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Life of Boris

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Boris teaches Boris the basics of HTML, the building blocks of the Internet. The wild west of the modern world. So to stay safe, go to and use code LIFEOFBORIS to get 68% off a 2 year plan + 1 month free. Stay safe! Stay cheeki breeki!
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Life of Boris
Life of Boris 6 månader sedan
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BirdFam 3 månader sedan
BirdFam 3 månader sedan
Danish 4 månader sedan
ben russ
ben russ 5 månader sedan
Need MOAR programing with boris.
Spanish Sanchez
Spanish Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Sooo happy for you add brother! Stack those fucking ruples
Barrabbazz Dag sedan
Fortunately i got a new keyboard recently, my old one didn´t have the < > | key for some reason
リアルモダー Dag sedan
that second boris is like alternative outfit for boris if he is in a game that cost maybe like 256 gems, not much but worth it.
Arturo Ochoa
Arturo Ochoa 6 dagar sedan
Vim is a beginner friendly text editor
Kintopi 7 dagar sedan
Another one please !
Marshall 8 dagar sedan
So this is why there are so many good Russian hackers
Just Relax
Just Relax 9 dagar sedan
Suka blyait thank you so much
Rifat Hussain Chowdhury
Rifat Hussain Chowdhury 10 dagar sedan
Honestly, you should make an entire course from start to finish and sell it on sites like Skillshare. I'd buy that shit, no question.
bogatii 11 dagar sedan
Ono kad uzmes VPN da budeš u Srbij ahahahaha
I am a hacker
I am a hacker 14 dagar sedan
HTML is hypertext markup language
WI-FI NEŞESİ 14 dagar sedan
I love your videos and your style so much
JustPlaying GAMES!
JustPlaying GAMES! 16 dagar sedan
Inter Niet
Pheonix Master
Pheonix Master 17 dagar sedan
I actually am signed up to Coding classes, and I watched this video before the class, and this helped me so much with HTML! Thank you, Boris! You really help us in the darkest hour and I think you really deserve some recognition! 🤗
ZAP BOOST 17 dagar sedan
I learned more here than my teacher
SwT_ 20 dagar sedan
Me using Visual Studio Code
Lewis 8500!
Lewis 8500! 20 dagar sedan
I made the html with your instructions and I modified the codes a little bit. Thanks for the instructions comrade
Riki Syahputra
Riki Syahputra 21 dag sedan
Web development courses should be like this, no, they have to be like this
Redicrafty 21 dag sedan
HTML isn't a programming language! Its a Hyper Text *Markup* *Language*
Jéssica Oliveira
Jéssica Oliveira 23 dagar sedan
Now teach CSS.
KobaltoCR 25 dagar sedan
Hana Boskova
Hana Boskova 29 dagar sedan
Let's make a Slavbook. Or do we rename VK?
Scoobis Månad sedan
Finally... the only source i can trust
mybluepickles Månad sedan
Damn good tutorial :D Really interesting
Kolong Langit
Kolong Langit Månad sedan
It's VPN, man! 😂😂😂 I farted.
gaming Minecraft
gaming Minecraft Månad sedan
So this is slav school
Sta99er Månad sedan
Ah yes Internyet
Rohan A R
Rohan A R Månad sedan
U are my best best computer teacher
Toby Månad sedan
i think boris should get some programming award by teaching us this
Average Gamer
Average Gamer Månad sedan
Atom, more like Artyom
Rhys De Guzman
Rhys De Guzman Månad sedan
i use sublime to code html,css and javascript
Private_Ryan1 Månad sedan
thank you boris I made a website that Rick rolls you
Fluffy Wolfy
Fluffy Wolfy Månad sedan
when you realise you subconscously squat all the time because its more comfortable than sitting
Gabrielius Månad sedan
BORIS BLIN i can thank u enough for this tutorial u saved me blin
wonsz gaming
wonsz gaming Månad sedan
Cool haplhull and easy as always from boris
Fachry Syahrozi
Fachry Syahrozi Månad sedan
As someone who just started learning web programming, this really helps
cooly Månad sedan
blyat russian teacher , Boris is teaching HTML ... fuck off, where is vodka and mayonez !
mugi tadano
mugi tadano 2 månader sedan
Best Slav Teacher i've ever had.
PAINKiller 2 månader sedan
Hello Boris you are possibly not gonna read this Thank You, you have helped me with html. And now my grades may get better because of you
Тёмный Жнец
Тёмный Жнец 2 månader sedan
Make a PHP course for backend development 😂
smol channel
smol channel 2 månader sedan
Imma call HTML HATMAIL from now on
Lord Hades
Lord Hades 2 månader sedan
We need more programing with boris teaching lessons Quick question, does every slave citizen use Linux?
Assasins54 45
Assasins54 45 2 månader sedan
The music keeps me vibing while coding
Тим 2 månader sedan
If it was actually a thing I would enroll in Boris’s technology classes.
elmonte5lim 2 månader sedan
For Slav, you have unusual fasyilyitye with definite article, kurwa.
Mercury 2 månader sedan
i've never understood programming- it's just not the kind of thing i'm good at- but this explanation actually got through to me, i get the basics now! subscribing to slavtek as we speak. thanks, boris!
pktrainerpk5 supersus
pktrainerpk5 supersus 2 månader sedan
so you live in belgium now or what since auto google belgium tags?
CodeVox 2 månader sedan
WHERE IS Visual Studio Code ?????????????????
Soundoffox_123 2 månader sedan
Well, if we continue with Boris's example, then hacking is the brick that you throw at the brick window, lol
Soviet Submarine
Soviet Submarine 3 månader sedan
Does anyone know what adidas tracksuit hes wearing ?
