$250,000 for a High School Science Student

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The story of three impressive high school science projects. Can you guess which student won $250,000 in the #RegeneronSTS? Applications open June 1: bit.ly/2HkLXT1 This video was sponsored by Regeneron. The Science Talent Search was founded and produced by the Society for Science and the Public.
Huge thanks to the students: Ronak Roy, Ana Humphrey, and Anjali Chadha. It was great getting to meet all of you and learn about your original scientific research.
Special thanks to Assistant Professor Konstantin Batygin for discussing Ana's research and Planet 9 with me. More is coming on the Planet 9 front.
Ronak came up with a new design for the phoropter, the device used to determine eye-glass prescriptions. It's basically been unchanged for 200 years. Using a liquid lens, he miniaturized the device and wrote an algorithm to determine your prescription.
Ana used math and physics to search for hidden exoplanets. There are a number of reasons why the transit method and Kepler telescope may have missed them: they're too small, too inclined, or take too long to orbit and so were not seen. By considering which planetary systems have additional space for more planets, Ana came up with 560 locations where we may look again for planets in future.
Anjali developed an internet enabled device for measuring arsenic concentrations in drinking water. The device performs several chemical reactions to release the arsenic into a measurable state. It then reacts the arsenic with a test strip to produce a color output. This color is sampled by a camera and processed to determine the concentration of arsenic in the water sample. This has significant potential applications around the world helping reduce exposure to arsenic and potentially other contaminants.
Filming by Raquel Nuno

Raja Muda DiGunung SeriMaha Malapetaka
Raja Muda DiGunung SeriMaha Malapetaka 23 timmar sedan
I imagine that one of the candidate is the blue shirt boy in the vid How Indian react to T Series vs Pewdiepie, he kind a smart too, plus he also Indian judging by all candidates here is Indian
graphene 28 dagar sedan
Two of them were of Indian origin.... Jai hind
Antu Sikder
Antu Sikder 29 dagar sedan
I do have ideas but I born at bangladesh so it can't be share. so sad
İbrahim Ethem GÖZE
İbrahim Ethem GÖZE Månad sedan
Is that you . . . . . . Mr Beast?!
Pit bull
Pit bull Månad sedan
I envy these students. Im in college, sometimes I struggle with chemistry and math topics, and look where she is. She will probably win a noble prize for her work in the future, and I hope she does.
How and from where did they learn to build microchips, lenses, different computer stuffs at high school, i have never seen that 😐😐, but always wanted to learn these things since childhood. Does their school teach that, if yes, what a great school😃.
P J Månad sedan
Well let me guess....the guy with the eye machine and the water one are Indians
Naranbaatar Månad sedan
yaay we can find new planets that we cant even see nor will visit nor will do anything benefiting, but i guess its good
Destructo X-6
Destructo X-6 Månad sedan
Jeez they’re smart Me ? I barely passed my school
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni Månad sedan
I am constantly feeling like a stupid pig while watching this...
Varada Kulkarni
Varada Kulkarni 2 månader sedan
2 out of 3 were Indian😎😎😎
shrinidhi kulkarni
shrinidhi kulkarni 2 månader sedan
First guy should have won
Matt M
Matt M 2 månader sedan
IMO I thought the first guy had the most clever project and should have won. The girl who won just seems like someone who applied simple calculus, algebra, and existent hypotheses with a data science approach in a clever way. It seems like a data science project someone might do in a Masters or PhD dissertation. Impressive for a high school student, but I genuinely think the first guy should have won. His project was multidisciplinary and solved a real world problem. He had to manufacture and engineer that physical tool he designed as well as calibrate it with an iPhone application he has entirely designed himself. People underestimate the complexity of iPhone applications to begin with...
Prem Sagar Prasad
Prem Sagar Prasad 2 månader sedan
Proud to be an Indian
Ayushman Roy
Ayushman Roy 2 månader sedan
Its interesting how 2 out of the 3 were indian American
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 3 månader sedan
Kinda cringed when the girl at 6:28 pronounced her own surname wrong
Doc Julien
Doc Julien 3 månader sedan
(reads the title) Ok it's a bit steep but u get to own them for life right? (watches video) well damn
Mario Gaffuri
Mario Gaffuri 3 månader sedan
9:21 he knew
Roshan Khengare
Roshan Khengare 3 månader sedan
Wish India had the same.Talent over here just getting ruined and drained because of the race of marks & placements.There are very little or no opportunity for the real knowledge.But I guess this scenario would change soon.
