13 Famous People with SURPRISING Cars

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Famous people love cars. But some celebrities have cars WAY more surpising than just your typical Rolls or Lambo. On this list we’ve got 13 famous people - from NFL players to SVfromrs - with unusual cars you might not expect. This is an A-List filled D-List!
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YBN Nahmir
YBN Nahmir 8 månader sedan
You know you’ve made it when Donut Media posts you. Lol
Skate Lord
Skate Lord 17 dagar sedan
How much HP your z gots homie
azzam_ Månad sedan
dang nice z
I Dunno
I Dunno Månad sedan
Bro love your z That body kit is so good
king creeper
king creeper Månad sedan
ya i only wish to even have my comment commented on my donut media
ridwan hussain
ridwan hussain Månad sedan
Holy shit
DownShift 2 timmar sedan
Gay fieti is sus amogus😳
Jeyson Suarez
Jeyson Suarez 9 timmar sedan
the guy who made the volks wagon beattle into whatever westcost custom made it in to is an idiot
Lunamaria 3 dagar sedan
Meek Mill is a smart man.. Up here in Canada they build great quality products!.. I say "they build", because i'm Japanese, living in Canada lol
Charlene Woods
Charlene Woods 3 dagar sedan
The abstracted reminder coincidently inject because ornament timely enjoy since a dysfunctional defense. third, real fur
Noah Nickisch
Noah Nickisch 3 dagar sedan
Love the Simmons reference
Felipe Santander
Felipe Santander 4 dagar sedan
where you read or learn all this
GoMhaaad 4 dagar sedan
of course the car companies would fix the cars for the rich people and not the poor ones.
Guilherme Almeida
Guilherme Almeida 4 dagar sedan
I expected Guy Fieri to have a Fiero
Gooutandlongboard 5 dagar sedan
Coming from the town she went to highschool in that's comically stereotypical Greenbrier cx
SWONG 6 dagar sedan
Legends never dieeeee.
SWONG 6 dagar sedan
I hope the show has crossovers with Top Gear USA
TheIcyWulf 7 dagar sedan
It's been a while since James has even said lightning
No use for a name.
No use for a name. 7 dagar sedan
In other words these fart smelling elites are hypocrites. Always preaching against fossil fuels and calling people rednecks for driving gas vehicles. Honestly I think most celebrities should drive their cars off a cliff.
TheIcyWulf 7 dagar sedan
Dude this is just an episode of D list, take your media content and go elsewhere
Brooker Chapelle
Brooker Chapelle 7 dagar sedan
What about T-Pains Pickle Rick Silvia
LIBERTY FREEDOM 7 dagar sedan
The Bugatti is pronounced "Shiron" not "Kyron". And it's spelled Chiron. But I think he was just being funny anyway.
johiidk 8 dagar sedan
I love you to!
TheIcyWulf 7 dagar sedan
YeetThe Skeet
YeetThe Skeet 8 dagar sedan
Added armour changes a suv into an auv (action utility vehicle)
Billy Merrill
Billy Merrill 9 dagar sedan
Annoying talk talk talk
JuanJose Oliva
JuanJose Oliva 9 dagar sedan
I was born in 2005 but yeah I met Conan and was on his show in 1993
Garrett Ritchie
Garrett Ritchie 9 dagar sedan
we dont love postys 1992 ford explorer, it has lambo doors, too ugly
BigPat_42 10 dagar sedan
Ybn nahmir has a lot of awesome cars one of the few with taste
Young Kenny Preach
Young Kenny Preach 11 dagar sedan
Young Kenny Preach
Young Kenny Preach 11 dagar sedan
If I was rich I’d buy a Toyota Tacoma, A Honda prelude, and an older Ford ranger
mastermason 12 dagar sedan
I only clicked on this because I have a 1994 ford lightning myself. (like the one lady gaga has, except mine isn't close to stock)
Steve Wihl
Steve Wihl 12 dagar sedan
Dumb shot calling a Taurus SHO “one of the original sleeper cars” Hey idiot. If you’re gonna have a car show know what the hell you’re talking about.
