Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop a 50cal???

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My Dog Is Bipolar
My Dog Is Bipolar 13 dagar sedan
You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.
O 11 dagar sedan
O 11 dagar sedan
O 11 dagar sedan
O 11 dagar sedan
O 11 dagar sedan
FinGlide 2 minuter sedan
this is the most american channel ever made
Fallen Stars
Fallen Stars 5 minuter sedan
You call that a firearm? Thats adorable
Insulus 6 minuter sedan
so this is neat, the little fracture on the backside is a ripple from the impact traveling through the glass at a specific speed and amplifying the force as these ripples converge on the other side. it looks like the side of the convergence crack is proportional to the amount of mass traveling at that (slower) speed. .45 had most of its energy deflected off the front as pieces flew off leaving a tiny convergence crack. where the 9 had all of its energy dissipated into the sphere leaving a larger convergence crack. the 5.56 while faster the round is not much bigger than a .22 so the convergence crack is the same size or smaller than the 9. the other calibers used, well come on, their beasts. you would need a much bigger glass ball.
house of horror
house of horror 14 minuter sedan
house of horror
house of horror 14 minuter sedan
Didn't have to watch to no that
Cassandre Porter
Cassandre Porter 16 minuter sedan
omi i gest see this the big gun uen sot slomo and pos thers fire is so col i em mot that picshr i cent spel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crickett Gaming
Crickett Gaming 18 minuter sedan
Random Guy:Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop A 50.Cal? 7.8 Million People: Well Well Well let's find our
RSV All In Entertainment
RSV All In Entertainment 26 minuter sedan
you need a highspeed camera (Make it SLOOOOWWWWMMOOOOOOWW)
Username Was Taken
Username Was Taken 36 minuter sedan
gun pog
The W.O.P.
The W.O.P. 46 minuter sedan
Sweet video. You were probably breathing in pulverized glass...misted that shit bro
Mark Henry
Mark Henry Timme sedan
You’re breathing in glass dust and that’s why you were sneezing.
Josiah Trisler
Josiah Trisler Timme sedan
That ending reminds me of perfectly cut screams. 😅 "The only rule.... Don't tell Mer-"
jus white
jus white Timme sedan
Do I still got the yeet cannon
Tammy Schmitz
Tammy Schmitz Timme sedan
What a bout 50cal
Ian Owens
Ian Owens Timme sedan
Man I found this channel from a 7 year old video. Glad it’s still running well Edit: damn same intro too
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Timme sedan
Sneezing because of class particles.
Tyrant117 Timme sedan
Well, that's because glass acts somewhat like a liquid. The shock of that bullet hitting one side causes waves inside the sphere to bounce around to other end and concentrates to the point of fracture. I mean, there's a lot more accurate way to explain it but that's kind of the dumbed down version of it. You see this kind of this in hard yet brittle materials. Concrete, glass, some metals.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller Timme sedan
"I cant breathe" Damn it, Matt caught the rona
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 2 timmar sedan
It seems like, the molecules are capable of transferring energy through the sphere but under a such low state of stress that it only shatters the other side when it runs out of glass to transfer energy too.
Andrew Riot Ryan
Andrew Riot Ryan 2 timmar sedan
I would have kept that second globe after the first shot from the .556 in the office. It looked pretty rad. Edit* I would have also kept the stand to the globe after the 50 BMG. That was also pretty rad. How I'm not a hoarder I have no idea.
Ishmael Hewitt
Ishmael Hewitt 2 timmar sedan
The crack on the other side of the ball is called "translucent deferation". Just kidding, I made that up. :)
Cory Jarrett
Cory Jarrett 2 timmar sedan
this is the first video I've seen from your channel and I already know... Your neighbors love you! and are absolutely not complaining.
HenriFaust 2 timmar sedan
The reason you're sneezing is due to inhaling microscopic shards of glass. You really should have been wearing a mask.
Lt. Jek Tono Porkins
Lt. Jek Tono Porkins 3 timmar sedan
No better way to know that you're on target than breathing broken glass into your lungs.
Sal Argentino
Sal Argentino 3 timmar sedan
It's the Dim Mak technique
Chris G
Chris G 3 timmar sedan
You just inhaled microscopic glass shards.
Les Toothaker
Les Toothaker 3 timmar sedan
It's called a shock wave! As for the 556 not creating damage on the opposite side, the force of the impact dissipated the shock wave before getting half way through as evidenced by the ring damage almost halfway through.
Oh, Beans?
Oh, Beans? 3 timmar sedan
“i have another one of those big balls” *chuckles*
Spanki 23
Spanki 23 3 timmar sedan
14:15 was a close one
Spanki 23
Spanki 23 3 timmar sedan
14:15 was a close one
Moira Ryan
Moira Ryan 3 timmar sedan
Hi friend! I’m concerned that you may have ingested small particles of glass. When you shot the sphere, very small pieces vaporized and likely lingered in the air. Please consider wearing face protection and maybe seeing a doctor soon.
