruk Wartooth
Burgruk Wartooth 5 månader sedan
Video Starts: "Carrots." Makes sense so far! Two minutes in: "Eat their dogs, or die." *Restarts video just in case something was missed.*
TechySeven 5 månader sedan
I honestly liked it, though I was perhaps a bit off-put by the musical skits... really, almost patronized, and I found it difficult to imagine a lot of your target audience Not feeling almost a bit patronized by them. Though the part where you kinda just glared at the singer/musician sorta made up for it some, lol. . I was genuinely educated by it overall, but I would've perhaps liked a more broad look at the supplement industry in general, as it's not just vitamins alone that have so much power and yet are being so widely misused & abused to drive a profit; Even if they may drive the majority of it, idk. I'd like to have a lot of the irrational fears, as well as otherwise baseless conspiracies, misinformation, and disinformation, surrounding pharmaceutical drugs, the FDA, and other regulatory bodies vs "natural" & "organic" supplements disseminated and put to rest more thoroughly. I suppose that would end up making the material too lengthy though, with too many possible tangents, and an potentially unfocused point of conclusion.
Dylan 5 månader sedan
I am too poor to buy the documentary :(
Khoa Vu
Khoa Vu 5 månader sedan
Greetings from Germany, ARTE streamed the your documentary live today
Alex Z
Alex Z 12 dagar sedan
Yeah what I dont like is we cant watch the Original. Just the synchronization. But I'll watch it on the 27th when it is available in the "Mediathek" of arte.
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 5 månader sedan
Time to O.D. on my Flintstone vitamin gummies
Rushikesh Satpute
Rushikesh Satpute 5 månader sedan
Yes I was overdosed on vitamin A ,I was on accutane for acne ,it really messed me
Sophie 6 månader sedan
they are so cuteeeee 😢🐶🐶❤️
Paul Glotzer
Paul Glotzer 6 månader sedan
I’ve been a lifelong skeptic about taking vitamins, reasoning that I naturally gravitate toward a healthy, varied moderate and largely home-cooked diet. But no more skepticism. In early April 2020, here in NYC - the hotspot for Coronavirus in the US - I discovered I had an acute Vitamin D deficiency (4.7 ng/ml vs. a reference range of 30-50). After 2-1/2 weeks of weekly megadoses of oral D3, in the wee hours of the night, I was hit with a profound sense of well-being, restored energy and a lifting of pain. My follow-up labs explained why: my level had already increased exactly 10-fold to 47 ng/ml. Additionally, there is some preliminary research that suggests that a vitamin D deficiency can make Covid-19 much worse if you become infected.
Andy Goh
Andy Goh 6 månader sedan
I have to pay to watch Vitamania? You've gotta be kidding me... Kinda upset cause I got re-routed from SVfrom to something that I have to pay to watch... Anyway, goodluck with the new venture...
Widi 6 månader sedan
"Most of them are in Africa and Southeast Asia, like here in India." India aren't both -_-
꧁Trash Weasel ꧂
꧁Trash Weasel ꧂ 6 månader sedan
I just want to know which pill is worse, red, or blue?
Capt TopGun
Capt TopGun 6 månader sedan
Im from Bangalore and recognize that you are probably in Central Business District. I live 30 mins from here lol.
Benedikt Winter
Benedikt Winter 6 månader sedan
Is it in Germany free now?
Anoop Singh Anoop
Anoop Singh Anoop 7 månader sedan
Bc india me ho aap
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira 7 månader sedan
"Eat their dogs or die". Me: I mean dying isn't that bad, right?
Ezy Cuberz
Ezy Cuberz 7 månader sedan
Sh*t dude! Your in Karnataka and you didnt meet me😵 I'm angry on ya 😡😂
Aiden Carle
Aiden Carle 7 månader sedan
NYCOT Music 8 månader sedan
1:29 that's Bangalore, near kanteerava stadium
Mahesh Goudar
Mahesh Goudar 8 månader sedan
Ur in Bengaluru 👍
rico brian talisic
rico brian talisic 8 månader sedan
Best vitamin review ever!!!!
Akmal Imdad
Akmal Imdad 8 månader sedan
Wow great job on the documentary..wish u all the best ur biggest fan from pakistan
Kaisar Shekh
Kaisar Shekh 8 månader sedan
1:29 that's a 911
sergey neverov
sergey neverov 9 månader sedan
im just curious is it based on 'Vitamania' by Catherine Price?
Mohit Dhali
Mohit Dhali 9 månader sedan
just spotted a red Porsche in India (1:29) and again there is another blue Porsche (4:43)
Siddhesh Sinha
Siddhesh Sinha 9 månader sedan
dude he came to banglore
Trying to learn
Trying to learn 9 månader sedan
Getting ugly all this commerciality!
NITHIN S 10 månader sedan
That's Bengaluru..
