Animals That Asked People for Help #3

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Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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Sany Suny
Sany Suny Timme sedan
They didn't really ask people for help did they?
PTR NT 2 timmar sedan
How many times had he said intelligence the wolf the octopus so wich one is the most intelligence
Soggy Doughnut
Soggy Doughnut 2 timmar sedan
This is so heartwarming, it puts a smile on my face every time. ❤️
Venki From Kerala
Venki From Kerala 2 timmar sedan
3000 Dangerous Human Dislike the Video
Dũng Hoàng
Dũng Hoàng 3 timmar sedan
Master Chief
Master Chief 3 timmar sedan
did that cheetah die? Nooooooo, thats so sad
Aaron Irvin
Aaron Irvin 3 timmar sedan
This is what humans are supposed to do for all animals, protect them and help them live as long as possible
NINJA 3 timmar sedan
NINJA 3 timmar sedan
Sup gys
Len シ
Len シ 4 timmar sedan
My big brother found a baby bird that was stuck on the handle of our window then he saved it 😁😁
Bloxy Noob
Bloxy Noob 6 timmar sedan
"An American bald eagle suffering a bullet wound" Is it really surprising?
Vidhi Bafna
Vidhi Bafna 6 timmar sedan
I am from india and native place is rajasthan yes 😊😊😊😊
cristina corollo magboo
cristina corollo magboo 6 timmar sedan
i like eagel i wana help animal i like animals
Buğra Kopuz
Buğra Kopuz 9 timmar sedan
Mila Pet
Mila Pet 9 timmar sedan
I love birds but those cruel people
Angela Vyiel Espiritu
Angela Vyiel Espiritu 9 timmar sedan
Oh my gosh the Chita 5:19
Itz_Nina_The_HumanKitty{◕ ◡ ◕}
Itz_Nina_The_HumanKitty{◕ ◡ ◕} 11 timmar sedan
Cool so sweet I wanna pet tiger!
Charel Ramos
Charel Ramos 11 timmar sedan
Me and my mom saved a rat in The bushes
Charel Ramos
Charel Ramos 11 timmar sedan
I like wolfs but they’re dangerous:(
Utkarsh baranwal
Utkarsh baranwal 11 timmar sedan
Nothing to say - how happy I am for these creatures and how sad on us doing plastic waste
WEIRD_ GIRL 11 timmar sedan
regardless of you really are make sure yo- make sure to WHAT 9:24
MR. ABHIJ 12 timmar sedan
I helped before Kitty's life 😉 ALWAY LIFE SAVER
CHAD 12 timmar sedan
These videos just really touch you
Alpaca Donkey
Alpaca Donkey 14 timmar sedan
Check out alpacas showering. It's hilarious
Jesus Reyes
Jesus Reyes 14 timmar sedan
*At the end* Video: "Make sure to---" Nobody: ... Me: TO WHAT!? TO WHHAATTT!
Tommy B.
Tommy B. 15 timmar sedan
I'm Canadian. I can't go to Ontario anymore. Please, Rescue Me
Sasha Syrup
Sasha Syrup 17 timmar sedan
Definitely should not be feeding wolves or any other predators.
F .
F . 18 timmar sedan
Raymond Arnold
Raymond Arnold 19 timmar sedan
Most animals that have gone extinct died from human intervention.
BlakeGamerTV 19 timmar sedan
Make sure to wat?
nikki willis
nikki willis 20 timmar sedan
JustKayyy 22 timmar sedan
*sigh* guess it’s time to cry again
Joshua Banks
Joshua Banks 22 timmar sedan
they rlly throwed the bear-
J S 23 timmar sedan
Animals don't ask for help.
SavagekiwiOMG6428 23 timmar sedan
what type of people would beat a toucan with sticks???
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Dag sedan
Who would shoot a bald eagle? They had better been starving to death.