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf 3 månader sedan
I'd give it to the optic guy, but i don't junk he one. The water one is awesome, but not sure if it is too complicated. Great to assess water, but the objective is to clean it, right? It doesn't do that. But they'll pick the planet girl. No 0me wants to empower productive solutions to empower people on earth. Just keep it a dream and hope.
Gauri Athalye
Gauri Athalye 4 månader sedan
Indians are real smart thinkers
XerRact 11
XerRact 11 4 månader sedan
90% of them are Asia WTF
XerRact 11
XerRact 11 4 månader sedan
Now she won't have college debt
Jonathan Siskind
Jonathan Siskind 5 månader sedan
My next door neighbor won third place in Regeneron two years ago; his name is Arjun Ramani; he is probably gonna change the world or win a Nobel Prize in his lifetime
Mátyás Oláh
Mátyás Oláh 5 månader sedan
I notice Gwyn's theme song at the awarding ceremony (8:48), the final boss of Dark Souls 1. svfrom.info/history/video/caVvp4fMt8ancbo Am I mistaken?
Adam Dymke
Adam Dymke 6 månader sedan
The girl from the DuPoint Highschool made a sensor that detects toxic chemicals in drinking water. I cant figure out if that is ironic or just logical.
Ismail Shahzad
Ismail Shahzad 6 månader sedan
Okay so guys, remember the first kid with the phoropter, he actually made it into MIT, but I guess it was just expected after his mind blowing project
gopi singh
gopi singh 6 månader sedan
two of the three students that he picked were of indian origin and im proud of that . they would hardly have achieved it if they were still in india .indian education system sucks.corruption and competition in india are really high,that is why i would love to migrate to the west.
van Hogh
van Hogh 8 månader sedan
I love watching videos of absolutely brilliant people like this one. They remind me of how much of a hack I am.
KARAN Singh 8 månader sedan
i am getting lost..........
Andrew Dojlido
Andrew Dojlido 8 månader sedan
Franz Peter Vitor
Franz Peter Vitor 8 månader sedan
Good day, I'm kindly asking your help to contact Ronak Roy, I'm an BS-Astronomy student from Philippines. I'm conducting a research or more like applying his invention in other feild. I need his sources and I need his recommendation. Please help me.
Wizney Lord
Wizney Lord 9 månader sedan
as a sophomore, it's wayyyyyyy to late. Christ, when did these kids start?! well, my brain isn't built that way, unfortunately. Congratulations to these guys for being the geniuses the world needs right now.
Imran Qureshi
Imran Qureshi 9 månader sedan
The first two projects were great, but I couldn't understand how the last project worked. Some reagent that converts solid arsenic into a gas and then uploads the values to an online database?
Vatsal_ Negi
Vatsal_ Negi 9 månader sedan
That astro physics girl is damn mathmeticaly hot....
Saijai S
Saijai S 11 månader sedan
Wow I know Ana she’s so amazing
William North
William North 11 månader sedan
If only i was American then i could enter
bila lagi?
bila lagi? 11 månader sedan
2:05 my mind already hyped
Valen Noronha
Valen Noronha 11 månader sedan
These Indians kids born and brought up in the USA have such thick American accents that they cannot pronounce their own Indian names right. Also, they’re all BRILLIANT!🇮🇳
spock 11 månader sedan
High school??? They look like 30 years old
Wookien 11 månader sedan
"1 in 50 chance of winning 25k" yeah-no that's not how it works. You only have that chance if you're actually smart
1ugly2mer 11 månader sedan
I feel so stupid
K Deronimo
K Deronimo 11 månader sedan
idk if i can handle any more amazement so im pausing at 3:38 until tomorrow.
