Ben Askren on his loss to Jake Paul, whether he regrets taking fight | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

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Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani's MMA Show to discuss his TKO loss vs. Jake Paul.
0:00 Ben Askren discusses his loss to Jake Paul.
1:57 Does he regret taking the fight?
3:00 If he's more embarrassed about this than the Jorge Masvidal fight.
5:23 If his opinions about Paul have changed after the fight.
6:50 Did he train for the fight and is he bothered by people insinuating he didn't?
9:40 His reaction to people saying it was rigged.
11:54 How the fight came about after his retirement.
13:19 Whether he thought about using some MMA skills.
15:07 Anything he wishes he did differently?
16:51 How Paul's power compares to other shots Askren has taken.
20:07 What was going through his mind when he got to the arena.
23:01 On the Pete Davidson situation.
26:12 Did he go back and watch the fight?
28:27 On the size of the ring.
30:35 Whether this was bigger than anything he's been a part of.
32:01 Why do people care so much about Paul's boxing?
33:05 On Nate Robinson reaching out to him.
34:19 Whom Paul should fight next.
35:43 Whether he made more with this fight than any night in his MMA career.
37:08 On Paul's "cheerleading squad."
38:50 Where he ranks among the greatest U.S. wrestlers ever.
40:00 Is he worried this will be his legacy?
41:44 How he learned to handle defeat.
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ESPN MMA 23 dagar sedan
0:00​ Ben Askren discusses his loss to Jake Paul. 1:57​ Does he regret taking the fight? 3:00​ If he's more embarrassed about this than the Jorge Masvidal fight. 5:23​ If his opinions about Paul have changed after the fight. 6:50​ Did he train for the fight and is he bothered by people insinuating he didn't? 9:40​ His reaction to people saying it was rigged. 11:54​ How the fight came about after his retirement. 13:19​ Whether he thought about using some MMA skills. 15:07​ Anything he wishes he did differently? 16:51​ How Paul's power compares to other shots Askren has taken. 20:07​ What was going through his mind when he got to the arena. 23:01​ On the Pete Davidson situation. 26:12​ Did he go back and watch the fight? 28:27​ On the size of the ring. 30:35​ Whether this was bigger than anything he's been a part of. 32:01​ Why do people care so much about Paul's boxing? 33:05​ On Nate Robinson reaching out to him. 34:19​ Whom Paul should fight next. 35:43​ Whether he made more with this fight than any night in his MMA career. 37:08​ On Paul's "cheerleading squad." 38:50​ Where he ranks among the greatest U.S. wrestlers ever. 40:00​ Is he worried this will be his legacy? 41:44​ How he learned to handle defeat.
J Sam7mann
J Sam7mann 17 dagar sedan
@Revolve! No idea XD
CLAN ISSO OFICIAL 18 dagar sedan
CLAN ISSO OFICIAL 18 dagar sedan
mks 18 dagar sedan
Thanx for the timestamps
LJ Wright
LJ Wright 19 dagar sedan
I like Ben Askren, are you ready stand-up type of guy.
Just. Sa
Just. Sa 5 timmar sedan
Looking back, it's even more embarrassing usually these things get easier... haha
tim morales
tim morales 16 timmar sedan
Helwani is like that aggravating kid that won’t go away that keeps kicking your leg. You just want to smack him in the back of the head.
Alexis Vargas
Alexis Vargas Dag sedan
such a legend
Rafa Dag sedan
jake vs ben mma match
The Weknd
The Weknd 2 dagar sedan
unnecessary loss ben
Nate Stakely
Nate Stakely 2 dagar sedan
Askren wont ever feel the emptiness of losing because he was so darn successful in a sport that turned around (MMA fighters compete in NCAA wrestling gantlet) they could not do it. Its like driving a beater with enough cash in the bank to purchase a Lamborghini. I just smile at the guys in the 75k trucks.
WeezyPuFF 3 dagar sedan
Ben "Donut Slayer" Askren.
Kiernan Wolters
Kiernan Wolters 4 dagar sedan
This man is so dam humble I love it
Isac Joseph
Isac Joseph 4 dagar sedan
From what I read upon this man, he is a freaking legend. 🔥
CryptoSniper101 4 dagar sedan
He took a dive, you dolts
Pika Poo
Pika Poo 5 dagar sedan
He's a win and lose...ppl expect or seem to think Ben would just fall apart after a loss..he lost he moves on ..big deal...
