7°C/44°F in the boat is way TOO COLD 🥶 - Ep. 247 RAN Sailing

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RAN Sailing

27 dagar sedan

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00:00 Totem Waves - Giants' Nest
01:42 My Love on the Line - River Run Dry
06:50 I Know Why (Instrumental Version) - Greta Greene
09:04 Rest on My Shoulder - Brett Gregory
09:52 Hitting the Road - Gregory David
10:47 Amanecer - El Neon
13:23 Tiny Winds - Brett Gregory
15:23 Running in the Wind - Tomas Skyldeberg
Malin, Johan & Vera

Kama Ringwood
Kama Ringwood 7 dagar sedan
I so appreciate how you show the ups and downs of cruising! Thank you!
Elogium 9 dagar sedan
Oh no on the boat problems. The HAL quote was quite funny though.
Noneyo Business
Noneyo Business 11 dagar sedan
And this is why I have a cubit mini wood burning stove
donald allen
donald allen 11 dagar sedan
30 days in the hole
Greg Fawcett
Greg Fawcett 11 dagar sedan
Dickinson Diesel Heater...or Reflux Diesel Heater where you are is your best choice. Not much to go wrong. The problem with the forced air heaters (and I have one) is they are good for 2000 hours (which is not much) and then they have to have a total service overhaul for about $ 1800.00 so it ends up being about a buck an hour (plus the cost of the diesel) to run and they always go out in the winter and you have to wait 6-8 weeks to get them serviced. I have four different sources of heat on my boat...AC plug in electric space heater, the engine when it is running puts out a lot of heat and heats the water, a forced air Webasto Diesel Furnace, and I am putting in a Dickinson Diesel Bulkhead heater now. Best..."SV Aquila"...Seattle
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 14 dagar sedan
Wood stove. Put in kindling. Light it. Put wood on top. Wonderful heat, a deep heat that sinks into your bones, really warms 'em up. Plus wonderful cabin ambiance. In an urban area with no available wood? Charcoal briquettes. Put 'em in small paper bags. Put some briquettes into old pickle jar; pour in kerosene to cover. Are you cold? Use tongs to remove kerosene-soaked briquette, put in stove, light it. Put paper bag of briquettes on top. Soon, cold no more! Cheaper, better, simpler. Like tiller is to pedestal steering , hanks are to furler, oar is to engine. You're young, you'll learn. Simple, strong, inexpensive is almost always better than fancy, complicated, expensive, "modern." Especially aboard ship.
Randy Slagle
Randy Slagle 19 dagar sedan
Another great video! Thanks for sharing and all your challenges. Good decision on the new heater. And as usual all your cinematography is great!
Josh Pierce
Josh Pierce 20 dagar sedan
I love your idea of buying a new heater and keeping the old one for spare parts. I do the same thing, but I have to put a label on the old one so I remember what was wrong with it.
justin linnane
justin linnane 20 dagar sedan
You must invest In A cheap 100 euro all in one Chinese desiel heater.for emergencies like this . I have o e and its a revelation.. Has been completly reliable for a year just plug it into a 12v supply fill the built in tank with desiel and it will heat the boot in seconds. Also thi k seriously about the Chinese heaters for you main heater. They are all webasto copies as the 1st gen patent on Those ran out five years ago allowin g good quality cheap clones to be made at a 10th of the price
k 1
k 1 20 dagar sedan
Excellent you are all looking well. How annoying that heater must be good call half the cost of a new one is ridiculous. It will be interesting to see if it develops the same problem. Planned obsolescence probably. 🙄
Super ADI
Super ADI 21 dag sedan
I know what you mean, for few nights I was having only 4 C on my catamaran in winter in Greece ( but with little heating and lots of blankets I survived and was not that bad )
jack mason
jack mason 21 dag sedan
I don’t know how old that heater is but I would contact the manufacturer adding a link to your video 😉
J B 21 dag sedan
I’ve got a diesel heater in my van that’s been giving me trouble... they’re not as reliable as I had hoped it would be
Stephen 21 dag sedan
Great scenery, love the tour round the different anchorage’s
Riaan 22 dagar sedan
Install HHO generator to assist with total combustion
Virgil Otto
Virgil Otto 22 dagar sedan
Why not go for a refleks or dickinson?