5GOD bloodskittlez
5GOD bloodskittlez 3 timmar sedan
This tripped me out when he examined every shot😂 anyone else?
K H 3 timmar sedan
What the hell is that stand made of lol?
Jason Bruce
Jason Bruce 4 timmar sedan
So how are you after all the glass particles in you respiratory tract? I am sure you figured that out later. But it must of been a bitch to deal with.
Collin Houchen
Collin Houchen 4 timmar sedan
Dude you should have worn a respirator, that glass dust is a bad time.
Justicraftt 4 timmar sedan
Everyone loves the stens
Bradleyyy 4 timmar sedan
Bruh dont mess with this dude
Horst Hubert Frucht
Horst Hubert Frucht 4 timmar sedan
i hope you're not allergic to gun smoke
Doggo Froggo
Doggo Froggo 4 timmar sedan
He forgot to call it a coney joney Also just realized the 5 5 6 was one of the guns on the A-Team
Cory Davey
Cory Davey 4 timmar sedan
Same thing happens to your brain when it hits your skull
T Boman
T Boman 3 timmar sedan
Brody Pointer
Brody Pointer 5 timmar sedan
jayshon correa
jayshon correa 5 timmar sedan
Newton’s law the power of non contact force
Keith Richmond
Keith Richmond 5 timmar sedan
Ask the smarter every day channel with Destin
jayshon correa
jayshon correa 5 timmar sedan
Newton’s law
T Boman
T Boman 4 timmar sedan
Which one?
Yer Moms Babydaddy
Yer Moms Babydaddy 5 timmar sedan
Would've loved to see the slo mo guys film this is super slo mo
brian jarvis
brian jarvis 5 timmar sedan
You have created a new art form. Open a gallery!
Pullup Terraine
Pullup Terraine 5 timmar sedan
Its not that funny to sneeze when you got that knife pointed upwards... BTW, it would have been soo funny to see that you scratch the big ball with the knife after the first shot... and the ball falls into little pieces by the knife. :-)))
Vesynth 5 timmar sedan
"izz gonna be crazy." - Matt Carriker 2021
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
Him: 'shoots glass ball' "you can see it all the way through, this, magic, ball, oh not magic, glass" The spirits: alrighty then, you chose curse then.
Prrson 5 timmar sedan
If this guy was depressed he was a lot of ways out
Ynw Melly
Ynw Melly 6 timmar sedan
The nauseating death appropriately listen because good-bye peripherally mark regarding a reminiscent blanket. acceptable, naughty quilt
aditya handu
aditya handu 6 timmar sedan
could it be that the spherical shape helps converge the impact shockwave directly on the other side ?? ..Me Not an expert just saying ..
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 6 timmar sedan
Wouldn't want to break into his house
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
I'd do it, if I was a spherical glass ball'.
Armando Koshena
Armando Koshena 6 timmar sedan
How could you mis in 4 shots🤔
Brad Kemp
Brad Kemp 6 timmar sedan
The bucket just said fuck you science
Water. 7 timmar sedan
"That looks like it could cut me" *Proceeds to touch it*
ROBOVOID 7 timmar sedan
Think jaw beaker for bullets.
Blaster 7 timmar sedan
Now do with when u don’t shoot it with other guns n only the 50 for the real answer
Avra Kehdabra Create As You Speak
Avra Kehdabra Create As You Speak 7 timmar sedan
So many got no idea how manifestation works, you could literally curse yourself. May be shocked just how often people fuck over their own damn lives and it starts with your mindset. Placebo can be a powerful tool, people took sugar pills and well pharmacy is rooted in the Craft. That Ball was a placebo tool and some have used it to take advantage of others so thanks for that lovely destruction of that Ball. :)
tegan chrissy
tegan chrissy 7 timmar sedan
omg i swear i remember you from vet ranch like years ago..
Bokie 7 timmar sedan
show this the slo mo guys. this is weird physix
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
japesarcher Fourie
japesarcher Fourie 7 timmar sedan
I dont usually comment ...but im worried bout your lungs Matt...with that glass dust and all....😕
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
T'is but a smart guy
T Boman
T Boman 5 timmar sedan
@super fish Organ wound.
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
Matts lungs: t'is but a flesh wound
Carlos Campos
Carlos Campos 7 timmar sedan
Isn't it the same physics behind the Newton's cradle, or am I just dumb?