Jordan Deshong Music Productions
Jordan Deshong Music Productions 5 dagar sedan
What’s up with his ear
nob nob
nob nob 5 dagar sedan
Humbledddddddd ahhahaha no one respects you askren!!!! Muppet
RitaSparita *
RitaSparita * 6 dagar sedan
How tf did he lose? How much did they pay him🤔🤔🤔
Jamie Luby
Jamie Luby 6 dagar sedan
Ben askren is a winner with the pay cheque he received 👏
funkohatter 4479
funkohatter 4479 7 dagar sedan
It's was fixed he did it for the pay.... look how happy he looked after the fight, one thing that was positive was that he got his payday, you are a joke to mma world and jake Paul is making the boxing world look like a joke.... Ben should be saying sorry to all the fans in boxing and mma,getting paid to lose is joke....
TheOriginalPain18 8 dagar sedan
23:13 Ariel got nail polish on???
Big City
Big City 8 dagar sedan
didnt ben have to donate his purse to charity
Enterst8 8 dagar sedan
Let’s say hello to the man that looked like a fat hobbit in his last fight against a SVfromr 😂🤣😅
KY_DRUMMER_GUY 8 dagar sedan
1,000,000 $ to anyone who can find another Askren video with the comment section littered half as many times with the word “admirable”
Scott Wilke
Scott Wilke 8 dagar sedan
Train me. I live in wisco. Would love any info from you.
Joseph N
Joseph N 9 dagar sedan
is that his real ear?
RykerBlake 9 dagar sedan
Ben askren keeps making videos about Jake Paul beating him
erock33 9 dagar sedan
Laid back dude. You really can't blame him for laying down for that kind of payday.
J.C 512
J.C 512 9 dagar sedan
The comparison in the Masvidal and Askren post KO interviews is quiet interesting... 🤔
Dylan Dixon
Dylan Dixon 9 dagar sedan
16:00-16:20. If you’ve ever trained in combat sports you’ll understand this.
lcasperwsv 10 dagar sedan
Boxers are smart they don't come to mma because they know the money isn't big enough to get beat up that bad I don't care who the boxer is put him in the ring with the same weight class ufc fighter and he will lose
barry gould
barry gould 10 dagar sedan
Notice Andy Ruiz Jr and Joe Parker were knocked down and got allowed to continue and both won.
barry gould
barry gould 10 dagar sedan
Ban Fake Jake PPV Parasite. We want our real sport back.
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison 10 dagar sedan
He lost the battle but won the war
Tyler Geary
Tyler Geary 10 dagar sedan
Why tf are his fingernails purple
GuitarDad 10 dagar sedan
Have always been a fan of Ben Askren. This interview proves how solid of a dude he is.
Eleven 10 dagar sedan
i hate you
Arizona Olave
Arizona Olave 10 dagar sedan
He seems so straight up and straight forward. Mad respect
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 10 dagar sedan
You suck... BOOM!
Duncan Cameron
Duncan Cameron 10 dagar sedan
Ben asscream definitely racking up some of the most embarrassing KO losses ever 🙉
Samuel Lopes
Samuel Lopes 10 dagar sedan
Ariel's nails .. nobody ? :O 11:57
Eli T
Eli T 11 dagar sedan
Your the man Ben plenty of blessings yoir way
abhineet singh
abhineet singh 11 dagar sedan
I really appreciate Ben. He is a good human being...
Kentucky Fried Children
Kentucky Fried Children 11 dagar sedan
This must have been the weirdest event in boxing history, well... aside from that Muhammad Ali v Antonio Inoki fight
Codga2001 11 dagar sedan
He’s a top guy.
E.D.S Gaming
E.D.S Gaming 11 dagar sedan
Looks to me that this fight was pointless but both men got paid. Ben did in fact get up but its boxing rules, what they say is a knock out its a knock out even if ur not literally knocked out 😅💯
Commodo Dragon
Commodo Dragon 11 dagar sedan
38:31 Says his price for "lil' man-b!tch cheerleader is $10mil, meanwhile, he sells out his career legacy for $500k.
gfg brf
gfg brf 11 dagar sedan
fake fight
Notorious Miks
Notorious Miks 11 dagar sedan
Deam hes ear!
Bong Jovi
Bong Jovi 11 dagar sedan
Jake Paul vs Charlie Z... I wanna see that happen
Alec Fortin
Alec Fortin 12 dagar sedan
Bro got boxer boxer ear
Polo Smith
Polo Smith 12 dagar sedan
At the end of the day Ben I’m still a fan and you got paid a lots of money enjoy it with your family and kids it is what it is
Matt Crammer
Matt Crammer 12 dagar sedan
Ben askren was paid that's all he cares about. He does not care because he has no legacy. Shame. Making mockery of real fighters. Why not go to WWE and live fake.
