Americas Cheapest Family...

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Sambalilo, Mark Lorenz O.
Sambalilo, Mark Lorenz O. 23 minuter sedan
Big Beerus
Big Beerus 25 minuter sedan
She talks so slow i forgot it was on 1.5 speed till pewds talked
Cryptor 234
Cryptor 234 27 minuter sedan
If they call this being "poor" they would call brazil nether realm
Mwamincey Timme sedan
19:29 he is def just stoned dealing with her craziness
Mwamincey Timme sedan
The dummies would have been better renting a carpet cleaner
Julian Timme sedan
some neighbors ask to borrow eggs, sugar, even the lawnmower. This couple said "can we borrow your whole ass living room"
Ava Hudson
Ava Hudson Timme sedan
I watch everything in 2x speed Too!!!!
FaZe Curry
FaZe Curry Timme sedan
Wait I don’t know if I’m tripping or in 2:49 I just realised top left of the screen is a PS5 sitting there...,
FaZe Curry
FaZe Curry Timme sedan
I love that ****ing intro!! So handsome and strong (no homo)
Chineta Antipuesto
Chineta Antipuesto Timme sedan
I feel like watching haikyuu bc of his intro😂
Volk Stärke
Volk Stärke Timme sedan
At least she is talking about raising their own food. We raise pigs, chickens, and rabbits. My kids have no issue with butchering them.
Stotakk Timme sedan
If you need the money, that's fine. But the problem is these people obviously have enough money.
Linny Lew
Linny Lew Timme sedan
Is that a haikyu inspired intro? If it is then it’s awesome.
MrmcgamesYT 3 timmar sedan
my (not so) weird ass brain was disguised
Jack K
Jack K 3 timmar sedan
Quick fact. Money is meant to be spent
• Leif •
• Leif • 3 timmar sedan
mr wormly
mr wormly 3 timmar sedan
I want to spend millions of dollars in front of these people
Celina R
Celina R 4 timmar sedan
The carpet idea was so bad
Jourdan 6 timmar sedan
You okay? You looking super not okay.
Davion Barnes
Davion Barnes 6 timmar sedan
When these kids go to school and get older... 😐
PairOfKoopas 6 timmar sedan
Ever heard of Nature's Miracle Bro?! (Just clean the stains!)
Tavery BG
Tavery BG 6 timmar sedan
Intro:pewdleple Me:wow The video:sad
Sonia Titus
Sonia Titus 6 timmar sedan
I watched Pewdiepie after like a year or so and I’m like WOW THE BRIT TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE. Holy shit the accent.
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson 6 timmar sedan
Intro plays: Me: Haikyuu
Sonny Wilkinson
Sonny Wilkinson 7 timmar sedan
Cheerios are best without milk that mother is doing her kid a favor
PreservedPlum 7 timmar sedan
This family prays to 5 min crafts
ICUICU2 7 timmar sedan
The people who dislike this you broke AF
Howdy Folks!
Howdy Folks! 7 timmar sedan
This woman is legit going through her life thinking that her husband invented vice grip pliers. The heckkk...
LuBu Timme sedan
Exactly they can be found at home depot and lowes made by different brands its hilarious
Mimi J
Mimi J 7 timmar sedan
I am offended by this 😭😭😂 his accent made it funnier
Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran
Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran 8 timmar sedan
They need to just sell that house as a fixer upper go buy a piece of property out in the woods buy a couple of RVs on Facebook marketplace put their kids in one those two in the other one live on the property that they buy and build a house. They have $30,000 saved up they'll lose a couple Grand buying the RVs and the property. But they'll make money from the house that they sell as a fixer upper. They may not make back what they have put into it.. well what they spent On It originally. But they'll have something and he'll be able to slap together whatever kind of home he wants to build. But then they'll have to dig a well and put in septic and he may not want to spend money on that. Here's a good idea he why don't he watch the guys on SVfrom that build underground palaces over there in Southeast Asia. The ones that build their pools next to their really cool little outside homes. He can do something like that. I would love to do something like that. I'm already camping out now for a year with my husband and hell just to be able to buy some property so we could do that I would absolutely love it. But yet anyways these people here they're just going to have to take a loss if they're not willing to put money into it
Shinso Aizawa
Shinso Aizawa 9 timmar sedan
Don't these people know about dollar stores like bruh even I don't live in america but I know these things like you can basically buy your replacable stuff and not go over your budget.