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 12 dagar sedan
Need lil uzis car in this
jaden yuki
jaden yuki 13 dagar sedan
Post Malona got the mamalona
jaden yuki
jaden yuki 13 dagar sedan
SVfrom be buying Lamborghinis that the car models got boring.
Kenntucky Krisrsp
Kenntucky Krisrsp 14 dagar sedan
5:07 is that what rockstar copied that from
Johnathan Harrington
Johnathan Harrington 15 dagar sedan
I want a 350z I loved the hi lows I wanna see more those
Daniel Galusha
Daniel Galusha 15 dagar sedan
4:00. RUINED. That oval window vw. 🤷🏼‍♂️💯😓
Jorge Ibañez
Jorge Ibañez 15 dagar sedan
When he said u made me up I started to think if my life is even real or mabye y’all are all a figment of my inagination
Rays Metal Tracks
Rays Metal Tracks 16 dagar sedan
My Acura RL has a dent - I better contact Acura and ask them for the Luda same type of repair and upgrades! (yea, I'll hold my breath 😁)
Rays Metal Tracks
Rays Metal Tracks 16 dagar sedan
GaGa has an El Camino and a 66 Mustang? I think I just became a fan.
Nick Lancaster
Nick Lancaster 16 dagar sedan
The Letterman car was surprising. My old neighbor had a 80's Volvo 245 with a Chevy V8 shoe-horned into it.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 16 dagar sedan
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Ford Shark
Ford Shark 17 dagar sedan
6:43 it would be better without the letters on the side.
firefly 1
firefly 1 17 dagar sedan
So let me get this straight you spent a day cutting up a dodge dekoda and made it into a flip-flop?
Lindsay R
Lindsay R 17 dagar sedan
Not *super* surprising but the late, great Alex Trebek loved his RAM trucks.
Old Hick
Old Hick 19 dagar sedan
I just clicked when I saw the ranger 😂
Silver View
Silver View 20 dagar sedan
I really want go get a 350Z one day. They're really sick
Kelly Bates
Kelly Bates 20 dagar sedan
900,000 to ruin a 58 beetle.
Turbo1602ti 20 dagar sedan
God, why are all wcc cars are ugly af?
Windom Earle
Windom Earle 20 dagar sedan
Thomas V
Thomas V 20 dagar sedan
You should see lil uzi verts collection. His R8 is amazing
Roimata Céitinn
Roimata Céitinn 21 dag sedan
Nahmir also has an fd that was sold to him by eought
Wayne Tee
Wayne Tee 21 dag sedan
Lady gaga is a fukn dude... no wonder it drives a truck.
Takumi UwU
Takumi UwU 22 dagar sedan
0:36 that auto tune 🤣🤣
Grandma M
Grandma M 22 dagar sedan
Ouch I’m Australia just ouch
Savage Z Cabbage
Savage Z Cabbage 22 dagar sedan
Some other people I think have some pretty sick cars are James Hetfield and Gabriel Iglesias
Dr. Lokovec
Dr. Lokovec 23 dagar sedan
629,000 DOLLARS MOMY!!!
Tasty Burger
Tasty Burger 23 dagar sedan
really makes me feel comfortable that my dream car is a subaru legacy 1999 gt sedan, the best beauty on the planet
Joe Monstermaker
Joe Monstermaker 23 dagar sedan
It’s hard to sit through a car video done by someone who very clearly doesn’t know anything about cars
Crazy camaro kid
Crazy camaro kid 25 dagar sedan
0:01 MONEY
Zach Mundy
Zach Mundy 28 dagar sedan
350z gang all day baby!
TheNeato_Burito 28 dagar sedan
If Americans have red blood Aussies are true blue Does that mean the British people to complete the southern Cross... omg
John Proud
John Proud Månad sedan
Dude I thank you so much for apologizing about the MALOO
TigerGamez Månad sedan
Black 1996 Chevy Impala SS
Black 1996 Chevy Impala SS Månad sedan
Why does the 1992 ford Taurus look like me
Purple guy
Purple guy Månad sedan
You forgot Travis Scott with his Mazda rx7 and bmw e30 m3
Riley Hammond
Riley Hammond Månad sedan
In Australia we just call it a Holden Ute but ok
spaca sh9rek
spaca sh9rek Månad sedan
Nah what about stradman with the first ever Jeep gladiator 6x6 hemi swap?