Matt Crammer
Matt Crammer 11 dagar sedan
@Codga2001 but he decided to play act and get knocked out for cash.
Codga2001 11 dagar sedan
Because he’s not fake, that’s why.
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 12 dagar sedan
I think personally, That shot was staged by both camps. Paul needed to win this to stay relevant and have a huge payday coming next. Askren was happy to take a dive cuz he's not relevant and 2 minutes for half mil?? And It was a cheek shot, not on the chin yet askren went down like a sack of potatoes, took his time getting up, acted wobbly for the ref to make it look legit and everybody won. Except combat Sports.
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 12 dagar sedan
Google Askrens net worth and it's $500,000 LOL. I wonder if that was before or after the fight. It was just a ratings novelty and askren treated it that way.
Sapphire City Music Channel
Sapphire City Music Channel 12 dagar sedan
LMAOOOO please someone tell this man to retire and retain his dignity.
Sapphire City Music Channel
Sapphire City Music Channel 11 dagar sedan
@Codga2001 good point
Codga2001 11 dagar sedan
He is retired. Paul called up to offer him half a million to take a fight at a few months notice. He’s not a good striker but a great wrestler.
David Howell
David Howell 12 dagar sedan
Very humble! My man ben.
Albert Gracious
Albert Gracious 12 dagar sedan
Man, Ben Askren is as funny as jake. The part where he talks about Jake's cheerleading squad cracked me up LOL
K moyer
K moyer 11 dagar sedan
Funnier than Jake
lanzo 12 dagar sedan
lol i noticed that Ariel's nails are painted.
Scott Perdomo
Scott Perdomo 12 dagar sedan
Wassup with ariels nails tho🤔
Ryan Rothschild
Ryan Rothschild 12 dagar sedan
Ben is a chill guy, don't critique someone just bcuz they lost even if he was a mma fighter
Levon Darratt
Levon Darratt 12 dagar sedan
Ben has the ultimate soccer player mentality.....they win they loose...they talk about it..back to the next game..even the look and mannerism is that of a European soccer player ...focused on the ball....
Alvaro Rodriguez
Alvaro Rodriguez 13 dagar sedan
Bottom-line is that Askren, even in his young age, has already lived and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. Sometimes things just don't go your way. It happens to those who try.
David Haroon
David Haroon 13 dagar sedan
The fight seemed very scripted. A professional fighter sticking his chin out like Ben did hmmmmm
Alex Dunhill
Alex Dunhill 13 dagar sedan
cant hate on askren. very honest and open. also would destroy jake in an actual fight.
Lucas Sinfield
Lucas Sinfield 13 dagar sedan
‘How are you feeling about everything that happened on Saturday Night?’ ‘Obviously, it wasn’t ideal..’ Love that he just doesn’t care, secured the bag for his family.
Adam S
Adam S 13 dagar sedan
Whats going on with his right ear? Freaking me out
Kai Guy
Kai Guy 13 dagar sedan
I hope Ben gets to see this comment. Being a better person is so much more valuable than being a better boxer or mma fighter and you are definitely a better person
Donovan 13 dagar sedan
This was a really good interview, Sub'd cheers
Noni Tairi
Noni Tairi 13 dagar sedan
What's wrong with bens ear did jake paul pull a mike tyson and bite ben's ear off lol
Noah Froio
Noah Froio 13 dagar sedan
Look, the reality is, Jake Paul is going to get very badly hurt someday soon. It is 100% on him, I just hope for his health and safety, once that happens, he will give up his wanna-be tough guy persona and does not let his pride cause him irreparable damage. But that is Jake's call.
Gun&Done 13 dagar sedan
Ben doesn’t have to be embarrassed about anything. He took up a fight that was completely out of his element and even though he lost, he lost graciously and in humble fashion. If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be Jake Paul for cherry picking. But still I give credit to Jake Paul and his brother though for trying to revive the dying sport of boxing in a sense that they’re bringing more attention to the sport (even if it’s like a circus or a mockery). They seem serious in this sport so I know they aren’t mocking or ruining the sport of boxing like some would think. But in this particular fight, I give ALL the credit to Mr Ben Askren for being a good role model for all to see when it comes to being humble and never giving up or giving in even when you don’t meet the expectations of the people. You just simply get up, dust off the dirt, and keep moving forward in a positive manner. Well done Ben!!!
