96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
Check out Noor’s Tour company “Let’s Be Friends Afghanistan” on Instagram:
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Månad sedan
Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏
Saaber Fufaan
Saaber Fufaan Dag sedan
@Rakkno 💯%
Thomas Husby
Thomas Husby 2 dagar sedan
Loved it 😊
Nique505 2 dagar sedan
@Clash ING I don’t disagree may I ask where are you from?
Dladie Df
Dladie Df 4 dagar sedan
@Clash ING why are people making this about politics. Tom obviously is showing a kind and beautiful side of this country rather than promoting violence. For those who want to talk about the US government and how they disagree with what's going on...post your opinions on your own page. This platform is for positive thoughts, human unity and to feature the beauty of countries. If you cannot be part of the solution, then step away so you cannot make the problem greater
Dladie Df
Dladie Df 4 dagar sedan
Thank you and may you continue to share this beautiful stories of humanity that help create more union between us across the globe. Thank you
Zwertix 9 sekunder sedan
Proud to be Afghan 🇦🇫🥰
dbhoy07 8 minuter sedan
Such friendly faces.. especially the boys with the hash!! Thanks for sharing ✌️
Abid Nawaz
Abid Nawaz 14 minuter sedan
Why not you go to Pashtun areas in afghanistan
Anthony Ferrara Jr.
Anthony Ferrara Jr. 40 minuter sedan
I love the Afghan clothes. Perfect all day pajamas and a sheik ass headfit.
Tauheed Yermal Ahmed
Tauheed Yermal Ahmed 53 minuter sedan
Whatever the place and the condition using words like DANGEROUS should have been discouraged.
arith JH
arith JH 57 minuter sedan
Can you visit Paradis Island next?
Tim Van Leemput
Tim Van Leemput Timme sedan
Oh wow
Ann JUESNA Timme sedan
the people are just very welcoming and nice....I hope to go there someday.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 2 timmar sedan
massive respect u have gained a subscriber
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 2 timmar sedan
that's what i call areal travel vlog
Rainen Targaryen
Rainen Targaryen 2 timmar sedan
wrong. Philippines is the most dangerous country in the world. Mindanao is the worst.
Ilusi Digital
Ilusi Digital 3 timmar sedan
Too bad they didn't try Afghan heroin lol
Hampus Knape
Hampus Knape 4 timmar sedan
är ni svensk det viste inte jag
Atomus Bliss
Atomus Bliss 4 timmar sedan
afghanistan's beautiful, money's disgusting.
Jessiexo Xo
Jessiexo Xo 5 timmar sedan
This is so beautiful. God bless your amazing souls.
sara4hayati 6 timmar sedan
I love how you insinuate that the US invaded to “rid” the country of terrorists smh. I’m disappointed
Aventus 6 timmar sedan
I hope you go back and visit his school when it's complete
charles beauchamp
charles beauchamp 6 timmar sedan
Can yall imagine if Mr Beast will be there ! *oh i have a 50 000$ for your beautiful project*
UndeadPathfinder_ 6 timmar sedan
I don't comment on videos often, but this was an absolutely amazing video. It felt incredibly moving and really touched me emotionally, and even connected with me spiritually as a very non-spiritual person with the comments you made about how religion's main purpose isn't necessarily about worshipping one diety or another, but rather it's about bringing people together. Nor's story is a heartfelt one, as is the beauty of the country I most often associated with war and terror. To actually see the people of the country we only hear bad things about on the news living normal lives, seeing the joy, the smiles, and hugs, it all really changed my perception and turned it into something much more profound. Noor's story was also so beautiful, and his desire to help the young kids realize their potential who don't have opportunities we all take for granted is truly something special from an incredibly special human being. Thank you so for making this video, and thank you for opening my eyes to the humanity of a country I hadn't considered before.
BreadSlice 7 timmar sedan
This...this is so beautiful, the children, the kind people, everything...I hope in some time this beautiful country can heal
anuj selvaraj
anuj selvaraj 8 timmar sedan
Noor is a top guy
bee bright
bee bright 8 timmar sedan
I wonder what the experience would be like for a woman hmm?
Wheelchairtravy 9 timmar sedan
Come to winnipeg and watch my skydiving video, please :) !
Marc Stegan
Marc Stegan 9 timmar sedan
Massive respect to you and Drew! Liked and Subscribed
Alonso León
Alonso León 10 timmar sedan
To suggest the kids would run away with the camera is quite offensive and racist. Wonder if he would have said the same if the kids were from a Nordic country. I guess some things will never change.
firsttbone 10 timmar sedan
This is awesome! Afghanistan is a place I'd someday like to visit as well.
Ivan Lugo
Ivan Lugo 10 timmar sedan
What an amazing video.
MAM0369 11 timmar sedan
Beautiful people everywhere. All desire the same thing, ability to earn a living, security, peace and freedom. I wish them all well.
Icy 11 timmar sedan
I’m in love with this video🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫
Torsten Frey
Torsten Frey 13 timmar sedan
Finally, I prefere Germany by far...
Jerander 13 timmar sedan
Where's the go fund me for this education project for the young children of Afghanistan. I wanna support this imitative in whatever little way I can.
