Are Negative Ions Good For You?

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Do negative air ions improve mood, anxiety, depression, alertness?
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Special thanks to Prof. Jack Beauchamp and Dr. Nathan Dalleska from Caltech for all their help running these experiments and discussing the research. For more, check out the links below:
If you want to dig into the research on negative ions yourself, I suggest starting with the review studies:
Air ions and mood outcomes: a review and meta-analysis.
Perez V, Alexander DD, Bailey WH.
BMC Psychiatry. 2013 Jan 15;13:29.
Air ions and respiratory function outcomes: a comprehensive review
Dominik D Alexander, William H Bailey, Vanessa Perez, Meghan E Mitchell, and Steave Su
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Exposure of laboratory animals to small air ions: a systematic review of biological and behavioral studies.
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Biomed Eng Online. 2018 Jun 5; 17(1):72.
Thumbnail photography by Raquel Nuno
VFX by Alan Chamberlain
Sound recording by Whitney Clavin
Motion Graphics by Charlie Kilman
Music from Epidemic Sound: "Capture a Picture 1" and "Seaweed"

Patrick on a Seahorse
Patrick on a Seahorse 5 timmar sedan
White women after seeing this video 😳😤😫😨😱🤬🤯😳
Yours Truely
Yours Truely 12 timmar sedan
Wauw he still makes hard copy's????
Let It Ride DH
Let It Ride DH 14 timmar sedan
love 10:14 haha
Ivan K
Ivan K Dag sedan
will home made waterfall produce negative ion ? (like a waterfall in an indoor fish pond ?)
Xzylophonics Dag sedan
I mean is anyone who actually thinks salt lamps would work watching a channel like this in the first place? Ignorance is bliss i guess.
Catfish Hunter
Catfish Hunter 2 dagar sedan
I ionizly dont have a clue?
Catfish Hunter
Catfish Hunter 2 dagar sedan
So peeing in the toilet would be the same as a waterfall?......i better get to drinking then!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍻
Eric Manzane
Eric Manzane 2 dagar sedan
there are not real labs without a couple of boxes of Kimwipes hanging around
邹捷 2 dagar sedan
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Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 2 dagar sedan
“I want a refund” "Why" "It doesn't work" "How'd you know?" "I went to Caltech" " "
a modern alchemist
a modern alchemist 21 timme sedan
You're lame! U literally copied someone else's comment *word for word* because u want lots of ppl to like your comment just like they did with the person u copied from...
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 3 dagar sedan
0:45 "Positive ions make us feel bad, and negative ions make us feel good" Sounds pretty ionic if you ask me.
Nik Pasic
Nik Pasic Dag sedan
Way to copy/paste an 8-month-old comment there mate.
Mike Fiell
Mike Fiell 3 dagar sedan
Make sure you recycle all that paper
Charlie Rarper
Charlie Rarper 3 dagar sedan
maybe negative ions are indirectly linked to some well-being, as ions bind to dust and pollution particles and the production of ozonize sterilizes the air, and breathing better quality air is good for the body.
Charlie Rarper
Charlie Rarper 3 dagar sedan
talvez os íons negativos estejam indiretamente ligados a algum bem estar, pois os íons se ligam a partículas de poeira e poluição e a produção de ozonizo esteriliza o ar, e respirar um ar com melhor qualidade faz bem ao corpo.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 3 dagar sedan
what material generates the highest number of negative ions at room temperature?
Heck with the name
Heck with the name 4 dagar sedan
When you watch half of a video and finished watching it weeks later.... ... where is the receipt of the that f.... ion machine!!!!
BeAn BeAn
BeAn BeAn 4 dagar sedan
Waste of paper printing the articles...
Kewbraminx 4 dagar sedan
it will make you a negative person
Rainer Langlotz
Rainer Langlotz 4 dagar sedan
Generally speaking positive ions are rather oxidising; negative ions are rather reducing agents. Could the negative effect of positive ions be due to their producing of oxidative stress?
Robert Sudduth
Robert Sudduth 4 dagar sedan
I like how Derek had the lamp turned on in the background at the end.
Michelle Corbett
Michelle Corbett 6 dagar sedan
I have a question about the difference about the humidity in the air when negatively charged ions are created in waterfalls and waves and thunderstorms I wonder if the ions plus humidity cause the uptick in reactions. also as a side note I worked in hotels and they use Ozone to descent the rooms after hockey teams and smokers have been in rooms over a weekend. I cannot go into the rooms when these 'ionizers' are on because they cause almost instant dizziness. weird I know.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 8 dagar sedan
This is super amazing. Thank y'all for the continued support and subs. We truly have something special here all thanks to y'all.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 8 dagar sedan
This is super amazing. Thank y'all for the continued support and subs. We truly have something special here all thanks to y'all.
