Biohazard to Home Sweet HOME (48 hour boat detox) | Expedition Evans 35

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Expedition Evans

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It's time we get all the gel coat and fiberglass dust out of the boat so we can move in! We weren't able to contain the mess so we knew there would be hours and hours of cleaning. We weren't wrong. The dust got EVERYWHERE but with an air compressor, a lot of rags, a shop vac and air's now safe to move in :-)
Thanks for watching-
With love
The Evans'

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*Our Boat*
2008 Beneteau 49
3 cabin 2 head
Westerbeke generator
Mast, sails and rig are in excellent condition and in storage
Here's what we *think* we know about her past. Keep in mind we bought her at auction without ever meeting the owner! The owner was sailing along and ran aground - hard. Hard enough that the keel pivoted and pushed the aft end up into the hull. This force cracked the internal grid in several places and broke a portion of the grid free from hull. At some point an inspection was done, insurance was called and decisions were made. See for how we came to own her!
*Our Gear*
Main Camera:
Main Lens:
Go Pro:
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J Instagram: Jadexploring
B Instagram: _BrettEvans_
EE Instagram: ExpeditionEvans
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mmanut 8 dagar sedan
If you are going to use the air hose to get rid of dust get a 15 dollar box fan and have it in an ext door blowing out. All that air born dust goes outside. I do it with drywall dust, works fantastic. GOOD LUCK, NEW SUBSCRIBER‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 11 dagar sedan
You should invest in the rope lights you can tuck them in behind or under the trim and change the color depending on the mood of the day
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 11 dagar sedan
Yeah but to be fair the previous owners were the ones that tryed to sink her🤣🤣🤣😂
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 11 dagar sedan
Take the bag out of your wet / dry shop vac and put a couple gallons of water in the bottom and the dust will go in but not sneak back out , take it from a guy who has sanded and cleaned up the dust from millions of board ft of drywall
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 11 dagar sedan
I would start with any cabin with doors so you can clean it and shut the doors and keep it clean I dont care how careful you are your gonna make a dust cloud cleaning
Shelby Lynn Mcphearson
Shelby Lynn Mcphearson 13 dagar sedan
Y'all should contact captain Rick Moore from sailing sophisticated lady...he is a genius and would have alot of answers to your questions
Sailing & Sharing Life
Sailing & Sharing Life 15 dagar sedan
Nice to see you two get your home back together. And yes, those Christmas lights are lovely, and yes, using the basin in your heads for the first time, is a milestone - a milestone indeed, marking months and months of hard, and monotonous work, that many would have walked away from. You deserve everything this boat can give you - you have worked so hard for it. Be proud, and know that together, you can work through anything that may be thrown at you in the future. You are a great team!
Garry Sagert
Garry Sagert 15 dagar sedan
Solar fans in hatches can be a problem on the forward half of the boat if you're planning on doing any serious sailing, unless you have a means of sealing them when the foredeck is awash with seawater!
Putttn 18 dagar sedan
Probably way too late but using a Festool vacuum with a Dust Deputy would have saved you 90% or more of your dust accumulation. Expensive but used in woodworking all the time. The Jet air filtration will do just a OK job. If you really want clean air check out the Rabbit MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. It was designed to be used in Cigar smoking bars. It works exceedingly well. Check the article,”Dust Collection --- The Clean Air Myth” on Highland Woodworking’s, Down to Earth Woodworking. Steven Johnson write the article. This filtration system really does a great job and may be something you could use in your travels.
Ludwig Rieger
Ludwig Rieger 18 dagar sedan
Hi, your latest video is set as private and we can not view it. Really love following your channel, can you make it available
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 18 dagar sedan
Hey! Sorry - there was a rendering error and I had to reupload! It's up again now :)
Görgen Engman
Görgen Engman 18 dagar sedan
AND why is your new video Private ?????