Wolcott Wu
Wolcott Wu 22 dagar sedan
Kudos for keeping your cool while dealing with the cold realities of life.
Trygve Thomassen
Trygve Thomassen 22 dagar sedan
Then by a wood heater,,
Mark 22 dagar sedan
I wonder how close the Chinese copy is to the original to use for parts, then again if it is like everything else Made in China they will fail sooner rather than later. Sounds like you have made the right choice. Thanks for sharing your lives ups and downs!
Chris Dalton
Chris Dalton 22 dagar sedan
Had a boat that came with a thermostat controlled fancy forced fuel diesel furnace of similar dimensions to yours. It was noisy, the nozzle kept getting carboned up and would burn out the heat exchanger. Most of these units are only intended for occasional weekender off season sailors not liveaboarders like you and my family and I were doing. We got rid of it and replaced it with a drip feed diesel heater which was quieter and worked way better all winter. An even better arrangement on my last boat was a drip feed diesel stove with oven made by Dickinson here in Canada. Good dry heat, good cooking stove, and used the diesel from the tanks that the engine drew from as well. The only electronics: a fan for optimum combustion pot flame efficiency. The diesel for it gets hand pumped into a gravity feed day tank. In the summer, I connect a proper plumbed in propane cooktop to put on the diesel stove grill. You should look into commercial boat quality and ideas for your type of boating heating needs. Standard cook stove and heating on the fishing boats here in British Columbia are simple reliable drip feed diesel stoves. Some even have built in water tanks that can extend hot water out. Enjoying your videos very much. Thank you and smooth sailing.
Sailing Yacht Salty Lass
Sailing Yacht Salty Lass 22 dagar sedan
We had a similar issue with our Eberspacher. It turned out we had crushed some of the hot air ducting that distributes air to the cabins. The constriction meant that not enough air could be pushed through the ducts to cool the unit and it overheated and shut down. See if you have any blockages or restrictions, especially if the replacement unit shows the same bahaviour. Good luck with it all 👍👍
phuktard 22 dagar sedan
As I watched Johan struggle, I identified. I'm sitting on my settee floating in Toronto and it's about to start snowing, I use a knockoff Chinese diesel heater & it shut down one night here over the winter when the temp was -13C Fuel line had gelled on me - if you get one do not use the green supplied aquarium air stone style of fuel line, use a proper sized 2mm ID fuel supply line or you too will have a gelling problem someday. Avoid additives to fuel like antigel in all makes and models of diesel heaters add a secondary filter if you're a fan of additives for your motor because eventually you'll have buildup of wax and varnish - the heaters lack the exhaustive force that a motor has to clean build up.
ch br
ch br 23 dagar sedan
I've probably watched every episode of your travels so far. Thanks for the sharing your story and safe travels.
Gregory Chaney
Gregory Chaney 23 dagar sedan
How does Johan remain so calm when faced with such a frustrating situation? Not a single curse, well at least not on camera! Malin remains pretty even tempered even when the boat is cold. Such excellent character traits for cruising or parenting! Does your engine have a boat heater running off of the engine hot water when you are underway? We had one of these and it proved to be very reliable (when the engine was running). Hope the heater situation gets sorted out soon. Cheers from Juneau Alaska, - Greg Chaney
Spirituality of an Viking
Spirituality of an Viking 23 dagar sedan
Skaffa en Reflex kamin. Get a reflex burner
lancedaniels 23 dagar sedan
Thanks for posting and sharing. Really nice to see how you all managed with the heat out.
Jim Stein
Jim Stein 23 dagar sedan
As a past boat owner and present RV owner; follow the ☀️.
Chas R Martel
Chas R Martel 23 dagar sedan
Amazon has ceramic mini space heaters at 200 watts for under $20 USD. Might be a handy emergency solution. Cheap and tiny. Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Black was highly rated. I'm buying one because my wife gets cold in Phoenix Arizona!
Andrew Haigh
Andrew Haigh 23 dagar sedan
Hope you're new heater arrives quickly guys!