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Electronik 10 dagar sedan
1k of dislikes came from the people who bought “magic” salt lamps 🙂
Mr. Sharp
Mr. Sharp 11 dagar sedan
Ions = vibes
ayarottil sandeep
ayarottil sandeep 11 dagar sedan
Thanks alot. Your videos definitely help me to find answers. I never believed in astrology but now am realizing that it could be possible and scientific. The stone for ring 💍 , emitting ions, blown my mind, quite impressive. Thanks Still I have few more query. 1) does this negative ions has any impact on negative energies in house (I mean there are several story of haunted house and ghost....). Am sorry but in several means it also make me belive that this thing exists. 2) Do you think what the soul energy would be. Am curious.. Since you are more scientific and reasonable, kindly make a video or kindly make study on that. Thanks for those awesome videos, which I feel I would have never gathered knowledge without your help. Thanks. Kindly relate paranormal with science.
david psalm bendula
david psalm bendula 11 dagar sedan
can negative ions kill virus or covid
Ram2952 12 dagar sedan
Could you please let us know what about kengen ionizer water it good and what is making natural is same..could you please study on this thanks
Denis Nikitin
Denis Nikitin 12 dagar sedan
Why this video is focused on refuting the myths about negative ions improving mood and mental health? I think air purifier/ionizer manufacturers don't even claim that, I think they only claim that negative ions remove particulate matter including pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, from the air. They are without any doubt very efficient in that function, that's why they are used in the hospitals. If you are to choose between the reduction of nosocomial infections vs not having 0.08 ppm ozone in the air, I think there's no question about the choice, it should be the former.
Heaven Gate
Heaven Gate 13 dagar sedan
It Beat
It Beat 13 dagar sedan
If negative ions are good for you, finger to outlet good idea?
Living Proof
Living Proof 13 dagar sedan
Himalayan salt lamps emit virtually NO negative ions. We have conducted tests in our lab with a salt lamp heated by a candle inside and a digital ion meter. The tiny level of negative ions have zero effect on humans standing nearby to the lamp.
PurpleAmharicCoffee 14 dagar sedan
When my good pal exercise is the one coming through in the end.
MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR
MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR 15 dagar sedan
Take a bath, works best. Second best, go for a swim. Third, roll naked in the snow.
jasper silence
jasper silence 16 dagar sedan
I had a feeling those salt lamps didn't work
adriancito arroyave
adriancito arroyave 16 dagar sedan
This video was a roller coaster. I wasn't a believer, then I was a believer, and now I'm not again.
Wayne Hilborn
Wayne Hilborn 19 dagar sedan
You can generate negative ions with a quality generator.. byproduct small amount of ozone. Couple with earthing so you get a neutral charge in your body and more readily attract them. Egyptians knew this.. It is the meaning of Ankh energy
Lynn Yg
Lynn Yg 19 dagar sedan
Why is it bad to produce ozone?
Gabriel Simon
Gabriel Simon 20 dagar sedan
Sooo, after all, the salt lamps don’t produce any negative ions. Well, thats ironic - or should I say ... ionic -
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 20 dagar sedan
Can your dog or cat get sick if they lick 👅 these salt 🧂 lamps?
Wayne 20 dagar sedan
How disappointing. Another easy fix down the drain lol.
am3rican p3nguin
am3rican p3nguin 21 dag sedan
Dr. Nathan Dalleska sounds like he is An older version of Kermit the frog
Saurav Dubey
Saurav Dubey 21 dag sedan
so veritasium theme appears, boom learning time came. ;)
Dade Brandon
Dade Brandon 21 dag sedan
Halfway through this video I was about to buy a salt lamp... Then my hopes were destroyed then shortly after, restored with the promise of an air purifier then destroyed again finally, I was told my hopes were misfounded anyways, and I'm hopeless but wait, what is this, exercise? nah that sounds too simple
Love In Light
Love In Light 22 dagar sedan
Ok, now negative ions seem like a troll created by a bored particle physicist waiting for a particle collider to get built or something! Awesome!
Святослав Кудряшов
Святослав Кудряшов 22 dagar sedan
Do you know Chizhevsky lamp? It is rather popular in Russia. It is high voltage generator. And smell of ozone is really pretty. It is difficult to make a dangerous concentration of this gas with electric air cleaner.
Bernard Ctxy
Bernard Ctxy 24 dagar sedan
then a certain ionic drink also a fake. but it's tasty though
Lefty16jd 24 dagar sedan
I think we better turn this thing off before we exficicate our selves! I was laughing so hard!