Görgen Engman
Görgen Engman 18 dagar sedan
@Expedition Evans sorry to ask i have follow your vloog seens u did buy the boat i a am very imprest of your work and your wife is aewwsom the takel work alon when u are away on work best regardes from Sweden
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 18 dagar sedan
Hey! Sorry - there was a rendering error and I had to reupload! It's up again now :)
twlyons1 18 dagar sedan
I was watching latest video of step mast and going to other yard for install and video stopped and it is private ?
twlyons1 17 dagar sedan
@Expedition Evans LOL, I have been a long time fan, no worries , I was bummed when only part way into it, I was checking my IP and connections ,,LOL,,, Take care and may all your travels be of clear waters and sound structures.
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 18 dagar sedan
Hey! Sorry - there was a rendering error and I had to reupload! It's up again now :)
Thomas Paschal
Thomas Paschal 18 dagar sedan
Your latest video about your mast is labeled private just as you turn into the new boatyard. Now it just comes up private
Merrick Cromwell
Merrick Cromwell 18 dagar sedan
Where is your weekly post 😩
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 18 dagar sedan
Still working on it! Will be posted as soon as possible ☺️
Alec Lewis
Alec Lewis 19 dagar sedan
Liked and subscribed! Want to do this with my gf sooooon !
ronald delo
ronald delo 20 dagar sedan
Your dedication and persistence is simply inspiring
Michael Van Winkle
Michael Van Winkle 20 dagar sedan
If not, maybe West Marine.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 20 dagar sedan
You missed a
Don Buck
Don Buck 20 dagar sedan
hi guys. first off i'm very impressed with everything I've seen you do with regard to this project. The reason I'm posting is "tack cloth".......For different reasons I've experienced the need to remove dust that just seems as though I'm only pushing it around. If you're not familiar with tack cloth you might consider looking into it. It does work. it may prove too costly for you, or you may look into making your own. Best wishes!!
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 20 dagar sedan
Make of the Solar Vent? ASAP Supplies carry a few models.
André Bériault
André Bériault 21 dag sedan
Its Christmas all the time because of the C19 Thanks for the best wishes
André Bériault
André Bériault 21 dag sedan
Canvass shrinks in cold weather...usually its installed when it warmer...Lol Cheers
Kevin Burgess
Kevin Burgess 21 dag sedan
RV suppliers carry solar vent fans. PS: Merry Christmass every day.
Patrick K
Patrick K 22 dagar sedan
I just sneezed
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 22 dagar sedan
Bless you!
steven gray
steven gray 22 dagar sedan
Don't forget to get rid of all your cardboard when u start traveling..... cockroaches love that stuff
Mark Burley
Mark Burley 22 dagar sedan
Amazing work you guys. For your bow bed check out "Sheex" fitted sheets. We used them on a similar shaped mattress on our Searay. They're a combination of elastic and drawstrings to fit them to your mattress. They are great for boats and super comfortable.
B.P. 23 dagar sedan
I just watch the video that you published on Dec 25. Some how I missed that one. In any case I loved it. First of all you don't need to tell ever one how much you spend. None of anyone's business. It won't apply to anyone else anyway. Every project is different. If the want prices then they can watch other channels. Parlay had a break down . So do other channels. Brian sailing. Ship happens won't say either, same reason as yours. As far as your painting and drawing goes . Once a you have children your life changes. You will no longer have a lot of free time. My wife and I raised 6 of them . If I was to do it over again we wouldn't change a thing. But our lives did change. Doing another QNA? personally I think you should do more. Maybe 2 or 3 times,a year . By the looks you enjoyed it as well. . Different types of videos. Variety is the spice of life. I think that if you can then put variety in your video's. I mean to watch someone standing at the helm steering the boat. Would not be exciting in my books. Now I have a few questions of my own. Are yous taking and sort of sailing classes. Are you going to get your diving certificates. That's all for now. I really enjoy your channel. Keep up the good work.