Michael Dobson
Michael Dobson 23 dagar sedan
I can’t believe you can only have 6,7 to 15 amps of power. I guess it being a higher voltage in your area helps keep the amps down. Over here in Yankee land my little Beneteau 393 has two 30 amp shore power connections but at 120 vac. I’m such a power hog.
dirkmodica 23 dagar sedan
Johan, I completely agree with your philosophy on investing in a new piece of equipment rather than trying to try to bring to new life old stuff if the price difference is 50% only Apart from the money, iI think it’s also giving a value to your time which you have to invest in the repair. My raw water pump on the vp2003 started leaking - she is old like the boat/engine (32) years; I changed by routine the impeller and the paper gasket - so minimal investment of time and money - still leaking. Ordered new johnson raw water pump and will keep old one in the spare magazine. Do not want to have an issue when we are on summer cruise/holidays 400 nm far from home. What a nice spacious engine room! Ciao Dirk / centurion 38 / Genoa, Italy
Cathy Kiernan
Cathy Kiernan 23 dagar sedan
Can your heater run on K1 kerosene? Cleaner burn than diesel.
kjell pedersen
kjell pedersen 24 dagar sedan
Dere gjør så mange fine filmer. Lærer bort så mye til de mennesker som ser filmer du lager. Spennende følge dere her på youtube og facebook :) Gleder meg til dere gjør nye filmer. Får bli med å se dem. :) Lykke til videre. En hilsen fra Norge. Kom til Lofoten i sommer. Da kan vi møtes der :) Jeg skal seile til Russland. :) Blir dere med seile Nord Norge til Grensen til Russland ? :) Skal seile min egen båt. Den er liten. 43 fot er den. :)
Ola Osberg
Ola Osberg 24 dagar sedan
Hei. Jeg har fulgt dere fra starten og gleder meg over å følge dere. Jeg ser fra andre videoer fordelen med et selvslående forseil (selftacking jib). Både med tanken på å seile alene og ved mye vind i stedet for å reve genoaen og ødelegge formen på denne. Det er kanskje for sent med ny mast, men hva tenker dere om dette?
Juan S
Juan S 24 dagar sedan
You need a wooden stove to heat the internal part of the boat which most boats now have. This can be used as a alternate which you now have in case of a malfunction.
Cesar Dias
Cesar Dias 24 dagar sedan
Johan...Johan... The reason you took so long to find the problem with the heater was just because i didnt see your helper in action on this one :) You cant do any type of maintenance without Vera Help anymore :) Time to get her a little tool belt and let her do what she loves... helping daddy on repairs :) Cesar
07audis3 24 dagar sedan
Tips: Har man en kraftig böj nära värmaren så stannar den pga för hög värme, hade det felet på min. Ändrade om så det blev rakare och vips inget problem. 4.41min in i filmen ser jag en böj rätt nära värmaren. Är det insuget av luften eller är det värme ut på den?
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts 24 dagar sedan
Thanks for keeping it real, and for sailing where the warm weather sailors wouldn't dare.
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace 24 dagar sedan
Forgot to mention the inline filter sometimes requires replacing from unknown fuel contaminant.
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace 24 dagar sedan
With my camper, I run a 50/50 mix of Diesel and Kerosene....cleaner burn and never have needed to replace Glow-Plug or remove any soot. But am guessing your heater is fueled from your boats main tanks, so can't do the mix....Good luck with staying warm.......my wife just cuddles closer...LOL
curtisdesign 24 dagar sedan
Love your boat
Bill B.
Bill B. 24 dagar sedan
Johan, I love your patience, and I knew all along You would figure out your problem. Parts half the price of new heater, no contest there, You made the right choice, with replacement parts to spare. I am lot older than you, and it took me a long time to buy new instead of fixing the old. My wife thinks I'm just cheap. Safe travels.
EyeOfChorus 24 dagar sedan
I heard "off-road diesel" creates more soot than "road diesel". If the heater isn't old, a good manufacturer would send you a working replacement while they refurbished your old one.
Peter Sobocki
Peter Sobocki 25 dagar sedan
A wise choice I think. It is worth keeping the fan motor and trying to service it as a temporary spare. You wit likely find the bearings are seizing. I have rebuilt countless electric motors, from tiny CPU and PC fans to large industrial motors. These smaller motors are often bushed phosphor bronze or a self lubricating sintered bearings which eventually get caked up with metallic sludgeand dirt. They then overheat and dry out. Cleaning them out even with a bit of WD40 will generally give themsome extra usable life.