Preetam Bebarta JNvDiSPfnV
Preetam Bebarta JNvDiSPfnV 11 månader sedan
Love your channel brother
G S 11 månader sedan
why no white students. what a messed up country
Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson 11 månader sedan
Beautiful minds
AK ✔️
AK ✔️ 11 månader sedan
I see a lot of Mr Beast style inspiration in your vids. Its okay to be inspired. 😜
Kia Ho
Kia Ho 11 månader sedan
Congrats Ronak! Hope you're having a good time at MIT!
Intersect 11 månader sedan
She's in Harvard now!
Y F År sedan
typical people, I don't think she deserves that the most in this situation, it's highly professional and good work, but I think the most thing would have help human is that water tester... but there are more than enough people which wanna others to die
Megarocket16 År sedan
9:20 that guy looks like Bill Gates
2 out of these students are Indian. Now, i see why NASA has about 36% of indian scientist. Indians are genius.
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar År sedan
4.24 Please I Request Can Anyone,Please Can Anyone Explain This Me In Detail.......Please.........Please.....
Prateek Shukla
Prateek Shukla År sedan
And here I am considering myself a "smart guy" after reading some light PopSci... Relatable anyone?
Dinesh Mohapatra
Dinesh Mohapatra År sedan
2 out of 3 are of indian origin😊😊
Arne Cl
Arne Cl År sedan
Jeezzz... they let high school students handle HgBr2 in america?!
mohammad ali sadeghi
mohammad ali sadeghi År sedan
ronak roy should've won that cuz he made something so useful but ana Humphrey she did very hard and intelligent work but it's not as useful as Ronak work.
where are my beans
where are my beans År sedan
I half kinda wanna know how she actually THOUGHT about really fitting a planet with serious calculations. Damn. Here I am struggling with trigonometry :(
Newage År sedan
I think the first kid in invention even the third kids invention was better for Humanity why would they Grant $250,000 four planets who don't have a use for our world that's what's wrong with colleges these days wow
Funny Memes
Funny Memes År sedan
I had no idea what the second person said... I need to rewatch this...
Political Boffin, PhD
Political Boffin, PhD År sedan
Wow! And wow! I'm a retired certified Texas high school teacher. These students blow it out of the park. Eaglegards...
John Doe
John Doe År sedan
Stay EZ My Friends
Stay EZ My Friends År sedan
When I was in high school I was stealing cigarettes and getting beaten at home.
Sixta16 År sedan
I guessed the winner correctly. The first and last were nothing interesting, nor really innovative. Just an application of existing technology. I wish the winner good luck!
Jelly År sedan
That third kid was in the science fair documentary, she was really rude and ugh... idk i couldn’t stand her.
MrFazerus År sedan
i would always vote for science chicks, I just love femine intelligence and combination of brain and tits;) no offence its just my 4% neanderthal brain speaking;)
zerrez År sedan
is it just me or did he get one kind of a biological project another one that is more about physics and one more on chemistry
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma År sedan
Why am I not surprised seeing two Indian Origin students in this video
JC guy
JC guy År sedan
This is amazing!
Abduxp År sedan
that girl was really passionate about it but i dont see it practicly its all on papers but who knows
Osiiris År sedan
Just so you just know the third girl, Anjali Chadha was followed in the documentary called "Science Fair" based on the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. It was the same project as this one but less refined so its good that she continued working on it. The documentary also featured some other really smart kids including one that won the whole thing that year.
gone with the wind
gone with the wind År sedan
here you go ...Two Indians
Phenomenal Physics
Phenomenal Physics År sedan
If you ever feel useless remember there are subtitles in 'minions' movie
KelvinChiuFilms År sedan
Look at the diversity :)
Ahmed El Sokkary
Ahmed El Sokkary År sedan
the third kid is hiding something , or lying , something is wrong with her reactions.
Ανδρέας Στέλλας
Ανδρέας Στέλλας År sedan
ok but still no money for me that i found a way to roll a joint while i am driving my car, right? so rigged
Brandaccount År sedan
I made wireless charger in 9th grade back 4 years and thought I was the smartest kid.