That Guy
That Guy 24 dagar sedan
Placebo effect. So yes it does work. Your brain believes that you have the solution. Therefore you feel better.
PerfectlyPurePink PomPomPanties
PerfectlyPurePink PomPomPanties 25 dagar sedan
Bottom line: FRESH, NATURAL AIR IS GOOD FOR YOU.... wow: who could have seen THAT one coming, lol.
Diane Orr
Diane Orr 25 dagar sedan
Las Vegas must have the BEST Negative Ions in their HVAC System to keep in the Black... 😄😁🤔🤔🤔🤔🌞🌞🌞
Sethflix 26 dagar sedan
I can't breathe anything but my own carbon dioxide anymore, ever since Covid-19 came along and I've had to start wearing a surgeon's mask in public places. God help us all!
Bruce D.
Bruce D. 26 dagar sedan
You should just keep only dogs as pets as cat ions are never negative.
Keshav Parankusham
Keshav Parankusham 27 dagar sedan
Why do we feel due to negative ions near waterfall? Shouldn't there also be positive ions if negative ones are created?
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak 27 dagar sedan
"How are you feeling?" "I'm feeling positive." "Oh, good to hear!" "No, I'm terribly depressed."
Varshil Anavadia
Varshil Anavadia 27 dagar sedan
Has there been any update to this study ?
Mohamed Asif
Mohamed Asif 28 dagar sedan
how about some self healing materials ? lets see how it works
Cameron Steil
Cameron Steil 28 dagar sedan
I have not watched the video yet, and as of right now it’s my understanding that negative ions are in fact good for you, but those Himalayan salt lamps don’t generate enough to actually make a difference
Wool Verigne
Wool Verigne 28 dagar sedan
"Peer-reviewed" *WELL THEN!*
AL Jon Snow
AL Jon Snow 28 dagar sedan
Hope you can create another compelling and informative video about this with those neck ion-generating purifiers suddenly selling up during this pandemic. Very curious if they really help at all with providing protection for Covid1 or just another waste of money like that lamp (got one at home too lol). Thank you for this!
Gammareign 29 dagar sedan
I often feel worse after thunderstorms.
pineapple ikush
pineapple ikush 29 dagar sedan
My salt lamp would constantly pool salty water all around the cable when off, I found it more of a hazard than anything
CFV 29 dagar sedan
well, about that walking outside thing...
Kaiserchief 29 dagar sedan
Hi @Veritasium, have you seen this study?
็ ็
็ ็ 29 dagar sedan
@Bob Bobber cool
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 29 dagar sedan
@็ ็ Also, that video was mostly about "Do negative air ions improve mood, anxiety, depression, alertness?" There was nothing about diseases and such. But he is right apparently. 2015.
็ ็
็ ็ 29 dagar sedan
take a look at the article before you use it as evidence, that study was from 2003.
Kevin Mcmaster
Kevin Mcmaster Månad sedan
I've had my ion this video for a while now
Rod Olson
Rod Olson Månad sedan
Thanks so much... I so much not only enjoy but learn beyond my initial prejudice when I read the title. I also find it so unbelievable and yet AMAZING how many people comment SUBJECTIVELY and the amount of RAGING CONFIRMATION BIAS. It's comical and so very sad at the same time. Maybe some of the "nay-sayers" should read, "book published during 2011 by Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate Daniel Kahneman. It was the 2012 winner of the National Academies Communication Award for best creative work that helps the public understanding of topics of behavioral science stagnate instead of moving past where they are now.
yurikolovsky Månad sedan
I can't go outside while working in an office.
theclownreview Månad sedan
please tell me where do you get those works of great scientists
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Månad sedan
This is why you need to be careful when you hear people that tell you there is studies that say something. First, that can be a lie, Second, that can be "people saying that" with no actual scientific testing, third, they just took part of the study (or literally deform) the result to confirm what they say or fourth, the study was not done right.
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber 29 dagar sedan
@Kaiserchief Well... the video was mostly on the effect of ion on the mood, relaxation and stuff like that. Still, that's good to know.
Kaiserchief 29 dagar sedan
Jerric Ian Yumol
Jerric Ian Yumol Månad sedan
Now negative ions are seeing a resurgence as a way of fighting off the coronavirus. *smh
Nick Lattan
Nick Lattan Månad sedan
Must be why i hate lakes and and love the ocean and why i hate smooth streams and not the waterfalls
Buddy Adams
Buddy Adams Månad sedan
Any of the several c-pap cleaners sterilize the equipment by circulating ozone through it. So much that you can smell it.
