Beckseat Driver Ft. Caitlyn Jenner

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Noah Beck

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Today's video is the 5th episode of my series, Beckseat Driver. I invited Caitlyn Jenner to join me, and we had an amazing conversation. Hope you enjoy!
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Edited By: David Aguilar
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Lillie Davidson
Lillie Davidson 2 dagar sedan
Noah is so humble and polite, his parents should be so proud❤️
Savannah S
Savannah S 2 dagar sedan
lol Beckseat but not backseat lol
Jade Beaut
Jade Beaut 2 dagar sedan
28:22 Noah isn’t interested in what Caitlin is saying
Briana Chovancek
Briana Chovancek 3 dagar sedan
Wow this was extremely interesting
Hate Is Just Hidden Love
Hate Is Just Hidden Love 5 dagar sedan
Caitlyn: humbleness has left the chat Noah you handled this so well ❤️
Martina Martin
Martina Martin 5 dagar sedan
This was unexpected
cortlin moody
cortlin moody 6 dagar sedan
dude said maximum 😭😭😭😭
Janela Esguerra
Janela Esguerra 6 dagar sedan
All sway bois look so musty asf
Janela Esguerra
Janela Esguerra 6 dagar sedan
Why does the hype/sway house is trying to be the next kardashian/Jenner bruh:/
Janela Esguerra
Janela Esguerra 6 dagar sedan
Bruh Get ur own content
Stephen Sergio
Stephen Sergio 7 dagar sedan
The aircon was turned off the whole time 😂😅😅 Noah really did that to Caitlyn Jenner!!!!! Hahahaha
Sara Padilla
Sara Padilla 8 dagar sedan
I love this interview! I said Kendall too, for survivor lol!
TUTATESKJI 8 dagar sedan
The next time please bring in Ariana Grande
TayChaTLC 8 dagar sedan
Noah, you are a class act, but that is the worst possible representation of the Trans community! I hope the likes and views were worth it.
Adam James
Adam James 9 dagar sedan
Wtf is that thing in your car
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller 10 dagar sedan
Caitlyn (Bruce) is such a good story teller!
phoebe 8 dagar sedan
BRUCE is not her name. its CAITLYN . GET.IT.RIGHT.
Shelby Boyd
Shelby Boyd 10 dagar sedan
if he would've touched his hair one more time, omg i swear lmao
Brooke Arbuthnot
Brooke Arbuthnot 10 dagar sedan
Is it bad I didn’t notice that it’s beckseat not backseat until now?! Lmao 😂😂😂
Ka'Myll Green
Ka'Myll Green 10 dagar sedan
Kellen HARRIS 10 dagar sedan
I actually found this to be a really sweet interview. Kudos to Caitlyn, Noah, and his friends.
Mira Floyd
Mira Floyd 11 dagar sedan
Noah is honestly a sweet guy. Humble, accepting/supportive of ppl, and a great role model for young ppl (especially guys). And I love his casual interviewing style.
Zach Graziosi
Zach Graziosi 11 dagar sedan
alana albanese
alana albanese 11 dagar sedan
When you can barely watch his 10 minute videos but you can easily watch the 30 mins ones
Paige’s Workshop
Paige’s Workshop 11 dagar sedan
This video was so interesting super happy he made it 32 minutes and kept important details about Caiylin and her journey in it.
Kate Ash
Kate Ash 11 dagar sedan
I feel very inspired
Junior Felix
Junior Felix 11 dagar sedan
Sooo interesting to watch! She was a pleasure to listen to, great storyteller and Noah was a gentleman throughout the whole thing! Congrats to all of you! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Amazing content here!
sofia allan
sofia allan 11 dagar sedan
this video is so inspiring
Kpop Username
Kpop Username 11 dagar sedan
Vote Caitlyn!
Karma Sangay Phuntsho
Karma Sangay Phuntsho 12 dagar sedan
i have learnt more about caitlyn jenner more from this video than from any other sources before.. was such a fun video... Felt like I was in the backseat listening to the conversation..