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 13 dagar sedan
It sounds like he had no idea how big this was gonna be haha, tbh gained respect for both guys after these interviews
redd tells
redd tells 13 dagar sedan
he's only trained boxing 11 fkn weeks hip surgery, mma fighting for a decade I'm seeing a pattern emerge of who Jake Paul picks to fight 🤔
kumar800 13 dagar sedan
Ben Askren's problem is that he completely disrespected his opponent and the fight, he convinced himself it was going to be a cake walk. No matter who you are remember a fight is a fight.
Gray 13 dagar sedan
Muhaha hahaha *”do you regret”* pffft pfft *the fight* Muhahahha...*he didn’t!* Muhaha too good, stop my stomach hurts, stop.
Adolfo Gonzalez
Adolfo Gonzalez 13 dagar sedan
What integrity? You gained money to fall lol and you lost a lot just by accepting the fight
Dan Berube
Dan Berube 13 dagar sedan
Well I will say he can take a dive! He continued the corruption of the boxing community. He got paid and he increased his popularity. He played everyone
Kevin Fee
Kevin Fee 14 dagar sedan
You have to convince the ref you are ok.. Ben wanted out is a quitter with no heart and his body shows no discipline..I would never send my kid to his camp.
Qrit__91 14 dagar sedan
I still think Ben is a cool guy, hes just chillin'.
fizik 14 dagar sedan
askren is super smart
dead awake3
dead awake3 14 dagar sedan
Remember ufc guys are underpaid. Middle of the pack guys aren't millionaires. So good for him for taking the bag
spook show
spook show 14 dagar sedan
Man his ear looks bad.
WHAT YOU SAY? 14 dagar sedan
Why the painted finger nails Ariel lol
Jeff Kendel
Jeff Kendel 14 dagar sedan
Is that Jake Paul's testicle hanging on his ear?
RAW Knowledge
RAW Knowledge 14 dagar sedan
Ben Askren sucks
S n
S n 14 dagar sedan
I would take the fight also 1 min and take a nap and wake up 500k rich...good busines..
Dave Baker
Dave Baker 14 dagar sedan
He did the Paul fight for the money only. He looked like a complete buffoon out there.
Lazy Lion
Lazy Lion 14 dagar sedan
Ben Howard - Sorry Kid
LuciferMorningstar 14 dagar sedan
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dagar sedan
Guy lost a fight but won A LOT of fans and noone even cares he lost, got 500k. Who the real winner is?
Blackout987 14 dagar sedan
This guy has learned to lose - especially now that he knows his legacy is in tatters
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dagar sedan
He’s valid
Drumpf Todd
Drumpf Todd 14 dagar sedan
I was going to watch this until I saw how many advertisements there are. Phuck the UFC seriously though, Dana is a giant chode and doesn't pay the people who make him money. The PPV is still $60 right you greedy pricks.
loganrusso39 15 dagar sedan
He can't possibly hear out of that right ear...
clo 118
clo 118 15 dagar sedan
Wrestling is a great character building sport, win or lose it teaches you a LOT about yourself, what motivates you and if you have the stomach for the fight.
MoeSlislack 15 dagar sedan
i didn't even see the fight but from what i am gathering basically the ref saved jake and jake was worried to death that he was about to get destroyed. if jake actually fights a real boxer he is going to lose badly. ben seems like a really great guy.
Yeah No
Yeah No 15 dagar sedan
Ben Askren - Good dude, opposite of a wanker. Jake Paul - Complete wanker.
Draco Wolfe
Draco Wolfe 15 dagar sedan
The fact that he doesn't have an ego doesn't excuse that fact that he didn't train hard enough for this. This guy wanted to fight Khabib at one point. What a clown.
WroughtIronMGTOW 15 dagar sedan
can anybody confirm the rumor that Michael Buffer purposely mispronounced Bens last name to notify Ben that the fix was in?
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 15 dagar sedan
I wonder if Helwani has read all those books behind him,
Jeanette Gonzalez
Jeanette Gonzalez 15 dagar sedan
I meannnn In a fight with all there skills put to the test ben would spread them cheeks and choke him out 😂
Floodwaters 15 dagar sedan
F W 15 dagar sedan
bruh, Askren's quotes are so inspirational and words to live by.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 15 dagar sedan
Once you get past the initial sting and embarassment of this loss you realize Askren just made possibly the easiest 500k ever.
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