Alex Rider
Alex Rider 9 timmar sedan
The part where the guy puts in the sample carpet should be in the mildly infuriating subreddit
Gabriela Maria Ciuturoianu
Gabriela Maria Ciuturoianu 9 timmar sedan
Me thinking this was a good video to watch while i eat. Also me at 03:40 🤢
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 10 timmar sedan
Imma be honest, I should practice some of this shit to help save up for important shit. Not go this extreme but like start with not buying anything I don’t need. 😂
Kingi1727 10 timmar sedan
9:48 shes wearing airpods right?
Captain Flindt
Captain Flindt 10 timmar sedan
Vinyl floor suck! It terrible to walk on and always feels cold if you dont have floorheating.
B 10 timmar sedan
people like these should never have kids
Syed Muhammad Khubaib
Syed Muhammad Khubaib 10 timmar sedan
Bleeeqqqqhhhh disgusting ew!!!! What the ****is this sh**!!!!!!!!!!!
Emlyn Jones
Emlyn Jones 10 timmar sedan
Tbh keeping chickens for eggs is pretty normal but pigs and all is extreme.
STEIDLIZER _ 10 timmar sedan
I was in pain as that clamp was being called a wrench
Pindyy SvS
Pindyy SvS 10 timmar sedan
It costs so much more to raise your own meat then to buy it cheap.... this video is making me angry XD
M. SCH 10 timmar sedan
Daniel Vanson
Daniel Vanson 10 timmar sedan
pewds thought carpet was the cheap option and I'm gobsmacked
10 timmar sedan
Living in that family must really suck, I feel so sorry for the kids
Kenna Parker
Kenna Parker 11 timmar sedan
the second lady has like 9 kids now shes mormon
Emily Cole
Emily Cole 11 timmar sedan
These videos are my favorite content from pewds but the audio my man 😭 the tlc clips are so quiet lol
Yhyh 11 timmar sedan
I’m so curious if both of them are natural cheapskates or once they get together as a couple one of them wins the other over and they become cheapskates like it makes no sense 😂
soliferi 11 timmar sedan
honestly surprised when anyone buys carpet these days
zxkredo 11 timmar sedan
Theres frugal... And theres stupid
booma blooma
booma blooma 11 timmar sedan
Helena geerts
Helena geerts 11 timmar sedan
Omg yes it’s Definetly an addiction!! Never thought of it that way...
David Sace
David Sace 11 timmar sedan
pewds pls turn up the volume man
HeadshotNinja6 11 timmar sedan
Bruh I thought the intro was video
Marina Payne
Marina Payne 11 timmar sedan
We love the haiku intro😆
Nathan Perree
Nathan Perree 11 timmar sedan
That realtor was wrong for suggesting the HAD to have furniture to sell imo
TISYA DAS 12 timmar sedan
Why did I think he had a popcorn in his nose.
HN- Gamer
HN- Gamer 13 timmar sedan
Press have been watching a lot of anime with h stop it till ur nose stops bleeding
Thomas Linden
Thomas Linden 14 timmar sedan
They are pliers not wrenches!
Glassy 14 timmar sedan
Love you ❤️
PositivePenny 14 timmar sedan
In college, my super expensive private university had super low-flow showerheads. I have very long hair, although back then it was a little shorter because I had donated it a few months prior (still past my shoulders). I had to shower 5x as long just to get the suds out, and that was with using a cup to collect the water then pour it on my head. Sometimes the money-saving "hacks" actually cost more. Get an adjustable showerhead, keep it on low-flow for most of the shower, switch it to high-pressure for a minute to rinse, wam bam the $30 for a new showerhead just saved you money.
mindy the ugly rat
mindy the ugly rat 14 timmar sedan
what if the kids had peed in the pool ._.
tim parker
tim parker 14 timmar sedan
I know the Intro is sick
Lilo K
Lilo K 15 timmar sedan
“Imagine just later on feeding your children that pig” that’s what they did to me but with my rabbit..