Daniel J
Daniel J Månad sedan
Properly built negative ion generators do NOT produce ozone. I've played with this stuff for years, and why I'm watching this. Ozone has a different odor than negative ions.
Xync Xyer
Xync Xyer Månad sedan
so basically, most of them are just placebo effect
Back to the Basics 101
Back to the Basics 101 Månad sedan
As I was watching this my wife walked in to the room and said hey “batteries r bad, isn’t that what happened to Steve banner???? Lol”
Soul in Training
Soul in Training Månad sedan
Oh that’s good to know. So those negative ion tourmaline bracelets should work then. 5 degree change, being warmed up by body heat. I mean, sounds like it should work. Cool. Thank you for this video.
Antonio Maglione
Antonio Maglione Månad sedan
Hello Veritasium. If you browse thru electronic hobby magazines from the '60, you will find a staple project of the period. The name: "Negative Ion generator". There is an Americium capsule (poached from smoke detectors), affixed to a fine metal grid. The metal grid is connected to a -3,000 V power supply (made by a bunch of diodes and capacitors connected as a series of voltage doubler from main AC). A fan blows air thru the metal grid. The power supply attracts the positive ions generated by the Americium, and the fan blows out the negative ions. Electricity alone can't produce the good negative ions, but only ozone, as you also experienced. The salt lamps are a scam. The lamps made with sea salt will emit some needed iodine salt. Thanks for the great video.
Amuserr Månad sedan
The answer is take a shower. That really uplifts mood
Amuserr Månad sedan
When he asked the guy if he is an ion expert and he said he has been studying ions for 55 years. That is the dunning kramer psychological effect. I learned it from one of veritasium or vsauce video.
Muonium Månad sedan
"So this is kind of like an electronic nose or something for ions?" internally: "ugh..... if that HELPS you....🙄"
DocsWorld Månad sedan
lolz you just busted this guys entire business model!
T4zchi Månad sedan
In the League of Legends universe, people that live in Ionia must be really happy.
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Månad sedan
if western medicine doesn't really understand what makes us alive.. and I have been a long time member of the AAAS.. science magazine once a week.. with newly published work for peer review.. and feedback from other scientists.. my father was a member so I have been reading all types of science, outside chemistry, geology and physics that I have been working on for.. 64 of my 67 years.. my father taught me the laws of motion and simple calculus when I was 3.. by describing the arc of a ball thrown from the hand.. then he threw the ball and it was exactly like he described.. I had asked what the numbers on the beautiful chart on his desk meant.. I had my sister teach me to read so I could figure it out.. my father was at the Naval postgraduate school in Monterey.. his describing of sliding scales was so clear and easy to understand.. because he understood.. very clearly.. Einstein said if you can't describe it simply.. you don't understand it well enough.. he was right.. the chart was the periodic table.. reading the letters didn't make understanding at all.... I asked.. he took me outside in the morning fog of the Monterey peninsula.. I was born in Albuquerque, so fog was new to me.. seals barking.. and my dad threw the ball and the arc was as described.. whether I used sliding contiguous values or broke the time into separate increments.. and he dropped another ball at the same time.. both hit the ground at the same time.. far out man.. . so I have been thinking about chemistry for 64 years. my brother was in bio medical engineering at UCSD.. and his group was one of two that figured out hardening of the arteries that eventually leads to myocardial infarction.. the leading cause of death among We the People.. when your heart stops, so does everything else.. but the spark of life remains.. unknown.. at least in western medicine.. the flow of energy through the body is called Qi in Chinese medicine.. it's tied up with the "magic lipids" my brother was looking for until his death in 93.. RIP Thomas.. I found them.. but .. it's unpublished information.. I have been sick.. and I had to figure out this stuff to get better.. it's very very pleasant to NOT hurt all the goddamned time.. and it is directly tied up with neurotransmitters and magic lipids.. it's not magic at all.. it's pretty simple chemistry and physics.. but if you don't know what makes our body work.. it's really just speculation.. and trying different things.. like cooking spaghetti.. throw a bit on the wall see if it sticks, kinda.. ;;☆》.. I have been reading Dr Thomas E Carew's research after his initial research on hardening of the arteries etc.. that's exactly what he was doing.. using vitamin E..or C... and trying different lipids and fatty acids.. to prevent the buildup of scar tissue in the arterial walls.... I didn't know enough organic chemistry at first.. my focus has been physical chemistry and physics.. I was a computer programmer for Raytheon Engineers and Construtors.. as a hobby, sorta.. my occupation has always been