Frank Rice
Frank Rice 25 dagar sedan
It looks cold but then again I am the only man that wears long John in FLORDIA DURING the summer months KID YOU NOT
SV Happy Monday’s
SV Happy Monday’s 25 dagar sedan
small job takes all day,I hear you brother :)
Dave Boyd
Dave Boyd 25 dagar sedan
When i had an issue with cold, an old salty dog told me about placing a clay flower pot upside down on the gas ring, with the gas on low, the heat is tremendous from it.
Jimmy Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone 25 dagar sedan
We got that storm on NE Scotland too. Gales from NNE. The heater issue was a frustration for you but at least now you know what is wrong.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach 25 dagar sedan
Refleks. For liveaboards: Refleks. Different versions for different boatsizes, with or without warm water sleeves, and first choice quality. They even have a version for trawlers which basically is a central water heating. I had a couple, and I would not try webastos or eberspächers for longterm use again. Even had an elder Refleks I took off a customers boat, revised it and built it into a workshop-trailer I kept for some years with that thing flawlessly working winter for winter 24/7 to keep resins and chemicals from freezing when I was out working in cold worksites. Get one. They might even give You a good price with 118 k subbies. You won't regret it, should You plan to keep grazing Your home coasts for another year or so, you'll ask Yourself why You didn't get one way earlier when You'll have used it the first week.
Andy Bushnell
Andy Bushnell 25 dagar sedan
Time to go to the med. :)
KandiSueTheBlue 25 dagar sedan
Thank you for the video. Really enjoyed it.😎🌬⛵🦘⚓
qmmo 25 dagar sedan
How much would it cost to have a spare heater on the shelf? Cold is just really unpleasant as it seeps into the soul x
HellyWelly93 25 dagar sedan
Sweden is so beautiful 😍
Roy Clare
Roy Clare 25 dagar sedan
Brrrrr ...... 🥶...... a cold story, but warmly told! 🎉💯👌🏽
Marlon Ramos
Marlon Ramos 25 dagar sedan
I love you guys.! You really have a different spin to life and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Safe travels and keep on keeping on 😎
zoidberg444 25 dagar sedan
You know I think if I had a diesel heater I would probably just get two of those cheap Chinese ones so I had a back up. There is always something that needs fixing on a boat. Glad to know you guys are OK. I haven't watched much sailing content lately, I think you picked a pretty good time to go back to Sweden from your globe trotting adventures. Seems like one of the only countries that hasn't succumbed to total hysteria this last year.
Victor Raymond
Victor Raymond 25 dagar sedan
So sorry you had to go through this in the Winter. We have the same Airtronic on our boat in Norway. Fortunately if it goes bad we also have a Refleks so we won’t freeze to death. Even with a house I always Eliezer in two sources of heat and one that does not depend on electricity. I think your final decision was good although one always thinks twice about buying a product again that fails so easily.
urlkrueger 25 dagar sedan
Heater broken? Don't worry, just cuddle more.
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr 25 dagar sedan
I used to work on those Airtronic heaters, biggest piece of crap . You need the fault code tool they sell.
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 25 dagar sedan
Totally enjoying the new quiet and comfy lifestyle of your channel. ✨ 💕 ✨ ✌️ 🌞
Bill Mahlerwein
Bill Mahlerwein 25 dagar sedan
Rhys Hughes
Rhys Hughes 25 dagar sedan
That is hands down the most beautiful sky shot of a habour town i've seen. Those high white facia gable houses look wonderful.
Bill Mahlerwein
Bill Mahlerwein 25 dagar sedan
Andrew Colvin
Andrew Colvin 25 dagar sedan
Sea foam diesel additive will help clean
Michael Carron
Michael Carron 25 dagar sedan
Is it a loose wire connection to the fan, melted insulation? The fan inside has a short? Is there a reset for the heater computer? Have you heard about a portable heater called Mr.Buddy? It runs off of propane.
Marc Lawyer
Marc Lawyer 25 dagar sedan
Our house is about 60°F so 55 is not too cold, but damp is the real problem...we enjoy your videos and it's setting up a trip to Sweden one day: especially with your sensible approach to Covid. I agree that computers make life easier, until they stop working and then life stops 😳 💪🤞
Gary Froeschner
Gary Froeschner 25 dagar sedan
Gota stay worm.