Elsje Marais
Elsje Marais 23 dagar sedan
jvodan 23 dagar sedan
you missed a bit
William Wright
William Wright 23 dagar sedan
Looking Good Guys , bet it has that new car or boat smell 😀
Pop's Old Boats
Pop's Old Boats 23 dagar sedan
I know it makes me happy to see you two successfully reaching your goals. Just curious you do, both know how to sail raight?
BornAgainYinzer 23 dagar sedan
You Two are Awesome..... Keep Smiling and Having Fun!
Jan Harris
Jan Harris 23 dagar sedan
Blessings to you both! Continue to cherish each other! Safe travels!
Bryson Kennedy
Bryson Kennedy 23 dagar sedan
the bed size is small....for such a big boat..?
Sailor Ted
Sailor Ted 23 dagar sedan
Been watching you two all along....amazing energy! Can't wait to see your adventures AFTER the work is done!
Frank Quinby
Frank Quinby 23 dagar sedan
Congratulations love watching the adventure
extoma 23 dagar sedan
You still have not gelcoated the sides from the inside, rather rebuilt the couch in front of it.
Jim Merriman
Jim Merriman 23 dagar sedan
Is the shop vac recycling the small particle dust? Mine does! I finally figured out that I needed an double fine micron exhaust filter to clean the air coming out of the stupid shop vac... Yikes, I wasted so much time cleaning the same surfaces over and over. That dust is so fine...
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 23 dagar sedan
Nice Camera. I bought a Panasonic GH5 for my Channel and ended up using my DJI Osmo Action because it is so much easier. Panasonic auto focus sucks. I am new here and will probably be binge watching.
Nick Tipper
Nick Tipper 23 dagar sedan
Love it - Get Quip to sponsor you !!!
Herman Spoot
Herman Spoot 24 dagar sedan
My wife and I lived in our house while we renovated and remodeled every room during the seven year long project. We moved our bed to several rooms and draped plastic to keep the dust contained. We worked 7 days a week for long periods of time and we had a wonderful time; still happily married. After all we did, we didn't have the challenges you two have faced and conquered. I loathe fiberglass dust, and I started to itch just watching you clean for what must have been days! On the bright side, you now know every centimeter of your boat and every hose, wire, switch and fitting. Looking forward to following your sailing adventures, as well.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 24 dagar sedan
Your going to really love it when anything worthwhile doesn't come easy my parents would say. You both deserve a rest.
Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey 24 dagar sedan
Solar marine hatch vent fans $69 on Amazon. (probably wouldn't last though LOL) Awesome job on the boat guys. Fair winds and following seas.
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson 24 dagar sedan
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... the end of the beginning is in sight..
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson 24 dagar sedan
Note to self.. If I ever sand the inside of a boat.. Plastic wrap EVERYTHING!
Jim Asman
Jim Asman 24 dagar sedan
I've been watching from day 1...totally amazing to see what you have accomplished and how far you have come. I can't wait till you start sailing and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Thanks for sharing your journey!
Phill_H 24 dagar sedan
Good job evans'
Fred Christie
Fred Christie 24 dagar sedan
Great Job Guy's... For the solar vents you could try camping world... Might sound crazy but I thing they are what I had ob my 5th Wheel camper...
Irregular Pineapples
Irregular Pineapples 24 dagar sedan
but there's no sail?
Kevin Stock
Kevin Stock 24 dagar sedan
my Christmas stuff is still up, not cuz I'm lazy though... definitely not that. congrats on the new camera, don't get it wet now!
Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose 24 dagar sedan
I was going to say you missed a spot, but then I couldn’t bring myself to say it! Love your videos because you are both great people! Thanks for bringing us along!!!
Brad Bailey
Brad Bailey 24 dagar sedan
My wife strung up lights around our house year round also. Seems like home. Enjoy.
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow 24 dagar sedan
Get some mattress suspenders on Amazon -- they work great to hold the sheet on our bunk!