Ayushgaming 007
Ayushgaming 007 3 månader sedan
*_boris is that "teacher" who would always allow you to use the bathroom, no matter what html stands for or if the class is going on for more than 5 hours......._* *_"ALWAYS!"_*
Dave 3 månader sedan
my brain before watching boris: smol my brain after watching boris: uh oh oy blyat too big
Sadewo 3 månader sedan
wow, i love your channel but because i doesnt learn HTML so i ignored this vidio BUT NOW WHO IS COMEBACK TO SEE THIS??? YEAH ITS ME DIOOO
casey otaza
casey otaza 3 månader sedan
4,000th comment
UNITY 3 månader sedan
FunFact : *He Is Actually talking English
OTHERS 3 månader sedan
Hha why every Russian videos always make me laughing
никита афанасьев
никита афанасьев 3 månader sedan
если вы говорите что мы! Русские хакеры эта обидна скорее вы хакеры и потом вините нас! ))
DragonMaster9817 3 månader sedan
When’s the sequel I just want to make my own website for free
Turtle 3 månader sedan
Can we all appreciate the fact that Boris makes Actually decent Tutorials?
YiğitTheDeveloper 3 månader sedan
Pff,i will not use a vpn just for security,there is TOR BROWSER -Boris approved! Take my money and shut up
Kisah Dalam Reban Aki
Kisah Dalam Reban Aki 3 månader sedan
hi there~, thanks for the sharing. waiting for the next videos. i'm still new in this, need support.
Jagadish Gospat
Jagadish Gospat 3 månader sedan
OK I made my Rick roll website how do I make it online to Rick roll others.
Account Unknown
Account Unknown 3 månader sedan
90% of my problems will solve just by having this guy as my teacher👏😂
COMRADE ALEXEV 3 månader sedan
Instead of joining online class, I just watch Boris programing videos than my school... Boris is even a professional programmer than my computer teacher
LeonSaberYT 3 månader sedan
Boris you can you Python for that its easy it has Auto save
Fax Max
Fax Max 3 månader sedan
0:34 wtf hahahahh
Ruslan Kim
Ruslan Kim 3 månader sedan
wait what, i use sublime text 3 for html and other coding but i got it for free, hmm. interesting.
Zoran Ristov
Zoran Ristov 3 månader sedan
It's all cool and stuff, but HTML is not a programming language :/ It's a markup language xD Stick to teaching Java, it's better for everyone xD
YiğitTheDeveloper 3 månader sedan
Deu booeeldeenģ błox of dee eentærnyæt -Boris
Lampwires 3 månader sedan
its been a few years since i learned basic html in school thx boris for refreshing my memory
Moustafa Talal Allaf
Moustafa Talal Allaf 3 månader sedan
wait wait wait 3:25 why do you have arabic language there hmmm
ThatOneMinecrafter 3 månader sedan
if ANYBODY wants to learn html... this is your best way
Mooradeel Moostakeen
Mooradeel Moostakeen 3 månader sedan
that was not that slav style, blyat
The Real Rayman
The Real Rayman 3 månader sedan
Sublime has a free version Boris
Chinese Wonderland
Chinese Wonderland 3 månader sedan
🧢 📬
Tasty Food Spicy World
Tasty Food Spicy World 3 månader sedan
You can see boris face at 11:05
Emilija Smit
Emilija Smit 3 månader sedan
Boris please do video on Java programming for beginners !
Arvin Cape
Arvin Cape 3 månader sedan
just use ctrl u
Mass 3 månader sedan
Where is part 2 Sadge
Goldberg Baheo
Goldberg Baheo 3 månader sedan
Not gonna lie this video helped me complete an assignment 🤣
Noah Clarke
Noah Clarke 4 månader sedan
I’ve learnt the same amount in this 10 minute video than I have in a semester of computer science
AlEx RoTArU 4 månader sedan
Dear boris shoud i learn node js or PhP I ask you this because you are the best slav programmer .
Школа программирования
Школа программирования 4 månader sedan
You could installed Visual Studio Code instead of Atom, blin!
Gerald Hinoguin
Gerald Hinoguin 4 månader sedan
Hmm yes rickroll
Skeletor Keldor
Skeletor Keldor 4 månader sedan
thanks, your better than my actual computer teacher lol
Chuck Replogle
Chuck Replogle 4 månader sedan
Lol, love how “the internet” is the “inter нет”
Ihsan Topcu
Ihsan Topcu 4 månader sedan
Part 2
atamari101 4 månader sedan
Comerade explains on how to program the gopnik coding for super slav scientists.
twrkhanasparukh 4 månader sedan
"IE 7, if youre crasy" ehehe
akif 4 månader sedan
Boriz iz a Real Software Engileer
om gawande
om gawande 4 månader sedan
is this the same guy who cut a cake with an axe
Average Lisp Enjoyer
Average Lisp Enjoyer 4 månader sedan
c++ is a lot easier
akrom2010 4 månader sedan
I have learned more in 10 minutes than in five years of computer science college
FR-Serbian Comrade69
FR-Serbian Comrade69 4 månader sedan
I want to go to this school
Magnus Kramnik
Magnus Kramnik 4 månader sedan
I've 25 year experience of web development, still watched the complete video. Didn't even skipped a bit.
Sout East Asia Sport
Sout East Asia Sport 4 månader sedan
Be Careful, you can hack NASA with that
A Abdullah
A Abdullah 4 månader sedan
Thanks for the VPN, now I can watch PP vids peacefully (cz they are all banned in my country)
my FL journey
my FL journey 4 månader sedan
How about DJ boris?
pitu tisza
pitu tisza 4 månader sedan
boris can you teach how to edit html on websites (like u change it and if u reload then its the same and it stays forever) because if u teach it then i can do good things with the site (and funny things)
Satabdi Chakraborty
Satabdi Chakraborty 4 månader sedan
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