Scott Ash
Scott Ash 7 timmar sedan
Him not wearing gloves whilst touching all the broken glass is giving me anxiety
Just_A_Black_And_Grey_Campfire 7 timmar sedan
mm i like getting really tiny glass shards all over my stuff
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa 7 timmar sedan
Isn't it that the glass is elastic, so the shock wave "bounced" through the ball until it had nowhere else to go?
emiel steenbeke
emiel steenbeke 7 timmar sedan
You scgould fire a glass ball out op the psoda can cannon
Joseph Drollinger
Joseph Drollinger 7 timmar sedan
What I think happens when it knocks out a chunk on the other side is the shockwave from the bullet traveling through it, but when it hits the other side that last bit of glass has very little resistance on the other side (the outside) so it knocks it off.
Unknoωn 8 timmar sedan
omg I dont like this sound 11:13
Austin Bush
Austin Bush 8 timmar sedan
That was awesome
DolphinSausages 8 timmar sedan
Ya know Newton’s cradle. Simplified it’s because of that
c v
c v 8 timmar sedan
bullet hits crystal. that focuses wave etc and comes out back. very simplified version ? what would happen to u238 ?? and now do it on hard / acryllic ^ ^ (ps the air does not further propagate wave ^^)
Ttvmaxie 8 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 8 timmar sedan
he better have watched his lungs for a bit after cause glass dust is not something you want in your system
super fish
super fish 5 timmar sedan
Matts lungs: t'is but a flesh wound
AC Nordstrom
AC Nordstrom 8 timmar sedan
Isn't what's happening on the back just basic spalling? when you hit armor with enough force the pressure wave travels through the armor and causes the back to spall.
John Crone
John Crone 8 timmar sedan
Wonder what the mixture that is liquid when something enters at slow speed but rigid with high speed (someone help me with the name) would do?
Sup Man
Sup Man 8 timmar sedan
His hair is turning white
Chris B.
Chris B. 8 timmar sedan
Try a Prince Ruperts Drop
Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty 8 timmar sedan
I like the Fortune Teller's shirt.
M B 8 timmar sedan
10:27 what you say? 10:31 WTF DID YOU SAY? 10:38 YEAH BIH
Waldo Wheres
Waldo Wheres 8 timmar sedan
Its called "Spalling effect". The kinetic energy follows through the object and fragments break off as fragmentation on the otherside following the energy.
Darvin Black
Darvin Black 9 timmar sedan
13:25 this all is because it is raw glass. Tempered shatters into much finer shapes. The shapes of the glass are mostly because of fracture physics.
Mr. Green
Mr. Green 9 timmar sedan
Think Newtons Cradle. The bullet, is the impacting ball. That crack on the back side is the energy transfer to the next ball. (if there was one) The bullet transfers the energy through a Longitudinal wave to the back side where the glass at the surface breaks. The energy transfer to the surface glass is greater than the tensile strength of the glass, causing a crack or break.
war thunder streams
war thunder streams 9 timmar sedan
Magic intro
Edgar Mkrtchyan
Edgar Mkrtchyan 9 timmar sedan
Man, WHAT?!
Darron Baity
Darron Baity 9 timmar sedan
Kennetic energy is real😱😱😱😱
Mekkiceh 9 timmar sedan
You need to do a collab with smarter every day or the slow mo guys.
Magic s Striker
Magic s Striker 9 timmar sedan
Can we just appreciate how well and smooth that intro was like if you think about it for a second it was literally like there was two of him there
Bankroll K VEVO
Bankroll K VEVO 9 timmar sedan
I thought I was subscribed already
Ehren Krause
Ehren Krause 9 timmar sedan
Shock wave being funneled to the back of the sphere and thats the concetrated point where the energy passes thru. Its science 😂 BTW glass is considered a liquid, its just solid at room temp. Next time wear the lab coat 😆
Treeleaf Cf
Treeleaf Cf 10 timmar sedan
now, we know he dont coming from csgo
Rick Collins
Rick Collins 10 timmar sedan
With the rise of ammo prices, he just used 988.36$ in just ammo
TorusMabus 10 timmar sedan
SlicK TwikZ
SlicK TwikZ 10 timmar sedan
Try bumping your palm on your forehead, you'll feel something funny at the back of your head. And then you'll laugh..
-CrimsoN- 10 timmar sedan
And this is why glass armor works in video games
Jon Umphries
Jon Umphries 10 timmar sedan
We saw your vet clinic
Planeoblimp 10 timmar sedan
Take a newtons cradle for example, the ball hits the middle the kinetic energy goes through the middle and makes the back one move. If your about to say im a nerd I dont care.
dayik 10 timmar sedan
a i know its such a minimal concern with those vids, but like how long does it take to degrade the projections in nature? a
Nick Newman
Nick Newman 10 timmar sedan
Polluting natural environment with all those glass pieces. Could end up hurting animals.
Peerless_Supremacy 11 timmar sedan
Anyone else cringe a bit when he rubbed his fingers over the broken pieces of glass? No? Just me?
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