Expedition Evans
Expedition Evans 24 dagar sedan
Oo good idea! That's a quick fix
Guy Belleman
Guy Belleman 24 dagar sedan
Being a woodworker, I find when I blow sawdust, it just sends it all over again, especially the fine stuff. I only blow areas I can't vacuum after a very good vacuum, but it means that then there has to be follow-on vacuuming. With fine dust, I am hoping you were using High Efficiency bags and filter in the Shopvac, otherwise the vacuum can spread the fine dust that gets through all over too. The good bags are more expensive, but well worth it. Also, I have the same Jet Air Filtration System. In your case, I would sure hope it is set up with both inner and outer filters. A 1 micron, washable, inner filter is available (see Amazon). The outer filters are typically 5 microns, but it does help to change it out frequently, and washable electrostatic versions are available as well. All-in-all, it looks like you did a great job. I am glad you were serious about cleaning out the fiberglass and epoxy dust. Frankly, I would suggest mounting and operating that Jet filtration for a while, as the dust will continue to drift, settle, and blow around in the boat.
Jason Davies
Jason Davies 24 dagar sedan
Nothing but respect and joy for both of you. X
Mike Connelly
Mike Connelly 24 dagar sedan
Beautiful boat. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
revtoyota 24 dagar sedan
Good job cleaning but a bit overboard with the Tyvek suits.
Not Important
Not Important 24 dagar sedan
congratulations to both of you, you can be really proud of yourselves, what you have done is amazing!! Enjoy and be happy, it is a pleasure to see you both
Tyrone Shoelaces
Tyrone Shoelaces 25 dagar sedan
EOS R6 with the lens? .... GOOD FOR YOU ... wow
Gary Baker
Gary Baker 25 dagar sedan
It looks absolutely beautiful you two.
Cary Cheshire
Cary Cheshire 25 dagar sedan
This makes no sense. It looks like you just made work for yourself instead of finding an effective method to clean the boat.
z greyling
z greyling 25 dagar sedan
Wow. I love seeing u guys. Cant wait for the next video
Scott Swineford
Scott Swineford 25 dagar sedan
Boat parts......... Good price....... Yeah riiiiiiiiiight. You might check with Todd on Spoondrifter channel, he's had a career of rv repair and might have a handle on solar vents.
w s l
w s l 25 dagar sedan
its Christmas a little late for us 😁
JOHN GORDON 25 dagar sedan
Fantastic job done ✅
Skipp Miller
Skipp Miller 25 dagar sedan
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart 25 dagar sedan
Hi Guys, just binged watch your entire life as it related to the boat. Your work ethics are amazing. It makes me tired just thinking of all the cleaning which had to be done. Live well. Keep the videos and your life online. What are you naming the boat? "LETS" mabe?
Nicholas Rui
Nicholas Rui 25 dagar sedan
You are a dead ringer for Conner Mcdavid
tonykirk1966 25 dagar sedan
It is a beautiful boat and I truly wish you many happy years aboard. You have worked so hard to get here! ❤
Roy Clare
Roy Clare 25 dagar sedan
sailfast 25 dagar sedan
solar vents used to be made by Nicro Fico or I think and it looks like called Nicro (only) keep up the good work...from a former rigger
Mitch Stockdale
Mitch Stockdale 25 dagar sedan
Sockets fit over those standy uppy things in the dishwasher, and screw drivers and open end wrenches fit in the silverware baskets. Just saying.
John Butler
John Butler 25 dagar sedan
Moving in.. woot woot... did I miss the mast. And rigging?I saw Evan standing by it....
mtallguy 25 dagar sedan
They kicked butt with this. Do these things while you’re young.
Lrs 25 dagar sedan
I thought the same this as your mother. There’s no way I can sleep on new unwashed sheets. =P
TheDenisedrake 25 dagar sedan
You two work so hard! I'm looking forward to seeing you move in and enjoying your boat.
Morndenkainen 25 dagar sedan
Couple of those backpack blowers or a big 60" air moving fan would have made the job a lot easier. :) Suck all the air out of the boat and just use the compressor to stir up the dust... Started doing that in remodels years ago. Cleanup is literally a breeze. :)
Daryl Carter
Daryl Carter 25 dagar sedan
Defender marine on the solar vents.
