🤣4-0! Bayern Munich vs Atletico Madrid🤣 (Champions League Parody Goals Highlights 2020 Tolisso)

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442oons Månad sedan
Get the updated 442oons Suuuper League Game👉🏻bnc.lt/xzHc/aMIpiA9ioN
Neon plaz
Neon plaz 22 timmar sedan
the game is easy thanks
Xbox bro6191
Xbox bro6191 24 dagar sedan
DanielPlaysThis 26 dagar sedan
@Аstghik Bakhchinyan da fu-
Orbelina Sanchez
Orbelina Sanchez 26 dagar sedan
Do the barca vs juve 2020
Аstghik Bakhchinyan
Аstghik Bakhchinyan 28 dagar sedan
Что я вижу 😡😡😡😡😡
Zaid Smadi
Zaid Smadi Dag sedan
If liverpool beat bayern I will kill my self
Miguel Gomes
Miguel Gomes 2 dagar sedan
If you ever feel useless...remember the person who made subtitles in English in 442oons songs
Johndoezerss 2 dagar sedan
i just realized bayern is kicking ass they win by a big margin all the time
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV 2 dagar sedan
What does PTSD do to a person? People with PTSD have intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings related to their experience that last long after the traumatic event has ended. They may relive the event through flashbacks or nightmares; they may feel sadness, fear or anger; and they may feel detached or estranged from other people.
Lior 2 dagar sedan
In the rap battle Suarez blew him up inside of a rocket or something
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 3 dagar sedan
Who knew these vids could be educational on mental health?
Kwame Ngure
Kwame Ngure 4 dagar sedan
Why didn't he make 20/21 cl song
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 4 dagar sedan
You know something’s up when *Müller* gets the Teeth Solo
Rcheek D
Rcheek D 5 dagar sedan
what do u mean ptsd
Milán Palesch
Milán Palesch 5 dagar sedan
What Luis Suarez 1st atlecito madrid UEFA match
Thomas Mehari
Thomas Mehari 5 dagar sedan
Jorje Perez
Jorje Perez 7 dagar sedan
Whis 7 dagar sedan
Who’s here after Spain 6-0 Germany?
Alexzander Hussein
Alexzander Hussein 7 dagar sedan
Spain laughs in 6 0
love solom love solom
love solom love solom 9 dagar sedan
SUAREZ like lfc
love solom love solom
love solom love solom 9 dagar sedan
Luis SUAREZ ptsd
Dastan Bputra
Dastan Bputra 12 dagar sedan
Messi game is just 2x worse
Tamaș Cosmin
Tamaș Cosmin 12 dagar sedan
What is ptsd??
trflash rooms
trflash rooms 13 dagar sedan
bayern beat msn 8-2 messi 12-2 suarez 1-0 neymar
JaredHasARedNose 14 dagar sedan
4-0 just like LFC soo peaceful ☺😊😚
ItzJustBacon 14 dagar sedan
rip Suarez
PiggyHorror2020 YT
PiggyHorror2020 YT 14 dagar sedan
COD 4 MW but it’s football 1:05
PiggyHorror2020 YT
PiggyHorror2020 YT 14 dagar sedan
Luis-_-Suarez_ATM-took the easy way out 1:05
Kofi Adom Adumoah - Nortey
Kofi Adom Adumoah - Nortey 14 dagar sedan
The dark arts turned their back on suarez sorry Luis 😈👿
PES MONSTER 15 dagar sedan
The South Korean boy band!!!! ARMYssssss saranghae💜💜💜
BTSJIMIN Army 13 dagar sedan
The Beautiful GameHD
The Beautiful GameHD 15 dagar sedan
The Beautiful GameHD
The Beautiful GameHD 15 dagar sedan
mehdi Chefaoui
mehdi Chefaoui 15 dagar sedan
Super Frank Lampard
Super Frank Lampard 16 dagar sedan
2:01 😡
A Gaffar
A Gaffar 16 dagar sedan
Bayern Munich 12 - 2 Suarez club football wkwkwkwkwk :>
Na Yosa
Na Yosa 16 dagar sedan
PTSD HAHA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Declin Cowell
Declin Cowell 16 dagar sedan
Muller tho 😂🤐
LonelyKipchak 17 dagar sedan
Poor Oblak.
Pandka Ruda
Pandka Ruda 17 dagar sedan
Why is Tolisso so underrated?
Waaga beryay media
Waaga beryay media 17 dagar sedan
At wanda metropolitano🔥
Portia Rawden
Portia Rawden 17 dagar sedan
Man U? 5-0?
CHRIS ROSS 18 dagar sedan
Eric Castro
Eric Castro 18 dagar sedan
Idc atleti are still doing good
Muhhammed Yazeen
Muhhammed Yazeen 19 dagar sedan
0:03 - coach full of bastards lol
69 Is the magic number
69 Is the magic number 19 dagar sedan
#2020MULLERThomas Muller for comedian of the year
You don't know me
You don't know me 21 dag sedan
442oons petition to make bayern 6-2 RB salzburg
Kristijan Stojić
Kristijan Stojić 21 dag sedan
Kristijan Stojić
Kristijan Stojić 21 dag sedan
Hahaha Bayern Munchen Win
Nico Joshua
Nico Joshua 21 dag sedan
Atleast we are not lose 8-2 :') #AupaAtleti
Gromosław Załuska
Gromosław Załuska 22 dagar sedan
0:38 Teeth film
Iker Arauz
Iker Arauz 22 dagar sedan
Mohamed Dragon
Mohamed Dragon 22 dagar sedan
Mohamed Dragon
Mohamed Dragon 22 dagar sedan
Mohamed Dragon
Mohamed Dragon 22 dagar sedan
nilo playz
nilo playz 22 dagar sedan
Luis:I have PTSD Me:what is PTSD Mybrain:is PTSD pain that sucks di nevermind
ivan karomi
ivan karomi 22 dagar sedan
The winer is bayern
maritza salgado
maritza salgado 23 dagar sedan
Rethabile Sebotsa
Rethabile Sebotsa 23 dagar sedan
HELLO MY Favorite toons
Rethabile Sebotsa
Rethabile Sebotsa 23 dagar sedan
nacho history
nacho history 23 dagar sedan
I now luis is not "you can kill a person who's dead"
Nikola Nikodijevic
Nikola Nikodijevic 24 dagar sedan
4:0 Lose atleti no is Suarez crey
Gошо човека
Gошо човека 24 dagar sedan
sreekar Thothadri
sreekar Thothadri 24 dagar sedan
Deborup Sanyal
Deborup Sanyal 25 dagar sedan
@442oons please bring back Arsene Fan TV!