physics, chemistry and geology.. I work to support my habit.. buy equipment and pay for field work.. I didn't need a better job.. so.. no degrees.. and not one branch of knowledge.. I read to find out new things.. read everything else on the search.. so.. I am pretty good at a bunch of different disciplines.. that's exactly why I am autodidactic ... it's way more fun.. and that's why I do it.. I am a fuggin hedonist.. ;;☆》.. it's late.. I am going to bed.. not sick.. but easily tired.. it's been about 5 days.. I walked the 3rd day.. and it is finally over.. after 22 years.. good science allows accurate predictions about the real world.. the neurotransmitters that bridge the gap between nerve cells called the synapses are the foundation of Life itself.. they can be found in hempseed oil and blue poppy seeds.. gotta say blue.. the stuff in grocery stores is GMO.. with backwards proteins our body cannot see.. left hand instead of right hand.. or the reverse.. depending on how you look at it.. and each part of our body and brain has a full time, permanent pathway to and from the brain.. through the 4th opiod noceceptin.. noceceptin cells are the vaunted blood brain barrier.. and the receptors are located within the blood vessels where the nerves travel between body and brain.. the alkaloids utilize the alkalai metals in our blood to create the standing magnetic field.. cannabinoids send and opiods catch.. but what happens on one side of a magnet happens to the other at the same time.. this allows our brain to control the body in real time.. no light speed lag.. it bypasses A Einstein's assumption that simultaneous phenomenon are not possible.. north and south magnetic poles are the original entangled particles.. so we pull the finger from the hot stove before we burn.. because each pathway is permanent.. the staggered sending and receiving allows the same cells to carry both signals at the same time.. and the entire pathway is a single thing.. not dynamic.. and separate from all the others.. through the noceceptin cells.. now you know a little bit more about how our body works.. neurotransmitters are the foundation of Life itself
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Månad sedan
I just published a few pictures on Pinterest of my right hand ring finger.. I almost sliced the end off last October 31st.. it healed in a couple weeks.. and there's no scar tissue... I just made a short video of my lack of scar tissue.. .. waiting for processing on YT.. ;;☆》.. hasta mañana ☆☆
istvan antal
istvan antal Månad sedan
You got sold an expensive lamp by a liberal hippie.
uncipaws Månad sedan
Another pseudoscientific thing I frequently hear about is "grounding": free electrons from the ground neutralize free radicals in your body? I'm skeptical. I just enjoy walking barefoot on the earth to stimulate my sense of touch and as you say, fresh air and movement always help.
Peter Kosen
Peter Kosen Månad sedan
We have a few salt lamps just because they look kind of pretty. I didn't even know about the "negative ion" thing. And I guess now that I know about the claim, I can ignore it.
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief Månad sedan
Skip to 2:29 for cameraman face reveal
Louise Emmanuel
Louise Emmanuel Månad sedan
Your mum’s a negative ion
Alexander Nikolaevich
Alexander Nikolaevich Månad sedan
need use ozonator anstead lamp
Tesla Romans
Tesla Romans Månad sedan
Important question. Whenever negative ions are created, wouldn’t positive ions ALSO appear ?
Wayne Brindley
Wayne Brindley Månad sedan
What about a plasma ball,. When you run ur hand over it you can smell ions I think.
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen Månad sedan
How could you create a sustainable environment of positive ions? Where are the negative ions? I can imagine negative and positive ions exist at the same time but not too far apart.
BangDroid Månad sedan
What kind of _Salt_ are these salt lamps anyway? Certainly not sodium chloride, I licked one once and was not salty at all, no taste
purpl3grape studios
purpl3grape studios Månad sedan
0:58 when you up for a presentation you didn't prepare for.
Seth Rising
Seth Rising Månad sedan
Uhhhhh.... 🤔
TUFF10-4 Månad sedan
I went behind a water fall once man i felt so good and it smelt like a weird metal i fell alseep
M.R. RODRIGUEZ Månad sedan
And why does he have one Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp on background ? XD
Vargha Payandeh
Vargha Payandeh Månad sedan
I really wanna know what kind of people would downvote this video? They must be either extremely smart and know something significant that we don't and that this video fails to address, OR they're dumb.
Joseph Thoennes
Joseph Thoennes Månad sedan
Outside where I'm being hit by more cosmic rays??? What sort of fool do you take me for?
James DEarth
James DEarth Månad sedan
I usually "thumbs up" your videos. This one "down" Headline of this video not answered with anymore scientific method than those who claim neg Ions ARE good for you. The only thing this video did was show that a salt lamp does not create them. ARE THEY TRULY GOOD FOR ME? THIS is the "element of truth" I was hoping for....
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