Mike Love
Mike Love 25 dagar sedan
Brett, you asked about the solar powered vents... They still make them, but at about 10 to 20 X the price...(|6880|2290139 ) but you can restore yours to good function with replacement motors and fans from desktop computer parts. Disassemble one of each style/model to find the voltage, fan diameter etc so you can search sources like Microcenter, Amazon, eBay etc looking for X voltage / XX mm diameter computer fans. Good Luck
Billy Hinton
Billy Hinton 25 dagar sedan
Things are looking so good, good job.
Patricia Carrel
Patricia Carrel 25 dagar sedan
Instead of tailoring the sheets they make bed sheet grippers they have 2 kinds but I think the ones that go from one side of the bed to the other night be easier
Hyde Whyte
Hyde Whyte 25 dagar sedan
Too late to help you now, but if you hold the end of the vac hose right next to the compressor nozzle, the dust is sucked up right away and you don't have to chase it about. Use quick puffs of air and you'll be done quicker.
Peter Beyer
Peter Beyer 25 dagar sedan
Is it squeaky inside?
Sailing Vessel Trade Winds
Sailing Vessel Trade Winds 25 dagar sedan
Boy oh boy, what a dusty episode.. It sure is fine stuff.. ( Phun intended) Great idea, that air filter.. Looks to be working good.. How are the puppers coping now the boat moves in the water ? Hope they are doing great, just like you 2. Love from Holland
The HandyMan At The Mill
The HandyMan At The Mill 25 dagar sedan
Good Job you two. I worked all day then came home and watch you work… Thats how well you’re doing… and Merry Christmas, like 4 months ago…
Thomas Mead
Thomas Mead 25 dagar sedan
It is so satisfying to watch other people clean... :D thank you.
Peter Emmett
Peter Emmett 25 dagar sedan
Just leave the Mast off it..! Looks cool. And leave the beard off mate.
Deano Stevenson
Deano Stevenson 25 dagar sedan
fantastic effort you deserve it all , wow your boats looking great well well done
Eric S.
Eric S. 25 dagar sedan
Love the teamwork guys, keep it goin! BTW the Duplex Heart montage was epic!
kevyn terry
kevyn terry 25 dagar sedan
Buy some tack rags at a body shop and a HEPA vacuum
kevyn terry
kevyn terry 25 dagar sedan
Y’all can rent a air scrubber which will filter the air from dust , restoration company will rent them
Vincent Wesolowski
Vincent Wesolowski 25 dagar sedan
You guys did a fantastic job. I can’t wait till you set sail!
Chuk Wow
Chuk Wow 25 dagar sedan
I would (I know it sounds crazy, but think about it) take out all the fabric and just use a high pressure washer. The water will together with the fibreglass dust find their way to the bilge, where it will be pumped out. The wood will not be harmed (if vaped dry afterwards) and the electric cables will just be fine.
The Digital Project
The Digital Project 25 dagar sedan
Probably to late. Be care with your space heater and creating blowing dust, very explosive if you get enough dust in the air. Looking good though.
steve secord
steve secord 25 dagar sedan
You do not want them in your V berth you take a wave going to leak
lisa cyr
lisa cyr 25 dagar sedan
You should definitely have your air quality tested to make sure you and your dogs don't develop any health issues from the chemical dust. They say pets are at higher risk due to dust usually settling on the ground
Bernadette Treual
Bernadette Treual 25 dagar sedan
Cleaning everything with a water jet could have been easier. :D
Steve Ross
Steve Ross 25 dagar sedan
That berth door sure is solid! Something like the ballistic cockpit door on a Dash 8: also a two person lift! Have fun you two (4?). 👍🇦🇺
PaleDawg Offroad
PaleDawg Offroad 25 dagar sedan
check with RV/ motor home outfitters for the solar vent fans..
Paul Vrebalovich
Paul Vrebalovich 25 dagar sedan
keep it simple that is what works for you. thank you for your hard work. :)
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