You Wish Bishhh
You Wish Bishhh 12 dagar sedan
Yesssss Ms. Jenner! theeeee Original Jenner.. (mic drop)😮🙄🤗
Linda Cullen
Linda Cullen 12 dagar sedan
Noah I love all your videos but wow this one with Cathlyn was the best, really loved her stories and your face when she drove really fast 😱🤣 #beckstreetdrive
_maddierae 12 dagar sedan
you should get Liam Payne on this!!!
Zoe Louise
Zoe Louise 13 dagar sedan
Crispy apple pie
Jason Miller
Jason Miller 13 dagar sedan
She probably only did this interview or collab to gain more votes for her governor race but NOOOOOOOOOOKOOOOOOOOOOO
Autumn Jones
Autumn Jones 13 dagar sedan
Lol why is nobody in the comments talking about the fact that when Noah initially asked the very first question to caitlyn in the beginning, she ended up rambling on for like 15 minutes and never answered the question😂 then continued to keep rambling for the rest of the video and we never got any answers to these “juicy” questions Noah apparently had 😂🤣 lol still love ya tho caitlyn 😂😘
Alina Hunt
Alina Hunt 13 dagar sedan
Kole302 13 dagar sedan
noah you make it so awkward when you don’t keep eye contact
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong 13 dagar sedan
“My maxima would smoke that thing” YEAHHH OK AHAAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂
NileshR12 13 dagar sedan
The Nissan Maxima Platinum is really nice
Erica Banks
Erica Banks 14 dagar sedan
I love to see him getting out and getting these kind of people in his videos love watching this
AWG Colt
AWG Colt 14 dagar sedan
Ngl caitlyn is like my great uncle he never runs out of stories
Melissa Linares
Melissa Linares 14 dagar sedan
Kylie will you comment 💓💓💓
i play roblox
i play roblox 14 dagar sedan
Is today the day he notices
Vintage Blox
Vintage Blox 15 dagar sedan
I thought Caitlin was dead😑
Raven Kit
Raven Kit 15 dagar sedan
I never see this coming and it's totally unexpected for him to bring Caitlyn. I ain't gonna lie I love this cuz this shows how respectful and nice of a guy Noah and his friends are and for Caitlyn for making them comfortable
NEHA JINEN GHELANI 15 dagar sedan
I really hope I can get the box I am a big fan noah hope you pick me Love your videos 🤗🤩 My Instagram is ghelaniakshi Becksters
작은 책자
작은 책자 15 dagar sedan
Julie Plourde
Julie Plourde 15 dagar sedan
noah is such a genuine soul. this was so amazing to watch... thank you both for this..
Montse Sanchez
Montse Sanchez 15 dagar sedan
I loved this episode
its summmeeer
its summmeeer 15 dagar sedan
does caitlyn have vitiligo ???
Christian S
Christian S 15 dagar sedan
honey that’s a simone biles..
Rom T
Rom T 15 dagar sedan
Love this so much!!!!!!!!
bruhitsaden 16 dagar sedan
I love noah🥺💓
andrea hernandez
andrea hernandez 16 dagar sedan
This was awesome. 🥳🥺🥺
Steven Michael ventures
Steven Michael ventures 16 dagar sedan
She cleaned that clock
bettywhitesleftbeefytit 16 dagar sedan
I love when adults tell stories about their life. it's so interesting to hear and to just listen to how they talk about it.
Julija Martinovic
Julija Martinovic 16 dagar sedan
when the fuck did this happen
Ana Pacheco
Ana Pacheco 16 dagar sedan
Can you guys adopt me
Italia Ciampa
Italia Ciampa 16 dagar sedan
Becksters ❤️ @italiamc3
chloe connors
chloe connors 16 dagar sedan
how did u get her
Samuel 106
Samuel 106 16 dagar sedan
The Tops
The Tops 16 dagar sedan
Never missed your contents. Love ya
Alexis 16 dagar sedan
666k views lol
LOLLIPOP something
LOLLIPOP something 16 dagar sedan
the duo we didnt know we needed but we really did i smiled the while way through😁
Andrew Siegfried
Andrew Siegfried 16 dagar sedan
This really gave me some perspective
122 223
122 223 16 dagar sedan
The way he didn’t know about I’m a celeb but it’s one of the UKs biggest shows
Peyton Kollar
Peyton Kollar 16 dagar sedan
natalie kerwin
natalie kerwin 17 dagar sedan
she’s a great storyteller. i was really interested in what she was saying
Zahra Abbasssi
Zahra Abbasssi 17 dagar sedan
Noha Y love youuuuuuuu😘😘😘😜😜😜😜😜🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂
María José Muñoz Dickson
María José Muñoz Dickson 17 dagar sedan
Oscar Mason
Oscar Mason 17 dagar sedan
How do they not know I’m a celebrity 😳😳😳
carmenrivera2023 liberoDS
carmenrivera2023 liberoDS 17 dagar sedan
i love how rafy and bryant are enjoying it
GoofyGoober 17 dagar sedan
I love Caitlyn
Irene Bae
Irene Bae 17 dagar sedan
Noah in thumbnail is so cute 😇
Matto Reviews
Matto Reviews 17 dagar sedan
Her next move was Governor!