Marwa A
Marwa A 14 timmar sedan
Wow, such an amazing Video! First of all thank you for your help. Thank you that you show people how Afghanistan actually is, this kind, hopeful people. I was just crying the whole Video. I am an Afghan girl, I was born in Kabul and lived there until I was 3. I can’t remember anything and it is sooo badly sad to see your homeland in this Situation. My sister is in Afghanistan, she didn’t come with us 14 years ago because she was married. Now she trying to escape and come to Europe. I am so scared about all of this stuff. GOD BLESS US AND OUR FAMILIES! Thank you!
papasfritas 14 timmar sedan
Yeah sure its all nice until you see how women are treated
RipfanTV 16 timmar sedan
this man lucky, he got to smoke up with some middle eastern people and eat with them, definitely must have been a experience in its self Even though dude didnt really seem to inhale anything
Alusch 17 timmar sedan
Great, risking a lot by travelling to Afghanistan only for the sake of a youtube video. I think that's wrong priorization and just instigates other people to go there. Factually, it is not safe to go there at the moment and most western governments warn their citizens to do so or urge them to leave.
Lyann Duff
Lyann Duff 17 timmar sedan
Fantastic video I always wanted to travel to Afghanistan, but again it’s war torn for the most part so like you I was very afraid. But it’s beautiful there. I hope it becomes safe in my lifetime and I can visit. I have always loved their clothing. So colorful.
Leroy sosa
Leroy sosa 17 timmar sedan
Lasearce 17 timmar sedan
I had such a narrow minded viewpoint about this country because of how it was portrayed in the media, I have never been there so all I knew about the country was from the media, but what you have shown me is there is such beauty there that exists with amazing kind souls. It really opened my mind.
Leroy sosa
Leroy sosa 17 timmar sedan
Love the video man what an experience you went through at the same time scary but at the same time having so much fun God bless you thank you so much for this video really appreciate it watching all the way from Spain love the part where everybody was enjoying a little bit of pow wow I bet that stuff was good
Grace Byrd
Grace Byrd 18 timmar sedan
Him drink pomegranate juice with his shades on after smoking 😭😭
Jeremy Benjamin
Jeremy Benjamin 18 timmar sedan
Ah Yes Theory and Drew Binsky 2 of my favourite youtubers
Sean M.
Sean M. 18 timmar sedan
*could have serious implications if filming military: films military helicopter XD
Dankman 19 timmar sedan
Thank you for this
KaDo 19 timmar sedan
Like Melange in Dune, they have Hash.
John Newman
John Newman 19 timmar sedan
Ты настоящий мужик! Просто нет слов. Ты смог нам донести атмосферу Афганистана. Хоть продолжительность твоего видео не такой уж большой но все же тебе удалось окунуть нас в ту настающую среду. Дай Бог вам здоровье!
cns881 20 timmar sedan
Why won't Yes Theory visit Israel? Seems odd...
Planetanitaac 21 timme sedan
This was cool enough for the effect music... No need to. Congrats
Planetanitaac 21 timme sedan
26:04 Amazing image!!
Matěj Kršák
Matěj Kršák 21 timme sedan
I do like afghanistan, how it looks, how it feels....but i don't want to die
David pineda
David pineda 21 timme sedan
wear your mask before you spread covid! theres 3 new strains
Kevin Cheatham
Kevin Cheatham 22 timmar sedan
Did you see any black people in Afghanistan?
‘LM 23 timmar sedan
such a good educated touching video
Baque Meks
Baque Meks 23 timmar sedan
I cried at the end bro
Ayanast Bayanast
Ayanast Bayanast 23 timmar sedan
Afghanistan is changing fast toward peace and prosperity of democratically elected government . Afghan people would never allow a similar system of government like Iran . Good luck to good people of Afghanistan.
Double MM
Double MM 23 timmar sedan
I have watched your several videos. I like them. Visit to my Country (Uzbekistan🇺🇿).
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Dag sedan
Hi I’m from Afghanistan, if I ever see ur clothing brand I will always buy it, u are great human
busi manunga
busi manunga Dag sedan
Seeing the kites reminded me so much of the book The Kite Runner. There is so much this nation has to offer beyond the violence it has faced.
its funny how he's wearing the traditional clothing there "out of respect" and yet when muslims come to other countries we are supposed to adhere and accept their way of life which is supposedly not the way of Islam. Seems hypocritical to me
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Dag sedan
Lol did u see many Afghans also wear western cloths inside Afghanistan, did u not see the teen wearing a shirt with a American flag on it? People should dress however they want, there shouldn’t even be anyone discussing what people wear, can I ask why it even matters to you what people wear? Does it hurt u in any way?