Sailing Yacht Frida’ af Wisby
Sailing Yacht Frida’ af Wisby 25 dagar sedan
Typiskt att värmen lägger av när det är så kallt men som vanligt så tar ni det lungt
vicky w s m
vicky w s m 25 dagar sedan
Oh I so sympathise with you, our house boiler is on the blink and being cold is not fun, especially on a boat! I’m looking forward to next week, when hopefully yours and ours will be sorted! At least Vera didn’t seem to mind too much but all those hours trying to fix it, must have been demoralising.
Asen Naydenov
Asen Naydenov 25 dagar sedan
Hej, det var samma fel på min Planar värmare. Motorn började låta lite konstigt några veckor innan semestern. Fick typs att beställa en Kinesisk värmare från EBay DE ca 1200 sek just in case (5 arbetsdagar leveranstid med DHL). Gissa vad, Planar värmaren gick sönder redan förta kvällen... Att byta ut den har tagit max 1 timme ( samma dimension på avgas, bränsle och luft). Sedan dess min båt har en fungerande värmare redan i 3 år.
Giles Pargiter
Giles Pargiter 25 dagar sedan
Awkward that heater problem. I often think they are designed to solve a problem that doesn't exist. When you consider the batteries, charging and generating equipment needed to operate one not to mention fuel capacity, they take up a massive amount of space and resources. Just to give a sting in the tail need to be perfectly set up and even then are often unreliable. V's a wood or solid fuel burner or even a solid fuel burner with a primus cooker type burner in it - no electric, no computer, completely under immediate control.
slisand 25 dagar sedan
i was confused, cause you installed a Planar I thought. But now i checked it. it comes with the new boat. ok. i also live on board in germany, cold north. i have installed 2 same heaters (planar 4). and i can change (with the same stuff in the box to put out) the airtubes. so if i have a problem i can handle it easier and have not 7 Degrees in the morning. I now what you mean with that.
Mads Tofte
Mads Tofte 25 dagar sedan
You probably have solved the heater problem by now, but even so: have you checked that the air intake tube allows free flow of air? I had an overheating problem on my Webasto heater and it turned out to be partly blocked/collapsed air tube that caused it.
mcd5082 25 dagar sedan
Look at a wabasto heater. They are supposed to be excellent.
MegaTriumph1 25 dagar sedan
Get an Honda generator 2200. Always have a back up system.
James Sprague
James Sprague 25 dagar sedan
You have so much patience! I would have likely thrown it overboard!
STEVEN HOLTON 26 dagar sedan
Why not run the engine for heat..just until the next rainy day?
Santy Clause
Santy Clause 26 dagar sedan
I dunno what's wrong with your heater really, but my old gas space heater the thermocouple would be placed too close to the pilot light after a maintenance clean and re-install. This bi-metal thermocouple opened a thermostatic control valve that shut off the gas: intended for temperature control. Maintenance begins when soot clogs the pilot flame, over time the pilot flame dims and burns weakly, which more or less prevents the primary jets staying open properly: kind of a Push-and-Pull system. So the heater appears to not work. After a maintenance cleanout soot inside the pipe was vacuumed out from the pilot nozzle. New problem, the thermocouple is now too close to the blazing pilot light. Because the pilot flame jet can glow like a Saturn 5 Rocket launch. after it is cleaned. The old units like this could produce carbon monoxide, sometimes killed people, gave others headaches, and the model was recalled by the manufacturer.
derek wilkinson
derek wilkinson 26 dagar sedan
How strange, last week I commented how your boat always looks so warm and cosy.
Jimmie Clostio
Jimmie Clostio 26 dagar sedan
Hello there ran into the same problems even bought a new heater The problem is your exhaust pipe and muffler is probably carving up that was what was wrong with mine
Jack M.
Jack M. 26 dagar sedan
I enjoyed the episode. Never a dull moment, huh?! Thank goodness Johan is so handy w/ these unexpected boat projects. Thanks for sharing. See you next week :) Life is good~
james jamesbond
james jamesbond 26 dagar sedan
I was wondering does this motor have brushes....could very well be just the brushes on the motor . Also there are capacitor start on some if these . Could be the capacitor. Sleeve bearings could be siezed These are relatively easy to replace . Electrical failure is rarely the issue . Yes I am a tech... Fairwinds from the @captains.chair
William LaBarre
William LaBarre 26 dagar sedan
HOPE you have a standalone CO alarm/monitor in-cabin!!!