LaZe Ejoseph2009
LaZe Ejoseph2009 25 dagar sedan
AnYoNe WaTcHiNg In NuRsErY
XY GAMING 25 dagar sedan
"it's just the sad arts"
Стас Плюс
Стас Плюс 25 dagar sedan
Bayern 2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow
Стас Плюс
Стас Плюс 25 dagar sedan
Nathanael Marcello
Nathanael Marcello 25 dagar sedan
Then: Benatia and Boateng: "oh i look so silly Now: Messi and Suarez: "oh i look so silly"
Nathanael Marcello
Nathanael Marcello 25 dagar sedan
Lewangoalski: Pass to lewangoalski(now he's like ronaldo)
Viernes _3C
Viernes _3C 26 dagar sedan
When you realize that the actual song is only half of the video.
Viernes _3C
Viernes _3C 26 dagar sedan
What’s strange is that before I watched 442oons I was a Die Mannschaft and FC Bayern Munich fan and thanks to Thomas, I still am😂
Nir Aizik
Nir Aizik 26 dagar sedan
0:08 should have been Golisso
x Julianos x
x Julianos x 26 dagar sedan
0:13 Even strips were of the same color
info design
info design 27 dagar sedan
Luis 2 0
Pardhu Seemakurthi
Pardhu Seemakurthi 27 dagar sedan
love you 442oons I am addicted to your videos theyr;e so good where do you get these ideas?
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 27 dagar sedan
What does PTSD mean?
YėėT Mæśťėŕ
YėėT Mæśťėŕ 27 dagar sedan
Poor Luis
Devante Jackson
Devante Jackson 27 dagar sedan
The thumbnail for this is basically the same as liverpool barca same colors same score same suarez
Marco WGF
Marco WGF 27 dagar sedan
No sad luis
Electron 27 dagar sedan
Well they're gonna struggle as they act like when they were against Lokomotive
Ryan Cassar
Ryan Cassar 27 dagar sedan
I was half in hysterics
Lucy Heartfillia
Lucy Heartfillia 27 dagar sedan
My fav part was *Luiz shoots himself* Thomas: Oh schiesse Phew! Hes still breathing Poor Luiz Hes just tried to kill himself and it still wasnt the most dramatic shot of the evenin #tolisso didnt get it until i watched de match highlights btw great vid 442oons keep it up
Miki125 28 dagar sedan
Jan Oblak deserves better club
gurman6 28 dagar sedan
0:08 the names
MikeSports 138
MikeSports 138 28 dagar sedan
Κανενας ελληνας
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan 28 dagar sedan
I miss suarez at fc barcelona 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's 28 dagar sedan
Dean will there be a group stage song this year?
SEPE GUY ALAIN BARGA 28 dagar sedan
Même au Barça et a Atletico Müller humillie Suarez
אורי משאט
אורי משאט 28 dagar sedan
he's such a comedian
Logan John
Logan John 28 dagar sedan
Im not concern about Luis im more concern that Muller took out a whole guitar out of his ass 🤣
Camren Ashcroft
Camren Ashcroft 28 dagar sedan
Nick Matema
Nick Matema 28 dagar sedan
"Just like LFC" who else noticed Atleti is wearing the same colours
ABHIKALP SHEKHAR 28 dagar sedan
When facing Bayern , " Suarez should wear a "WHY ALWAYS ME ?" jersey beneath his atleti one
pes fifa
pes fifa 29 dagar sedan
1:25 t- shirt of bar qatar airways not rakuten
Hosham Tambl
Hosham Tambl 29 dagar sedan
Hosham Tambl
Hosham Tambl 29 dagar sedan
Bayer hates Luis, and I like the
yassin mostafa
yassin mostafa 29 dagar sedan
So. Good
Das Alter Geiler Schwede
Das Alter Geiler Schwede 29 dagar sedan
The ,, Oh Scheiße " killed me 😂🤣
Bhawesh YT
Bhawesh YT 29 dagar sedan
This song is very thoughtful I had to listen it for 3 days
Ares 29 dagar sedan
Suarez:Nothing scares me except that thing it scares me *Bayern Munich*
EDWIN 29 dagar sedan
Yay Greenwood and Foden are friends
Yay Greenwood and Foden are friends 29 dagar sedan
Nice teeth man
Adriel Shawn
Adriel Shawn 29 dagar sedan
Jarek Browne
Jarek Browne 29 dagar sedan
Mr Dean I cannot join please do not tease me for it
Marija Andonova Ristova
Marija Andonova Ristova Månad sedan
1:06 aaahhh oh schiessa
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