Op In
Op In 15 timmar sedan
Plzz share
RieeBellaHoney 15 timmar sedan
My dad has chickens and ducks for eggs, but he is definitely not like these fckn people smh. He does it for fresh eggs and to give to people/neighbors and family. Also grows vegetables for his own garden. But like I said not like these fckn people. He actually buys toilet paper and uses it like normal people and bread. Some people are just too much. There are actually people in this world that have to do things like this to survive cause they have no choice. Not so they can save and have a big fancy house and designer clothes...smfh. gtfoh
RieeBellaHoney 15 timmar sedan
Hey Felix, you wanna help me do my floor? I pulled the carpet up so I can put tile or vinyl or linoleum. Could use the help. Since you're offering lol. I'll be doing it myself lol
Theodore Bear
Theodore Bear 16 timmar sedan
17:49 *"B*TCH F*CK YOUR HIGHLIGHTS I'M WIPING MY AZZ!"* -Pewdiepie 2-13-2021
santee Atherton
santee Atherton 16 timmar sedan
Even if I don’t watch the whole video I always stop to watch the intros. 😂
E R F 17 timmar sedan
we had bunnies growing up and my father slaughtered them and made us eat it. i have not eaten meat in over 6 years and have trauma from that shit... don't kill and eat your kids' pets pls lmao
Luke Stultz
Luke Stultz 17 timmar sedan
The amount of water they use to fill the pool is way more than if they just used the sink. So screw the kids no more “pool”
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 17 timmar sedan
What if the children have peed themselves in the pool
Akshar Anand
Akshar Anand 17 timmar sedan
When they take 5 min craft and troom troom too seriously. I mean even hagemaru (Japanese cartoon of being miser ) are looking rich than them . One thing more is you wanted to be cheap then why you married and had kids . Poor kids sad life
Dagshai1 18 timmar sedan
stop saying f***
Dream ink
Dream ink 18 timmar sedan
I feel for Felix, I get a nosebleed atleast once a week lol
Dagshai1 18 timmar sedan
hey pwyoodieepie
Sam Hyde
Sam Hyde 19 timmar sedan
If the guy had any DIY skills he’d be fine. E.g just paint the fence, save £1.8k
Sean M
Sean M 20 timmar sedan
There has to be drugs involved here
HeyItsNightwolf 20 timmar sedan
Was that the pinkfong sound effects in the intro? I feel like I hear that on my daughters shows
skeppies 20 timmar sedan
bruh. the cheapest family is homeless people with family. bruh
Pew Phew
Pew Phew 20 timmar sedan
ngl lords mobile ads are f**king cringe
Mark Docs
Mark Docs 21 timme sedan
This guy literally left 5 minutes craft just to start his own business
Corpse at Home
Corpse at Home 22 timmar sedan
Everyone seeing the bacon. ITS FUCKIN RAW
Ajin 22 timmar sedan
How to become rich :
DismalWolf 22 timmar sedan
Omg dude their carpet triggers my OCD so badly...
possy 22 timmar sedan
Love how he put the wwe logo for tlc
Eroll Gamell
Eroll Gamell 23 timmar sedan
Wait, it is unusual there to sell unfurnished old house, i mean why not just list it as it is and ask for lower than the usual market price. Also these guys live in a frikken massive house...
VĮLL 23 timmar sedan
This is sad, this is not pewdiepie no more.
V San
V San 23 timmar sedan
you know how else you can save money? By having less kids.
Grace 23 timmar sedan
we all know for a fact that those plates are lightly glazed with piss
Chucky Mafia
Chucky Mafia 23 timmar sedan
10:37 Volvo for one. Up to date Texas Registration and a TOLL TAG!!!!! Cheap but not when driving to places???? Makes no sense. Toll tags can add up to 40 to 60 dollars a month for light use. If they have a toll tag, they can but furniture
synapse BUYER
synapse BUYER Dag sedan
if I was in that house I would turn on all the taps
Meme nation
Meme nation Dag sedan
Bruh the size of the microwave
Mary Aquino
Mary Aquino Dag sedan
Asians are not surprise.
Joseph B
Joseph B Dag sedan
Bro I’ve seen people with 2 part times live a better life then this wtf lol . Especially with the Cheerios like bro . Get food stamps and pour your child a good amount of serving..
len kagamine
len kagamine Dag sedan
Homeless family: are we joke to you
Gus Pohlman
Gus Pohlman Dag sedan
These are the type of people that will last in an apocalypse
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen Dag sedan
Raising chickens does actually add up, you have to keep buying chicken feed for them. (I have chickens)
Seth Jenkins
Seth Jenkins Dag sedan
Love the videos
Flickan Rimsky
Flickan Rimsky Dag sedan
I am cheap. I can find the cheapest (but decent) things, but I buy them, THAT'S WHAT MONEY IS FOR, TO USE but WISELY. they're not cheap, they're just stingy and it's a disorder at this point.
Zeysi Animations
Zeysi Animations Dag sedan
The last cocomelon intro lmfao
parker Myers
parker Myers Dag sedan
He made the wrench 😆
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