BRADFORD ROE 26 dagar sedan
After being on the water for over 65 years, when I am asked, I tell people you Need to be a pretty good mechanic and electrician to own a boat. When they aren't, I tell them to take up golf....
M Swede
M Swede 26 dagar sedan
You have heater issues, we have air conditioning issues. Always something! All the best.
Bryan Hebden
Bryan Hebden 26 dagar sedan
I think you made a smart decision by ordering a new heater as one never knows what 'rabbit hole' lies ahead when fixing a heater that doesn't work. On another note, I really like the villages you are visiting but wonder how the houses that are right on the water manage their sewage? From what I can see, most of the ground is bedrock so a septic field would be impossible. I find it hard to believe that they would discharge their waste directly into the water.
Ken Davis
Ken Davis 26 dagar sedan
Funny, even on land when something breaks it cost 50% of a new one to fix it..
Anton Kramer
Anton Kramer 26 dagar sedan
I live onboard too, and a heating system failure always and only happens in the winter. Because of that, I have 2 independent heating systems on diesel and propane, and a portable petroleum heater. and also Brüder Mannesmann petroleum lamp that emits a lot of heat. My diesel Chinese diesel heater that I bought last year on aliexpress for 120,- euro keeps my boat comfortable with 1,5 liter fuel a day. and beats my Trumatic propane heater in fuel consumption and efficiency.
Михаил Калинин
Михаил Калинин 26 dagar sedan
Inrrestny story. Thank you for the geolocation. Marked on the map). As soon as the Covid restrictions are lifted we will also go there
Norman Boyes
Norman Boyes 26 dagar sedan
The price of spare parts for all ‘appliances’ is a bummer and forces you into replacing the whole shebang for the logical rationale you explained. That’s the society we live in now. PS: Got a Marine Traffic alert for RAN in San Diego yesterday. Confused me for a moment.😂
John Mayer
John Mayer 26 dagar sedan
One of my friends at the docks was living on his boat almost all the time last winter and had his heater running 24/7. A very cheap russian product causing no trouble at all.
Sonador HogeBomen
Sonador HogeBomen 26 dagar sedan
Thank you for telling how to pronounce the name of Fiskebäckskil, i have been there in that same harbour and found it just a beautifull place. But never knew how to pronounce the name, ate some pretty good kebab there in a little restaurant nearby the harbour. Did you also visit the house of Carl Wilhemlson? I always enjoy your videos, and watch every one of them.
latido 26 dagar sedan
When your wife says things like: "Will you get it right?" and "When did we do this last time?" prepare for a full day of repair works without the desired result! She knows and deep down you also know that it is not just soot build-up.... I love weekends with new episodes of Ran Sailing!
dirk bomans
dirk bomans 26 dagar sedan
You're better of buying 5 Chinese heaters. Then you have 4 spares and still spend less money ;-)
Skatingmeg 26 dagar sedan
Are you able to burn kerosene? We switched our diesel heater to kerosene and never had choking issues again.
AKTrapper 26 dagar sedan
I like the way you think about repairing it or replacing it. Half the cost of a new one for the parts ....... replace it for sure and in kind makes perfect sense because of installation ease and then the added benefit of have the old one for spare parts. Wisdom is with you.
Greg H
Greg H 26 dagar sedan
full day working on the boat beats a half day at work.
OwlNation Legal
OwlNation Legal 26 dagar sedan
I went thru 3 heaters; all had problems at the worst time...when it's cold. All had "factory parts" requirements; pain. A friend'/scientist who sails to the Arctic every year convinced me to build my own and run a simple computer fan (5 spares=$10) and a copper tube wrap to heat my onboard water and total cost was $80 plus chimney...also dirt cheap. This unit uses 1/8th the fuel of the best factory model on low and can handle much more fuel if I really crank it up; no problems. Another friend with a full Dickerson Arctic has problems with her unit. Mine will last 50 years, but no glow plug. Start fuel drip, wait 10 seconds, light and bang; heat. I would never trust a factory unit again.
Thomas Cooley
Thomas Cooley 26 dagar sedan
also i would remove the heater from the boat and try to run it with fuel treatment like sea foam in the fuel to break up the carbon but id fear it might catch fire if the carbon decides to burn lean so please dont try it in the boat
Thomas Cooley
Thomas Cooley 26 dagar sedan
check the muffler its probley clogged
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