Favio Llerena
Favio Llerena Månad sedan
You missed mel gibson's toyota cressida
They way you say “🐴 Powr” is mesmerizing!😂🙏🏽
Ty Nguyen
Ty Nguyen Månad sedan
asdfghj qwerty
asdfghj qwerty Månad sedan
Where’s sung and jackie?
Axel Stone
Axel Stone Månad sedan
Newb to this channel...love this guy cuz he reminds me of a mix of Jack Black and Dr. Steve Brule.
The Big Black Dodge
The Big Black Dodge Månad sedan
What is the r word
Arone Månad sedan
So they didnt even talk about how Paul Newman was the voice actor of doc hudson from cars
yakazaro entertainment
yakazaro entertainment Månad sedan
Elon musk ltralky has a stronberg from gta online
Roads of Hahn Island
Roads of Hahn Island Månad sedan
Mrbeasts car is an old Dodge Durango
arran shirovay
arran shirovay Månad sedan
I might kidnap the CEO of Toyota and force his minion to rebuild my 2005 Toyota hiace powervan cargo blue 🤣 I ain't rich, I ain't famous but I'd do bird to have Yota do a number on it and re badge it Lowace for me 👊
Ephraim Locsin
Ephraim Locsin Månad sedan
the puns!!!!!!! just fire
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott Månad sedan
You forgot to look into Jerry Seinfeld
NzU Dr4gOn
NzU Dr4gOn Månad sedan
Consider your tears jerked” Me: what?
Dorian Mode
Dorian Mode Månad sedan
No one wants to look at your face during the entire video.
Raj Mohabe
Raj Mohabe Månad sedan
notice how Guy Fieri has a *Shelby Cobra*
KarmaGod Månad sedan
Mayweather, gabriel iglesia, MJ,
Big_Boi Månad sedan
1:58 the autotune 😂
gb wilson
gb wilson Månad sedan
you know that lady gaga cover sounded pretty good
Nate W
Nate W Månad sedan
5:41 that was low key funny af 😂
Eli Nevyarovskiy
Eli Nevyarovskiy Månad sedan
KM Månad sedan
Wrong again about the Maloo. The Maloo has a tub, not a tray.
Nate Domzalski
Nate Domzalski Månad sedan
Bruhhh what about Xavier wulf
Rover108 Månad sedan
That's what I've been trying to tell them too bro...that there's no such thing as a coincidence. Thanks buddy
Vaibhav Joshi
Vaibhav Joshi Månad sedan
Rappers kill each other and write songs about it. That's why Meek Mill roams around in armoured vehicle.
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez Månad sedan
Chiron not ciron
Shawn Red
Shawn Red Månad sedan
Weekend has a FC RX7
Matt M
Matt M 2 månader sedan
9:00 You can buy and drive a tank. You just have to adhere to road weight limits and traffic laws (obviously)
B-1 4-4-4
B-1 4-4-4 2 månader sedan
In the city of brotherly love witch is were I’m from you never know when you need a “tank” to survive.
Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton 2 månader sedan
"heads up, you're on a bomb right now" HAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAA
Frank Hutton
Frank Hutton 2 månader sedan
Your passion inspires me sir
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft 2 månader sedan
@1:45 not really
Nocona Roberts
Nocona Roberts 2 månader sedan
5:40 made Me laugh until I cried
an ordinary reliant robin
an ordinary reliant robin 2 månader sedan
(deleted comment lol)
UV 2 månader sedan
Yellow is the color code for piss. But it still matches Guy Fieri's personality.
mrzhenya92 2 månader sedan
Hell yeah brother✋
Riley Korte
Riley Korte 2 månader sedan
I think Jay Leno belongs in a different category
Yoshi_IX 2 månader sedan
Just want to point out that you could buy an actual tank for cheaper than that armored SUV. It'll probably be secondhand though.
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