Anthony Chico
Anthony Chico Dag sedan
bruh they just saved a bear and then just throw him like a stuffed animal💀
Dust House
Dust House 17 timmar sedan
bro it was so funny
mohd syarif
mohd syarif Dag sedan
00:00 - 04:02 : 😊😊😊 04:03 : 😂😂😂
fox gaming
fox gaming Dag sedan
Are you lobes 👂
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Dag sedan
I've argued that this proves that humans aren't the only ones who are conscious
Itz_gamergirlplayz123 Dag sedan
The dog one got me in tears. 🥺
andy langezaal
andy langezaal Dag sedan
No outro? Okay...
Mila Gwerder
Mila Gwerder Dag sedan
I loved the first one
Nevets Dag sedan
These animals have just as much right to live safely in our world. Thank God for these wonderful people that put themselves at risk to help and support these poor animals. Thank you to the people who put this video up for us to see.
florayaofgem2 Dag sedan
I wish animals will still ask for help even da pandemic is over, i hope humans will still help animals even today..
Satyam Shree cs096
Satyam Shree cs096 Dag sedan
Man made products are cousing so much trouble to these innocent creatures. sad isn't . Atleast good people still exists .
Deraufr 10 timmar sedan
Well they're tasty and I love em
Dance GirlsLOL
Dance GirlsLOL Dag sedan
Attacked by a bull is it cause of red
Fu** all of you
Fu** all of you Dag sedan
as an animal lover this touched my heart :,)
damini kalita
damini kalita Dag sedan
Please stop throwing plastic towards the ocean. It's harmful. I am literally crying looking at them. I plead you guys, please don't 🙏🙏🙏
Aaron Thao33
Aaron Thao33 Dag sedan
Лесная Чародейка
Лесная Чародейка Dag sedan
Вы тоже заметили что большенство видио от русских авторов?)
Srinagar Diary - Kashmir Adventures
Srinagar Diary - Kashmir Adventures Dag sedan
great human beings doing great work 💖🙏
Sting Dag sedan
Aguante los pacos
NOOOOOOOO 😟 not the turtle🐢 I LOVE TURTLE🥺😫😱😢😢😢😭
Rey Beam
Rey Beam Dag sedan
Regardless of where you are make sure to... help an animal in need.
Roblox Gamez
Roblox Gamez Dag sedan
Also I HATE it when birds due or get hurt by a human
Roblox Gamez
Roblox Gamez Dag sedan
Bruh whoever beat the toucan and cracked the beach off I would pun h them in the face
Anass Rhaitou
Anass Rhaitou Dag sedan
Animals are better than humans❤️
Wade Macdonald
Wade Macdonald Dag sedan
2:05that guy was Russian what bo expact
josh Dag sedan
Stop littering everyone
arpit agrawal
arpit agrawal Dag sedan
Wooh...Saved an animal today..Let's have chicken for the lunch
Alondra Culebro
Alondra Culebro Dag sedan
Reminder for kids: don’t touch animals unless they are yours don’t hurt them even if they disobeyed If you do I will find you
Bad Fox
Bad Fox Dag sedan
Chicken : Please don't eat me 🥺
Shady Ngabo
Shady Ngabo Dag sedan
I love the way people donate for animals' well being and imagine if they did the same for people with cancer or kidneys who need operations
haylen lamelas
haylen lamelas 2 dagar sedan
it was so heartbreaking
haylen lamelas
haylen lamelas 2 dagar sedan
it was sad
Sturmgechu 2 dagar sedan
I don’t know how I’d be able to leave the wolf after it trusted me that well
Pat-Anno 2 dagar sedan
Animals can be the most thankful living forms on our planet, but there are alot humans who act to them like they are just a thing, just an object, even when the animals forgive us alltime.
­손 봉 | 서울 국제학부
­손 봉 | 서울 국제학부 2 dagar sedan
Animals are not that much different from us humans. They also can feel fear, pain and sacredness. I love how the people in the video did try to save all those animals. Thank you very much for that.