Reece1eod Dag sedan
smogue vert
smogue vert Dag sedan
niceee video
thehakeem Dag sedan
yes brooooo yes i hope they build that school safe as heck
MrAreix Dag sedan
Sharing a joint with 12 people during Covid lol
wish i had the balls to try it
Kinza Bhutta
Kinza Bhutta Dag sedan
glazerho mirabal
glazerho mirabal Dag sedan
The obtainable select bioinformatically cure because fairies preferably hook apud a equable horn. early, equable wash
emelda chemtai
emelda chemtai Dag sedan
This is really beautiful. Fully embodies love over fear. ❤️❤️❤️
x nite
x nite Dag sedan
nobody really does hear the people
x nite
x nite Dag sedan
nobody ever hears the people
First Last
First Last Dag sedan
Nice video but sometimes I hate this shit because if you get kidnapped, our boys have to risk their lives to rescue you.
Sidd Makker
Sidd Makker Dag sedan
this was beautiful. i cried, truly amazing!!
Sidd Makker
Sidd Makker Dag sedan
respect for hash haha
SS SSAHEL Dag sedan
what a beautiful video, So glad that you guys shared amazing time in Herat. sending love from SF.
Saaber Fufaan
Saaber Fufaan Dag sedan
Much love and respect men you're a great person thank you so much for everything 🤗
Napaveli Dag sedan
I just lost my best friend safi😔 he died on a jet ski in Morocco and they flew the body back to Afghanistan i never got to say goodbye 💔 he came to England UK from Afghanistan and was here for 11 years and was like my brother Afghanistans are the loveliest people and very kind ♥️ love you bro miss u everyday #safimaqueem rest in peace brother 🙏🏾 I plan to go to his grave in Afghanistan 1day ♥️🙏🏾
D 3 A
D 3 A Dag sedan
nice beat @20:38 💯🔥💯
Mp Dag sedan
Everyone so quick to blame America for the outcome of this country. Did you not hear that this is one of the areas that are still not controlled by Taliban. Taliban is on its way to destroy the country once again.
Gianella Guerrero
Gianella Guerrero Dag sedan
I love this video!!!!! God bless u guys 💖
Mahnaz Soleimani
Mahnaz Soleimani Dag sedan
My afghanistan chars=hashish😍😜😜😜🚬🚬🚬
a_louN Dag sedan
Yea a little kid is gonna steal ur fucking camera 😂
a_louN Dag sedan
A big reason Afghanistan is the way it is is because of the US government but you say nothing about that in the video. All you say is they're fighting terrorism there. What you don't say is they're also the supporters of the terrorism there. They dont belong in Afghanistan they need to go home. They did more bad than good. Sooo many innocent people killed and injured in Afghanistan by the US and they started the taliban who constantly kills innocent people in Afganistan.
PerCz Dag sedan
Fun fact one of my friends was from Afghanistan he lived there for several years him and his family have never had problems, btw I’m not saying there isn’t problems there because there defo is
L Cinematic
L Cinematic Dag sedan
ehhh my herb man 😂😂 loved the video, thumbs up 👍
Felix Reilly
Felix Reilly Dag sedan
This is amazing😩😭
John Kassar
John Kassar Dag sedan
Sup guys! Please please please like this comment so the Yes Theory crew can see this. Could you start a gofundme for Noor and his school for children and any other expenses? The video touched my heart and i’d like to give back as well.
Sinemis Çelik
Sinemis Çelik Dag sedan
Its so different to hear an American talking about US invading Afghanistan. Because as an Middle Eastern we talked about totally different in the news, in the paper, in our lives generally
Jade Hay
Jade Hay Dag sedan
So amazing to watch. I wonder, how different would the experience be to visit if you were a woman? I see mostly men walking around, hanging out with each other, even all the kids are boys, etc. I'm assuming women mostly stay home then? Would your walking around the city have been frowned up or less welcome if you had been a woman? (This is really just out of curiosity, awesome video that gives a great inside perceptive)
Milad Formoli
Milad Formoli Dag sedan
Most dangerous country 😂😂😂😂
TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N
TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N Dag sedan
This Video was AWESOME!!!
Louie Enriquez
Louie Enriquez Dag sedan
When they brought out the hash I thought.. "When in Rome" hehe
AssistOfficial Dag sedan
Man just imagine how many have been killed by religion. It's honestly, and I don't mean Terrorism, but I mean also crusader's and such like it's sad.
Gon Freecs
Gon Freecs Dag sedan
just because you're afraid doesn't mean you're ignorant. you actually have a reason to fear going to Afghanistan.
KrazyOldKatLady 19
KrazyOldKatLady 19 Dag sedan
I would have liked one of the travelers to be a woman because how a country treats their female citizens is the most telling thing of all.
Flap Drol
Flap Drol Dag sedan
If Afghanistan was safe they would have a shitload of tourist coming over. Same for many arab countries with HUGE history and so many historic structures. Peace in the middle east .
Logan Coe
Logan Coe Dag sedan
i was just about to say, where's the Hash?? and then i wasn't disappointed at 20:00
Malik Mahmood
Malik Mahmood Dag sedan
Respect from Kurdistan ❤, you guys are amazing, keep it up
Azhureus Dag sedan
Look, Drew is there :)
Zee Dag sedan
The news program you to think Afghanistan is such a bad place, but this video really made me smile when I got to learn more about this countries culture, religion, and people.
Dev_dom Dag sedan
Wheres my afghans at??!!!
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