Ganesh N 18CS402
Ganesh N 18CS402 10 månader sedan
I am leaving in Bangalore and i am happy to see you in Bangalore
Iam WhateveryousayIam
Iam WhateveryousayIam 11 månader sedan
0:58 "I'm not blind!"
DARWIN QUINDE 11 månader sedan
So original "Hypervitaminosis A"
Sid Michael
Sid Michael 11 månader sedan
Anyone got link of the full video?
ABHIJITH 17 År sedan
Next when r u coming to india.. can i meet u
Akash Mahanty
Akash Mahanty År sedan
Any vdo clip jst by watching u can say it is of india or not...
Harry Nicholas
Harry Nicholas År sedan
carrots are good for the eyes, uncomfortable, but good... the one and only spike milligan, up there getting wrecked with hitchens.
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno År sedan
Can you overdose on vitamins? Me: no dur sherlock its called death
Asa Thomas
Asa Thomas År sedan
When you have 3 vitamin gummy’s instead of 2
Nina Bambina
Nina Bambina 10 månader sedan
Asa Thomas or 6 👀😅
Mush Abd
Mush Abd År sedan
Heyyy... You're in india... any chance you can host a shwo or something 😢😢😢😢😢😢
2Keyblades År sedan
I really thought ra ra rasputin was gunna start playing.
CaramelLeek År sedan
My Biochemistry professor: you can OD on anything. My Genetics professor: you can get cancer from eating too much of anything.
Zair Raulino
Zair Raulino År sedan
I love you. I'm crazy to see some good questions and of course, some answers
Lander Plasschaert
Lander Plasschaert År sedan
Saw this in my swedish school lol
David Davids
David Davids År sedan
some late thoughts. such a program may serve a purpose. and i suppose you are entitled to feel proud of your work. on the other hand, based on what was in the trailer, i suspect that all the images and interviews, boil down to this pair of facts. in general, water soluble vitamins are Not toxic. the so-called fat-soluble vitamins Can be. googletranslate There are four types of fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E vitamin K it is possible to take in too much of a fat-soluble vitamin, which could lead to toxicity and adverse reactions. source:
David Davids
David Davids År sedan
fyi. the title of this video, compels this question. is it possible to pose, just about, any question, Without using a pronoun? see the preceding question.
Pakistan Phoren Minster
Pakistan Phoren Minster År sedan
0:09 I immediately recognised that shot was in India because of the vehicle horns
Pakistan Phoren Minster
Pakistan Phoren Minster År sedan
@Seeker Look, I'm Indian too and you don't have to get triggered.
Suyash År sedan
I'm so surprised you came to India. From the number plat of the vehicles it seems to be Bangalore. Lovely!
ABHINAV År sedan
Ok you are in Bangalore in India Welcome to India
Omar Abdulrazzaq
Omar Abdulrazzaq År sedan
Did you go all the way to India to talk about vitamin A?
ZZZ - År sedan
thumnail is wierd,
Brittany Donovan
Brittany Donovan År sedan
I would rather die then eat dog's
Scarlett Legator
Scarlett Legator År sedan
Oh... available IF I PAY FOR IT.....
Kevin Jacob
Kevin Jacob År sedan
he is in bangalore
Rocksummit År sedan
All of the RDI's of the world are different depending on where you are yet they claim to be scientificly chosen, so which one did you pick and why?
froggy År sedan
India is disappointing
Shameel Saheer
Shameel Saheer År sedan
This Looks Awesome
Hamza Haytham
Hamza Haytham År sedan
ThePrufessa År sedan
You can overdose on anything. Even water.
Stef H
Stef H År sedan
...except for Germany and France.... what did we do wrong?? What if we don't watch TV? do we need a proxyserver? ... where was it published? and when? ARTE? - the one and only French-German TV station?
La Minute Scientifique
La Minute Scientifique År sedan
I'm looking for the answer too, in Arte France is in the footer and boom :
Joey M
Joey M År sedan
This is exactly what's on chubbyemu's channel:
Jazzy Vella
Jazzy Vella År sedan
I watched vitamania at school! Also the uranium too in science
Abhishek Thakker
Abhishek Thakker År sedan
Sir if you please visit India again then please inform it on your channel. Thank you. And love from India
Frey Vestergaard
Frey Vestergaard År sedan
4:02 Omg that was so cute
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma År sedan
ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು. YAY
irr3 is on t1Lt
irr3 is on t1Lt År sedan
Without even watching the Video i can tell YOU CAN OVERDOSE FROM EVERYTHING, even from air and water. And of course you can overdose from Vitamins. Greetings from germany
Vids Tube
Vids Tube År sedan
@Derek I am a huge fan of your content. I watched Vitamania & its great loved it, I wished you elaborated on Vit B12 as for vegans its an issue to get it and how high is normal. Any ways thanks & keep the awesome content coming.
Tanisha Khandelwal
Tanisha Khandelwal År sedan
Amazing videos
Rakshith Kakunje
Rakshith Kakunje År sedan
0:55 wth you were in karnataka?
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