Егор Альтшулер
Егор Альтшулер 2 dagar sedan
Russian people can speak animal language
Toc Toc Trax
Toc Toc Trax 2 dagar sedan
🌹 Amazing video keep up the excellent work! 🌹
I identify myself as a white African American
I identify myself as a white African American 2 dagar sedan
0:39 ajajaja why does he has lipstick?? Wtf
Random guy YouTube
Random guy YouTube 2 dagar sedan
It's good to know that we are one of the few species that feel affection enough to help other species
Caitlin Faith
Caitlin Faith 2 dagar sedan
i would love to save qnimqls but i would probably be scared going near these ones
Inkjet Sukkasem
Inkjet Sukkasem 2 dagar sedan
Poor turtles
✿Aesthetic_SkyYT✿ 2 dagar sedan
Weaver Wealth Management
Weaver Wealth Management 2 dagar sedan
Dune137 2 dagar sedan
Why are some humans so evil and others so kind? Being kind is so much more rewarding.
Jacob Liang
Jacob Liang 2 dagar sedan
The wolf actually wanted to eat the man.
Cupcake dog grl :3
Cupcake dog grl :3 2 dagar sedan
Dats why angels need help if we help pets we will torm angel to be good harts
Kokushibo 2 dagar sedan
Adorable baby squirrel
Jiminscroisants L.I.
Jiminscroisants L.I. 3 dagar sedan
Firas Matari
Firas Matari 3 dagar sedan
Alvin and the Chipmunks vibezzz.
ŁŸŃX - ROBLOX 3 dagar sedan
Random SVfrom says: watch till the end to see a lion’s owner see the lion after several years Me: skips to the end 🤣🤣
IDK why_you_read_this
IDK why_you_read_this 3 dagar sedan
what can i say: Not All Heroes Wear Capes
M.Lavanya arts
M.Lavanya arts 3 dagar sedan
Those squirrels must be relatives of ulysses
Sarah Hamer
Sarah Hamer 3 dagar sedan
So much courage. I love these videos. I want to be a pet care taker when I grow up.
Carloz Dancel
Carloz Dancel 3 dagar sedan
Alternative title:Animals that don't know why there were born
F.B.I. 3 dagar sedan
Music name
The darkknight
The darkknight 3 dagar sedan
These people , exist humanity still exists ! ....... ❤️
CraziMayur Gaming
CraziMayur Gaming 3 dagar sedan
At least this video will help 8.3 million people not waste their plastics in oceans!!
CraziMayur Gaming
CraziMayur Gaming 2 dagar sedan
@orasis why
orasis 2 dagar sedan
Just for that I'm going to buy a whole pack of plastic forks and throw them all in. Spoons too, for shits and giggles.
Prabh SP
Prabh SP 3 dagar sedan
That’s Indian who help leapord
CGI Future
CGI Future 3 dagar sedan
"regardless of where your currently are make sure to.." DIES
Get `em! Get `em!
Get `em! Get `em! 3 dagar sedan
6:21 bruh was I the only one who felt like it wasn't finished. He just cut the rope and didn't remove it. 😬
Cindy Alvin
Cindy Alvin 3 dagar sedan
Save the animals
Joshua Adam
Joshua Adam 3 dagar sedan
I know that it's meant to be heart breaking how many baby squirrels die, but that's literally their evolutionary process. Them, much like most other rodents, are r-selected, meaning they successfully pass on their genes to a huge array of offspring that they don't waste much energy raising, given that the odds say a few of them will survive. This is an absolutely natural process that is vital for stabilizing their population, as well as ensuring they do not decimate the ecosystem they are in. Sad to us? Sure, if you feel that way its a valid human response. Should we try save every baby squirrel we see? No, let nature take its course, we are already ruining the ecosystem as it is, don't contribute more.
Ec630 Roblox
Ec630 Roblox 3 dagar sedan
at the ending: make sure to- what was it?
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 3 dagar sedan
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tryhard go
tryhard go 3 dagar sedan
All of animal not bad but they just want to be friends
tryhard go
tryhard go 8 timmar sedan
@Deraufr TRUE TRUE😂😂
Deraufr 10 timmar sedan
Yeah lock yourself in a cage with a lion and see if that lion wants to be friends with you
Brandi i love ya vids
Brandi i love ya vids 3 dagar sedan
What happened to the sea animals is real we dont rcycle so our trash goes in the ocean no not just 1 peice of trash everday worse 15,000 trash goes in are ocean every sing second do your part please because of this even masks are in the ocean
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