Josny13 År sedan
*Why* did the girl with the seemingly incomplete theory get the prize?! Maybe it's because I don't know enough about solar systems and planetary orbits, but I have a lot of questions. Such as: What about elliptical orbits? What about (elliptical) orbits that never cross their sun from our perspective/angle? If anything, it looks to me like her result was a mathematical way to show the flaws in this "stuffed solar system hypothesis". Maybe that was the point? It's useful for sure, but the other projects show things we can put to use. The guy with the optics had a fully realized model of that can be bought and put into production immediately. If this money was supposed to go to an idea that needed to be thought out more, I would understand. If anything, they *need* the money. While the guy with the optics probably just had to suck it up and take the millions offered from optics companies instead. Maybe I'm just going full paranoia here but: Unless the reason those heavy things are still around is because said companies make a lot of money from them, and this idea, though superior, will lose them money. In which case it looks like some people payed these guys to let the solar girl win in order to avoid the new idea from getting out. Which wouldn't be the first time. (See the fake studies on lead being safe so the companies could keep selling it. And 2 people (Herbert Needleman and Clair Cameron Patterson) who were accused by lead companies of scientific misconduct so as to prevent the fact that their lead was poisoning people from getting out. ) ..I watch too much John Oliver..
Minhaj Shovon
Minhaj Shovon År sedan
Hi Indians :)
Exist64 År sedan
I feel so inadequate for not being good at math...
PRAKHAR År sedan
Glad to see that these so called Indians(n r i) are progressing
annarboriter År sedan
Did anybody doubt that the grand prize would be given to a young woman?
GermanSniper År sedan
Always great to keep seeing videos with geniuses to make you feel more and more worthless. And I don't even have the right to complain because If I hadn't wasted my time I could have been like this too. I wish so freaking hard that I could go back 10 years. I'll just do what I do now and try to improve on that. Maybe and just maybe I will be able to become someone with a worth of at least 1/10000th of these people.
Jeremy Villalobos
Jeremy Villalobos År sedan
I guessed right. The reason is that the first and last were engineering innovations and not science innovations. Simple fix is to have two different contests because engineering solutions are worth celebrating. It is a common mistake. The difference between science and engineering should be part of common popular knowledge. With science you have a theory that is new and you have a plan to falsify. You gain from it knowledge that can be used as a stepping stone to aquire more knowledge In engineering you are taking scientific knowledge that is established to improve the livelihood or lifestyle of humanity ( or destroy it in the case of weapons).
Wilhelm Weser
Wilhelm Weser År sedan
9:27 Handshake Fail
Alpha Wolfie
Alpha Wolfie År sedan
Level of a PhD damn
Fat Dotty
Fat Dotty År sedan
The third girl was annoying and gave me a headache
Deekshith Birwa
Deekshith Birwa År sedan
2 of 3 were Indians ✴️
David Binenfeld
David Binenfeld År sedan
I swear i had a similar idea to the glasses prescription thing(I don't know how to spell it in english) and the liquid lens, but I was just starting middle school so I didn't have the resources. Congratulations to the winner.
Dalmotion År sedan
High school kids: *Im so smart* Kids: *seperates iPad and food from kitchen and living room*
Majk Strand
Majk Strand År sedan
This is exactly what I did in high-school.
yourpalcliffy År sedan
Please make a video on Bitcoin..
ChoppedBlade År sedan
2 indians, 1 european
Greg Economan
Greg Economan År sedan
Congratulations to Anna. Now I if only I could understand anything she described. BTW, It's not her fault I don't understand. Eyesight device. Fantastic. Arsenic detection device. Fantastic. Congratulations to all. Considering that my science project in '68 was actually the vulcano thing............I am blown away by the intelligence of some of today's "kids".
Freggel År sedan
guys next year im gonna test if poop can be used to grow clones.
Based af
Based af År sedan
wow. thats awesome.
Sudarshan Kadam
Sudarshan Kadam År sedan
Hello.., I am proud Indian....😉😂
Goku17yen År sedan
the humprhey girl's math was so rudimentary tho lmfao, but still to find a new way to make use of it, great job!
Marco Magtulis
Marco Magtulis År sedan
Thankyou for making me stupid
Joshua Manasye
Joshua Manasye År sedan
You need wired earphone with remote wich hard to be found if u use apple product XD
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