JAYS CHANNEL 17 dagar sedan
she's just that gurl
Zinag Brown
Zinag Brown 10 dagar sedan
Linda Sinski
Linda Sinski 17 dagar sedan
noah, this was incredible! you really let caitlyns voice be heard and supported. just, amazing :)
K N 17 dagar sedan
Caitlyn is a great storyteller. Dope interview overall!
Luna Plays
Luna Plays 17 dagar sedan
Noha beck needs his own talk show like on a set
nagev568 17 dagar sedan
10:32 felt like a Movie scene
Nicole Borden
Nicole Borden 17 dagar sedan
Roast the car without roasting the car
Rozy Berger
Rozy Berger 17 dagar sedan
Brian Truck
Brian Truck 17 dagar sedan
Respect Follow your dream
Mel Tapia
Mel Tapia 17 dagar sedan
Caitlyn I love cars take ME on a ride PLEASEEEEEE
Bri plays Roblox
Bri plays Roblox 17 dagar sedan
Is that a dad
Olivia Styles
Olivia Styles 17 dagar sedan
Noah was so nervous - but like I would be too
Arabella Rodriguez
Arabella Rodriguez 17 dagar sedan
Why did I think caitlyn Jenner died
Piper Anderson
Piper Anderson 17 dagar sedan
Becksters piperqnderson
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards 17 dagar sedan
NOAH STOP MESSING WITH YOUR HAIR ALL THE TIME!! Get it cut and stop being a sheep of the it style and become the lion ya can be!! Without all the squirrel moments you coild learn alot from what she said on how to succeed and be all ya can be! I Really enjoyed listening to CJ and his journey
Didi Udom
Didi Udom 17 dagar sedan
Thalia veneti
Thalia veneti 17 dagar sedan
xmna gc
xmna gc 17 dagar sedan
Me seeing the thumbnail like- HOLY DOODOOOO
Annabelle Higgins
Annabelle Higgins 17 dagar sedan
i love how caitlyn was like “my youngest daughter, kylie” as if none of us knew looolllll, the humbleness is real
Chuck Lewis
Chuck Lewis 18 dagar sedan
Thanks for making SVfrom even less relevant and less entertaining than usual. Keep climbing with an increasing shallow social media platform. Your substance and subject matter is pure cliched irrelevance.
iamamaya 18 dagar sedan
And Ms.Jenner was on masked songer
iamamaya 18 dagar sedan
Hi I will love to win the beck box um I had covid and it was not fun so please were a mask you and Dixe I dont wanna see you get sick please love Amaya
Iremide Balogun
Iremide Balogun 18 dagar sedan
Noah is one of the most unproblematic and sweetest guys out there......dixie is acc so luckyy..... #BECKSTARS !!! @irom.aa
Iremide Balogun
Iremide Balogun 18 dagar sedan
Noah is one of the most unproblematic and sweetest guys out there......dixie is acc so luckyy..... #BECKSTARS !!! @irom.aa
Iremide Balogun
Iremide Balogun 18 dagar sedan
Noah is one of the most unproblematic and sweetest guys out there......dixie is acc so luckyy..... #BECKSTARS !!! @irom.aa
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley 18 dagar sedan
Buckle up, buckaroos!
Bernice Lesley-Ann Beukes
Bernice Lesley-Ann Beukes 18 dagar sedan
Becksters Ig:itzme_.bernice
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